JSL Vol 22-N4


Publisher: R&L Education

ISBN: 1475811969

Category: Education

Page: 115

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The Journal of School Leadership is broadening the conversation about schools and leadership and is currently accepting manuscripts. We welcome manuscripts based on cutting-edge research from a wide variety of theoretical perspectives and methodological orientations. The editorial team is particularly interested in working with international authors, authors from traditionally marginalized populations, and in work that is relevant to practitioners around the world. Growing numbers of educators and professors look to the six bimonthly issues to: deal with problems directly related to contemporary school leadership practice teach courses on school leadership and policy use as a quality reference in writing articles about school leadership and improvement.

Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management

A Manual for Economic Appraisal

Author: Edmund Penning-Rowsell,Sally Priest,Dennis Parker,Joe Morris,Sylvia Tunstall,Christophe Viavattene,John Chatterton,Damon Owen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135074534

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 448

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A new ‘Multi-Coloured Manual' This book is a successor to and replacement for the highly respected manual and handbook on the benefits of flood and coastal risk management, produced by the Flood Hazard Research Centre at Middlesex University, UK, with support from Defra and the Environment Agency. It builds upon a previous book known as the "multi-coloured manual" (2005), which itself was a synthesis of the blue (1977), red (1987) and yellow manuals (1992). As such it expands and updates this work, to provide a manual of assessment techniques of flood risk management benefits, indirect benefits, and coastal erosion risk management benefits. It has three key aims. First it provides methods and data which can be used for the practical assessment of schemes and policies. Secondly it describes new research to update the data and improve techniques. Thirdly it explains the limitations and complications of Benefit-Cost Analysis, to guide decision-making on investment in river and coastal risk management schemes.

Security, Strategy and Military Change in the 21st Century

Cross-Regional Perspectives

Author: Jo Inge Bekkevold,Ian Bowers,Michael Raska

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317565339

Category: History

Page: 298

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This edited volume explores and analyses strategic thinking, military reform and adaptation in an era of Asian growth, European austerity and US rebalancing. A significant shift in policy, strategy and military affairs is underway in both Asia and Europe, with the former gaining increasing prominence in the domain of global security. At the same time, the world’s powers are now faced with an array of diverse challenges. The resurgence of great power politics in both Europe and Asia, along with the long term threats of terrorism, piracy and sustained geopolitical instability has placed great strain on militaries and security institutions operating with constrained budgets and wary public support. The volume covers a wide range of case studies, including the transformation of China’s military in the 21st century, the internal and external challenges facing India, Russia’s military modernization program and the USA’s reassessment of its strategic interests. In doing so, the book provides the reader with the opportunity to conceptualize how strategic thinking, military reform, operational adaptation and technological integration have interacted with the challenges outlined above. With contributions by leading scholars and practitioners from Europe and Asia, this book provides a valuable contribution to the understanding of strategic and operational thinking and adjustment across the world. This book will be of much interest to students of military and strategic studies, security studies, defence studies, Asian politics, Russian politics, US foreign policy and IR in general.

Clean Air

Author: National Society for Clean Air and Environmental Protection (Great Britain)

Publisher: N.A


Category: Air

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ICTR 2018 International Conference on Tourism Research

Author: Dr Minna Tunkkari-Eskelinen, JAMK University of Applied Science Jyväskylä, Finland,Dr Anne Törn-Laapio , JAMK University of Applied Science Jyväskylä, Finland

Publisher: Academic Conferences and publishing limited

ISBN: 191121876X


Page: N.A

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These proceedings represent the work of researchers participating in the International Conference on Tourism Research (ICTR 2018) which is being hosted by JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Jyväskylä, Finland on 23-24 March 2018.

Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood

Author: David Rudlin,Nicholas Falk

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136434895

Category: Architecture

Page: 288

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This successful title, previously known as 'Building the 21st Century Home' and now in its second edition, explores and explains the trends and issues that underlie the renaissance of UK towns and cities and describes the sustainable urban neighbourhood as a model for rebuilding urban areas. The book reviews the way that planning policies, architectural trends and economic forces have undermined the viability of urban areas in Britain since the Industrial Revolution. Now that much post-war planning philosophy is being discredited we are left with few urban models other than garden city inspired suburbia. Are these appropriate in the 21st century given environmental concerns, demographic change, social and economic pressures? The authors suggest that these trends point to a very different urban future. The authors argue that we must reform our towns and cities so that they become attractive, humane places where people will choose to live. The Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood is a model for such reform and the book describes what this would look like and how it might be brought about.

Fowler's Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine Current Therapy, Volume 7 - E-Book

Author: R. Eric Miller,Murray E. Fowler

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 1437719856

Category: Medical

Page: 688

View: 9658

With coverage of current issues and emerging trends, Fowler's Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine, Volume 7 provides a comprehensive, all-new reference for the management of zoo and wildlife diseases. A Current Therapy format emphasizes the latest advances in the field, including nutrition, diagnosis, and treatment protocols. Cutting-edge coverage includes topics such as the "One Medicine" concept, laparoscopic surgery in elephants and rhinoceros, amphibian viral diseases, and advanced water quality evaluation for zoos. Editors R. Eric Miller and Murray E. Fowler promote a philosophy of animal conservation, bridging the gap between captive and free-ranging wild animal medicine with chapters contributed by more than 100 international experts. The Current Therapy format focuses on emerging trends, treatment protocols, and diagnostic updates new to the field, providing timely information on the latest advances in zoo and wild animal medicine. Content ranges from drug treatment, nutrition, husbandry, surgery, and imaging to behavioral training. Coverage of species ranges from giraffes, elephants, lions, and orangutans to sea turtles, hellbenders, bats, kakapos, and more. An extensive list of contributors includes recognized authors from around the world, offering expert information with chapters focusing on the latest research and clinical management of captive and free-ranging wild animals. A philosophy of animal conservation helps zoo and wildlife veterinarians fulfill not only the technical aspects of veterinary medicine, but contribute to the overall biological teams needed to rescue many threatened and endangered species from extinction. All content is new, with coverage including coverage of cutting-edge issues such as white-nose disease in bats, updates on Ebola virus in wild great apes, and chytrid fungus in amphibians. Full-color photographs depict external clinical signs for more accurate clinical recognition. Discussions of the "One Medicine" concept include chapters addressing the interface between wildlife, livestock, human, and ecosystem health. New sections cover Edentates, Marsupials, Carnivores, Perrissodactyla, and Camelids. Over 100 new tables provide a quick reference to a wide range of topics. An emphasis on conserving threatened and endangered species globally involves 102 expert authors representing 12 different countries.

Environmental Marketing Management

Meeting the Green Challenge

Author: Ken Peattie

Publisher: Financial Times Management


Category: Business enterprises

Page: 309

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This text provides a study of how environmental concerns affect the principles and practice of marketing and how the marketing function is affected by environmental concerns. It examines how aspects of marketing can be applied to developing and implementing greener strategies.

Addressing the environmental impacts of government procurement


Author: National Audit Office

Publisher: The Stationery Office

ISBN: 9780102954753

Category: Political Science

Page: 37

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In 2005 the government set a target to be recognised by 2009 as one of the leaders in the EU in sustainable procurement, and this report finds that government has strengthened its drive to purchase more environmentally sustainable goods and services. The NAO reviewed actions taken by the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) and five of the largest spending departments and finds that some have introduced initiatives which are reducing environmental impact and in some cases also saving money. Government has yet to set quantifiable targets for departments, who instead assess their progress in embedding sustainable procurement practices against the "Flexible Framework" model. According to their self-assessments for 2007-08, 8 out of 22 departments reported that they are only at level one of the Framework (out of five) indicating that they have laid only the foundations of good practice. Of the departments that the NAO examined, only the NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency (NHS PASA) reported that it is practising sustainable procurement across its business, although the DWP is close to achieving the same level. The government has also set itself mandatory minimum environmental standards for the procurement of goods - "Quick Wins". In 2007-08, 15 out of 21 departments reported that they were compliant with these standards, although six of these 15 did not have systems to measure their compliance. Methods of assessing environmental costs and benefits are complex and hence expensive, and are not being used frequently by departments. The Office of Government Commerce needs to clarify how these evaluation methods should be used.

