Everything But the Squeal

A year pigging out in Northern Spain

Author: John Barlow



Category: Travel

Page: 432

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*** EVERYTHING BUT THE SQUEAL *** Makes you want to get on the next flight to Santiago and eat cocido! Rick Stein, TV chef "Delicious" - Time Magazine "Fascinating" - The Economist "Enjoyable and witty" - Waterstones "Mouthwatering" - LA Times "Raucous, affectionate" - Irish Times "Fascinating and hilarious" - Toronto Star *** John Barlow, a self-confessed glutton, finds himself in a meat-lover’s dream. Galicia, in the misty north-western cormer of ‘green’ Spain, is a place where they revere and consume every part of the pig. This starts Barlow thinking about the nature of our relationship with food – what’s delicious, what’s not, and what sort of obligation we have to the animals we eat. Over the course of one glorious year, Barlow tries the patience of his vegetarian wife as he goes the whole hog and vows to eat every part of a Galician pig - everything but the squeal. In his travels he takes part in a thousand-year-old antthrowing festival of Laza, makes pig-bladder puddings for carnival, and manages to taste every other part of the animal, from snout to tail. All washed down with local wine! In the tradition of Bill Bryson, Calvin Trillin and Anthony Bourdain, Everything but the Squeal is an adventure in extreme eating, a hilariously quirky travel book, and a perceptive look at how what we eat makes us who we are. First pubished by Farrar, Straus and Giroux in the USA. *** Reviews With good humor and shameless enthusiasm, he has written a delicious meat note. Verdict: Read. Time Magazine ...the attraction of Mr Barlow’s book is that he goes well beyond the business of eating. He gives us a fascinating journal of his Galician wanderings. The Economist Like Bill Bryson, Mr. Barlow has canny comic timing. What both writers get by on is cerebral charm that can verge on slapstick. New York Times An enjoyable and witty journal of gourmet wanderings in Galicia. Waterstone's Books Quarterly Perhaps even more satisfying than his madcap extreme eating and cooking experiences are Barlow's quotable observations about Galicians. New York Post A mouthwatering adventure. LA Times A raucous, affectionate road trip, on which you don’t know where the next meal is coming from. Irish Times Fascinating and hilarious. Toronto Star Charmingly informative and witty. Publishers Weekly Barlow is a very fine writer, and exhibits genius in figuring out new ways to describe food. Edmonton Journal One of the funniest and most moving stories of the so-called ‘new Spain’. La Nación (Argentina) A most compelling and delicious book... This is a fine and noteworthy addition to any serious Spanish food library, and a must-read for anyone contemplating a trip into this green corner of Spain. Hollywood Reporter Barlow is a companionable guide expounding upon history, traditions and the personalities of Galicia. His writing style is quick, lively and filled with delicious details. He takes readers on a sublime journey of the senses. Publishers Weekly (starred review) Barlow is a writer first and foremost, not just another foodie looking for a publisher to pick up his tapas tab. He embraces his adopted culture with affectionate and knowing ribbing... A savory travelogue with insights that go beyond taste and texture. Kirkus keywords: spain and spanish food, galicia and north west spain, humorous travel books about spain, northern spain and food like cocido, rick stein, the pilgrims way in santiago de compostela, memoirs of an englishman abroad

The English Pig

A History

Author: Robert Malcolmson,Stephanos Mastoris

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781852851743

Category: Nature

Page: 160

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The English Pig is an account of pigs and pig-keeping from the sixteenth century to modern times, concentrating on the domestic, cottage pig, rather than commercial farming. In Victorian England the pig was an integral part of village life: both visible and essential. Living in close proximity to its owners, fed on scraps and the subject of perennial interest, the pig when dead provided the means to repay social and monetary debts as well as excellent meat. While the words associated with the pig, such as 'hoggish', 'swine' and 'pigsty', and phrases like 'greedy as a pig', associate the pig with greed and dirt, this book shows the pig's virtues, intelligence and distinctive character. It is a portrait of one of the most recognisable but least known of farm animals, seen here also in many photographs and other representations. The pig has a modest place in literature from Fielding's pig-keeping Parson Trulliber to Hardy's Jude the Obscure and to Flora Thompson's Lark Rise to Candleford. In modern times, while vanishing from the sight of most people, it has been sentimentalised in children's stories and commercialised in advertisements.



