An Atlas of Roman Britain

Author: Barri Jones,D. J. Mattingly

Publisher: Oxbow Books Limited


Category: History

Page: 341

View: 1642

This is a comprehensive atlas containing over 270 detailed and wide-ranging maps, figures, plans and site photographs on all aspects of Roman Britain.

An Atlas of Roman Rural Settlement in England

Author: Dr. Jeremy Taylor

Publisher: Council for British Archeology


Category: History

Page: 134

View: 2996

This publication will present the major findings of a project focusing on the characterisation, mapping and assessment of late prehistoric and Roman rural settlement. The volume redresses the balance in the study of rural Roman settlement, taking the discussion beyond high-status villas, and using a wider range of material evidence and diverse case studies to understand broader Roman rural land use. The evidence provides new insights into patterns of regionality in settlement, as well as an up-to-date overview of the nature and diversity of Iron Age and Roman rural life. The accessible discussion is also cross-referenced to a full set of online data from the full research project. The volume will highlight directions for future research in the discipline and provide a framework for further utilisation of a crucial archaeological resource. It will be invaluable reading for all scholars of Roman Britain.

Die Regionen des Reiches

Author: Claude Lepelley

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110955008

Category: History

Page: 544

View: 6581

Mit diesem Buch liegt zum ersten Mal eine neu verfaßte strukturelle Darstellung der Geschichte des römischen Reiches in deutscher Sprache vor. Nicht nur für den Althistoriker ist dieses Buch unentbehrlich: Auch der Philologe, den der mentalitätsgeschichtliche Hintergrund der augusteischen Dichtung interessiert, wird es nicht missen wollen. Befaßt sich der Band I mit den Strukturen im Sinne von Staatsreich, Religion, Heerwesen, Verwaltung der Provinzen, Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft in Rom und den Provinzen, so widmet sich der Band II den Regionen des Reiches.

A Portrait of Roman Britain

Author: John Wacher

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317972082

Category: Social Science

Page: 152

View: 1600

The Romans occupied Britain for almost four hundred years, and their influence is still all around us - in the shape of individual monuments such as Hadrians Wall, the palace at Fishbourne and the spa complex at Bath, as well as in subtler things such as the layout and locations of ancient towns such as London, Canterbury and Colchester, and the routes of many major roads. Yet this evidence can only suggest a small proportion of the effect that the Romans had on the landscape of Britain. A Portrait of Roman Britain breaks new ground in enabling us to visualise the changes in town and countryside brought by Roman military and civilian needs. Using clear, well-documented descriptions, John Wacher answers questions such as: * were Roman towns as neat and tidy as they are often represented? * how much woodland was needed to fuel the bath houses of Roman Britain? * how much land did a Roman cavalry regiment require for its horses?^

Roman Britain

A New History 55 BC-AD 450

Author: Patricia Southern

Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited

ISBN: 1445609258

Category: History

Page: 432

View: 6073

The most authoritative history of Roman Britain ever published for the general reader.

The Routledge Atlas of British History

Author: Martin Gilbert

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415281478

Category: History

Page: 157

View: 3161

The changing story of the British Isles forms the central theme of this fascinating and compelling atlas, which covers England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales - and the expansion and gradual disintegration of Britain's overseas empire. This new edition includes: * politics: from the Saxon kingdoms and the collapse of Britain's French Empire to Jacobites, Parliamentary Reform, the Commonwealth and Europe * war and Conflict: from Viking attacks and the Norman Invasion to the Armada, World War and the revolt against empire * trade and Industry: from the post-Norman economy and Tudor trade to industrial unrest and the opening of international trade routes * religion: from the Saxon Church to the Reformation * society and Economics: from civilian life in Roman Britain to the Industrial and Agricultural revolutions, the Great Strike and the growth of universities

Römisches Heer und Gesellschaft

gesammelte Beiträge 1991-1999

Author: Oliver Stoll

Publisher: Franz Steiner Verlag

ISBN: 9783515078177

Category: History

Page: 522

View: 2113

Eighteen essays, first published between 1991 and 1999, focus on the place of the Roman army within society, particularly within the German provinces. Subjects include the sculptural representation of military figures, the social position of the Roman officer, the role of the army in the movement of cults around the east, military architecture and technology and the contribution of veteran settlers to the management of the countryside.

Life and Letters from the Roman Frontier

Author: Alan Bowman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136773924

Category: History

Page: 160

View: 3323

Greetings, I ask that you send the things which I need for the use of my boys . . . which you well know I cannot properly get hold of here . . . --A Roman solider on the frontier of England around AD 100 Over three hundred letters and documents were recently discovered at the fort of Vindolanda, in Northern England, written on wooden tablets which have survived nearly 2,000 years. Painstakingly deciphered by Alan Bowman, the materials contribute a wealth of evidence for daily life in the Roman Empire. Military documents testify to the lifestyle of officers and soldiers stationed at Vindolanda, and portraits of domestic life are included in letters between the officers' wives and a letter from home promising a solider a package of socks. The engaging texts from thirty-four tablets provide insight into the similarities of daily existence in the Roman Empire and the present.

