Multiple-Choice-Wissen für die Heilpraktiker-Prüfung

Band 2: Herz - Kreislauf

Author: Arpana Tjard Holler

Publisher: Georg Thieme Verlag

ISBN: 3830493746

Category: Medical

Page: 224

View: 5379

Hätten Sie es gewusst? Multiple-Choice-Fragen für jeden Wissensstand! Bereiten Sie sich gezielt auf einen spezifischen Themenkomplex für Unterricht und Prüfung vor: Herz-Kreislauf. In verschiedene Schwierigkeitsgrade unterteilt, ermöglicht Ihnen dieses Buch eine Steigerung im Niveau des Lernstoffes. Das Spektrum reicht vom Basiswissen für Anfänger bis hin zu schwierigen Kniffelfragen für Spezialisten. Auch die mündliche Prüfung wird mit typischen Textfragen trainiert. Durch das kompakte Format ist dieses Buch ein idealer Begleiter für unterwegs.

From Chance to Choice

Genetics and Justice

Author: Allen Buchanan,Dan W. Brock,Norman Daniels,Daniel Wikler

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521669771

Category: Philosophy

Page: 398

View: 9161

This book, written by four internationally renowned bioethicists and first published in 2000, was the first systematic treatment of the fundamental ethical issues underlying the application of genetic technologies to human beings. Probing the implications of the remarkable advances in genetics, the authors ask how should these affect our understanding of distributive justice, equality of opportunity, the rights and obligations as parents, the meaning of disability, and the role of the concept of human nature in ethical theory and practice. The book offers a historical context to contemporary debate over the use of these technologies by examining the eugenics movement of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The questions raised in this book will be of interest to any reflective reader concerned about science and society and the rapid development of biotechnology, as well as to professionals in such areas as philosophy, bioethics, medical ethics, health management, law, and political science.


Choice Or Fate

Author: Léon Krier

Publisher: Papadakis Publisher

ISBN: 1901092038

Category: Architecture

Page: 205

View: 5255

This polemic is essential reading for anyone concerned with the state and direction of architecture and urban planning today.

The Choice

How Bill Clinton Won

Author: Bob Woodward

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1416552820

Category: Political Science

Page: 480

View: 3474

The Choice is Bob Woodward's classic story of the quest for power, focusing on the 1996 presidential campaign as a case study of money, public opinion polling, attack advertising, handlers, consultants, and decision making in the midst of electoral uncertainty. President Bill Clinton is examined in full in the contest with Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole, the Republican presidential nominee. The intimacy and detail of Woodward's account of the candidates and their wives show the epic human struggle in this race for the White House.

The Choice - Entscheidung aus Liebe

Author: Nicole Beisel

Publisher: neobooks

ISBN: 3742736523

Category: Fiction

Page: 424

View: 8769

Nach ihrer Hochzeit mit Michael führt Jessica ein sorgenfreies Leben. Für ihren Wohlstand nimmt sie sogar in Kauf, dass ihre Familie nur noch aus ihm und ihrer Mutter besteht. Doch das Blatt wendet sich, als Michaels Halbbruder Benjamin zum ersten Mal vor ihr steht, der nicht nur Michaels, sondern auch ihr Leben auf den Kopf stellt. Die Hiobsbotschaft, die er ihnen überbringt, schweißt die Familie fester zusammen. Aber als das Schicksal erneut zuschlägt, steht Jessica plötzlich vor einer schweren Entscheidung ...


Prüfungswissen, Multiple-Choice-Tests, Klausurfälle.

Author: Irmgard Küfner-Schmitt

Publisher: Haufe-Lexware

ISBN: 3648026348

Category: Law

Page: 255

View: 8358

Dieser TaschenGuide bietet einen Einstieg ins Arbeitsrecht für Studierende und alle, die über arbeitsrechtliches Grundwissen verfügen müssen. Inklusive aktueller Rechtssprechung und Gesetzesänderungen. Mit dem TaschenGuide "Arbeistrecht" bereiten Sie sich im Handumdrehen auf Ihre Prüfungen vor!INHALTE:- Über 125 leicht verständliche Beispiele veranschaulichen Probleme und Lösungen.- Mit 44 Multiple-Choice-Fragen zu den verschiedenen arbeitsrechtlichen Gebieten können Sie das Wichtigste trainieren.- Üben Sie die Prüfungen anhand von Originalklausuren mit Lösungsvorschlägen.

