The Life and Lore of a Noble Fruit

Author: Mort Rosenblum

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781899791385

Category: Olive

Page: 316

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Along the way, Rosenblum finds local politics reflected in the lush olive groves and uprooted trees in Israel, the Mafia grip on the Italian trade, Spanish growers being forced to label their oil as Italian, and poor growers in Tunisia storing their finest in Pepsi bottles. He also records the continuing romance and passion olive growers feel for their work, whether they pick by hand, by whacking the limbs, or with a goat horn. Olives is at once a witty, lyrical look at the Mediterranean world and a homage to the olive, an essential ingredient of any life worth living.

Sword and Olive Branch

Oliver Otis Howard

Author: John A. Carpenter

Publisher: Fordham Univ Press

ISBN: 9780823219889

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 379

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Oliver Otis Howard devoted his life to the service of his country, both as a distinguished army officer in two wars and as the founder of two universities. Oliver Otis Howard was a graduate of Bowdoin College and of West Point. Being reared in a pious New England (Maine) atmosphere gave him a deep sense of obligation to lead a Christian life, for the good of others and for the development of his own best self. He was often disturbed by the conflict presented him in his dual career in peace and war.General Howard's strong sense of duty to his country brought about his distinguished career of command during the Civil War-at the Battle of Chancellorsville, itself a disappointing rout, and at Gettysburg, where he recovered any reputation the earlier defeat might have lost him. Under General Sherman, in the Atlanta campaign, and as a leader of the Army of the Tennessee he won special distinction. In total, Howard fought at the First Bull Run, Fair Oaks (where severe wounds forced the amputation of his right arm), Second Bull Run, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, and Gettysburg.The same strong sense of duty made him accept the commission of the Freedmen's Bureau and the promotion of African-American education. Following his service in the Nez Perce Campaign of 1877 he was superintendent of West Point and the founder of Lincoln Memorial University. His greatest service to education, however, was as founder and president of Howard University, where his name and career are held in honor.

The Book Of Jeremiah (Children's Great Bible Texts)

Author: James Hastings

Publisher: Jazzybee Verlag

ISBN: 3849622177

Category: Bible

Page: 31

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Here is a gold mine for the preacher, the teacher and the father and mother in the home who have it in mind to inculcate sound teaching, based upon the Word of God, so that the boys and girls of the congregations, Sunday-Schools and households may be thoroughly rooted and grounded in the essentials of the Christian faith. There are many volumes in this series of short addresses and they cover the entire range of the Holy Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation. The material gathered here is fresh and varied and there is just enough of it to furnish the groundwork of the preacher's sermon, the Sunday school teacher's talk and the parent's reading and comment. Contents: The Speech Of A Child. The Almond Tree. A Pair Of Bellows. Refuse Silver. Why Sit Still? An Olive Tree. The Diamond. The Marred Vessel. A Magic Hammer. Copybooks. A Bundle Of Rags.

The Chapel of the Magi in Palazzo Medici

Author: Franco Cardini

Publisher: Virago Press


Category: Art

Page: 93

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The Chapel of the Magi in Palazzo Medici-Riccardi is one of those places in Italy - there are a certain number of them, though not an enormous number - in which history and art combine to bear witness to the past in a way that is absolutely exceptional. I

Dispensational Truth

God's Plan and Purpose in the Ages

Author: Clarence Larkin

Publisher: Ravenio Books


Category: Religion

Page: 268

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This classic includes the following chapters: I. The Prophetic Word II. Pre-Millennialism III. Mountain Peaks of Prophecy IV. The Second Coming of Christ V. Rightly Dividing the Word VI. The Present Evil World VII. The Dispensational Work of the Lord Jesus Christ VIII. The Dispensational Work of the Holy Spirit IX. The Jews X. The Gentiles XI. The Church XII. The King XIII. The Kingdom XIV. The Spirit World XV. Spiritism XVI. The Resurrection XVII. The Judgments XVIII. Satan XIX. The Antichrist XX. The Satanic Trinity XXI. The Four Gospels XXII. The Seven Churches XXIII. The Tribulation XXIV. Babylon the Great XXV. Renovation of the Earth XXVI. The Covenants XXVII. The Mysteries XXVIII. Types and Anti-Types XXIX. Three Trees to Which Israel is Compared: The Vine — The Fig Tree — The Olive XXX. The Feasts of the Lord XXXI. The Offerings XXXII. Dispensational Teaching of the Great Pyramid XXXIII. Scripture Numerics XXXIV. The Signs of the Times He Shall Come

