A Novel of Love and War

Author: Sebastian Faulks

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0307820386

Category: Fiction

Page: 496

View: 2146

Published to international critical and popular acclaim, this intensely romantic yet stunningly realistic novel spans three generations and the unimaginable gulf between the First World War and the present. As the young Englishman Stephen Wraysford passes through a tempestuous love affair with Isabelle Azaire in France and enters the dark, surreal world beneath the trenches of No Man's Land, Sebastian Faulks creates a world of fiction that is as tragic as A Farewell to Arms and as sensuous as The English Patient. Crafted from the ruins of war and the indestructibility of love, Birdsong is a novel that will be read and marveled at for years to come.


Student Text Guide

Author: David James,Sebastian Faulks

Publisher: Hodder Education

ISBN: 9780340965740

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 96

View: 9473

For study or revision, these guides are the perfect accompaniment to the set text, providing invaluable background and exam advice. Offering succinct and accessible coverage of all the key aspects of the set text, including contexts, interpretations and controversies, each guide comprises three sections: an Introduction, which outlines the aims of the guide, the relevant exam board specification and Assessment Objectives Text Guidance, which gives coverage of key aspects of the text Questions and Answers, which focuses on the various types of essay questions and offers specimen plans and sample answers, together with mark schemes


Author: N.A

Publisher: Egmontusa

ISBN: 9781606841938

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 1300

A crowd of birds lands in a tree, sharing their different songs, until one last winged creature proves to be too much.

Music of the Birds

A Celebration of Bird Song

Author: Lang Elliott

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780618006977

Category: Nature

Page: 135

View: 8760

Presents the songs and calls of more than seventy North American birds. Includes audio compact disc featuring songbird concerts and solos.

Bird Songs

250 North American Birds in Song

Author: Les Beletsky

Publisher: becker&mayer! Books

ISBN: 0760363269

Category: Nature

Page: 368

View: 4741

In Bird Songs, ornithologist Les Beletsky profiles 250 birds alongside colorful illustrations, and includes a digital audio player that provides the corresponding song for each of the 250 birds. Drawing from the collection of the world-renowned Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Bird Songs presents the most notable North American birds—including the rediscovered ivory-billed woodpecker—in a stunning format. Renowned ornithologist Les Beletsky provides a succinct description of each of the 250 birds profiled, with an emphasis on their distinctive songs. Lavish full-color illustrations accompany each account, while a sleek, built-in digital audio player holds 250 corresponding songs and calls. In his foreword, North American bird expert and distinguished natural historian Jon L. Dunn shares insights gained from a lifetime of passionate study. Complete with the most up-to-date and scientifically accurate information, Bird Songs is the first book to capture the enchantment of these beautiful birds in words, pictures, and song.


A Natural History

Author: Don Stap

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 0195309014

Category: Nature

Page: 261

View: 2015

Following one of the world's experts on birdsong around the world, this book deals with the quest to unravel an ancient mystery: why do birds sing and what to do their songs mean?

Heavy Lead Birdsong

Author: Ryler Dustin

Publisher: Write Bloody Pub

ISBN: 9780981521374

Category: Poetry

Page: 96

View: 3831

Ryler Dustin's Heavy Lead Birdsong is a collection of love poems - an old man plants orchards in his own chest, angels write messages encoded in boxcar graffiti, and a dangerous car ride through the dead of winter takes us to the Ice Age. Inspired by science and religion, grounded in subtle humor, these poems transcend modern political sorrows to celebrate the kind of human spirit that can save us.

Bird Song

Defined, Decoded, Described

Author: Ernie Jardine

Publisher: Bird Song

ISBN: 9781926864020

Category: Nature

Page: 450

View: 8479

No superficial re-telling of a bird's song! This is a thorough, "teaching-oriented" guide to learning bird song. The author organizes the songs of over 200 birds according to a practical "system," which allows a birder to "access" and identify a mystery song, often right in the field while the bird is singing. More importantly each song is described in detail by its overall make-up and quality, and the nuances and progress of the notes within each is clearly explained as well as illustrated. Songs are also defined and organized according to specific habitats, as well as according to groupings with similar-sounding deliveries. Hundreds of original recordings (available on the author's website) complement and amplify what is being explained in each section of the book. Alternate songs, flight songs, and calls are included, as well as information on habitat, nesting, and summer and winter ranges. This book will be welcomed by the birder and the non-birder alike, by anyone trying to learn and understand more about bird song.

