Security and Privacy in Internet of Things (IoTs)

Models, Algorithms, and Implementations

Author: Fei Hu

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1498723195

Category: Computers

Page: 604

View: 4349

The Internet of Things (IoT) has attracted strong interest from both academia and industry. Unfortunately, it has also attracted the attention of hackers. Security and Privacy in Internet of Things (IoTs): Models, Algorithms, and Implementations brings together some of the top IoT security experts from around the world who contribute their knowledg

Hybrid Systems, Optimal Control and Hybrid Vehicles

Theory, Methods and Applications

Author: Thomas J. Böhme,Benjamin Frank

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319513176

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 530

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This book assembles new methods showing the automotive engineer for the first time how hybrid vehicle configurations can be modeled as systems with discrete and continuous controls. These hybrid systems describe naturally and compactly the networks of embedded systems which use elements such as integrators, hysteresis, state-machines and logical rules to describe the evolution of continuous and discrete dynamics and arise inevitably when modeling hybrid electric vehicles. They can throw light on systems which may otherwise be too complex or recondite. Hybrid Systems, Optimal Control and Hybrid Vehicles shows the reader how to formulate and solve control problems which satisfy multiple objectives which may be arbitrary and complex with contradictory influences on fuel consumption, emissions and drivability. The text introduces industrial engineers, postgraduates and researchers to the theory of hybrid optimal control problems. A series of novel algorithmic developments provides tools for solving engineering problems of growing complexity in the field of hybrid vehicles. Important topics of real relevance rarely found in text books and research publications—switching costs, sensitivity of discrete decisions and there impact on fuel savings, etc.—are discussed and supported with practical applications. These demonstrate the contribution of optimal hybrid control in predictive energy management, advanced powertrain calibration, and the optimization of vehicle configuration with respect to fuel economy, lowest emissions and smoothest drivability. Numerical issues such as computing resources, simplifications and stability are treated to enable readers to assess such complex systems. To help industrial engineers and managers with project decision-making, solutions for many important problems in hybrid vehicle control are provided in terms of requirements, benefits and risks.

Fast Solar Sailing

Astrodynamics of Special Sailcraft Trajectories

Author: Giovanni Vulpetti

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400747772

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 410

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The range of solar sailing is very vast; it is a fully in-space means of propulsion that should allow us to accomplish various mission classes that are literally impossible using rocket propulsion, no matter if nuclear or electric. Fast and very fast solar sailings are special classes of sailcraft missions, initially developed only in the first half of the 1990s and still evolving, especially after the latest advances in nanotechnology. This book describes how to plan, compute and optimize the trajectories of sailcraft with speeds considerably higher than 100 km/s; such sailcraft would be able to explore the outer heliosphere, the near interstellar medium and the solar gravitational lens (550-800 astronomical units) in times significantly shorter than the span of an average career (~ 35 years), just to cite a few examples. The scientific interest in this type of exploration is huge.


Author: Rudolf Brockhaus,Wolfgang Alles,Robert Luckner

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 9783642014437

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 931

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Das Buch liefert die Grundlagen für den Vorentwurf von Flugregelungssystemen. Der systematische Aufbau führt Leser von einfachen Strukturen für Dämpfer, Autostabilisatoren und Lageregler hin zu komplexen Gesamtsystemen (Automatic Flight Control System).

Control Applications of Nonlinear Programming and Optimization 1989

Author: H.B. Siguerdidjane,P. Bernhard

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 1483298140

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 134

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These Proceedings provide valuable information on the exchange of ideas between scientists who apply nonlinear programming and optimization to real world control problems and those who develop new methods, algorithms and software. The papers deal with windshear problems, optimization of aircraft and spacecraft trajectories, optimal control for robots, the optimization of urban traffic control, general mechanical systems, multilevel inventory systems and robust control.

