Scuba Fundamental

Start Diving the Right Way

Author: Simon Pridmore

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781530524068

Category: Divers

Page: 202

View: 5325

If you do not yet scuba dive but are thinking of learning, then Scuba Fundamental - Start Diving the Right Way is for you. It takes you from the germ of the idea that you might like to try scuba diving up to the point where you have done around 20 dives. This is not your standard how-to scuba diving manual. It is very different. The purpose of Scuba Fundamental is not to teach you how to dive. A dive instructor will do that. But this book will make the learning process much easier. It will help you make the right choices and avoid the pitfalls that await new and uninformed divers coming into the sport. It will also set you well on the road to becoming a capable and competent lifelong diver. Scuba Fundamental tells you how to make sure you are prepared for a scuba diving course and what a good beginners course should entail. It tells you how to choose a good instructor, how to decide which operators to dive with after you have finished your course and what sort of dives you should be doing when you first start diving. You will learn the many ways in which diving will change your life and also acquire some extremely valuable advice on the etiquette involved in the sport. Throughout the book and especially in the chapter "It Happened to Me" you will be entertained, educated and encouraged by anecdotes from people who are now experienced divers but were once beginners too. There is also an entire section devoted to diving safety, much of which covers vitally important aspects of scuba diving that basic training manuals don't emphasise enough or even leave out completely. The book's message is: start scuba diving the right way and you will be relaxed and ready for the adventure. You will have more fun, make fewer mistakes and be confident in the fact that you are well informed, have made the best choices and have spent your money wisely. Scuba Fundamental is a unique, reliable and essential guide: one that you can trust completely and follow during this formative phase of your scuba diving life. "I wish I'd had this book to read when I learned to dive. I remember being totally confused."Robin Yao, Executive Editor, EZDIVE magazine "This is the book divers should give to friends when they say they want to learn to scuba dive." Ian Thomas, Author and Scuba Instructor Trainer "Pitching a book at the correct level for divers-to-be is fraught with difficulty. Simon Pridmore is a great dive writer, and I think he's finally cracked the problem with Scuba Fundamental." Steve Weinman - Editor, Diver Magazine (UK) "Simon Pridmore's new book is a thorough, sensible and seriously safety oriented guide for new divers. It is also very, very funny. Simon's anecdotes will make old divers laugh until they cry, whilst promising decades of fun and adventure for new divers."Judi Lowe, Scuba Instructor, PhD Scholar and Sustainable Dive Tourism Advisor

Complete Wreck Diving

A Guide to Diving Wrecks

Author: Henry Keatts,Brian Skerry

Publisher: Aqua Quest Publication

ISBN: 9781881652304

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 271

View: 7690

This comprehensive guide is for both beginning and advanced divers. It tells how to find wrecks, details the equipment and techniques needed, explains safety concerns, and teaches how to recover artifacts and preserve them.

Great British Marine Animals

Author: Paul Naylor

Publisher: N.A


Category: Marine animals

Page: 272

View: 3360

A celebration of Britain's sea creatures, from the magnificent basking shark to the tiny but colourful jewel anemone. Both an identification guide and an introduction to the animals' fabulous forms and intriguing habits, this edition has details of 30 extra species, 90 new photographs and a foreword by WWF and the Marine Conservation Society.

Diving Pioneers

An Oral History of Diving in America

Author: Eric Hanauer

Publisher: Aqua Quest Publications, Inc.

ISBN: 9780922769438

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 272

View: 2778

This is the saga of diving in America, told by the men and women who lived it and made it. These stories and more recall scuba's pioneer days of the 40s and 50s where every dive was an adventure.

Bove and Davis' Diving Medicine

Author: Alfred A. Bove,Jefferson Carroll Davis

Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing

ISBN: 9780721694245

Category: Medical

Page: 623

View: 9973

Covers basic diving physiology; the pathophysiology of decompression sickness; maritime toxicology; assessment of fitness for diving; special considerations for female, elderly, and pediatric divers; diving-related problems in people with pre-existing medical conditions such as pulmonary, cardiac, and neurologic disease, and much more, with new chapters on the kinetics of intert gas, marine poisoning and intoxication, and diabetes and diving.