Author: John Scalzi

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 3641060680

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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Die fünf Topautoren der Science Fiction schreiben über die Zukunft unserer Städte – provokant und hochaktuell Wie sieht die Stadt der Zukunft aus? Wie können wir in den heute entstehenden Megacities überleben? Diesen Fragen geht Bestsellerautor John Scalzi zusammen mit vier anderen hochkarätigen Schriftstellern nach. In jeder der fünf Novellen entwickeln sie ein bestechendes Bild unserer urbanen Zukunft – überraschend, innovativ und herausfordernder, als wir sie uns vorstellen können...

Wild Cooking

Recipes, Tips and Other Improvisations in the Kitchen

Author: Richard Mabey

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448137772

Category: Cooking

Page: 224

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Richard Mabey's sparky, offbeat book is about canny and inventive making-do, or 'busking in the kitchen'. Whether creating a cassoulet which uses English ingredients, making bread from chestnuts or slow-cooking a Peking duck in front of an ancient fan heater, he encourages us to be daring and imaginative in our cooking and our approach to food. Although it contains wonderful, mouth-watering recipes like broad bean hummus, pumpkin soup and fillet-steak hearts this is more than a recipe book - it is a guide to a whole new way of thinking that embraces scrumping, celebrates picnics, and revels in saving energy wherever it can, whether that's by one-pot feasts or cooling on car radiators. After all, if you care about food 'life's too short not to stuff a mushroom'. Previously published in hardback as The Full English Cassoulet.

From The Outhouse To The Moon

Author: Cliff LeCleir

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1453580085

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 303

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It was July 20, 1969, I was mesmerized by what I was seeing on TV. The space module Eagle had just landed on the moon and Neil Armstrong, one of America’s astronauts was about to be the first man to walk on the moon. My mind was whirling back twenty years to my childhood. It was a time when we lived without electricity or running water. A much simpler time, but one filled with the excitement of experiencing life in “The Olden Days,” yet caught up in the explosive change of the future. Did you ever wonder what was it like in “The Good Ole Days?” Before electricity, shopping malls, computers, and i-pods? You will find out how simple things like bath night, a bag of pretzels, searching the swamp for a Christmas tree, and driving over a wood plank bridge can be an exciting adventure. Each story will draw you in and bring you in touch with a bygone era. Journey with me back to 1945, which, at the age of three, is my earliest memory, and we will go - - - - "From The Outhouse To The Moon."

The Whole Hog

Recipes and Lore for Everything But the Oink

Author: Carol Wilson,Christopher Trotter

Publisher: Pavilion Books Limited

ISBN: 9781862058613

Category: Cooking

Page: 286

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This book is much more than a cookbook; it is a celebration of the pig and all its parts – a unique blend of historical, geographical and culinary interest, together with clear explanations of how to cook the different cuts of pork and over 100 delicious recipes from chef Christopher Trotter. The pig has been domesticated throughout Europe since ancient times and the result is a variety of magnificent meat products with a fascinating history. The Romans introduced the sausage as a nutritious portable food for their marching legion (centuries later Louis XIV and Napoleon were also known to be fans), while Ardennes ham was praised by the ancient Greeks for its flavour and texture. The idea of being able to “cook everything but the squeal” of a pig permeates the recipes which are informed by the traditions covered in the main text. Completely international and full of fantastic photographs and an engaging text this book will be a must-have for any pie fan, bacon-sandwich supporter or sausage addict.

Reap The Harvest

Author: Margaret Dickinson

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 0330527010

Category: Fiction

Page: 420

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Following the disastrous floods of 1953, Ella Hilton is compelled to live at Brumbys' Farm with her grandmother, Esther, and is soon acutely aware of the mysterious surrounding her family's past. As Ella grows up and falls in love herself, the story of three generations of women - Esther, Kate and Ella - comes full circle and history seems destined to repeat itself in tragedy. In Reap the Harvest, Margaret Dickinson brings the 1950s vividly to life in a story of secrets and love, buried under years of pride and misunderstanding.

The Mothers

A Novel

Author: Jennifer Gilmore

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451697880

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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Poignant, raw, and insightful, Jennifer Gilmore’s third novel is an unforgettable story of love, family, and motherhood. With a “voice [that is] at turns wise and barbed with sharp humor” (Vanity Fair), Gilmore lays bare the story of one couple’s ardent desire for a child and their emotional journey through adoption. Jesse and Ramon are a loving couple, but after years spent unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant, they turn to adoption, relieved to think that once they navigate the bureaucratic path to parent-hood they will have a happy ending. But nothing has prepared them for the labyrinthine process—for the many training sessions and approvals; for the constant advice from friends, strangers, and “experts”; for the birthmothers who contact them but don’t ultimately choose them; or even, most shockingly, for the women who call claiming they’ve chosen Jesse and Ramon but who turn out never to have been pregnant in the first place. Jennifer Gilmore’s eloquence about the human heart—its frailties and complexities—and her razor-sharp observations about race, class, culture, and changing family dynamics are spectacularly combined in this powerful novel. Suffused with passion and fury, The Mothers is a taut, gripping, and satisfying book that will stay with readers long after they turn the last page.