Exergy for A Better Environment and Improved Sustainability 2


Author: Fethi Aloui,Ibrahim Dincer

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319625756

Category: Science

Page: 1203

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This multi-disciplinary book presents the most recent advances in exergy, energy, and environmental issues. Volume 2 focuses on applications and covers current problems, future needs, and prospects in the area of energy and environment from researchers worldwide. Based on selected lectures from the Seventh International Exergy, Energy and Environmental Symposium (IEEES7-2015) and complemented by further invited contributions, this comprehensive set of contributions promote the exchange of new ideas and techniques in energy conversion and conservation in order to exchange best practices in "energetic efficiency". Applications are included that apply to the green transportation and sustainable mobility sectors, especially regarding the development of sustainable technologies for thermal comforts and green transportation vehicles. Furthermore, contributions on renewable and sustainable energy sources, strategies for energy production, and the carbon-free society constitute an important part of this book. Exergy for Better Environment and Sustainablity, Volume 2 will appeal to researchers, students, and professionals within engineering and the renewable energy fields.

Sustainable Development

Policy and Practice

Author: Ron Moore,Jan Ryan

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9788122408164

Category: Environmental policy

Page: 242

View: 4071

Contains papers presented at the Second International Conference on Development and Future Studies, hosted jointly by Edith Cowan University and University of Western Australia in Perth, Western Australia, in Dec. 1993.

Corporate environmental management 2

culture and organisations

Author: Richard Welford

Publisher: Earthscan / James & James

ISBN: 9781853834172

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 192

View: 5980

This book addresses the fundamental role of a company's culture and organization in determining its environmental performance. Part 1 provides an introduction to organization theory and organizational behaviour. Part 2 demonstrates the linkage between environmental problems and organizational issues. Problems, challenges, contradictions and complexities are tackled in Part Three, which looks at pragmatic and practical approaches and examines ways in which proactive cultures can be introduced into business.

Living in the Environment

An Introduction to Environmental Science

Author: George Tyler Miller

Publisher: N.A


Category: Environmental policy

Page: 460

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The Evolving Sphere of Food Security

Author: Rosamond L. Naylor

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199398542

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 416

View: 8522

Hundreds of millions of people still suffer from chronic hunger and food insecurity despite sufficient levels of global food production. The poor's inability to afford adequate diets remains the biggest constraint to solving hunger, but the dynamics of global food insecurity are complex and demand analysis that extends beyond the traditional domains of economics and agriculture. How do the policies used to promote food security in one country affect nutrition, food access, natural resources, and national security in other countries? How do the priorities and challenges of achieving food security change over time as countries develop economically? The Evolving Sphere of Food Security seeks to answer these two important questions and others by exploring the interconnections of food security to security of many kinds: energy, water, health, climate, the environment, and national security. Through personal stories of research in the field and policy advising at local and global scales, a multidisciplinary group of scholars provide readers with a real-world sense of the opportunities and challenges involved in alleviating food insecurity. In sub-Saharan Africa, for example, management of HIV/AIDS, the establishment of an equitable system of land property rights, and investment in solar-powered irrigation play an important role in improving food security---particularly in the face of global climate change. Meanwhile, food price spikes associated with the United States' biofuels policy continue to have spillover effects on the world's rural poor with implications for stability and national security. The Evolving Sphere of Food Security traces four key areas of the food security field: 1) the political economy of food and agriculture; 2) challenges for the poorest billion; 3) agriculture's dependence on resources and the environment; and 4) food in a national and international security context. This book connects these areas in a way that tells an integrated story about human lives, resource use, and the policy process.

