The Excruciating History of Dentistry

Toothsome Tales & Oral Oddities from Babylon to Braces

Author: James Wynbrandt

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1466890142

Category: History

Page: 256

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For those on both sides of the dreaded dentist's chair, James Wynbrandt has written a witty, colorful, and richly informative history of the art and science of dentistry. To all of those dental patients whose whine rises in tandem with that of the drill, take note: You would do well to stifle your terror and instead offer thanks to Apollonia, the patron saint of toothache sufferers, that you face only fleeting discomfort rather than the disfiguring distress, or slow agonizing death oft meted out by dental-care providers of the past. The transition from yesterday's ignorance, misapprehension, and superstition to the enlightened and nerve-deadened protocols of today has been a long, slow, and very painful process. For example, did you know that: *Among the toothache remedies favored by Pierre Fauchard, the father of dentistry, was rinsing the mouth liberally with one's own urine. *George Washington never had wooden teeth. However, his chronic dental problems may have impacted the outcome of the American Revolution. *Soldiers in the Civil War needed at least two opposing front teeth to rip open powder envelopes. Some men called up for induction had their front teeth extracted to avoid service. *Teeth were harvested from as many as fifty thousand corpses after the Battle of Waterloo, a huge crop later used for dentures and transplants that became known as "Waterloo Teeth."

The Etruscans and the History of Dentistry

The Golden Smile through the Ages

Author: Marshall J. Becker,Jean MacIntosh Turfa

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317194640

Category: History

Page: 416

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The Etruscans and the History of Dentistry offers a study of the construction and use of gold dental appliances in ancient Etruscan culture, and their place within the framework of a general history of dentistry, with special emphasis on appliances, from Bronze Age Mesopotamia and Egypt to modern Europe and the Americas. Included are many of the ancient literary sources that refer to dentistry - or the lack thereof - in Greece and Rome, as well as the archaeological evidence of ancient dental health. The book challenges many past works in exposing modern scholars’ fallacies about ancient dentistry, while presenting the incontrovertible evidence of the Etruscans’ seemingly modern attitudes to cosmetic dentistry.

Guide to Reference in Medicine and Health

Author: Christa Modschiedler,Denise Beaubien Bennett

Publisher: American Library Association

ISBN: 0838912214

Category: Computers

Page: 488

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Drawn from the extensive database of Guide to Reference, this up-to-date resource provides an annotated list of print and electronic biomedical and health-related reference sources, including internet resources and digital image collections. Readers will find relevant research, clinical, and consumer health information resources in such areas as Medicine Psychiatry Bioethics Consumer health and health care Pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences Dentistry Public health Medical jurisprudence International and global health Guide to Reference entries are selected and annotated by an editorial team of top reference librarians and are used internationally as a go-to source for identifying information as well as training reference professionals. Library staff answering health queries as well as library users undertaking research on their own will find this an invaluable resource.

Others and Outcasts in Early Modern Europe

Picturing the Social Margins

Author: Tom Nichols

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351555421

Category: Art

Page: 288

View: 1584

Others and Outcasts in Early Modern Europe is the first book to focus directly on the visual representation of marginal and outcast people in early modern Europe. The volume offers a comprehensive and groundbreaking analysis of a wide range of images featuring Jews and Turks, roguish beggars, syphilitics and plague victims, the 'deserving poor', toothpullers, beggar philosophers, black slaves, itinerant actors and street hawkers. Its broad geographical and chronological scope allows the reader to build a wider picture of visual strategies and conventions for the depiction of the poor and the marginal as they developed in countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Britain and Ireland. While such types had often been depicted in earlier centuries, the essays show that they came to play a newly significant and formative role in European art between 1500 and 1750. Marking a clear departure from much previous scholarship on the subject - which has tended to view representations of poverty as passive by-products of non-visual forces - these essays place the image itself at the centre of the investigation. The studies show that many depictions of socially marginal people operated in essentially hegemonic fashion, as a way of controlling or fixing the social and moral identity of those living on the edge. At the same time, they also reveal the inventiveness and originality of many early modern artists in dealing with this subject matter, showing how the sophisticated visuality of their representations could render meaning ambiguous in relation to such controlling discourses.