The Best of Brush Country Bull 1977-1980

Observations of a South Texas Sportsman, Historian, Pilot, and Patriot

Author: Henry B. Briscoe

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1449739431

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 286

View: 2969

A Depression-bred, Texas-style Mark Twain recaptures the life of the Brush Country and the heart of America. The best articles from the “Brush Country Bull” weekly newspaper column (1977-2005) in The Devine News by Henry B. Briscoe. Henry Briscoe had quite a life. It began simply on a Depression-era dairy farm near Devine, Texas, continued at Texas Tech University, and then took a 180-degree turn to the military. In the Air Force, Henry flew transport planes around the world, commanded a squadron in Vietnam, and assisted the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon. But that Devine boyhood had a strong hold on him—spiny cactus, rattlesnakes, horny toads and all—so he settled there when his 25-year Air Force career was over. Soon after his return, Henry organized a deer-hunting contest and wrote an article about it in The Devine News. The town folk loved it, so he wrote another. And another. Thus began “Brush Country Bull,” a folksy column that would run weekly for 27 years and recall, denounce, poke fun, and celebrate quite literally, EVERYTHING. With a range as big as Texas, Henry “jawed” about midnight buck hunting, dropping bulldozers on an ice island at the North Pole, making deer sausage, supporting the Devine Fire Department, critiquing elected officials, and learning the names of migrating birds. And that’s just a sampling. So git you a good cup of coffee, head on out to that porch swing, and spend a little time with Henry.

I Never Went to Work

Author: John A. Blair,John a. Blair DVM

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 1481716719

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 154

View: 5262

This book captures a lifetime of stories from a small animal veterinarian in the heart of the mid-West. Through this lens, Dr. Blair shares his passion for fostering the human-animal companionship bond. Captions for Pictures (Note: Do not print the title for each picture. It is just to identify and associate the caption with the picture.)

Eating History

Thirty Turning Points in the Making of American Cuisine

Author: Andrew F. Smith

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231511752

Category: Cooking

Page: 392

View: 3446

Food expert and celebrated food historian Andrew F. Smith recounts in delicious detail the creation of contemporary American cuisine. The diet of the modern American wasn't always as corporate, conglomerated, and corn-rich as it is today, and the style of American cooking, along with the ingredients that compose it, has never been fixed. With a cast of characters including bold inventors, savvy restaurateurs, ruthless advertisers, mad scientists, adventurous entrepreneurs, celebrity chefs, and relentless health nuts, Smith pins down the truly crackerjack history behind the way America eats. Smith's story opens with early America, an agriculturally independent nation where most citizens grew and consumed their own food. Over the next two hundred years, however, Americans would cultivate an entirely different approach to crops and consumption. Advances in food processing, transportation, regulation, nutrition, and science introduced highly complex and mechanized methods of production. The proliferation of cookbooks, cooking shows, and professionally designed kitchens made meals more commercially, politically, and culturally potent. To better understand these trends, Smith delves deeply and humorously into their creation. Ultimately he shows how, by revisiting this history, we can reclaim the independent, locally sustainable roots of American food.

Rick Stein's Spain

140 new recipes inspired by my journey off the beaten track

Author: Rick Stein

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1409074617

Category: Cooking

Page: 320

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'I've wanted to make a series in Spain for a long time. I love Spanish food, I've been going there since I was a young boy - but until quite recently I don't think people really took the food seriously. Thanks to a handful of really dedicated Spanish chefs and a growing enthusiasm for its rugged flavours, that has all begun to change. To me the underlying point of journeying to Spain would be to discover the 'duende' in the cooking. By that I mean a sense of soul, of authenticity. The word is normally used in flamenco but I think it could be equally applied to the art of Spanish cooking because to my mind, in really good food, there is a communication between the cook and diner that amounts to art.' Rick Stein In his beautifully designed and illustrated cookbook to accompany a major BBC2, 4-part series, Rick has selected over 140 recipes that capture the authentic taste of Spain today. Spain is a country that tantalises every sense with its colourful sights, evocative music, vibrant traditions and bold cookery. Spanish cooking has a rich history, with flavours reflecting a broad range of cultural influences. Rick samples his way through the specialties and hidden treats of each region, taking in the changing landscape from the mountainous northern regions through the Spanish plains to Mediterranean beaches. With over 100 Spanish recipes and location photographs, this is an essential cookbook for food-lovers as well as a stunning culinary guide to a diverse country.

