Cleft Lip and Palate

Epidemiology, Aetiology, and Treatment

Author: Martyn T. Cobourne

Publisher: Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers

ISBN: 3318021075

Category: Medical

Page: 160

View: 9292

A valuable source of up-to-date information Cleft lip and palate is a complex, multifactorial and relatively common craniofacial disorder, which arises because of disrupted facial development in the embryo. The manifestations of this condition can be life-long and associated with significant morbidity. In the last decade, progress has been made in our understanding of how clefts of the lip and palate arise in human populations, and laboratory studies are beginning to elucidate the molecular mechanisms that control development of the lip and palate. In addition, advances in surgical and medical care, and long-term rehabilitation are improving outcome and quality of life for affected individuals. Written by international experts in their respective fields, this publication covers in detail the epidemiology and genetic basis of cleft lip and palate, the developmental biology of lip and palate formation and provides current concepts in the management of patients affected by this condition. Thus, the book provides a contemporary overview of the epidemiology, aetiology and treatment of cleft lip and palate, and will be of use to a wide range of individuals, including students, biologists and clinicians, who have an interest in this subject.

Fundamentals of Oral Histology and Physiology

Author: Arthur R. Hand,Marion E. Frank

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118342917

Category: Medical

Page: 296

View: 6925

Fundamentals of Oral Histology and Physiology is a landmark new text streamlining the essentials of histology and physiology into one clinically accessible textbook. Written for predoctoral dental students, the book brings together structure, function, and clinical correlations for maximum retention and ease of use. Assuming a background in basic biologic sciences, this text focuses on the histology and physiology that students need to know to practice dentistry and to understand and evaluate the current literature, without repeating basic information learned in other courses. Fundamentals of Oral Histology and Physiology concentrates on Oral Structures and Features, including Development, Teeth, Tooth and Jaw Support, Mucosal Structure and Function, and Effectors. Key Features: Integrates normal histology and physiology enabling students to understand key concepts and their application to clinical practice Brief summaries at key points in the text that highlight significant information and concepts A comprehensive glossary that defines important terms for each chapter Contains high quality photomicrographs, drawings, charts, and tables illustrating fundamental concepts Incorporates clinical correlations for common diseases and conditions Includes case studies in several chapters Comes with access to a companion website that includes student review questions, case scenarios, figures, and tables

Evidence-Based Orthodontics

Author: Greg J. Huang,Stephen Richmond,Katherine W. L. Vig

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119289920

Category: Medical

Page: 288

View: 5896

Evidence-Based Orthodontics, Second Edition retains important elements of the First Edition, with several new sections to improve its use as a quick and comprehensive reference. New updated edition of a landmark text that surveys the principles and practice of evidence-based orthodontics Offers practical strategies for professionals to incorporate EBO in their daily practices Presents brief summaries of the best evidence for a wide range of clinical topics Incorporates information from over 400 systematic reviews, listed by topic

Cleft Lip and Palate

From Origin to Treatment

Author: Diego F. Wyszynski

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0195139062

Category: Medical

Page: 518

View: 3842

This broadly interdisciplinary reference work covers all important aspects of cleft lip palate, from genetic and epidemiological methods of identifying risk factors to treatment methods, ethical considerations and economic issues. It is comprehensive, up-to-date and generously illustrated.

Craniofacial Sutures

Development, Disease and Treatment

Author: David P. Rice

Publisher: Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers

ISBN: 3805583265

Category: Medical

Page: 236

View: 7942

"In this volume craniofacial developmental and evolutionary biologists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, orthodontists as well as pediatric and plastic surgeons will find a wealth of recent information on the field of craniofacial development, deformity and its treatment."--BOOK JACKET.

The Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids

The Current State of Evidence and Recommendations for Research

Author: National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine,Health and Medicine Division,Board on Population Health and Public Health Practice,Committee on the Health Effects of Marijuana: An Evidence Review and Research Agenda

Publisher: National Academies Press

ISBN: 0309453070

Category: Science

Page: 486

View: 423

Significant changes have taken place in the policy landscape surrounding cannabis legalization, production, and use. During the past 20 years, 25 states and the District of Columbia have legalized cannabis and/or cannabidiol (a component of cannabis) for medical conditions or retail sales at the state level and 4 states have legalized both the medical and recreational use of cannabis. These landmark changes in policy have impacted cannabis use patterns and perceived levels of risk. However, despite this changing landscape, evidence regarding the short- and long-term health effects of cannabis use remains elusive. While a myriad of studies have examined cannabis use in all its various forms, often these research conclusions are not appropriately synthesized, translated for, or communicated to policy makers, health care providers, state health officials, or other stakeholders who have been charged with influencing and enacting policies, procedures, and laws related to cannabis use. Unlike other controlled substances such as alcohol or tobacco, no accepted standards for safe use or appropriate dose are available to help guide individuals as they make choices regarding the issues of if, when, where, and how to use cannabis safely and, in regard to therapeutic uses, effectively. Shifting public sentiment, conflicting and impeded scientific research, and legislative battles have fueled the debate about what, if any, harms or benefits can be attributed to the use of cannabis or its derivatives, and this lack of aggregated knowledge has broad public health implications. The Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids provides a comprehensive review of scientific evidence related to the health effects and potential therapeutic benefits of cannabis. This report provides a research agendaâ€"outlining gaps in current knowledge and opportunities for providing additional insight into these issuesâ€"that summarizes and prioritizes pressing research needs.

Oral Biology: Molecular Techniques and Applications

Author: Gregory J. Seymour,Mary P. Cullinan,Nicholas C. K. Heng

Publisher: Methods in Molecular Biology

ISBN: 9781493982721

Category: Medical

Page: 520

View: 8339

This second edition volume presents a selection of cellular and molecular techniques that can be adapted to cover a range of applications and diseases. The book is divided into three sections: saliva and oral diseases, molecular biosciences, and cell and tissues. The first section contains chapters that discuss proteomic analyses by mass spectrometry and NMR-based metabolomics that can be used to not only study saliva, but also to assess other oral fluids such as gingival crevicular fluid. The second section contains chapters that profile oral microbial communities, quantitative real-time PCR, and adhesion of yeast and bacteria to oral surfaces. The third section deals with a range of approaches that enable the behavior of cells and tissues in both health and disease to be analyzed at the molecular level. Written in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format, chapters include introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols, and tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls. Cutting-edge and comprehensive, Oral Biology: Molecular Techniques and Applications, Second Edition is a useful resource for oral biologists at all levels (students, early career researchers, and experienced veterans), and it provides a ready reference to new techniques and approaches that can be used to answer numerous specific scientific questions that may lead to a deeper understanding and treatments of oral diseases.

Handbook of Obesity

Clinical Applications

Author: George A. Bray,Claude Bouchard

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 0824758625

Category: Medical

Page: 408

View: 9298

With rates of obesity soaring to epidemic proportions, this reference strives to unearth new treatment regimens and pharmaceuticals for the prevention and treatment of obesity. Offering the latest recommendations and research from the most respected leaders in the field, the Second Edition compiles the most noteworthy studies on the evaluation and management of obese patients.

Does Aging Stop?

Author: Laurence D. Mueller,Casandra L. Rauser,Michael R. Rose

Publisher: OUP USA

ISBN: 0199754225

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 204

View: 3864

Does Aging Stop? shatters the conventional beliefs on which aging research has been based for the last fifty years.