The Essential Guide to Getting into Medical School

Author: Rajiv Kalia

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1315346109

Category: Medical

Page: 118

View: 1794

This is a concise guide to getting into medical school. It covers everything you need to know without the long-winded explanations found in other books and online. The Essential Guide to Getting into Medical School prepares you for all eventualities, so you can be ready for every aspect of your application and address any shortcomings you may have which may otherwise hinder your chances. It offers helpful tips, tactics, questions and warnings to assist with decision making and personal preparedness. This book is ideal for students of any age, from GCSE onwards, including those applying as postgraduate students. It is also highly recommended for international students wanting detailed advice on how to secure admission.

ABC of Prehospital Emergency Medicine

Author: Tim Nutbeam,Matthew Boylan

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470654880

Category: Medical

Page: 215

View: 2139

"This brand new title in the ABC series provides a comprehensive overview of pre-hospital medicine, including transport, patient assessment, emergency care systems, and pre-hospital interventions.With pre-hospital care being the start of the "trauma chain", the treatment patients receive on-scene as well as en-route can be life-saving, and this new title is invaluabe for all staff involved in emergency and pre-hospital medicine"--Provided by publisher.

Ensuring Innovation in Diagnostics for Bacterial Infection

Implications for Policy

Author: Chantal Morel,Suzanne Edwards,Lindsay McClure,Dale Sandberg

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9789289050364

Category: Medical

Page: 333

View: 9301

The inappropriate use of antibiotics is a primary cause of the ongoing increase in drug resistance among pathogenic bacteria. The resulting decrease in the efficacy of antibiotics threatens our ability to combat infectious diseases. Rapid, point-of-care tests to identify pathogens and better target the appropriate treatment could greatly improve the use of antibiotics. Yet there are few such tests currently available or being developed despite the rapid pace of medical innovation. Clearly something is inhibiting the much-needed development of new and more convenient diagnostic tools. This study delineates priorities for developing diagnostics to improve antibiotic prescription and use with the goal of managing and curbing the expansion of drug resistance. It calls for new approaches, particularly in the provision of diagnostic devices, and, in doing so, outlines some of the inadequacies in health, science and policy initiatives that have led to the dearth of such devices. The authors make the case that there is a clear and urgent need for innovation, not only in the technology of diagnosis, but also in public policy and medical practice to support the availability and use of better diagnostic tools. This book explores the complexities of the diagnostics market from the perspective of both supply and demand, unearthing interesting bottlenecks, some obvious, some more subtle. It calls for a multifaceted and broad policy response, and an overhaul of current practice, so that the growth of bacterial resistance can be stemmed.

Dive Australia

A Guide to Scuba Diving Locations and Services in Australia

Author: Peter Stone

Publisher: N.A


Category: Scuba diving

Page: 288

View: 7353


Underwater Archaeology

The NAS Guide to Principles and Practice

Author: Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS)

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1444358316

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 240

View: 2521

Underwater Archaeology: The NAS Guide to Principles and Practice provides a comprehensive summary of the archaeological process as applied in an underwater context. Long awaited second edition of what is popularly referred to as the NAS Handbook Provides a practical guide to underwater archaeology: how to get involved, basic principles, essential techniques, project planning and execution, publishing and presenting Fully illustrated with over 100 drawings and new colour graphics New chapters on geophysics, historical research, photography and video, monitoring and maintenance and conservation

New Frontiers in Marine Tourism

Diving Experiences, Sustainability, Management

Author: Brian Garrod,Stefan Gössling

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0080453570

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 226

View: 3940

'New Frontiers in Marine Tourism' is the first book of this kind to address and analyse this burgeoning tourism sector comprehensively. By integrating aspects such as the sustainability, safety, education, experiences and management of diving tourism the text highlights a variety of pressing topics related to the management of diving tourism, including: * different types of diving locations and their particular characteristics and the geographical distribution of dive locations * the growth and economic significance of diving tourism in destinations worldwide * different motivations and typologies of diving tourists, their learning behaviour, knowledge of marine environments, and their interaction with flora and fauna. * diver satisfaction, attitudes and preferences, education and interpretation, and compliance with regulations * environmental impacts, and aspects of risk and health.