Laudato si

Die Umwelt-Enzyklika des Papstes

Author: Franziskus (Papst),

Publisher: Verlag Herder GmbH

ISBN: 345180736X

Category: Religion

Page: 288

View: 1842

Mit großer Spannung wurde sie erwartet, auch von Nicht-Katholiken: Die Umwelt-Enzyklika von Papst Franziskus nimmt die heute entscheidenden Themen in den Blick; es geht um die geht um soziale, ökologische und politische Zusammenhänge. Wohl selten war ein päpstliches Schreiben so aktuell und brisant und vor allem relevant für alle Gesellschaftsschichten und Menschen weltweit. Mit "Laudato si" beweist Franziskus, dass die Kirche nach wie vor eine unverzichtbare Stimme im Diskurs zur Gestaltung der modernen Welt ist. Wer verstehen will, wie Papst und Kirche die großen Herausforderungen unserer Zeit bestehen wollen, kommt an diesem Werk nicht vorbei. Ein Muss für jeden, der an den drängenden Fragen unserer Zeit interessiert ist.

Accroissements de la Bibliothèque centrale (Fonds Quetelet)

Author: Bibliothèque centrale (Fonds Quetelet),Christian Thuderoz,Vincent Mangematin

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9782910749057

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 322

View: 3864

Qu'est-ce que la confiance ? Fait-on seulement confiance par intérêt, comme le suggèrent certains économistes, ou la confiance est-elle au cœur des relations sociales comme l'affirment plutôt les sociologues ? Au sein de l'entreprise, à quelles conditions et dans quel cadre est-elle un " lubrifiant " des relations sociales ? Est-elle essentiellement interpersonnelle ou peut-on avoir confiance dans des dispositifs: ne dit-on pas, par exemple, " avoir confiance dans une monnaie "? Dans les relations entre les entreprises, quel rôle la confiance joue-t-elle? Des entreprises concurrentes peuvent-elles entretenir des relations de confiance ? La confiance peut-elle être incorporée dans les instruments de gestion ? Confiance et défiance sont-elles mutuellement exclusives ou peuvent-elles coexister au sein d'une même organisation ? A partir de l'observation de relations inter-organisationnelles et d'études de cas conduites dans des entreprises, les auteurs, économistes, gestionnaires, sociologues issus de différentes universités de France et du Québec apportent sur toutes ces questions des éclairages significatifs et inédits sur la nature de la confiance et sur son rôle dans les relations à l'intérieur des entreprises, entre les entreprises et dans de nombreuses situations sociales.

Advanced Practice Nursing E-Book

An Integrative Approach

Author: Ann B. Hamric,Judith A. Spross,Charlene M. Hanson

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 1437720080

Category: Medical

Page: 848

View: 866

Covering all advanced practice competencies and roles, this book offers strategies for enhancing patient care and legitimizing your role within today’s health care system. It covers the history of advanced practice nursing, the theory behind the practice, and emerging issues. Offering a comprehensive exploration of advanced practice nursing, this edition also adds a focus on topics including the APN scope of practice, certification, and the ethical and legal issues that occur in clinical practice. The development of all major competencies of advanced practice nursing is discussed: direct clinical practice, consultation, coaching/guidance, research, leadership, collaboration, and ethical decision-making. Advanced practice competencies are discussed in relation to all advanced practice nursing and blended CNS-NP roles (case manager, acute care nurse practitioner), highlighting the shared aims and distinctions of each role. In-depth discussions on educational strategies explain how competencies develop as the nurses’ practice progresses. A chapter on research competencies demonstrates how to use evidence-based research in practice, and how to promote these research competencies to other APNs. A conceptual framework shows the clear relationship between the competencies, roles, and challenges in today’s health care environment. Practical strategies are provided for business management, contracting, and marketing. Comprehensive information covers the essential competencies of the new Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. More exemplars (case studies) provide real-life scenarios showing APN competencies in action. A new chapter shows how to provide reliable and valid data to substantiate your impact and justify equitable reimbursement for APN services, also enhancing your skills in quality improvement strategies, informatics, and systems thinking. Information on telehealth considerations covers the new sources of electronic healthcare information available to patients and describes how to counsel them on using reliable resources.