Democratizing Legal Services

Obstacles and Opportunities

Author: Laura Snyder

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 1498529801

Category: Law

Page: 340

View: 6643

This book responds to the common objections to alternative business structures, describes the opportunities that such structures offer, exposes how lawyer self-regulation operates to obstruct the modernization of legal services, and includes interviews with persons who have experience with alternative legal service providers in other countries.

International Perspectives on the Regulation of Lawyers and Legal Services

Author: Bloomsbury Publishing

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1509905197

Category: Law

Page: 288

View: 8214

This collection explores developments in the regulation of legal services by examining the control of the markets in several key countries and in jurisdictions within countries. The contributions consider emerging adjustments in regulatory structures and methods; examine the continuing role, if any, of professionals and how this may be changing; and speculate on the future of legal services regulation in each jurisdiction. The introductory and concluding chapters draw together similarities, differences and conclusions regarding directions of change in the regulation of legal services. They consider the emergence of alternatives to professionalism as a means of regulating legal services and some implications for the rule of law.

Modernizing Legal Services in Common Law Countries

Will the US Be Left Behind?

Author: Laura Snyder

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 1498530079

Category: Law

Page: 384

View: 562

This book examines the ways in which common law countries such as England, Australia, and Canada have modernized their regulatory environments for legal services. It critiques stagnant regulation practices in the US and offers a blueprint for effective regulation of legal services to ensure affordable and accessible civil justice for all citizens.

The Great Legal Reformation

Notes from the Field

Author: Mitchell Kowalski

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 153203217X

Category: Law

Page: 206

View: 2489

Its refreshing that this book does not simply look to advances in technology and artificial intelligence as the cause or the future of the Great Legal Reformation. Through in-depth case studies and vignettes, Mitch Kowalski takes us on a tour to meet some of the trailblazers breaking the legal service provider mould, allowing us to eavesdrop on his conversations with them. This is not a glimpse into the future of how he and others might see the legal world developing as the Great Legal Reformation unfolds. This is insight into the here and now - into what these innovators have already envisioned and achieved. These are the platforms from which yet further innovation and re-formation of the market will be driven. From the power and opportunity of regulatory change to enable structural change, access to capital and the participation of people who happen not to be lawyers; through the need to focus on efficiency, continuous improvement, process and project management; to the enduring value of vision, culture, values, leadership, energy and employee engagement, these studies and conversations inform, reveal and challenge. They do not present the new world through rose-tinted glasses or deny the existence of risk: the story of Slater & Gordons mixed fortunes is testament to that. But they do show a different way of thinking and acting. Whether lawyers like it or not, these are initiatives that buyers of legal services welcome. Stephen Mayson ,strategic advisor to law departments, legal services providers and regulators This is an indispensable handbook for any aspiring legal innovatora well-researched, accessible, and fascinating collection of dispatches from the cutting edge of legal business. Professor Richard Susskind OBE, author of Tomorrows Lawyers Mitch Kowalski shows us what the new professional world actually does look like. He takes us on a tour of Great Britain, Australia, and the United States, and introduces us to lawyers in big firms and small, serving clients both private and public. The picture that emerges is of a new breed of legal service provider that embraces entrepreneurship, teamwork and technology in a way that seems both unfamiliar and obvious to all lawyers. Dr Ian Holloway PC QC, ,Professor and Dean of Law, The University of Calgary This book will either give you hope or a much needed kick in the pants. Either way it's a win-win. Stephen Allen, , legal innovator, Hogan Lovells Mitch Kowalski does it again. Diving deep inside some of the worlds most innovative legal providers Mitch discovers the future of law in the present. A must read for anyone involved in the legal profession. John Chisholm, leading Australian legal commentator and advisor

