A House Full of Females

Plural Marriage and Women's Rights in Early Mormonism, 1835-1870

Author: Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 1101947977

Category: Religion

Page: 528

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From the author of A Midwife's Tale, winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the Bancroft Prize for History, and The Age of Homespun--a revelatory, nuanced, and deeply intimate look at the world of early Mormon women whose seemingly ordinary lives belied an astonishingly revolutionary spirit, drive, and determination. A stunning and sure-to-be controversial book that pieces together, through more than two dozen nineteenth-century diaries, letters, albums, minute-books, and quilts left by first-generation Latter-day Saints, or Mormons, the never-before-told story of the earliest days of the women of Mormon "plural marriage," whose right to vote in the state of Utah was given to them by a Mormon-dominated legislature as an outgrowth of polygamy in 1870, fifty years ahead of the vote nationally ratified by Congress, and who became political actors in spite of, or because of, their marital arrangements. Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, writing of this small group of Mormon women who've previously been seen as mere names and dates, has brilliantly reconstructed these textured, complex lives to give us a fulsome portrait of who these women were and of their "sex radicalism"--the idea that a woman should choose when and with whom to bear children. From the Hardcover edition.

Escaped Nuns

True Womanhood and the Campaign Against Convents in Antebellum America

Author: Cassandra L. Yacovazzi

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0190881011

Category: Religion

Page: 320

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Just five weeks after its publication in January 1836, Awful Disclosures of the Hotel Dieu Nunnery, billed as an escaped nun's shocking exposé of convent life, had already sold more than 20,000 copies. The book detailed gothic-style horror stories of licentious priests and abusive mothers superior, tortured nuns and novices, and infanticide. By the time the book was revealed to be a fiction and the author, Maria Monk, an imposter, it had already become one of the nineteenth century's best-selling books. In antebellum America only one book, Uncle Tom's Cabin, outsold it. The success of Monk's book was no fluke, but rather a part of a larger phenomenon of anti-Catholic propaganda, riots, and nativist politics. The secrecy of convents stood as an oblique justification for suspicion of Catholics and the campaigns against them, which were intimately connected with cultural concerns regarding reform, religion, immigration, and, in particular, the role of women in the Republic. At a time when the term "female virtue" pervaded popular rhetoric, the image of the veiled nun represented a threat to the established American ideal of womanhood. Unable to marry, she was instead a captive of a foreign foe, a fallen woman, a white slave, and a foolish virgin. In the first half of the nineteenth century, ministers, vigilantes, politicians, and writers--male and female--forged this image of the nun, locking arms against convents. The result was a far-reaching antebellum movement that would shape perceptions of nuns, and women more broadly, in America.

Sister Saints

Mormon Women since the End of Polygamy

Author: Colleen McDannell

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0190221321

Category: Religion

Page: 313

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The specter of polygamy haunts Mormonism. More than a century after the practice was banned, it casts a long shadow that obscures people's perceptions of the lives of today's Latter-day Saint women. Many still see them as second-class citizens, oppressed by the church and their husbands, and forced to stay home and take care of their many children. Sister Saints offers a history of modern Mormon women that takes aim at these stereotypes, showing that their stories are much more complex than previously thought. Women in the Utah territory received the right to vote in 1870-fifty years before the nineteenth amendment-only to have it taken away by the same federal legislation that forced the end of polygamy. Progressive and politically active, Mormon women had a profound impact on public life in the first few decades of the twentieth century. They then turned inward, creating a domestic ideal that shaped Mormon culture for generations. The women's movement of the 1970s sparked a new, vigorous-and hotly contested-Mormon feminism that divided Latter-day Saint women. By the twenty-first century more than half of all Mormons lived outside the United States, and what had once been a small community of pioneer women had grown into a diverse global sisterhood. Colleen McDannell argues that we are on the verge of an era in which women are likely to play a greater role in the Mormon church. Well-educated, outspoken, and deeply committed to their faith, these women are defying labels like liberal and conservative, traditional and modern. This deeply researched and eye-opening book ranges over more than a century of history to tell the stories of extraordinary-and ordinary-Latter-day Saint women with empathy and narrative flair.

Your Sister in the Gospel

The Life of Jane Manning James, a Nineteenth-Century Black Mormon

Author: Quincy D. Newell

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 019933868X

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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"Dear Brother," Jane Manning James wrote to Joseph F. Smith in 1903, "I take this opportunity of writing to ask you if I can get my endowments and also finish the work I have begun for my dead.... Your sister in the Gospel, Jane E. James." A faithful Latter-day Saint since her conversion sixty years earlier, James had made this request several times before, to no avail, and this time she would be just as unsuccessful, even though most Latter-day Saints were allowed to participate in the endowment ritual in the temple as a matter of course. James, unlike most Mormons, was black. For that reason, she was barred from performing the temple rituals that Latter-day Saints believe are necessary to reach the highest degrees of glory after death. A free black woman from Connecticut, James positioned herself at the center of LDS history with uncanny precision. After her conversion, she traveled with her family and other converts from the region to Nauvoo, Illinois, where the LDS church was then based. There, she took a job as a servant in the home of Joseph Smith, the founder and first prophet of the LDS church. When Smith was killed in 1844, Jane found employment as a servant in Brigham Young's home. These positions placed Jane in proximity to Mormonism's most powerful figures, but did not protect her from the church's racially discriminatory policies. Nevertheless, she remained a faithful member until her death in 1908. Your Sister in the Gospel is the first scholarly biography of Jane Manning James or, for that matter, any black Mormon. Quincy D. Newell chronicles the life of this remarkable yet largely unknown figure and reveals why James's story changes our understanding of American history.