Reel Bad Arabs

How Hollywood Vilifies a People

Author: Jack Shaheen

Publisher: Interlink Publishing

ISBN: 1623710065

Category: Social Science

Page: 617

View: 9095

A groundbreaking book that dissects a slanderous history dating from cinema's earliest days to contemporary Hollywood blockbusters that feature machine-gun wielding and bomb-blowing ""evil"" ArabsAward-winning film authority Jack G. Shaheen, noting that only Native Americans have been more relentlessly smeared on the silver screen, painstakingly makes his case that ""Arab"" has remained Hollywood's shameless shorthand for ""bad guy, "" long after the movie industry has shifted its portrayal of other minority groups. In this comprehensive study of over one thousand films, arranged a.

Giordano Bruno

Philosopher / Heretic

Author: Ingrid D. Rowland

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226730247

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 335

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Giordano Bruno (1548–1600) is one of the great figures of early modern Europe, and one of the least understood. Ingrid D. Rowland’s biography establishes him once and for all as a peer of Erasmus, Shakespeare, and Galileo—a thinker whose vision of the world prefigures ours. Writing with great verve and erudition, Rowland traces Bruno’s wanderings through a sixteenth-century Europe where every certainty of religion and philosophy has been called into question, and reveals how he valiantly defended his ideas to the very end, when he was burned at the stake as a heretic on Rome’s Campo de’ Fiori. “A loving and thoughtful account of [Bruno’s] life and thought, satires and sonnets, dialogues and lesson plans, vagabond days and star-spangled nights. . . . Ingrid D. Rowland has her reasons for preferring Bruno to Copernicus, Tycho Brahe, Johannes Kepler, even Galileo and Leonardo, and they’re good ones.”—John Leonard, Harper’s “Whatever else Bruno was, he was wild-minded and extreme, and Rowland communicates this, together with a sense of the excitement that his ideas gave him. . . . It’s that feeling for the explosiveness of the period, and [Rowland’s] admiration of Bruno for participating in it—indeed, dying for it—that is the central and most cherishable quality of the biography.”—Joan Acocella, New Yorker “Rowland tells this great story in moving, vivid prose, concentrating as much on Bruno’s thought as on his life. . . . His restless mind, as she makes clear, not only explored but transformed the heavens.”—Anthony Grafton, New York Review of Books “[Bruno] seems to have been an unclassifiable mixture of foul-mouthed Neapolitan mountebank, loquacious poet, religious reformer, scholastic philosopher, and slightly wacky astronomer.”—Anthony Gottlieb, New York Times Book Review “A marvelous feat of scholarship. . . . This is intellectual biography at its best.”—Peter N. Miller, New Republic “An excellent starting point for anyone who wants to rediscover the historical figure concealed beneath the cowl on Campo de’ Fiori.”—Paula Findlen, Nation

Signs for Peace

An Impossible Visual Encyclopedia

Author: Ruedi Baur,Vera Baur Kockot

Publisher: Lars Muller Publishers

ISBN: 9783037782439

Category: Design

Page: 595

View: 1377

Can one visualize peace? Are there signs, symbols, and images that present a positive image of peace as opposed to receiving their meanings in opposition to war? Over several years of research, the Design2context Institute has intensively examined the representation and representability of peace and has compiled a comprehensive collection of images. In order to include a number of historical, cultural, and political perspectives, the archival aspect is supplemented by workshops in crisis regions. The encyclopedia--which, as new sociopolitical situations continue to arise and call for new pictures, must inevitably remain incomplete--provides a broad overview of the iconography of peace, and is also intended to assist in gaining an understanding of the concept. This book represents a significant contribution to future discussions on the need and desire for peace in political and social life.

My Father Came from Italy

Author: Maria Coletta McLean

Publisher: Raincoast Books

ISBN: 9781551923567

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 155

View: 8730

After 64 years, Mezzabotte Coletta, a retired truck driver for a Toronto macaroni factory, is returning to his native Italia. In a village called Supino, said to take its name from the crossroads where Christ rested, supine, en route from Rome to Naples, is a rundown villa bought sight unseen by Mezzabotte's daughter Maria -- an olive branch after years of family struggle. While she and her husband Bob breathe in the chatter of local tradesmen, the fragrant offerings of well-wishing neighbors and the aroma of fine wine, her father awaits in Canada anticipating the day he will again touch Italian soil. Hoping to avoid the wounds of his difficult marriage and the onset of senility, father and daughter retrace footsteps that yield from the Saint of Special Favors a miraculous recovery.