Cleft Lip and Palate

Diagnosis and Management

Author: Samuel Berkowitz

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3642307701

Category: Medical

Page: 982

View: 7048

Cleft Lip and Palate: Diagnosis and Management is an unparalleled review of treatment concepts in all areas of cleft involvement presented by an international team of experienced clinicians. A unique feature of the book is that it largely consists of longitudinal facial and palatal growth studies of dental casts, photographs, panorexes, and cephalographs from birth to adolescence. Throughout the discussion of growth and treatment concepts, the importance of differential diagnosis in treatment planning is underscored. The underlying argument is that all the treatment goals – good speech, facial aesthetics, dental occlusion, and psychological development – may be realized without the need to sacrifice one for another. This updated third edition includes new chapters on further successful physiological treatment protocols, strategies for coping with psychological effects, the excellent clinical work being undertaken in Asia, future multicenter palatal growth studies, and other topics.

Disease Control Priorities, Third Edition (Volume 1)

Essential Surgery

Author: Haile T. Debas,Peter Donkor,Atul Gawande,Dean T. Jamison,Margaret E. Kruk,Charles N. Mock

Publisher: World Bank Publications

ISBN: 1464803676

Category: Medical

Page: 442

View: 4738

Essential Surgery is part of a nine volume series for Disease Control Priorities which focuses on health interventions intended to reduce morbidity and mortality. The Essential Surgery volume focuses on four key aspects including global financial responsibility, emergency procedures, essential services organization and cost analysis.

Knowing One's Medical Fate in Advance

Challenges for Diagnosis and Treatment, Philosophy, Ethics and Religion

Author: Georg Pfleiderer,Manuel Battegay,Klaus Lindpaintner

Publisher: Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers

ISBN: 3805596499

Category: Medical

Page: 122

View: 8738

Modern medicine is now in a position to make advanced prognoses that chart the entire course of illness and recovery. Paradoxically, this is coupled with a new dimension of uncertainty for the patient, i.e. coming to terms with discovering they have an increased risk of a particular disease and deciding what appropriate steps to take.

Anatomy of Orofacial Structures

A Comprehensive Approach

Author: Richard W. Brand,Donald E. Isselhard,Elaine Satin

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323227848

Category: Medical

Page: 567

View: 9018

A combined text and student workbook, Anatomy of Orofacial Structures: A Comprehensive Approach, Enhanced 7th Edition, makes it easy to understand oral histology and embryology, dental anatomy, and head and neck anatomy. Now in full color, the book includes more than 800 images, as well as review questions and detachable flashcards for convenient, on-the-go study. Clear coverage provides a solid foundation for students in dental assisting and dental hygiene programs. From longtime dental educators Richard Brand and Donald Isselhard, this book provides a complete learning package! Comprehensive coverage of oral histology and embryology, dental anatomy, and head and neck anatomy - makes this a single source for oral anatomy. More than 800 detailed anatomical illustrations support the material, including labeled line drawings, radiographs, and clinical photographs.Text/Workbook format includes a perforated workbook section with chapter-by-chapter questions.Removable flashcards feature an image of a tooth on one side and that tooth's identifying/important information on the other side, providing an easy and effective study tool.A logical organization puts the most foundational information first, starting with dental anatomy and followed by oral histology and embryology, and then head and neck anatomy. NEW! Full-color art program features more than 800 images - illustrations, clinical photos, and radiographs.

Biology of Orthodontic Tooth Movement

Current Concepts and Applications in Orthodontic Practice

Author: Bhavna Shroff

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319266098

Category: Medical

Page: 164

View: 3963

​This book presents the current knowledge and understanding of the biological processes involved in the orthodontic movement of teeth and discusses recent progress in the field. It links research advances to their immediate clinical applications and offers researchers and clinicians a state of the art reference on topical issues relating to orthodontic tooth movement. Biological events play a central role in the movement of teeth during orthodontic therapy. The basis for understanding the sequence of cellular events that leads to orthodontic movement has been well established in the literature through the use of animal models. In recent years, researchers and clinicians have focused their efforts on developing treatment modalities to increase the speed of orthodontic treatment and provide better anchorage options for noncompliant patients. This book will be an invaluable aid in understanding the biology of tooth movement and the relevance of the latest concepts to clinical practice.

