Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging: Inside Out

Author: Thomas L. Szabo

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 012396542X

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 832

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Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging provides a unified description of the physical principles of ultrasound imaging, signal processing, systems and measurements. This comprehensive reference is a core resource for both graduate students and engineers in medical ultrasound research and design. With continuing rapid technological development of ultrasound in medical diagnosis, it is a critical subject for biomedical engineers, clinical and healthcare engineers and practitioners, medical physicists, and related professionals in the fields of signal and image processing. The book contains 17 new and updated chapters covering the fundamentals and latest advances in the area, and includes four appendices, 450 figures (60 available in color on the companion website), and almost 1,500 references. In addition to the continual influx of readers entering the field of ultrasound worldwide who need the broad grounding in the core technologies of ultrasound, this book provides those already working in these areas with clear and comprehensive expositions of these key new topics as well as introductions to state-of-the-art innovations in this field. Enables practicing engineers, students and clinical professionals to understand the essential physics and signal processing techniques behind modern imaging systems as well as introducing the latest developments that will shape medical ultrasound in the future Suitable for both newcomers and experienced readers, the practical, progressively organized applied approach is supported by hands-on MATLAB® code and worked examples that enable readers to understand the principles underlying diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound Covers the new important developments in the use of medical ultrasound: elastography and high-intensity therapeutic ultrasound. Many new developments are comprehensively reviewed and explained, including aberration correction, acoustic measurements, acoustic radiation force imaging, alternate imaging architectures, bioeffects: diagnostic to therapeutic, Fourier transform imaging, multimode imaging, plane wave compounding, research platforms, synthetic aperture, vector Doppler, transient shear wave elastography, ultrafast imaging and Doppler, functional ultrasound and viscoelastic models

Medizinische Bildverarbeitung

Bildanalyse, Mustererkennung und Visualisierung für die computergestützte ärztliche Diagnostik und Therapie

Author: Heinz Handels

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 9783835100770

Category: Mathematics

Page: 432

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Dieses Buch gibt einen systematischen Überblick über moderne Methoden der medizinischen Bildanalyse, Mustererkennung und Visualisierung, die für die Entwicklung und den Einsatz medizinischer Bildverarbeitungssysteme von Bedeutung sind. Es wird eine integrierte Darstellung praxisrelevanter Verfahren der Mustererkennung, Bildverarbeitung und Computergraphik gegeben und ihre Anwendung anhand einer Vielzahl medizinischer Beispiele illustriert.

Tissue Engineering

Author: Jan De Boer,Clemens Van Blitterswijk,Peter Thomsen,Jeffrey Hubbell,Ranieri Cancedda,J.D. de Bruijn,Anders Lindahl,Jerome Sohier,David F. Williams

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780080559193

Category: Science

Page: 760

View: 2127

Tissue Engineering is a comprehensive introduction to the engineering and biological aspects of this critical subject. With contributions from internationally renowned authors, it provides a broad perspective on tissue engineering for students and professionals who are developing their knowledge of this important topic. Key topics covered include stem cells; morphogenesis and cellular signaling; the extracellular matrix; biocompatibility; scaffold design and fabrication; controlled release strategies; bioreactors; tissue engineering of skin, cartilage, bone and organ systems; and ethical issues. Covers all the essentials from tissue homeostasis and biocompatibility to cardiovascular engineering and regulations 22 chapters from internationally recognized authors, provide a comprehensive introduction for engineers and life scientists, including biomedical engineers, chemical and process engineers, materials scientists, biologists and medical students Full colour throughout, with clear development of understanding through frequent examples, experimental approaches and the latest research and developments

Diagnostic Ultrasound

Imaging and Blood Flow Measurements, Second Edition

Author: K. Kirk Shung

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1466582650

Category: Medical

Page: 291

View: 7244

Offers an Extensive Discussion on High Frequency Ultrasound Based on a course taught and developed by a foremost expert in diagnostic ultrasound technology, Diagnostic Ultrasound: Imaging and Blood Flow Measurements, Second Edition covers cutting-edge developments, along with the fundamental physics, instrumentation, system architecture, clinical applications, and biological effects of ultrasound. This text addresses the technical side of diagnostic ultrasound and begins with an overview of the field of ultrasonic imaging and its role in diagnostic medicine relative to other imaging modalities. The author describes the fundamental physics involved in ultrasonic transducers, as well as in conventional imaging approaches and Doppler measurements, including contrast imaging and 4D imaging. He reviews the current status and standards on ultrasound bioeffect and discusses methods that have been used to measure ultrasonic properties of tissues. He also provides a list of relevant references and further reading materials at the end of each chapter. New in the Second Edition: Details the latest advances in ultrasound technology related to biomedical applications, including elastrography, portable scanners, ultrasound molecular imaging, preclinical high frequency imaging, 2D array, and 4D imaging techniques Updates and expands each chapter Adds a new chapter on new developments such as elastography and miniature scanners Includes new case studies and examples throughout the book Diagnostic Ultrasound: Imaging and Blood Flow Measurements, Second Edition covers recent advances in ultrasound technology related to biomedical applications. Intended for senior- to graduate-level coursework in ultrasonic imaging, this text also serves practicing physicists, engineers, clinicians, and sonographers.

