Central Issues in Jurisprudence

Justice, Laws, and Rights

Author: Nigel E. Simmonds

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780414023239

Category: Jurisprudence

Page: 343

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La 4e de couverture indique : "Central Issues in Jurisprudence is a clear introduction to the major theories and arguments which currently dominate discussion in jurisprudence. The work enables readers to read the original writers with a real understanding of how the theories relate to each other, and how these theories cluster around certain fundamental issues. Combining lucid exposition with commentary, the author provides a penetrating analysis of each theory examined, and a deep understanding of the problems addressed"

Rediscovering Fuller

Essays on Implicit Law and Institutional Design

Author: W. J. Witteveen,Wibren van der Burg

Publisher: Amsterdam University Press

ISBN: 9789053563878

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 489

View: 8573

Lon Fuller, one of the great American jurists of this century, is often remembered only for his stand on the morality of law in the Fuller-Hart debate. Rediscovering Fuller considers the full range of Fuller's writings, from his early engagement with legal fictions and his critique of legal positivism to his later work on implicit law and the art of institutional design. Contributors from the fields of both civil law and common law argue that Fuller's insights are highly relevant to contemporary concerns. The book contains essays by K. Winston, D. Dyzenhaus, P. Cliteur, F. Schauer ("Beyond the Fuller-Hart Debate"), P. Westerman, W. van der Burg, D. Luban ("Moralities of Law"), G. Postema, P. Teachout ("Implicit Law"), R. Macdonald, W. Witteveen, J. Allison, M. Hertogh, K. Soltan ("The Art of Institutional Design"), J. Allan, F. Mootz, J. Vining ("Law's Dialogue"), and a preface by Ph. Selznick. "At some point in the future, when we become more open to the moral relevance of social inquiry, more empirical in our study of philosophical issues, more capable of uniting moral and social theory, Lon Fuller's work will stand as a landmark. This volume will help show the way." —Ph. Selznick

Richtiger Vertrag und lauterer Wettbewerb

eine grundlagenorientierte Studie unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der europäischen Perspektive

Author: Matthias Leistner

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck

ISBN: 9783161492280

Category: Law

Page: 1145

View: 7102

English summary: Matthias Leistner examines the complex relationship between German and European contract law and unfair competition law. Based on the principle of equality, he develops a model which makes it possible to align legal standards in both fields of law. This reflects the process of the increasing de-individualization and institutionalization of contract law as well as the increasing significance of the protection of the contracting party as an objective of the reformed and liberalized Unfair Competition Act. The principle of equality makes it possible to make a large number of practical deductions, and thus it could set the pace for a further liberalization of unfair competition law, for the development of the doctrine of culpa in contrahendo and for a just interpretation of the new liability for information given in advertisements in the law relating to the sale of goods. German description: Matthias Leistner untersucht die komplexe Wechselbeziehung zwischen dem Recht des unlauteren Wettbewerbs einerseits und dem Vertragsrecht andererseits sowohl fur das deutsche Recht als auch fur das Gemeinschaftsprivatrecht. Der Brandmauerthese der bisher herrschenden Meinung, derzufolge die Wertungen in beiden Rechtsgebieten nur sehr eingeschrankt miteinander verglichen werden konnen, setzt er als Kernthese einen Gleichmassgrundsatz entgegen. Demnach kommt in konkreten funktionalen Uberschneidungsbereichen ein wechselseitiger Abgleich der Wertungen durchaus in Betracht. Diese Kernthese wird aus okonomischer, rechtsphilosophischer und rechtssystematischer Sicht grundlagenorientiert abgesichert. Sie reflektiert letztlich den zum Teil europaisch angestossenen Prozess zunehmender Entindividualisierung und Institutionalisierung des Vertragsrechts insbesondere durch Aufnahme verbraucherschutzender Elemente gleichermassen wie die wachsende Bedeutung des Kundenschutzes als Zielsetzung des reformierten und liberalisierten UWG. Der Gleichmassgrundsatz gestattet eine Vielzahl praktischer Ableitungen. So kann im Rahmen bestimmter Fallgruppen der culpa in contrahendo auf Wertungen des Wettbewerbsrechts zuruckgegriffen werden, um in gewissem Umfang eine vorvertragliche Werbehaftung zu begrunden. Daneben lassen sich die Vorschriften uber die Werbeangabenhaftung des Verkaufers aus wettbewerbsrechtlich orientierter, verobjektivierter Perspektive betrachten, was zu interessengerechten Losungsansatzen fuhrt. Schliesslich vermag der Gleichmassgrundsatz im Wechselspiel verbraucherschutzender Widerrufsrechte und wettbewerbsrechtlichen Verbraucherschutzes Anstosse zur weiteren Liberalisierung des deutschen Rechts des unlauteren Wettbewerbs zu geben.