Tourism in Turbulent Times

Author: Jeff Wilks,Donna Pendergast,Peter Leggat

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136353275

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 382

View: 8640

Tourism in Turbulent Times presents an international review of the challenges faced by the world's largest industry and governments around the world to provide safe and enjoyable experiences for visitors. The book draws on the background and expertise of contributors from 11 countries, representing scholars, government officers and industry practitioners. It addresses traditional concerns for tourism (such as crime) as well as emerging challenges posed by the global movement of infectious disease and terrorism. These topics are examined by specialists who share a view that tourism can weather turbulent times through adopting appropriate risk management strategies and continuing to provide quality service for customers. This book differs from other texts on the market by including a large group of tourism industry practitioners as contributors. These writers practice the principles they espouse and have critical insight into the real world issues facing the tourism industry. They are also very committed to finding best practice solutions to the challenges facing their industry. The book will therefore be of particular interest to tourism managers and policy makers since it provides relevant information for the important decisions they need to make. Throwing the net wide to include medicine, law, psychology, sociology, education and hard science means that a wide range of perspectives are available to address global business, insurance, security, and policy questions in this emerging area of tourism. Shocks such as the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, SARS and the more recent Asian Tsunami have made the tourism industry very conscious of the need to protect its customers. This book highlights the positive responses made by various sectors of the industry at destination, national and international levels. It also examines the growing adventure tourism market, characterised by small operators who need good risk management practices to weather adverse global events, as well as run a financially viable small business. Such a wide set of perspectives will be very valuable to both students and tourism professionals.

Uneven Zimbabwe

A Study of Finance, Development, and Underdevelopment

Author: Patrick Bond

Publisher: Africa World Press

ISBN: 9780865435391

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 515

View: 1008

Uneven Zimbabwe examines the influence of domestic and international financial markets and financiers in uneven development in Zimbabwe, using - and contributing to - the tools of radical political economy. Theoretically, Bond begins with criticism of the classical Marxist concepts of "finance capital" for focusing on institutional characteristics and failing to grasp underlying dynamics. Instead, as economic crisis tendencies emerge, the power of finance periodically intensifies, temporarily displacing crisis through time and space and across geographical scales. But the limits of the financial solution become evident when paper assets delink from the productive assets they are meant to represent, as well as in the role that finance plays in amplifying uneven development across different economic sectors, spaces and scales.

Teaching Scuba Diving

Author: British Sub-aqua Club

Publisher: Random House (UK)

ISBN: 9780091740085

Category: Scuba diving

Page: 122

View: 5672

The British Sub-Aqua Club has been running instructor's courses for some years, and has developed its own methods and style. This book, published under their auspices, covers everything the diving instructor should know, from basic lessons in the pool, fault analysis and correction, surface lessons and underwater positioning to teaching in open water, from large or small boats, including planning, choice of site, safety, equipment, dry-runs and assessment of performance. The book also offers general guidelines on methods of learning and teaching techniques. There is a chapter on visual aids, including projectors and videos, and tips on giving formal lectures and conference presentations.

Epidemiology of Injury in Adventure and Extreme Sports

Author: Travis W. Heggie,Dennis John Caine

Publisher: Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers

ISBN: 3318021644

Category: Medical

Page: 177

View: 2896

The first comprehensive examination of injuries associated with adventure and extreme sports This book reviews the existing data on the frequency and distribution of injuries and the factors contributing to injuries in adventure and extreme sports. Further, it suggests injury prevention strategies and provides recommendations for future research. Providing the first comprehensive compilation of epidemiological data over a range of new age sports considered to be adventurous and extreme, this publication is also the first of its kind to track down all of the major literature associated with the topic. A uniform and evidence-based approach to organizing and interpreting the literature is used in all chapters. All of the sport-specific chapters are laid out with the same basic headings making it easier for the reader to find common information across chapters. Sports physicians, physical therapists, recreation managers, researchers, injury prevention specialists, the adventure and extreme sport industry, and the adventure and extreme sport participants themselves will find the book useful in identifying problem areas in which appropriate preventive measures can be initiated to reduce the risk and severity of injuries. They will also want to use the book as a source for future research related to injuries in adventure and extreme sports.