Phillips' Science of Dental Materials - eBook

Author: Kenneth J. Anusavice

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 143772549X

Category: Medical

Page: 832

View: 3146

The 11th edition of this leading reference is an outstanding, scientifically based source of information in the field of dental materials science. It presents up-to-date information on materials that are used in the dental office and laboratory every day, emphasizing practical, clinical use, as well as the physical, chemical, and biological properties of materials. Extensive new clinical photographs in this edition illustrate the topics, and color plates are integrated close to related concepts as they're discussed in each chapter. A new glossary of key terms found at the beginning of every chapter defines terms in the appropriate context of the chapter's discussion. Also in this edition, critical thinking questions throughout the book stimulate the readers' curiosity on specific topics, test their existing knowledge, and heighten their awareness of important or controversial subjects. Content outlines at the beginning of each chapter provide a quick reference for specific topics. The roles played by key organizations in ensuring the safety and efficacy of dental materials and devices are described - such as the American Dental Association, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the International Organization for Standardization, and the Fédération Dentaire Internationale. Up-to-date Selected Readings are presented at the end of each chapter to direct readers to supplemental literature on each topic. Numerous boxes and tables throughout summarize and illustrate key concepts and compare characteristics and properties of various dental materials. Distinguished contributors lend their credibility and experience to the text. Content has been completely updated to include information on the most current dental materials available. Glossaries at the beginning of each chapter define key terms used within the context of that chapter. Revised artwork gives this edition a fresh look, with high-quality illustrations and clinical photos to aid in the visualization of materials and procedures described. Reorganization and consolidation of chapters into four major book parts presents the material in a more efficient way: Part I describes the principles of materials science that control the performance of dental materials in dental laboratories, research laboratories, student dental clinics, public health clinics, and private practice clinics. Part II focuses on impression materials, gypsum products, dental waxes, casting investments and procedures, and finishing and polishing abrasives and procedures. Part III provides an updated scientific and applied description of the composition, manipulation principles, properties, and clinical performance of bonded restorations, restorative resins, dental cements, dental amalgams, and direct-filling golds. Part IV presents a basic and applied description of materials that are processed in a laboratory or dental clinic. Critical thinking questions appear in every chapter to stimulate thinking and classroom discussion. The overall design has been improved to provide a more visually appealing format.

Переменные величины: Погода русской истории и другие сюжеты

Author: Константин А. Богданов

Publisher: Новое Литературное Обозрение

ISBN: 5444803518

Category: History

Page: N.A

View: 6093

История, по мнению автора, не дана нам как целое, но может быть представлена в частностях — как серия фрагментов ускользающего текста о знаниях и эмоциях, идеях и событиях, болезнях и снах, памяти и воображении. Выбор таких фрагментов теоретически безграничен, но, будучи сделанным, ведет к социальной прагматике — осознанию условностей исторического опыта, «переменных величин» внешнего принуждения и внутренней свободы. В настоящей книге история русской культуры слагается из исследований по теории историографии, филологической антропологии, истории литературно-публицистических дискуссий, социолингвистики, историософии климата и истории медицины.

Physick and the family

Health, medicine and care in Wales, 1600-1750

Author: Alun Withey

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 1847795080

Category: History

Page: 336

View: 6040

Physick and the family offers new insights into the early modern sickness experience, through a study of the medical history of Wales. This first ever monograph of early modern Welsh medicine utilises a large body of newly discovered source material, numerous approaches and methodologies and makes a significant contribution to debates in medical history; including economies of knowledge, domestic medicine and care, material culture and the rural medical marketplace. Drawing on sources from probates to parish records, diaries to domestic remedy collections, Withey offers new directions for recovering the often obscure medical worldview of the 'ordinary' person. This innovative study will appeal to anyone interested in the social history of the early modern period. Its multi-disciplinary approach will appeal to a broad spectrum of academics and scholars, and will enhance a range of courses and modules both in medical history and in social history more widely.

Phillips Materiais Dentários

Author: Kenneth J. Anusavice

Publisher: Elsevier Brasil

ISBN: 8535269738

Category: Medical

Page: 592

View: 8591

A nova edição da referência Phillips Materiais Dentários, com o que há de mais atualizado sobre os materiais dentários utilizados no laboratório e na clínica, destaque para o conteúdo de nível científico alinhado para os estudantes de graduação e especialização. Com ênfase no uso clínico e prático, bem como nas propriedades físicas, mecânicas, químicas e biológicas dos materiais, Phillips Materiais Dentários, 12a Edição aborda a compatibilidade dos materiais de forma totalmente ilustrada e em cores. A nova edição - referência em materiais dentários - apresenta também novas tecnologias emergentes, equipamentos, produtos e acessórios de maneira atualizada e de fonte confiável e uma coleção de fotografias clínicas que facilitam a compreensão dos tópicos e conceitos discutidos em cada capítulo.

A Brief History of Medicine

From Hippocrates to Gene Therapy

Author: Paul Strathern

Publisher: Constable & Robinson

ISBN: 9781845291556

Category: Medicine

Page: 414

View: 8684

Paul Strathern follows the development of medicine through the lives of its greatest practitioners, whose discoveries (and errors) shaped the course of medical history. Includes geniuses, such as Paracelsus, the father of medical chemistry, and Edward Jenner, whose vaccination banished smallpox, scientific endeavour, such as the discovery of X-rays, and mistakes both fortunate and fatal. With grave robbing, plague and germ theory, quackery, nursing, syphilis, micro-organisms and penicillin along the way, this is the ultimate story of human - and humane - achievement.