Triumph und Tragödie

Stalin und die Wissenschaftler

Author: Simon Ings

Publisher: Hoffmann und Campe

ISBN: 3455003028

Category: Social Science

Page: 544

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»Sozialismus ist Wissenschaft«, proklamierte Joseph Stalin, der sich selbst zum ersten Wissenschaftler des Landes stilisierte. Unter seiner Herrschaft entstand der weltweit am besten finanzierte Forschungsapparat, gleichzeitig mussten Wissenschaftler um ihr Leben fürchten. Gestützt auf zahlreiche Dokumente zeichnet Simon Ings die Vereinnahmung der Wissenschaft durch den Sowjetstaat nach. Er erzählt von brillanten Forschern und ruchlosen Scharlatanen, von Visionären und Karrieristen, von großem Mut und ebenso großer Feigheit.

Am liebsten mag ich Monster

Author: Emil Ferris

Publisher: Panini

ISBN: 3736737017

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 418

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Die zehnjährige Karen Reyes führt ein ganz besonderes Tagebuch: Neben ihren Alltagsbeobachtungen zeichnet sie Monster aus Trash-Horrorfilmen und alten Pulp-Magazinen. So bewältigt sie ihren Alltag in den USA der 1960er-Jahre und sammelt Spuren und Hinweise, die zur Aufklärung des Mordes an ihrer Nachbarin Anka Silverberg beitragen sollen. Emil Ferris verarbeitet in Am liebsten mag ich Monster ihre eigene Vorliebe für Horror-B-Movies und Grusel- Groschenhefte und bettet dies in eine Geschichte ein, die die sozialen Spannungen im Chicago der 1960er Jahre mit einer Geschichte des Erwachsenwerdens verknüpft. Fantastisches Artwork! Für den Hugo Award nominiert! Der Überraschungserfolg aus den USA!

Die Hölle ist die Abwesenheit Gottes

Author: Ted Chiang

Publisher: Golkonda Verlag

ISBN: 3942396351

Category: Fiction

Page: 181

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Geschichten, die ein ganzes Universum enthalten: Die Wahrheit über den Turmbau zu Babel; der folgenreiche Erstkontakt mit einer außerirdischen Spezies; die Verzweiflung angesichts des Verlusts eines unersetzlichen Menschen; ein Zeitreiseabenteuer der anderen Art; und ein bestürzender Ausflug an die Grenzen des wissenschaftlich Machbaren ... Kein anderer Science-Fiction-Autor hat in den letzten zwanzig Jahren auch nur ansatzweise so viel Begeisterung ausgelöst wie Ted Chiang. Kein anderer Science-Fiction-Autor wurde für ein so schmales Werk mit mehr Preisen ausgezeichnet. Nun liegt endlich auch auf Deutsch ein Auswahlband mit seinen Erzählungen vor. - "Der Turmbau zu Babel" ("Tower of Babylon" / Omni, November 1990) Ausgezeichnet mit dem Nebula Award - "Geschichte deines Lebens" ("Story of Your Life" / Starlight 2, 1998) Ausgezeichnet mit dem Nebula Award und dem Sturgeon Award - "Die Hölle ist die Abwesenheit Gottes" ("Hell Is the Absence of God" / Starlight 3, 2001) Ausgezeichnet mit dem Nebula Award, dem Hugo Award und dem Locus Award - "Der Kaufmann am Portal des Alchemisten" ("The Merchant at the Alchemist's Gate" / Fantasy and SF, September 2007) Ausgezeichnet mit dem Nebula Award und dem Hugo Award - "Ausatmung" ("Exhalation" / Eclipse 2, 2008) Ausgezeichnet mit dem Hugo Award und dem Locus Award

California 1901

Author: Clifford Jackman

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 3641182107

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

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Das exklusive eBook Only zu Clifford Jackmans großem Epos "Winter Family" Amerika im Jahr 1901 – ein neues Jahrhundert hat begonnen. In dieser Zeit des Umbruchs stellen sich die letzten Abenteurer der untergehenden Epoche des alten Westens ihrem Schicksal: Ein psychotischer Ermittler, ein Scharfschütze, ein Spielsüchtiger in San Franciscos Chinatown und ein entstellter Mann mit einem finsteren Geheimnis kämpfen den Kampf ums Überleben mit all der Härte, die sie geprägt hat ... Die Story umfasst ca. 90 Seiten.

Women in World History: Vict-X

Author: Anne Commire,Deborah Klezmer

Publisher: Gale / Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9780787640750

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 881

View: 4090

"Locating information on women is difficult and the editors have done a fine job assembling and publishing information extant on individual women from many nations both living and dead. Because in some cases only birth, marriage, children, and death dates are known, the 10,000 articles vary in length according to the subject. If you haven't been able to answer reference questions on women, you need this set."--"Outstanding Reference Sources," American Libraries, May 2001.