Chronicles of Old Chicago

Exploring the History and Lore of the Windy City

Author: Adam Selzer

Publisher: Museyon

ISBN: 1938450701

Category: History

Page: 272

View: 4522

Discover the fascinating history of Chicago—home to Barack Obama, Al Capone, the Chicago Cubs, politicians, mobsters, and more—told through 24 dramatic true stories. Known as an expert on Chicago's folklore and crime stories, Adam Selzer takes readers through Chicago's history from the 1800s to the present with tales of the politicians, eccentrics, and the famous and infamous who shaped the city. Essays explore historic events from the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 to the beginnings of the film era (Chicago was home to film long before Hollywood) and the historical contributions to the birth of rock 'n' roll. Also included are guided walking tours around many of the sites mentioned, illustrated with color photographs and maps.

In a Cajun Kitchen

Authentic Cajun Recipes and Stories from a Family Farm on the Bayou

Author: Terri Pischoff Wuerthner

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9781429910088

Category: Cooking

Page: 304

View: 7631

When most people think of Cajun cooking, they think of blackened redfish or, maybe, gumbo. When Terri Pischoff Wuerthner thinks of Cajun cooking, she thinks about Great-Grandfather Theodore's picnics on Lake Carenton, children gathering crawfish fresh from the bayou for supper, and Grandma Olympe's fricassee of beef, because Terri Pischoff Wuerthner is descended from an old Cajun family. Through a seamless blend of storytelling and recipes to live by, Wuerthner's In a Cajun Kitchen will remind people of the true flavors of Cajun cooking. When her ancestors settled in Louisiana around 1760, her family grew into a memorable clan that understood the pleasures of the table and the bounty of the Louisiana forests, fields, and waters. Wuerthner spices her gumbo with memories of Cajun community dances, wild-duck hunts, and parties at the family farm. From the Civil War to today, Wuerthner brings her California-born Cajun family together to cook and share jambalaya, crawfish étoufée, shrimp boil, and more, while they cook, laugh, eat, and carry on the legacy of Louis Noel Labauve, one of the first French settlers in Acadia in the 1600s. Along with the memories, In a Cajun Kitchen presents readers with a treasure trove of authentic Cajun recipes: roasted pork mufaletta sandwiches, creamy crab casserole, breakfast cornbread with sausage and apples, gumbo, shrimp fritters, black-eyed pea and andouille bake, coconut pralines, pecan pie, and much more. In a Cajun Kitchen is a great work of culinary history, destined to be an American cookbook classic that home cooks will cherish.

Warminster Township

Author: Kathleen Zingaro Clark,Township of Warminster

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 1439638853

Category: Photography

Page: 128

View: 6911

A township in its own right since 1711, Warminster has been at the forefront of American history for centuries. Rev. William Tennent's Log College, John Fitch's steamboat, and Johnsville's Naval Air Development Center all figure prominently into its historical record. From the beginning, Warminster's people tilled the land, educated their children, established businesses, and contributed to their community and the world at large. Today Warminster is a thriving commercial hub, and its legacy of growth and development continues.

Home Pork Making

Author: Albert Fulton

Publisher: Applewood Books

ISBN: 1429010584

Category: Cooking

Page: 148

View: 3455

Albert Fulton's 1900 work is a complete guide to the manufacture, cooking, and serving of pork products.

The Jungle

Literary Touchstone Edition

Author: Upton Sinclair

Publisher: Prestwick House Inc

ISBN: 1580493955

Category: Chicago (Ill.)

Page: 334

View: 1553

This Prestwick House Literary Touchstone Edition includes a glossary and reader's notes to help the modern reader contend with Sinclair's characterizations and language.Chicago, 1904: The lure of good wages and a chance to live The American Dream lure thousands of unsuspecting immigrants to the big city, where they find'instead of wealth and freedom'only stifling poverty, pervasive corruption, infectious disease, and early death. Upton Sinclair's masterpiece of muckraking fiction-mixed-with-fact led to the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act, but not in time to save the struggling Lithuanian family whose members come to life in The Jungle. The daily dangers of the meatpacking industry, dishonest politicians, and greedy businessmen, who care only about profits, conspire to rob Jurgis, Marija, Ona, and the rest of their hope and dignity. One after another, they succumb to the horrors that Sinclair so vividly depicts.