Choice Cuts

Meat Production in Ancient Egypt

Author: Salima Ikram

Publisher: Peeters Publishers

ISBN: 9789068317459

Category: History

Page: 326

View: 3339

Choise Cuts: Meat Production in Ancient Egypt is a book about all aspects of meat processing in ancient Egypt. The book lists and examines the different types of meat consumed by the Egyptians: poultry, fish, and mammal, and their immediate by-products, such as blood and fat. The author discusses how each type of animal was slaughtered and processed for either immediate consumption or stored for later use, using pictorial, artefactual, textual, woodarchaeological, ethnographic and experimental evidence. Slaughter, jointing, and general processing locations are discussed, as well as storage locations, vessels used for storage, and transportation of animals as well as processed meat products. The book concludes with an attempt to determine how much meat was consumed in ancient Egypt, by whom, and what type. The appendices include lists of scenes showing meat processing as well as pig farming. The book has grown out of Dr. Salime Ikram's dissertation at Cambridge University. She now teaches Egyptology at the American University in Cairo, and works on excavations in Egypt and Turkey. Her specialities are daily life (especially food production) and mummification in ancient Egypt, as well as focus on faunal analysis.

The Choice

Seasons of Loss and Renewal After a Father's Decision to Die

Author: Judy Brown

Publisher: Conari Press

ISBN: 9781573240215

Category: Self-Help

Page: 244

View: 2580

Through the dramatic story of her father's decision to die with the help of Dr. Jack Kevorkian and her struggle to cope with his suicide, the author explores the controversies surrounding euthanasia and the right to die. Simultaneous. Tour. IP.

Degrees of Choice

Class, Race, Gender and Higher Education

Author: Diane Reay,Miriam E. David,Stephen J. Ball

Publisher: Trentham Books

ISBN: 9781858563305

Category: Education

Page: 180

View: 6458

An account of the overlapping effects of social class, ethnicity and gender in the process of choosing which university to attend. The shift from an elite to a mass system has been accompanied by much political rhetoric about widening access, achievement-for-all and meritocratic equalisation.

Choice, Welfare and Measurement

Author: Amartya Kumar Sen

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674127784

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 460

View: 1618

Choice, Welfare and Measurement contains many of Amartya Sen's most important contributions to economic analysis and methods, including papers on individual and social choice, preference and rationality, and aggregation and economic measurement. A substantial introductory essay interrelates his diverse concerns, and also analyzes discussions generated by the original papers, focusing on the underlying issues.

The Pro-Choice Movement

Organization and Activism in the Abortion Conflict

Author: Suzanne Staggenborg

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0195362136

Category: Social Science

Page: 256

View: 2862

In this highly-praised analysis of the controversial pro-choice movement, Suzanne Staggenborg traces the development of the movement from its origins through the 1980s. She shows how a small group of activists were able to build on the momentum created by other social movements of the 1960s to win their cause--the legalization of abortion in 1973--and argues that professional leadership and formal organizational structures, together with threats from the anti-abortion movement and grass-roots support, enabled the pro-choice movement to remain an active force even after their primary goal had been achieved.

Thought and Choice in Chess

Author: Adriaan D. de Groot

Publisher: Amsterdam University Press

ISBN: 9053569987

Category: Chess

Page: 484

View: 8493

Annotation. What does a chessmaster think when he prepartes his next move? How are his thoughts organized? Which methods and strategies does he use by solving his problem of choice? To answer these questions, the author did an experimental study in 1938, to which famous chessmasters participated (Alekhine, Max Euwe and Flohr). This book is still usefull for everybody who studies cognition and artificial intelligence. This title can be previewed in Google Books -

