Lernen von Calvin Klein

Author: Kari Jormakka,Österreichische Gesellschaft für Architektur,Technische Universität Wien. Institut für Architekturtheorie

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Calvin Klein

Fashion Design Superstar

Author: Diane Dakers

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Calvin Klein, a boy from the Bronx, took his first clothing line of three dresses and six coats to an appointment at Bonwit Teller, New York's department store for the wealthy. Before long, he had designed a line of jeans that sold 200,000 in a week, and he was called the King of Clothes by People magazine. Today his clothes are recognized as classics, and his style represents the best in American design.

Warning Signs

He Is Using You

Author: Calvin Klein

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Dear Reader, In today's life, there are a few questions that I am frequently facing. I am sure most people have also been asked such queries. Among these, one of the most heartbreaking questions has got to be "Is my boyfriend cheating on me?" As a matter of fact, I'll usually hear this question at least once a day, sometimes even more. Every situation is different; sometimes I can definitely tell if it's a yes or a no, but most answers are a lot more complicated. Infidelity doesn't usually come out of the clear blue sky, and it's almost always easy to spot the signs and signals that something is wrong. Usually, before someone acts out to consciously violate the trust of a loving relationship, there is a period of unsettled sadness or restlessness. If you know the signs, it isn't too hard to figure out when something is wrong, even if your mate is not vocalizing his concerns. This eBook has been written with love, as well as with the genuine desire to help you identify signs that your partner is cheating on you. Recognizing the signs of a cheating spouse can save you, a lot of heartache and in some cases even salvage your relationship if it can be mended. It is often more distressing to wonder if your spouse is cheating than it is to find out one way or the other if he or she has been stepping out on you. Some relationships can survive infidelity. However, before you can decide what to do next, it's best to figure out where you stand right now. No matter what your hunches tell you, it is always best to get hard evidence before confronting a potential cheater. Regardless of what happens... remember that we all deserve to be in healthy relationships with people who love us. You're no exception to this rule. If your man is doing you wrong, there's someone else out there who will treat you right. Trust me.

Calvin Klein

Author: Calvin Klein

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An archive of images - chosen by Klein himself - accompanied by private insights and behind-the-scenes stories

American Women

Author: Bryan Adams,Calvin Klein, Inc

Publisher: powerHouse Books

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Features Hillary Rodham Clinton, Katie Couric, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Hilary Swank, and Sarah Jessica Parker, among many others.

Calvin Klein

Author: Matt W. Cody

Publisher: Chelsea House Publications

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Calvin Klein is more than the most famous American fashion designer of the 20th century he is the unchallenged leader of a global design empire. Today, his name can be found on literally hundreds of products, including menswear, womenswear, underwear, jeans, fragrances, eyeglasses, bed sheets, rugs, furniture, and much more. Klein has won every major fashion award, and his fashions are in the collections of both the Guggenheim Museum and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Yet for all his accomplishments, a debate rages within the fashion design industry: is Calvin Klein truly a great fashion designer or is he just a skilled self-promoter? Readers will explore this question along with all the other highs and lows of the career of this great American fashion designer in the highly illustrated new volume Calvin Klein.


Author: Christopher Makos,Calvin Klein,Glenn Albin

Publisher: Glitterati Inc


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A renown photographer's collection of evocative and intimate protraiture of the male form.


The Lives and Times of Calvin Klein

Author: Steven S. Gaines,Sharon Churcher

Publisher: Carol Publishing Corporation

ISBN: 9781559722353

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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A candid biography of controversial designer Calvin Klein draws on interviews with friends, business associates, and lovers to trace his dramatic rise to the heights of the fashion world and his self-indulgent personal life. 100,000 first printing. $100,000 ad/promo. Tour.

Vogue on Calvin Klein

Author: Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni

Publisher: Quadrille Publishing

ISBN: 9781849499705

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In Vogue on Calvin Klein fashion journalist Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni explores Calvin Klein's creation of one of the greatest fashion brands of today. With his easy and timeless, classic yet sensual designs, Calvin Klein created a fashion brand that made understated, all-American glamour his own – at the same time as building a vast billion-dollar empire that includes everything from underwear to perfume and pillows. His style was so influential that Vogue announced: 'if you were around a hundred years from now and wanted a definite picture of the American look, you'd study Calvin Klein.' His stylish and provocative campaigns, and use of celebrities has changed the face of American advertising.