Constrained Control of Uncertain, Time-Varying, Discrete-Time Systems

An Interpolation-Based Approach

Author: Hoai-Nam Nguyen

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319028278

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 196

View: 5853

A comprehensive development of interpolating control, this monograph demonstrates the reduced computational complexity of a ground-breaking technique compared with the established model predictive control. The text deals with the regulation problem for linear, time-invariant, discrete-time uncertain dynamical systems having polyhedral state and control constraints, with and without disturbances, and under state or output feedback. For output feedback a non-minimal state-space representation is used with old inputs and outputs as state variables. Constrained Control of Uncertain, Time-Varying, Discrete-time Systems details interpolating control in both its implicit and explicit forms. In the former at most two linear-programming or one quadratic-programming problem are solved on-line at each sampling instant to yield the value of the control variable. In the latter the control law is shown to be piecewise affine in the state, and so the state space is partitioned into polyhedral cells so that at each sampling interval the cell to which the measured state belongs must be determined. Interpolation is performed between vertex control, and a user-chosen control law in its maximal admissible set surrounding the origin. Novel proofs of recursive feasibility and asymptotic stability of the vertex control law, and of the interpolating control law are given. Algorithms for implicit and explicit interpolating control are presented in such a way that the reader may easily realize them. Each chapter includes illustrative examples, and comparisons with model predictive control in which the disparity in computational complexity is shown to be particularly in favour of interpolating control for high-order systems, and systems with uncertainty. Furthermore, the performance of the two methods proves similar except in those cases when a solution cannot be found with model predictive control at all. The book concludes with two high dimensional examples and a benchmark robust model predictive control problem: the non-isothermal continuously-stirred-tank reactor. For academic control researchers and students or for control engineers interested in implementing constrained control systems Constrained Control of Uncertain, Time-Varying, Discrete-time Systems will provide an attractive low-complexity control alternative for cases in which model predictive control is currently attempted.

Markov Decision Processes in Artificial Intelligence

Author: Olivier Sigaud,Olivier Buffet

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118620100

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 480

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Markov Decision Processes (MDPs) are a mathematical framework for modeling sequential decision problems under uncertainty as well as Reinforcement Learning problems. Written by experts in the field, this book provides a global view of current research using MDPs in Artificial Intelligence. It starts with an introductory presentation of the fundamental aspects of MDPs (planning in MDPs, Reinforcement Learning, Partially Observable MDPs, Markov games and the use of non-classical criteria). Then it presents more advanced research trends in the domain and gives some concrete examples using illustrative applications.

Stochastic Models, Estimation, and Control

Author: Peter S. Maybeck

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 9780080960036

Category: Mathematics

Page: 291

View: 7586

This volume builds upon the foundations set in Volumes 1 and 2. Chapter 13 introduces the basic concepts of stochastic control and dynamic programming as the fundamental means of synthesizing optimal stochastic control laws.

August 1696 - April 1697

Author: Gerda Utermöhlen,Sabine Sellschop

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 305008975X

Category: Philosophy

Page: 897

View: 1935

Leibniz, der nun fünfzig Jahre alt geworden ist und ein Tagebuch zu führen beginnt, liefert uns in einigen großen Briefen und Denkschriften Darstellungen seiner wissenschaftlichen und kulturfördernden Arbeiten und Überlegungen. Der Aufenthalt van Helmonts in Hannover führt zu philosophischen Briefgesprächen mit der Kurfürstin Sophie und ihrer Nichte Elisabeth Charlotte von Orléans. Die Binär-Mathematik in ihrer Ausdeutungsmöglichkeit als Analogie zum christlichen Schöpfungsglauben beschäftigt Leibniz in seinem Neujahrsbrief an den Herzog Rudolf August und seinem letzten Brief an den China-Missionar Grimaldi. Historisch-politische und juristische Ausarbeitungen nehmen in der Vorphase des europäischen Friedensschlusses vor allem zur Sicherung der hannoverschen Anwartschaft auf den englischen Thron und zur Anerkennung der Neunten Kur Stellung. Von Wien aus erkundet der Nachfolger des Bischofs von Wiener Neustadt Möglichkeiten, die Reunionsverhandlungen wieder aufzunehmen. Unvermindert intensiv bleiben die historischen Forschungen und die Vorbereitung von Quellenpublikationen. Für sprachgeschichtliche Studien findet er in dem Schweden Sparwenfeld einen Gesprächspartner, der ihm von seiner Reise durch Europa und Nordafrika auf den Spuren der Goten berichtet.