Essays on Bentham

Studies in Jurisprudence and Political Theory

Author: Herbert Lionel Adolphus Hart

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0198253486

Category: Law

Page: 272

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In his introduction to these closely linked essays Professor Hart offers both an exposition and a critical assessment of some central issues in jurisprudence and political theory. Some of the essays touch on themes to which little attention has been paid, such as Bentham's identification of the forms of mysitification protecting the law from criticism; his relation to Beccaria; and his conversion to democratic radicalism and a passionate admiration for the United States.

Oxford essays in jurisprudence, second series

Author: Alfred William Brian Simpson

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 306

View: 1885

These essays deal with central and controversial issues in jurisprudence. This volume emphasizes legal theory, and the collection will be of interest to students of and others involved with political philosophy as well as law students and philosophers.

Essays on Bentham

Jurisprudence and Political Philosophy

Author: H. L. A. Hart

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191018716

Category: History

Page: 280

View: 5819

In his introduction Professor Hart offers both an exposition and a critical assesment of some central issues in jurisprudence and political theory. Essay themes include Bentham's identification of the forms of mistification protecting the law from criticism, his relation to Beccaria and his conversion to democratic radicalism.

Central Issues in Criminal Theory

Author: William Wilson

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1847311334

Category: Law

Page: 384

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Coercive rules and their implementation are,in liberal democratic societies at least, subject to ethical constraints. The state's moral authority requires these constraints to be both cogent and effectively realised in doctrine. In short, the enterprise of subjecting individuals to coercive rules must be consistent with the delivery of criminal justice. Contemporary criminal theory is much exercised by the apparent contradictions and ambiguities characterising criminal law doctrine. Is this an inevitable part of the territory leading us to question the very possibility of criminal law delivering justice? Or, as the author prefers, is criminal justice an achievement in which one of the tasks of criminal theory is to set goals and identify deficiencies in a constant effort to improve the form and content of rules and procedures? Informed by this premise the book explores some of the key questions in criminal theory, addressing first the ethics of criminalisation and punishment. It continues with an examination of the structure of criminal liability with its emphasis on separating consideration of the objective conditions of wrongdoing from the features which make a person responsible for it. Finally it examines attempts and accessoryship with a view to exploring the doctrinal tensions which may arise when competing justifications for criminalisation and punishment collide. The book gives an account of the present state of criminal theory in an accessible style which will welcomed by those embarking upon courses in advanced criminal law and criminal theory, teachers, and more generally by practitioners and scholars.

Philosophical Foundations of Language in the Law

Author: Andrei Marmor,Scott Soames

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199572380

Category: Law

Page: 272

View: 6993

This collection brings together the best contemporary work in the area of philosophy of language and the law. The first area concerns a critical assessment of the foundational role of language in understanding the nature of law itself. The second main area concerns a number of ways in which an understanding of language can resolve some of the issues prevalent in legal interpretation, the third general topic concerns the role of language in the context of particular legal doctrines and legal solutions to practical problems.

Concise Jurisprudence

Author: Sandra Berns

Publisher: Federation Press

ISBN: 9781862871090

Category: Law

Page: 196

View: 5866

Contents include: an introduction to contemporary debates in jurisprudenceThe quest for certaintyRights, principles and interpretive communitiesThe authority of interpretive communitiesFrom phenomenology to nihilism as storytellingWomen's voicesLaw and literatureDifferent voices - common themes

What About Law?

Studying Law at University

Author: Catherine Barnard,Janet O'Sullivan,G J Virgo

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 184731760X

Category: Law

Page: 242

View: 8257

Most young people considering studying law, or pursuing a legal career, have very little idea of what learning law involves and how universities teach law to their students. The new edition of this book, which proved very popular when first published in 2007, provides a 'taster' for the study of law; a short, accessible presentation of law as an academic subject, designed to help 17- and 18-year old students and others decide whether law is the right choice for them as a university subject, or, if they have already made the choice, what to expect when they start their law degree. It helps answer the question 'what should I study at university?' and counters the perception that law is a dry, dull subject. What About Law? shows how the study of law can be fun, intellectually stimulating, challenging and of direct relevance to students. Using a case study approach, the book introduces prospective law students to the legal system, as well as to legal reasoning, critical thinking and argument. This is a book that should be in the library of every school with a sixth form, every college and every university, and it is one that any student about to embark on the study of law should read before they commence their legal studies. All of the authors have long experience in teaching law at Cambridge and elsewhere and all have also been involved, at various times, in advising prospective law students at open days and admissions conferences. Listed as one of the 'Six of the best law books' that a future law student should read by the Guardian Law Online, 8th August 2012. See the detailed website for this book: a href=uhttp://www.whataboutlaw.co.uk

Philosophy of Law: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Raymond Wacks

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191510645

Category: Law

Page: 152

View: 3791

The concept of law lies at the heart of our social and political life. Legal philosophy, or jurisprudence, explores the notion of law and its role in society, illuminating its meaning and its relation to the universal questions of justice, rights, and morality. In this Very Short Introduction Raymond Wacks analyses the nature and purpose of the legal system, and the practice by courts, lawyers, and judges. Wacks reveals the intriguing and challenging nature of legal philosophy with clarity and enthusiasm, providing an enlightening guide to the central questions of legal theory. In this revised edition Wacks makes a number of updates including new material on legal realism, changes to the approach to the analysis of law and legal theory, and updates to historical and anthropological jurisprudence. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.