The House of Klein

Fashion, Controversy, and a Business Obsession

Author: Lisa Marsh

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780471478959

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The Lives and Times of Calvin Klein

Author: Steven Gaines,Sharon Churcher

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780380725007

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A biography of controversial designer Calvin Klein draws on interviews with friends, business associates, and lovers to trace his dramatic rise to fame in the fashion world and his self-indulgent personal life

Transcultural Marketing for Incremental and Radical Innovation

Author: Christiansen, Bryan

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 1466647507

Category: Business & Economics

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As technology continues to drive innovation and impact societies across multiple national boundaries and cultures, new approaches towards marketing products must be created and implemented to be successful in an era of hypercompetition. Transcultural Marketing for Incremental & Radical Innovation provides in depth discussion on tactics for improving existing products while inventing completely new products and product categories. This publication will prove to be helpful for scholars, practitioners, and university students who wish to better understand the importance of marketing products and services across different cultures and multiple languages.

The American Beauty Industry Encyclopedia

Author: Julie A. Willett

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 0313359490

Category: Business & Economics

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This is the first encyclopedia to focus exclusively on the many aspects of the American beauty industry, covering both its diverse origins and its global reach. * More than 100 entries cover many facets of the American beauty industry * Over 40 contributors provide a variety of perspectives * Some three dozen photographs capture various aspects of this pervasive industry * Includes a chronology and a selected bibliography

Inside Grey’s Anatomy: The Unauthorized Biography of Jamie Dornan

Author: Marc Shapiro

Publisher: Riverdale Avenue Books LLC

ISBN: 1626011567

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Jamie Dornan came to the role of Christian Grey in the motion picture Fifty Shades of Grey as Hollywood's answer to a prayer when the original actor, Charlie Hunnam, left the picture a scant three weeks before production was set to begin. But the reality was that Dornan's being thrust into “Instant” celebrity was more than a decade in the making chronicled in entertaining depth in the Inside Grey's Anatomy: The Unauthorized Biography of Jamie Dornan by New York Times best-selling author Marc Shapiro. Dornan' story is ripe with pathos, talent, determination and luck. After losing his mother at an early age, Dornan struggled with frustration and aimlessness as he attempted to find his way in the world. Luck entered the picture when he stumbled into the world of international modeling where, after being dubbed The Golden Torso, he reluctantly rode the glitz and glamour, making money, dating the most sought-after women but ultimately chaffing as he dreamed of becoming an actor. His determination finally kicked open the door with important works in both television and film. Finally the phone rang early one morning and Christian Grey was born.

Fashion, Retailing and a Bygone Era

Inside Women's Wear Daily

Author: Marvin Klapper,Isadore Barmash,Mort Sheinman

Publisher: Beard Books

ISBN: 1587982692

Category: Business & Economics

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Seven former Women's Wear Daily editors, each briefly profiled, shed light on the fashion industry and the role of this influential trade paper (which debuted in 1910) in the latter half of the 20th century. A former director of various industry associations introduces these insider stories. E.g., one reminisce intriguingly links missing bombs from

The Story of Men's Underwear

Author: Shaun Cole

Publisher: Parkstone International

ISBN: 1780428820

Category: Design

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Men’s fashion, particularly the trends involving undergarments, was once reserved for the elite; today it has become democratised, clear proof of social progress.The aestheticism of the body so highly valued by the Greeks seems to have regained a prominent place in the masculine world. Mirroring the evolution of society’s values, the history of underwear also highlights the continuous, dancing exchange that exists between women’s styles and men’s fashion. Undergarments are concealed, flaunted, stretched or shortened, establishing a game between yesterday’s illicit and today’s chic and thereby denouncing the sense of disgrace that these simple pieces of clothing used to betray. In this work, Shaun Cole endeavours to re-establish for the first time, through well-researched socio-economic analysis, the importance of men’s underwear in the history of costume from ancient times to today. A reflection of technological progress, this study is full of surprises and powerful reflections on man’s relationship with his body.