The Roman Army, 31 BC - AD 337

A Sourcebook

Author: Brian Campbell

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134909403

Category: History

Page: 292

View: 4918

The Roman army is remarkable for its detailed organisation and professional structure. It not only extended and protected Rome's territorial empire which was the basis of Western civilisation, but also maintained the politcal power of the emperors. The army was an integral part of the society and life of the empire and illustrated many aspects of Roman government. This sourcebook presents literary and epigraphic material, papyri and coins which illustrate the life of the army from recruitment and in the field, to peacetime and the community. It is designed as a basic tool for students of the Roman army and Roman history in general.

Yseult, Part 1: Two Women

Author: Ruth Nestvold

Publisher: Red Dragon Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 116

View: 4797

A retelling of the legend of Tristan and Iseult

From Roman Britain to Norman England

Author: P.H. Sawyer

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0203450469

Category: History

Page: 336

View: 8601

This revised edition of the classic text of the period provides both the student and the specialist with an informative account of post-Roman English society. After a general survey of the main developments from the fourth century to the eleventh, the book offers analysis of: * social organization * the changing character of kingship, of royal government and the influence of the church * the history of settlement * the making of the landscape * the growth of towns and trade * the consequences of the Norman Conquest. The author also considers the various influences; British, Frankish, Viking and Christian that helped shape English society and contributed to the making of a united kingdom.

Atlas of Classical History

Author: Richard J.A. Talbert

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134966520

Category: History

Page: 224

View: 3557

From the Bronze Age to the reign of Constantine, the Atlas of Classical History provides a comprehensive series of maps, diagrams, and commentary designed to meet the needs of classical scholars, as well as general readers. Over 135 maps of the Greek and Roman worlds clearly mark the political affiliations of the cities and states, major military events, trade routes, artistic, cultural and industrial centers, and colonization and exploration.

Rivers and the Power of Ancient Rome

Author: Brian Campbell

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 080786904X

Category: History

Page: 608

View: 6048

Figuring in myth, religion, law, the military, commerce, and transportation, rivers were at the heart of Rome's increasing exploitation of the environment of the Mediterranean world. In Rivers and the Power of Ancient Rome, Brian Campbell explores the role and influence of rivers and their surrounding landscape on the society and culture of the Roman Empire. Examining artistic representations of rivers, related architecture, and the work of ancient geographers and topographers, as well as writers who describe rivers, Campbell reveals how Romans defined the geographical areas they conquered and how geography and natural surroundings related to their society and activities. In addition, he illuminates the prominence and value of rivers in the control and expansion of the Roman Empire--through the legal regulation of riverine activities, the exploitation of rivers in military tactics, and the use of rivers as routes of communication and movement. Campbell shows how a technological understanding of--and even mastery over--the forces of the river helped Rome rise to its central place in the ancient world.

An Atlas of Irish History

Author: Ruth Dudley Edwards,Bridget Hourican

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415278591

Category: History

Page: 299

View: 6161

Fully revised and updated with over 100 beautiful maps, charts and graphs, and a narrative packed with facts this outstanding book examines the main changes that have occurred in Ireland and among the Irish abroad over the past two millennia.

The Cambridge Dictionary of Classical Civilization

Author: Graham Shipley,John Vanderspoel,David Mattingly,Lin Foxhall

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521731508

Category: History

Page: 1010

View: 2720

Few historical epochs have influenced the development of civilization to the extent that those of ancient Greece and Rome have. This Guide, with over 1700 entries and 500 illustrations, is a key reference work on both, covering all the main branches of ancient literature, art and institutions. In addition, it explores traditionally neglected areas such as dress, housing, minority groups and social relations. Ranging from post-Bronze Age Greece to the later Roman Empire, it surveys not only ancient Greece and Rome, but discusses those cultures with which Greeks and Romans exchanged information and culture (e.g., Phoenicians, Celts and Jews) as well as the remote peoples with whom they were in contact (e.g., Persia, China and India). Graham Shipley is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London, and chair of the Council of University Classical Departments as well as the Sparta and Laconia Committee of the British School of Athens. His publications include A History of Samos and The Greek World after Alexander. John Vanderspoel is Professor of Late Antiquity at the University of Calgary, where he was initially appointed in 1985. His publications include Themistius and the Imperial Court (1995) and numerous journal articles and chapters on Roman history, intellectual and religious developments in the Roman imperial period and Roman Britain. David Mattingly is a Fellow of the British Academy and Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London. His publications include monographs on Tripolitania (1995) and An Atlas of Roman Britain (2002); edited volumes including Economies beyond Agriculture in the Classical World (2001), Life, Death and Entertainment in the Roman World (1999), and Dialogues in Roman Imperialism (supplement to Journal of Roman Archaeology, 1997). Lin Foxhall is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London. Her publications include co-edited volumes on masculinity in the ancient world (Thinking Men and When Men were Men 1998), on ancient law (Greek Law in its Political Setting 1996), and the ancient economy (Money, Labour and Land 2002) as well as many journal articles and chapters on Greek social relations, gender, agriculture, field survey and economy.