Sung Birds

Music, Nature, and Poetry in the Later Middle Ages

Author: Elizabeth Eva Leach

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9780801444913

Category: History

Page: 345

View: 6337

Is birdsong music? The most frequent answer to this question in the Middle Ages was resoundingly "no." In Sung Birds, Elizabeth Eva Leach traces postmedieval uses of birdsong within Western musical culture. She first explains why such melodious sound was not music for medieval thinkers and then goes on to consider the ontology of music, the significance of comparisons between singers and birds, and the relationship between art and nature as enacted by the musical performance of late-medieval poetry. If birdsong was not music, how should we interpret the musical depiction of birdsong in human music-making? What does it tell us about the singers, their listeners, and the moral status of secular polyphony? Why was it the fourteenth century that saw the beginnings of this practice, continued to this day in the music of Messiaen and others? Leach explores medieval arguments about song, language, and rationality whose basic terms survive undiminished into the present. She considers not only lyrics that have their singers voice the songs or speech of birds but also those that represent other natural, nonmusical, sounds such as human cries or the barks of dogs. The dangerous sweetness of birdsong was invoked in discussions of musical ethics, which, because of the potential slippage between irrational beast and less rational woman in comparisons with rational human masculinity, depict women's singing as less than fully human. Leach's argument comes full circle with the advent of sound recording. This technological revolution-like its medieval equivalent, the invention of the music book-once again made the relationship between music and nature an acute preoccupation of Western culture.

Human Traces

Author: Sebastian Faulks

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0307389448

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 3209

Sixteen-year-old Jacques Rebière is living a humble life in rural France, studying butterflies and frogs by candlelight in his bedroom. Across the Channel, in England, the playful Thomas Midwinter, also sixteen, is enjoying a life of ease-and is resigned to follow his father's wishes and pursue a career in medicine. A fateful seaside meeting four years later sets the two young men on a profound course of friendship and discovery; they will become pioneers in the burgeoning field of psychiatry. But when a female patient at the doctors' Austrian sanatorium becomes dangerously ill, the two men's conflicting diagnosis threatens to divide them--and to undermine all their professional achievements. From the bestselling author of Birdsong comes this masterful novel that ventures to answer challenging questions of consciousness and science, and what it means to be human. From the Trade Paperback edition.

A Broken World

Letters, Diaries and Memories of the Great War

Author: Sebastian Faulks,Hope Wolf

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1473522528

Category: History

Page: 320

View: 8353

Edited by the bestselling author of Birdsong and Dr Hope Wolf, this is an original and illuminating non-fiction anthology of writing on the First World War. A lieutenant writes of digging through bodies that have the consistency of Camembert cheese; a mother sends flower seeds to her son at the Front, hoping that one day someone may see them grow; a nurse tends a man back to health knowing he will be court-martialled and shot as soon as he is fit. In this extraordinarily powerful and diverse selection of diaries, letters and memories, the testament from ordinary people whose lives were transformed are set alongside extracts from names that have become synonymous with the war, such as Siegfried Sassoon and T.E. Lawrence. A Broken World is an original collection of personal and defining moments that offer an unprecedented insight into the Great War as it was experienced and as it was remembered.

Listening to a Continent Sing

Birdsong by Bicycle from the Atlantic to the Pacific

Author: Donald Kroodsma

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 1400880327

Category: Nature

Page: 336

View: 2047

Join birdsong expert Donald Kroodsma on a ten-week, ten-state bicycle journey as he travels with his son from the Atlantic to the Pacific, lingering and listening to our continent sing as no one has before. On remote country roads, over terrain vast and spectacular, from dawn to dusk and sometimes through the night, you will gain a deep appreciation for the natural symphony of birdsong many of us take for granted. Come along and marvel at how expressive these creatures are as Kroodsma leads you west across nearly five thousand miles—at a leisurely pace that enables a deep listen. Listening to a Continent Sing is also a guided tour through the history of a young nation and the geology of an ancient landscape, and an invitation to set aside the bustle of everyday life to follow one's dreams. It is a celebration of flowers and trees, rocks and rivers, mountains and prairies, clouds and sky, headwinds and calm, and of local voices and the people you will meet along the way. It is also the story of a father and son deepening their bond as they travel the slow road together from coast to coast. Beautifully illustrated throughout with drawings of birds and scenes and featuring QR codes that link to audio birdsong, this poignant and insightful book takes you on a travel adventure unlike any other—accompanied on every leg of your journey by birdsong.

