Dogs of Character

Author: Cecil Aldin

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486497003

Category: Pets

Page: 116

View: 3694

This chronicle of the lives of Micky and Cracker, an Irish wolfhound and a bull terrier, provides a practical course for would-be dog owners and trainers, with tips on training, curing bad habits, feeding, and much more. In addition to solid advice, this classic abounds in charming stories and enchanting illustrations by a true dog lover.

Breeding Dogs For Dummies

Author: Richard G. Beauchamp

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118068632

Category: Pets

Page: 336

View: 5008

So what’s the big deal about breeding purebreds? You put two compatible dogs alone together in a room, lower the lights, put a Barry White CD on the stereo and voila, two months later you’ve got yourself a litter of purebreds—and the rest is gravy, right? Not quite. Simply breeding dogs takes considerable space, time, and capital. Consistently breeding mentally and physically sound purebreds, on the other hand, is a labor of love that involves all of the above and a whole lot more. If you really love dogs then you need to consult with an expert on the many responsibilities, rules, and regulations dog breeding entails before you take the leap. And that’s where Breeding Dogs For Dummies comes in. Written by Rick Beauchamp, professional breeder, exhibitor, and author of numerous books on the care and feeding of purebred dogs, Breeding Dogs For Dummies fills you in on every facet of the business. Packed with priceless insider tips and expert advice and guidance, it tells you what you need to know to: Decide whether dog breeding is really for you Choose the right breed for you Create the best possible breeding environment for your dogs Establish a breeding program Find the right breeding stock Comply with all government and AKC regulations Care for and socialize your pups Find the right owners for your dogs Explore what it takes to start a breeding program that will ensure your dogs’ health and enhance their lineage for fun and profit. Topics covered in detail include: Selecting breeding stock and keeping track of breed types Understanding purebred genetics and genotype characteristics Finding and selecting the right stud dog and brood bitch Prenatal care, whelping, and raising puppies Running a successful dog breeding business—including tips on budgeting, taxes, registration, charting, planning litters, transactions, sales contracts, and more Breeding puppies involves many responsibilities, but it can also be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences of your life. Make sure that it is—order a copy of Breeding Dogs For Dummies today.

Miracle Dogs of Portugal

Author: Tracy Aiello


ISBN: 1456603612

Category: History

Page: 51

View: 4721

Miracle Dogs of Portugal leads children on a voyage of discovery to 15th century Portugal, with the almost-true story of Henry the Navigator. When Henry was just a boy he summoned his own courage to take a surprising journey where he meets a delightful cast of characters - Milagro the Miracle Dog, Diego the fisherman, a cadre of sea creatures - and discovers his own dream. This almost-true story of historical figure Henry the Navigator and the history of the Portuguese Water Dog is the first in a historical fiction series for children that explains the periods and characters of world history using dogs as the ambassador to learning. The Miracle Dog series is appropriate for ages 5-10. Though the stories are fiction, the historical accuracy and context is designed to give children both the framework and the motivation to seek out more information about the character and the period in which the story is set, while inspiring them to make miracles in their own lives.

Ich gehöre zu dir

Bailey - Ein Freund fürs Leben - Buch zum Film - Roman

Author: W. Bruce Cameron

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 3641065178

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 7157

Bailey ist clever, faul und ziemlich frech. Am Ende eines tristen Lebens als Straßenköter fragt er sich, wozu er überhaupt auf der Welt war, und ist verblüfft, plötzlich als wunderschöner Rassehund wiedergeboren zu werden. Der achtjährige Ethan nimmt ihn bei sich auf, und Bailey lernt, was es heißt, einen echten Freund zu haben. Aber seine Reise ist noch nicht beendet, er muss weiterziehen und noch viel lernen. Als er Ethan nach vielen Jahren wiedersieht, ergibt alles plötzlich einen Sinn ...

Das Gesetz des Sterbens


Author: Ian Rankin

Publisher: Manhattan

ISBN: 3641183073

Category: Fiction

Page: 480

View: 609

In seinem 20. Fall ermittelt John Rebus gemeinsam mit Siobhan Clarke und Malcolm Fox. Detective Inspector Siobhan Clarke untersucht den Tod eines Edinburgher Anwalts, der von einem Einbrecher in seiner Wohnung getötet wurde. Doch der Fall wird rätselhaft, als man eine anonyme Botschaft an den Anwalt findet: "Ich bringe dich um für das, was du getan hast." Dieselbe Botschaft hat auch Edinburghs Unterweltgröße Big Ger Cafferty erhalten, kurz bevor auf ihn geschossen wird. Cafferty bleibt unverletzt, schweigt aber über mögliche Feinde. Schließlich bittet Clarke den kürzlich in den Ruhestand versetzten John Rebus um Hilfe. Er ist der Einzige, mit dem Cafferty zu sprechen bereit ist. Steckt hinter den Taten ein Verbrecherclan aus Glasgow? Dem geht DI Malcolm Fox nach, während Rebus eine andere Spur verfolgt. Die führt ihn in Edinburghs Vergangenheit, zu einem Haus, in dem Schreckliches geschehen ist ...