From the American Civil War to the War on Terror

Three Models of Emergency Law in the United States Supreme Court

Author: Emily Hartz

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3642326331

Category: Law

Page: 114

View: 5119

This book offers a systematic and comprehensive account of the key cases that have come to shape the jurisprudence on emergency law in the United States from the Civil War to the War on Terror. The legal questions raised in these cases concern fundamental constitutional issues such as the status of fundamental rights, the role of the court in times of war, and the question of how to interpret constitutional limitations to executive power. At stake in these difficult legal questions is the issue of how to conceive of the very status of law in liberal democratic states. The questions with which the Supreme Court justices have to grapple in these cases are therefore as philosophical as they are legal. In this book the Court's arguments are systematized according to categories informed by constitutional law as well as classic philosophical discussions of the problem of emergency. On this basis, the book singles out three legal paradigms for interpreting the problem of emergency: the rights model, the extra-legal model and the procedural model. This systematic approach helps the reader develop a philosophical and legal overview of central issues in the jurisprudence on emergency.

Kelsen Revisited

New Essays on the Pure Theory of Law

Author: LuÃs Duarte d'Almeida,John Gardner,Leslie Green

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1782252479

Category: Law

Page: 298

View: 1963

Forty years after his death, Hans Kelsen (1881-1973) remains one of the most discussed and influential legal philosophers of our time. This collection of new essays takes Kelsen's Pure Theory of Law as a stimulus, aiming to move forward the debate on several central issues in contemporary jurisprudence. The essays in Part I address legal validity, the normativity of law, and Kelsen's famous but puzzling idea of a legal system's 'basic norm'. Part II engages with the difficult issues raised by the social realities of law and the actual practices of legal officials. Part III focuses on conceptual features of legal systems and the logical structure of legal norms. All the essays were written for this volume by internationally renowned scholars from seven countries. Also included, in English translation, is an important polemical essay by Kelsen himself.

Q&A Jurisprudence 2013-2014

Author: David Brooke

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136187634

Category: Law

Page: 384

View: 9521

Routledge Q&As give you the tools to practice and refine your exam technique, showing you how to apply your knowledge to maximum effect in an exam situation. Each book contains up to fifty essay and problem-based questions on the most commonly examined topics, complete with expert guidance and fully worked model answers. These new editions for 2013-2014 will provide you with the skills you need for your exams by: Helping you to be prepared: each title in the series has an introduction presenting carefully tailored advice on how to approach assessment for your subject Showing you what examiners are looking for: each question is annotated with both a short overview on how to approach your answer, as well as footnoted commentary that demonstrate how model answers meet marking criteria Offering pointers on how to gain marks, as well as what common errors could lose them: ‘Aim Higher’ and ‘Common Pitfalls’ offer crucial guidance throughout Helping you to understand and remember the law: diagrams for each answer work to illuminate difficult legal principles and provide overviews of how model answers are structured Books in the series are also supported by a Companion Website that offers online essay-writing tutorials, podcasts, bonus Q&As and multiple-choice questions to help you focus your revision more effectively.

Natural Law in Jurisprudence and Politics

Author: Mark C. Murphy

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107320925

Category: Philosophy

Page: N.A

View: 3751

Natural law is a perennial though poorly represented and understood issue in political philosophy and the philosophy of law. In this 2006 book, Mark C. Murphy argues that the central thesis of natural law jurisprudence - that law is backed by decisive reasons for compliance - sets the agenda for natural law political philosophy, demonstrating how law gains its binding force by way of the common good of the political community. Murphy's work ranges over the central questions of natural law jurisprudence and political philosophy, including the formulation and defense of the natural law jurisprudential thesis, the nature of the common good, the connection between the promotion of the common good and requirement of obedience to law, and the justification of punishment.


From The Greeks To Post-Modernity

Author: Wayne Morrison

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 113535281X

Category: Law

Page: 600

View: 2525

This challenging book on jurisprudence begins by posing questions in the post-modern context,and then seeks to bridge the gap between our traditions and contemporary situation. It offers a narrative encompassing the birth of western philosophy in the Greeks and moves through medieval Christendom, Hobbes, the defence of the common law with David Hume, the beginnings of utilitarianism in Adam Smith, Bentham and John Stuart Mill, the hope for enlightenment with Kant, Rousseau, Hegel and Marx, onto the more pessimistic warnings of Weber and Nietzsche. It defends the work of Austin against the reductionism of HLA Hart, analyses the period of high modernity in the writings of Kelsen, Hart and Fuller, and compares the different approaches to justice of Rawls and Nozick. The liberal defence of legality in Ronald Dworkin is contrasted with the more disillusioned accounts of the critical legal studies movement and the personalised accounts of prominent feminist writers.