Transcriptional and Translational Regulation of Stem Cells

Author: Gary Hime,Helen Abud

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400766211

Category: Medical

Page: 371

View: 3560

This volume describes the latest findings on transcriptional and translational regulation of stem cells. Both transcriptional activators and repressors have been shown to be crucial for the maintenance of the stem cell state. A key element of stem cell maintenance is repression of differentiation factors or developmental genes – achieved transcriptionally, epigenetically by the Polycomb complex, and post-transcriptionally by RNA-binding proteins and microRNAs. This volume takes two approaches to this topic – (1) illustrating the general principles outlined above through a series of different stem cell examples – embryonic, iPS and adult stem cells, and (2) describing several molecular families that have been shown to have roles in regulation of multiple stem cell populations.

Causes of Diabetes

Genetic and Environmental Factors

Author: R. D. G. Leslie

Publisher: Wiley

ISBN: 9780471940401

Category: Medical

Page: 376

View: 9337

Causes of Diabetes Genetic and Environmental Factors Edited by R. D. G. Leslie St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London, UK There is now firm evidence that a non-genetically determined event plays a major role in the aetiology of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) and that this event is due to exposure to an environmental agent. While genetic factors are more important in the pathogenesis of non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM), environmental factors also play a major role. Causes of Diabetes provides a comprehensive assessment of the causes of NIDDM and IDDM and pays particular attention to the environmental factors involved in disease pathogenesis. Identification of these factors opens the way for therapeutic trials aimed at preventing, even curing, this potentially devastating disease. This book is essential reading for clinicians and researchers working in diabetes, autoimmune and metabolic diseases.

Minimally Invasive Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Author: Oded Nahlieli

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3662545926

Category: Medical

Page: 203

View: 7595

Minimally invasive techniques, designed to reduce morbidity and risk while simultaneously improving outcomes, are increasingly being used in oral and maxillofacial surgery. This book covers the most recent technological developments and the advanced techniques used when performing such minimally invasive surgery in patients with common and rare oral and maxillofacial pathologies. The relevant basic science is reviewed, but the principal focus is on the surgical techniques themselves. These are described step by step with the aid of numerous superb color illustrations that will help the clinician to gain a full understanding of the technology and the procedures. In addition, still emerging techniques of endoscopy, navigation, and minimally invasive surgery are well covered. This text will be a premier resource for physicians who diagnose and treat oral and maxillofacial pathologies and injuries.

Epigenetics in Biology and Medicine

Author: Manel Esteller

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781420007077

Category: Science

Page: 312

View: 1756

Anomalous epigenetic patterns touch many areas of study including biomedical, scientific, and industrial. With perspectives from international experts, this resource offers an all-inclusive overview of epigenetics, which bridge DNA information and function by regulating gene expression without modifying the DNA sequence itself. Epigenetics, in its most basic form, means heredity is not the sole determining factor in disease development. Rather, environmental and dietary factors can trigger a gene to behave in an unintended way, while the gene itself remains unchanged. Epigenetics in Biology and Medicinediscusses cell biology and epigenetics’ role in human, animal, and plant diseases, including distortions in DNA methylation. The text also covers histone modifications, and epigenomics, as well as dietary and environmental impacts on epigenetic changes. Addresses These Important Questions: How promising are HDACi drugs as anti-tumor agents? Will restoring normal levels of miRNAs change the course of devastating diseases? Is it possible to alter epigenetic mechanisms once they are triggered? Is it possible to correct the abnormalities in methylation patterns that impact auto-immunities? Represents a Landmark Publication in this Cutting-Edge Field Dr. Manel Esteller, the editor of the volume, is a leading expert in molecular genetics of endometrial carcinoma. Under his editorial guidance, this publication goes beyond heredity to explain the crucial role of epigenetics in plants and physical and psychological diseases. This text is applicable to a wide range of researchers, including those invested in the applications of cell biology, those involved in disease research and deciding genetic patterns, and those coalitions concerned with the impact of epigenetics and possible cures. As a result, it has the potential to launch the development of a new class of pharmaceuticals that could have the potential to drastically change the medical landscape in the near future.