East Africa and the Horn

Confronting Challenges to Good Governance

Author: Dorina Akosua Oduraa Bekoe

Publisher: Lynne Rienner Pub


Category: Political Science

Page: 164

View: 9472

Both the obstacles to governance and the opportunities for democratization confronted in East Africa?with its geostrategic importance, porous borders, governments heavily dependent on foreign aid, and some of Africa's longest-running conflicts?provide valuable insights into how good governance policies can be implemented effectively throughout the developing world. East Africa and the Horn explores these regional constraints and opportunities, focusing on issues of civil society, the ubiquitous trade in small arms and light weapons, large numbers of refugees, tensions around national identity, and the legacy of U.S. policy.The authors also underscore the need for even peaceful countries in the region to proactively address potentially destabilizing issues in neighboring states.Dorina A. Bekoe is senior associate in the International Peace Academy?s Africa Program, where she works on conflict management and resolution, new institutional norms, and peace accord implementation.Contents: Governance in East Africa: Confronting the Challenges?D.A. Bekoe. Civil Society in Kenya: Overcoming Constraints?J. Klopp. Small Arms and Light Weapons in the Horn: Reducing the Demand?K. Geber-Wold and S. Byrne. Refugees in East Africa: Developing an Integrated Approach?Z. Lomo. National Identity in Ethiopia and Eritrea: Building Multiethnic States?D. Jacquin-Berdal and A. Mengistu. U.S. Policy in the Horn: Grappling with a Difficult Legacy?R. Iyob and E. Keller. Toward Overcoming the Challenges: Policy Recommendations?D.A. Bekoe.

Obstacles to Democratization in Southeast Asia

A Study of the Nation State, Regional and Global Order

Author: Erik Paul

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan


Category: Political Science

Page: 256

View: 650

Paul comprehensively analyzes the meaning of democratization in South East Asia's nation-states and how it relates to the development of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN.) In doing so, he questions the viability of ASEAN and its potential to move towards a common market and community.

Globalization, Police Reform and Development

Doing it the Western Way?

Author: G. Ellison,N. Pino

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137284803

Category: Social Science

Page: 258

View: 4788

This volume presents a unique examination of Western-led police reform efforts by theoretically linking neoliberal globalization, police reform and development. The authors present seven country case studies based on this theoretical and conceptual approach and assess the prospects for successful police reform in a global context.

Police Reform and Human Rights

Opportunities and Impediments in Post-communist Societies

Author: Niels A. Uildriks

Publisher: Intersentia nv

ISBN: 9050954499

Category: Law

Page: 88

View: 7977

Since the demise of communism in the early nineties, police reform and human rights have become important topics in post-communist societies striving for more democratic and human rights based forms of governance. In spite of the introduction of new constitutions, the ratification of human rights treaties in many such countries, as well as the introduction of new criminal law and procedure codes, policing realities overall have proved remarkably intransigent. In this volume diverse experts from different countries discuss both impediments to and opportunities for the development of a more democratic and human rights-oriented police. As such, this volume is of importance to students and academics, as well as practitioners interested in acquiring an insight into the viability of different approaches to improve the quality of democratic and human rights-oriented policing in post-communist societies and beyond.

Cause Lawyering

Political Commitments and Professional Responsibilities

Author: Austin Sarat,Stuart A. Scheingold

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: Law

Page: 560

View: 8163

This book is a cross-national study of lawyers who devote themselves to serving political causes. The essays collected here bring together the work of eighteen scholars, each of whom contributes a valuable portrait of lawyers who sacrifice financial advantage to use their professional skillsto promote their vision of a more just society.

Neoliberal Australia and US Imperialism in East Asia

Author: E. Paul

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137272783

Category: Social Science

Page: 230

View: 4452

A critical analysis of Australia's neoliberal state and role in the American imperial project in Asia. In exposing the causal mechanisms for violence and prospects for more wars it argues for emancipatory alternatives to the existing dominant and anti-democratic neoliberal governmentality.

Democratizing Development

Author: John Clark

Publisher: N.A


Category: Democracy

Page: 259

View: 1535

Decades of official development aid to the Third World have, largely, entrenched privilege and, through the debt crisis, increased impoverishment. The poor have been increasingly marginalized and disregarded. Often in the teeth of intense opposition they have begun to create their own, democratic, organisations - credit unions, co-operatives, legal and medical aid services and so on - whose natural allies are the voluntary organisations of the North (non-governmental organizations - NGOs)