Coordinate Geometry

Author: Luther Pfahler Eisenhart

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486442616

Category: Mathematics

Page: 298

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A thorough, complete, and unified introduction, this volume affords exceptional insights into coordinate geometry. Invariants of conic sections and quadric surfaces receive full treatments. Algebraic equations on the first degree in two and three unknowns are carefully reviewed. Throughout the book, results are formulated precisely, with clearly stated theorems. More than 500 helpful exercises. 1939 edition.

Coordinate Geometry

Polar Coordinates Approach

Author: Mukut Mani Tripathi

Publisher: Alpha Science Int'l Ltd.

ISBN: 9781842652251

Category: Mathematics

Page: 149

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Presents a systematic study of straight lines, circles and conics by using the powerful tool of polar coordinates. This book contains sufficient number of solved examples and problems, placed in an appropriate order, to help understand the concepts and techniques.

Coordinate Geometry

Author: Henry Burchard Fine,Henry Dallas Thompson

Publisher: N.A


Category: Geometry, Analytic

Page: 300

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Coordinate Geometry of Two Dimensions

Author: Hari Kishan

Publisher: Atlantic Publishers & Dist

ISBN: 9788126906048

Category: Coordinates

Page: 138

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The Present Book Coordinate Geometry Of Two Dimensions Aims At Providing The Students With A Detailed Study Of Polar Coordinates, Polar Equations Of A Straight Line And A Circle, Polar Equations Of Conics, General Equation Of Second Degree And System Of Conics The Topics Included In The Ugc Syllabus.Primarily Meant For Students Of B.Sc./B.A. Of Several Indian Universities, The Book Exactly Covers The Prescribed Syllabus. It Neither Includes The Irrelevant Nor Escapes The Essential Topics. Its Approach Is Explanatory, Lucid And Comprehensive. The Analytic Explanation Of The Subject Matter Is Very Systematic Which Would Enable The Students To Assess And Thereby Solve The Related Problems Easily. Sufficient Number Of High-Graded Solved Examples Provided In The Book Facilitate Better Understanding Of The Various Skills Necessary In Solving The Problems. In Addition, Practice Exercises Of Multiple Varieties Will Undoubtedly Prove Helpful In Quick Revision Of The Subject. The Figures And Also The Answers Provided In The Book Are Accurate And Verified Thoroughly.A Proper Study Of The Book Will Definitely Bring To Students A Brilliant Success. Even Teachers Will Find It Useful In Elucidating The Subject To The Students Of Mathematics.

Coordinate Geometry - Illustrated

Author: Henry Burchard Fine,Henry Dallas Thompson

Publisher: Merchant Books

ISBN: 9781933998527

Category: Mathematics

Page: 336

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COORDINATE GEOMETRY IN A PLANE: Coordinates - The Straight Line - The Circle - The Parabola - The Ellipse - The Hyperbola - Transformation Of Coordinates - The General Equation Of The Second Degree - Sections Of A Cone - Systems Of Conics - Tangents And Polars Of The Conic - Polar Coordinates - Equations And Graphics Of Certain Curves - Problems On Loci - COORDINATE GEOMETRY IN SPACE: Coordinates And Direction Cosines - Planes And Straight Lines - The Shape Of Conicoids - Confocals - Polar Coordinates - Transformation Of Coordinates - General Equation Of The Second Degree - Certain Algebraic Symbols, Definitions, And Theorems - Certain Trigonometric Definitions And Formulas - Derivatives And Partial Derivatives - Four-Place Logarithms From 1.0 To 9.9 - Radians And Natural Trigonometric Functions For Intervals Of Five Degrees - Greek Alphabet

Vectors and Coordinate Geometry

Author: Vladimir Serdarushich

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781523688661


Page: 184

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