Leashing the Dogs of War

Conflict Management in a Divided World

Author: Chester A Crocker

Publisher: US Institute of Peace Press

ISBN: 9781929223978

Category: Law

Page: 726

View: 5293

The definitive volume on the sources of contemporary conflict and the array of possible responses to it.

Hairless Dogs - A Complete Anthology of the Breeds

Author: Various Authors

Publisher: Read Books Ltd

ISBN: 1447483391

Category: Nature

Page: 24

View: 3293

Hairless Dogs - A Complete Anthology of the Dog gathers together all the best early writing on the breeds from our library of scarce, out-of-print antiquarian books and documents and reprints it in a quality, modern edition. This anthology includes chapters taken from a comprehensive range of books, many of them now rare and much sought-after works, all of them written by renowned breed experts of their day. These books are treasure troves of information about the breeds - The physical points, temperaments, and special abilities are given; celebrated dogs are discussed and pictured; and the history of each breed and pedigrees of famous champions are also provided. The contents were well illustrated with numerous photographs of leading and famous dogs of that era and these are all reproduced to the highest quality. Books used include: My Dog And I by H. W. Huntington (1897), Dogs Of The World by Arthur Craven (1931), Hutchinson's Dog Encyclopaedia by Walter Hutchinson (1935) and many others.

Canines of Character

Author: Alex Bogdanovski

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780646982892


Page: 504

View: 9210

From the waggiest of tails to the slobberiest of kisses, dogs make our lives so much more interesting and fun. There is nothing quite like the reaction a dog gives you when you arrive home from a long day at work, or the wonderful feeling of exploring your neighbourhood with your four-legged friend by your side. Through the good times, and the bad, your furry best friend is always there for you.The Canines of Character project was founded to photograph and celebrate dogs of all shapes and sizes. Just like how no two people are the same, dogs all have their own little quirks and personalities. A combination of witty monologues and beautiful photography is what brings the whole project together.A portion of book sales is donated to the Sydney rescue group, Rescue Hub, who save the lives of dogs on death row.

Lessons in Elocution

Or, Miscellaneous Pieces in Prose and Verse, Selected from the Best Authors, for the Perusal of Persons of Taste, and the Improvement of Youth in Reading and Speaking

Author: William Scott,William Scott (teacher of elocution, Edinburgh.)

Publisher: N.A


Category: Recitations

Page: 442

View: 3095



Dossier über einen gefährlichen Hund

Author: Vicki Hearne

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783929545180


Page: 320

View: 3602


Painting Dog Portraits in Acrylics

Creating Paintings with Character and Life

Author: Dave White

Publisher: Search Press(UK)

ISBN: 9781782216179

Category: Art

Page: 144

View: 8184

A detailed guide to painting realistic dog portraits in acrylics. This book by best-selling author and animal portrait artist Dave White is the definitive guide to painting portraits of dogs in acrylics. His passion for animals is evident throughout the book, offering basic advice for beginners and explaining more advanced techniques suitable for experienced artists who wish to capture the spirit and character of dogs in their portraits. The book begins with detailed guidance on composition, deciding on the size of your painting, the background colour, and so on. There is also advice on using reference material, comparing painting from life with painting from photographs, and a detailed section on essential techniques. Here you will learn about creating an outline, underpainting, how to paint realistic hair and whiskers, how to get shine on a nose and a glint in an eye, and whether to show ears up or down or the tongues in or out. This section will be followed by three step-by-step projects, including a short-haired dog, a long-haired dog and a group portrait, and the book ends with a short section providing practical advice on setting up and running your own pet portrait business.

Dogs of Meadowbrook

Author: William Schwenn

Publisher: Publishamerica Incorporated

ISBN: 9781606723661

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 226

View: 783

The place is Meadowbrook, a five-acre former cornfield surrounded by thirty-six acres of hardwoods, bordered by two creeks, in north-central North Carolina. The period is 1987-2001. The characters are a pack of as many as seven dogs who share life intimately with a working couple, whose lives are molded and ultimately forever changed by that relationship. The playfulness, inventiveness, loyalty, and courage of these dogs capture the hearts of their human partners, and embody the spirit of their home place. Dogs of Meadowbrook is a story of how human and dog lives thoroughly intertwine as they share humor, tragedy, adventures, and love. It is a bedside companion for readers of any age. Readers are immersed in the company of a unique mix of dogs of unimaginable depth of character, and come away with a renewed sense of purpose, joy, and hope in everyday life.