Rational choice

Author: Volker Kunz

Publisher: Campus Verlag

ISBN: 9783593372372

Category: Political science

Page: 175

View: 421


A Choice of Weapons

Author: Gordon Parks

Publisher: Minnesota Historical Society

ISBN: 9780873517690

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 274

View: 2803

“Gordon Parks’s spectacular rise from poverty, personal hardships, and outright racism is astounding and inspiring.” —from the foreword by Wing Young Huie

Rational Choice: Theoretische Analysen und empirische Resultate

Author: Andreas Diekmann,Klaus Eichner,Peter Schmidt,Thomas Voss

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 9783531155456

Category: Social Science

Page: 341

View: 3334

In der Soziologie finden Rational-Choice (RC)-Erklärungen zunehmende Verbreitung. Sie sollen einerseits zu einer Lösung allgemeiner theoretischer Kernprobleme (Erklärung von sozialer Ordnung, Kooperation und sozialen Normen) beitragen. Darüber hinaus dominiert die RC-Theorie mittlerweile zahlreiche Felder der empirischen Forschung. In diesem Band beschreiben namhafte Autoren die umfangreichen theoretischen und empirischen Anwendungsmöglichkeiten. Ein Schwerpunkt der theoretischen Arbeiten sind Analysen sozialer Normen. Die empirischen Beiträge und Anwendungen behandeln ein breites Spektrum von Themen, u.a. aus der Soziologie des abweichenden Verhaltens, der politischen Soziologie und der Analyse des Terrorismus. Abgerundet werden die Aufsätze durch methodologische Überlegungen. Der Band liefert Studierenden und Forschern eine umfassende Orientierung über wichtige Entwicklungslinien dieses Forschungsprogramms.

The Choice for Europe

Social Purpose and State Power from Messina to Maastricht

Author: Andrew Moravcsik

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9780801485091

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 514

View: 4604

Observers of the European Union often disagree about the reasons why European governments have chosen to coordinate core economic policies and surrender sovereignty. This volume analyses the history of the region's movement toward union.

Physician-Assisted Dying

The Case for Palliative Care and Patient Choice

Author: Timothy E. Quill,Margaret P. Battin

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9780801880704

Category: Medical

Page: 342

View: 3023

"The indispensable starting place for anyone wishing to become better informed about the present arguments over physician-assisted dying." -- Humanist in Canada "A very persuasive brief, combining empirical data, logical argumentation, and appeals to compassion." -- JAMA

Präferenzmessung durch die Discrete Choice-Analyse

Effekte der Aufgabenkomplexität

Author: Michael Brocke

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3835090461

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 235

View: 3898

Michaela Brocke geht der Frage nach, wie Wahlaufgaben zu gestalten sind, um im Rahmen von Discrete Choice-Analysen zuverlässige Aussagen zu erhalten. In einer umfangreichen empirischen Studie variiert sie systematisch die Komplexität der Aufgaben anhand mehrerer Merkmale und betrachtet die Auswirkungen dieser Variationen auf die Güte der Antworten. Aus den Ergebnissen lassen sich konkrete Empfehlungen zur optimalen Gestaltung von Discrete Choice-Analysen in der Marktforschungspraxis ableiten.

The Axiom of Choice

Author: Thomas J. Jech

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486466248

Category: Mathematics

Page: 202

View: 1097

Comprehensive and self-contained text examines the axiom's relative strengths and consequences, including its consistency and independence, relation to permutation models, and examples and counterexamples of its use. 1973 edition.

Social Choice and Individual Values

Author: Kenneth Joseph Arrow,Cowles Foundation for Research in Economics at Yale University

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300013641

Category: Social Science

Page: 124

View: 9818

The literature on the theory of social choice has grown considerably beyond the few items in existence at the time the first edition of this book appeared in 1951. Some of the new literature has dealt with the technical, mathematical aspects, more with the interpretive. My own thinking has also evolved somewhat, although I remain far from satisfied with present formulations. The exhaustion of the first edition provides a convenient time for a selective and personal stocktaking in the form of an appended commentary entitled, 'Notes on the Theory of Social Choice, 1963, ' containing reflections on the text and its omissions and on some of the more recent literature. This form has seemed more appropriate than a revision of the original text, which has to some extent acquired a life of its own.