Charles Guyette

Godfather of American Fetish Art Expanded Photo Edition Vintage Fetish History, Irving Klaw, John Willie, Bettie Page

Author: Richard Prez Seves

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781973773771


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Charles Guyette, the "G-string King," referenced in the film of Wonder Woman''s creator, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, and costumer to Bettie Page, was the first person to produce and distribute fetish art in America. In 1935, he was arrested and sent to federal prison. But what should''ve been the end was just the beginning. Although rarely credited by name in his lifetime, he influenced everyone who would follow him, particularly the publishers Robert Harrison, John Willie, Irving Klaw, and Leonard Burtman. The aim of this book was to evoke the spirit of Guyette -- to collect surviving fragments of a decimated catalog largely by referencing vintage fetish publications from the 1930s through the 1980s and reconstruct a lost history. This portfolio of images is followed by biographical information seen nowhere else, and serves as a substantial introduction to the birth of American fetish art and the cultural impact of an unrecognized pioneer. ** 2018 Expanded Second Edition ** contains 25 additional pages, 30+ newly discovered, uniquely beautiful Guyette images. Many not seen in over 70 years. ====> Make this collection yours today! Reviews: "If New York collector, writer and fetish historian Richard Pérez Seves had not decided to assemble what he knew about Charles Guyette (along with a substantial selection of images) into this paperback, this influential forerunner of the genre''s better known exponents would have continued a lot longer as the great unsung hero of American fetish art." -- Tony Mitchell, "If you''re at all a fan of fetish art ... then this book will be right up your alley." -- "I''ve often cited John Willie''s gals as my biggest fashion inspiration but I''ll have to start tipping my hat to Guyette as well." -- Dita Von Teese ” "Peek Inside" with Dita Von Teese (copy & paste) ” ” "Peek Inside" NEW Edition (copy & paste) ” From the Author: "Fetish art (although the word "fetish" was not used in those days as that term came into fashion in a non-clinical way in the 1970s) was about testing the boundaries of freedom. Some of it had to do with unconventional sexual expression ... but more of it had to do with fashion because of how identity and gender are connected to what we wear. Charles Guyette was a sexual fantasist, who earned his living as a costumer. He sold photos of his "costume studies" on the sly. He produced custom-made high-heel boots and shoes, sold corsets, opera gloves, and other eccentric accessories. He understood the transformative power of clothing, particularly "bizarre" and theatrical fashion. He is also referenced in the new film on Wonder Woman''s creator, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, as the costumer for Wonder Woman''s real life inspiration, Olive Byrne. * * * * About the author: He is also the author of the upcoming hardcover illustrated fetish art history and biography, Eric Stanton & the History of the Bizarre Underground. =============== Available now on Amazon for pre-order =============== Tags: Charles Guyette, the "G-string King," vintage fetish, fetish fashion, Yva Richard, Weimar, John Willie, Irving Klaw, Eric Stanton, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, The Secret History of Wonder Woman, My Beauty Mark, Burlesque and The Art of The Teese, high-heel shoes, boots, corsets, Dita Von Teese, Bettie Page: Queen of Curves, Bettie Page Reveals All, Voluptuous Panic, Vivian Maier, Annie Leibovitz, Jill Lepore, Horizontal Collaboration, Weimar Republic books, The Erotic World of Weimar Berlin, London Life

Eric Stanton & the History of the Bizarre Underground

Author: Richard Perez

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing

ISBN: 9780764355424

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Tracing the rise of commercial fetish art from its shadowy beginnings in the 1940s to its acceptance in the 1970s, this illustrated biography explores the unconventional life and art of Eric Stanton, a pioneering sexual fantasist who helped shape the movement. With more than 400 rare images and interviews with Stanton's family and closest associates, this biography chronicles the infamous circle of patrons, publishers, and cult icons populating his subterranean world, including Irving Klaw, John Willie, Bettie Page, Steve Ditko, and Gene Bilbrew. It is the untold, secret history of a misunderstood culture, the abuses of government authority, social intolerance, and gangsters. But above all, it is a tale about survival against all odds and an artist who had the courage to stay true to himself.

Black Priestess of Varda

Author: Erik Fennel

Publisher: eStar Books

ISBN: 1612104215

Category: Fiction

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She was well-named-Sin-foul witch and raving beauty. Black Priestess and beloved of Sasso, the Dark Power from another dimension who strove to capture, with her help, Varda, a lovely little world. Outlawed, sentenced to the Vat, a few foresters still defied foul Sasso's loveliest witch. ExcerptA shriveled blood-red moon cast slanting beams through gigantic, weirdly distorted trees. The air was dead still where he lay, but overhead a howling wind tossed the top branches into eerie life. He was lying on moss. Moss that writhed resentfully under his weight. His stomach was heaving queasily and his head was one throbbing ache. His right leg refused to move. It seemed to be stuck in something.He was not alone. Something was prowling nearby among the unbelievably tall trees. He sat up weakly, automatically, but somehow he did not care very deeply what happened to him. Not at first.The prowling creature circled, trying to outline him against the slanting shafts of crimson moonlight. He heard it move, then saw its eyes blue-green and luminous in the shadows, only a foot or two from the ground.Then his scalp gave a sudden tingle, for the eyes rose upward. Abruptly they were five feet above ground level. He held his breath, but still more wondering than afraid. A vagrant gust brought a spicy odor to his nostrils, something strongly reminiscent of sandalwood. Not an animal smell.He moved slightly. The moss beneath him squeaked a protest and writhed unpleasantly.The thing with the glowing eyes moved closer. Squeak-squeak, squeak-squeak, the strange moss complained. And then a human figure appeared momentarily in a slender shaft of red light.

PLANET STORIES - Winter 1947

Author: Erik Fennel,Allen Anderson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781597981705

Category: Fiction

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BLACK PRIESTESS OF VARDA by Erik Fennel She was well-named-Sin, foul witch and raving beauty, Beloved of Sasso, the Dark Power striving to capture, with her help, a lovely little world. Their only fear was a whispered legend-Elvedon, the Savior . . . But this crippled idiot, blundering through a shower of sparks into their time and space-he could not be Elvedon! EARTH IS MISSING! by Carl Selwyn 87th Century Earth, entombed in a relentless mile-thick coat of ice-its buried cities groaning in slow-congealing despair-still dreaded far more that bestial horror known only as The Bear! For that monster with a human brain was threatening to steal the world!