The Crimson Rooms

Author: Katharine McMahon

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101185317

Category: Fiction

Page: 448

View: 4986

From the author of the #1 international bestseller, The Rose of Sebastopol--an unforgettable historical novel. Still haunted by the death of her brother James seven years ago in World War I, Evelyn Gifford is shocked when a young nurse named Meredith and her six-year-old son appear on her London doorstep. Meredith claims the child is James's son, and the grief-stricken Evelyn welcomes them into her home. At the same time Evelyn, a struggling attorney, is defending a veteran charged with murdering his wife. She believes her client is innocent, just as she suspects there is more to the story of her "nephew" than meets the eye.

Ian McEwan's Atonement

Author: Julie Ellam

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 0826445381

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 86

View: 9900

A concise and accessible student guide to McEwan's popular novel.

The Music Instinct

How Music Works and Why We Can't Do Without It

Author: Philip Ball

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199780075

Category: Music

Page: 464

View: 8738

From Bach fugues to Indonesian gamelan, from nursery rhymes to rock, music has cast its light into every corner of human culture. But why music excites such deep passions, and how we make sense of musical sound at all, are questions that have until recently remained unanswered. Now in The Music Instinct, award-winning writer Philip Ball provides the first comprehensive, accessible survey of what is known--and still unknown--about how music works its magic, and why, as much as eating and sleeping, it seems indispensable to humanity. Deftly weaving together the latest findings in brain science with history, mathematics, and philosophy, The Music Instinct not only deepens our appreciation of the music we love, but shows that we would not be ourselves without it. The Sunday Times hailed it as "a wonderful account of why music matters," with Ball's "passion for music evident on every page."

Listen to the Birds

An Introduction to Classical Music

Author: Ana Gerhard,Cecilia Varela

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9782923163895

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 48

View: 5720

Provides an introduction to classical music, describing how birds have inspired composers throughout history, and includes a musical glossary and short biographies of the composers.

The Stories of John Cheever

Author: John Cheever

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0307743985

Category: Fiction

Page: 704

View: 7173

NATIONAL BESTSELLER Winner of the Pulitzer Prize When The Stories of John Cheever was originally published, it became an immediate national bestseller and won the Pulitzer Prize. In the years since, it has become a classic. Vintage Books is proud to reintroduce this magnificent collection. Here are sixty-one stories that chronicle the lives of what has been called "the greatest generation." From the early wonder and disillusionment of city life in "The Enormous Radio" to the surprising discoveries and common mysteries of suburbia in "The Housebreaker of Shady Hill" and "The Swimmer," Cheever tells us everything we need to know about "the pain and sweetness of life." From the Trade Paperback edition.

Charlotte Gray

Author: Sebastian Faulks

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0804152608

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

View: 8206

Faulks's first novel since the extraordinary success of Birdsong is written with the same passion, power and breadth of vision. Set in England and France during the darkest days of World War II, Charlotte Gray, like Birdsong, depicts a complex love affair that is both shaped and thwarted by war. It is 1942. London is blacked out, but France is under a greater darkness, as the occupying Nazi forces encroach ever closer in a tense waiting game. Charlotte Gray, a volatile but determined young woman, travels south from Edinburgh. Working in London, she has a brief but intense love affair with an RAF pilot. When his plane is lost over France, she contrives to go there herself to work in the Resistance and to search for him--but then is unwilling to leave as she finds that the struggle for the country's fate is intimately linked to her own battle to take control of her life. Faulks's novel is an examination of lost paradises, politics without belief, the limits of memory, the redemptive power of art and the existence of hope beyond reason. It is also a brilliant evocation of life in Occupied France and, more significantly, a revelation of the appalling price many Frenchmen paid to survive in unoccupied, so-called Free France. As the men, women and children of Charlotte's small town prepare to meet their terrible destiny, the truth of what took place in wartime France is finally exposed. When private lives and public events fatally collide, the roots of the characters' lives are torn up and exposed. These harrowing scenes are presented with the passion and narrative force that readers will recall from Birdsong. Charlotte Gray will attract even more readers to Faulks's remarkable fiction.

The Miracle Workers of South Boulder Road

Healing the Signature Wounds of War

Author: Grady Birdsong,Bob Fischer,Robert L Fischer

Publisher: Birdquill LLC

ISBN: 9780997606805


Page: N.A

View: 7164

Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Association for Brain Injuries, established in 2008, have treated more than 250 veterans to date. The clinic, now located in Louisville, Colorado, helps both civilians and veterans daily and inspires individuals in the military and healthcare fields to adopt this unique treatment worldwide.