Fundamentals of Medical Imaging

Author: Paul Suetens

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1108211208

Category: Medical

Page: N.A

View: 915

This third edition provides a concise and generously illustrated survey of the complete field of medical imaging and image computing, explaining the mathematical and physical principles and giving the reader a clear understanding of how images are obtained and interpreted. Medical imaging and image computing are rapidly evolving fields, and this edition has been updated with the latest developments in the field, as well as new images and animations. An introductory chapter on digital image processing is followed by chapters on the imaging modalities: radiography, CT, MRI, nuclear medicine and ultrasound. Each chapter covers the basic physics and interaction with tissue, the image reconstruction process, image quality aspects, modern equipment, clinical applications, and biological effects and safety issues. Subsequent chapters review image computing and visualization for diagnosis and treatment. Engineers, physicists and clinicians at all levels will find this new edition an invaluable aid in understanding the principles of imaging and their clinical applications.

Health Technology Assessment

Author: Daniel Widrig

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3662464322

Category: Law

Page: 476

View: 3922

Das Buch befasst sich mit den weltweit laufenden Bemühungen, Health Technology Assessment (HTA) im Gesundheitswesen zu etablieren. Der Autor stellt die historische Entwicklung von HTA dar und präsentiert eine sorgfältige Definition des Begriffes. Dazu gehört eine kritische Auseinandersetzung mit den Grundprinzipien von HTA sowie der damit verknüpften rechtlichen Aspekte. Neben Aufbau und Unterarten von HTAs wird zudem ein Lösungsansatz vorgestellt, um HTA-Arten klar voneinander abzugrenzen. Ein Grossteil der Arbeit umfasst eine zugängliche Einführung in die an HTA beteiligten Disziplinen. Zudem werden ausgewählte nationale und internationale HTA-Agenturen porträtiert. Überlegungen zur „Best-Practice“ und ein dreistufiger Lösungsansatz zur Implementation von HTA runden das Werk ab. Es ist das erste Werk, dass sich in so ganzheitlicher Weise mit der Thematik auseinandersetzt.

Mobile Point-of-Care Monitors and Diagnostic Device Design

Author: Walter Karlen

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1466589299

Category: Medical

Page: 186

View: 5816

Efficient mobile systems that allow for vital sign monitoring and disease diagnosis at the point of care can help combat issues such as rising healthcare costs, treatment delays in remote and resource-poor areas, and the global shortage of skilled medical personnel. Covering everything from sensors, systems, and software to integration, usability, and regulatory challenges, Mobile Point-of-Care Monitors and Diagnostic Device Design offers valuable insight into state-of-the-art technologies, research, and methods for designing personal diagnostic and ambulatory healthcare devices. Presenting the combined expertise of contributors from various fields, this multidisciplinary text: Gives an overview of the latest mobile health and point-of-care technologies Discusses portable diagnostics devices and sensors, including mobile-phone-based health systems Explores lab-on-chip systems as well as energy-efficient solutions for mobile point-of-care monitors Addresses computer vision and signal processing for real-time diagnostics Considers interface design for lay healthcare providers and home users Mobile Point-of-Care Monitors and Diagnostic Device Design provides important background information about the design process of mobile health and point-of-care devices, using practical examples to illustrate key aspects related to instrumentation, information processing, and implementation.


Author: Karl Jähn,Eckhard Nagel

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783642639319

Category: Medical

Page: 357

View: 695

Elektronische Patientenakte, papierloser Befundtransfer, Online-Apotheke und Cyber-Operation – die Informationstechnologien, besonders das Internet, revolutionieren das Gesundheitswesen und bieten möglicherweise die Lösung für die Kostenprobleme in der Gesundheitsversorgung. Fundiert für medizinische Profis und leicht verständlich für medizinische Laien zeigt das Buch, was heute schon machbar und morgen möglich ist. Alle Trends und Entwicklungen, Chancen und Risiken im kompakten, interdisziplinären Überblick, mit anschaulichen Fallbeispielen, die konkrete Praxis-Perspektiven im e-Health aufzeigen.

3D-Sonografie in der pränatalen Diagnostik

Ein praktischer Leitfaden

Author: Rabih Chaoui,Kai-Sven Heling

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 3110471531

Category: Medical

Page: 293

View: 5806

Die 3D-Ultraschalldiagnostik hat in den letzten Jahren die pränatale Betreuung erobert. Zunächst bekannt durch das „Baby-Facing", besitzt die 3D-Sonografie inzwischen ein viel größeres Potential in der Darstellung der verschiedenen Organe unter normalen und pathologischen Bedingungen. Dieses Werk erläutert die vielen 3D-Funktionen und liefert Hilfestellung zur gezielten vorgeburtlichen Diagnostik mittels 3D-Sonografie.

Untersuchungen über die radioaktiven Substanzen

Author: Marie Curie

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3845722223

Category: Science

Page: 144

View: 9607

Marie Sklodowska Curie, Trägerin des Nobelpreises für Physik und für Chemie, untersuchte die von Henri Becquerel beobachtete Strahlung von Uranverbindungen. Gemeinsam mit ihrem Mann Pierre entdeckte sie das Radium und das Polonium und prägte den Begriff „radioaktiv“. Ihre Forschungsergebnisse fasste sie in ihrer hier vorliegenden Dissertation zusammen, die innerhalb eines Jahres in fünf Sprachen übersetzt wurde. Sorgfältig bearbeiteter Nachdruck der deutschsprachigen Ausgabe aus dem Jahr 1904.

Library Journal

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Libraries

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Includes, beginning Sept. 15, 1954 (and on the 15th of each month, Sept.-May) a special section: School library journal, ISSN 0000-0035, (called Junior libraries, 1954-May 1961). Also issued separately.