One Man's Life and Death

Author: John Mervyn Cullwick Pugh,Michael Davies

Publisher: Waterside Press

ISBN: 1904380166

Category: Law

Page: 118

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William Watkins was executed in 1951 for the murder of his infant child. John Pugh, then a solicitor's clerk, was in court when the death sentence was announced and Pugh has never forgotten that experience. In Execution, Pugh undertook prodigious research to create this account of legal, political and public intrigue, and of indifference to the fate of a deaf bus driver. He goes on to argue that Watkins should not have been hanged and paints a picture of appalling injustice and policing. He also explains how the authorities have consistently refused to release the papers on this case.

A General History of the Lives, Trials, and Executions of All the Royal and Noble Personages, that Have Suffered in Great-Britain and Ireland for High Treason, Or Other Crimes

From the Accession of Henry VIII. to the Throne of England, Down to the Present Time : with a Circumstantial Narrative of Their Behaviour During Confinement, and at the Place of Execution : to which is Added, a Particular Account of the Rebellions in England, Scotland, and Ireland, for the Two Last Centuries : Compiled ... from the Best Histories, and Most Authentic Memoirs

Author: Delahay Gordon

Publisher: N.A


Category: Great Britain

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Wrightsman’s Psychology and the Legal System

Author: Edith Greene,Kirk Heilbrun

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 049581301X

Category: Psychology

Page: 544

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The author team for WRIGHTSMAN’S PSYCHOLOGY AND THE LEGAL SYSTEM, Seventh Edition combines complementary expertise, active research, writing careers, and real world experience (as consultants working within the legal system) to produce a comprehensive text that is unparalleled in scholarship and writing style. The authorship, research base and comprehensive coverage make this text popular with instructors and students. This text demonstrates the importance of psychology to understanding the legal system and the impact on individuals’ everyday lives through the use of real cases and questions formed to create discussions of these cases. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Barbaric Punishment

Abolishing the Death Penalty

Author: Hans Göran Franck,Klas Nyman

Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers

ISBN: 9789041121516

Category: Social Science

Page: 163

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In this volume, Swedish human rights activist and political figure, Hans Göran Franck, examines the administration of the death penalty from a historical perspective. The author's opinions are based on his lifelong work and devotion to abolishing the 'barbaric punishment'. Building upon previously unpublished material and considerable detail drawn from Franck's personal experiences, it focuses on both the progressive developments within European countries and institutions over several decades, and the frustratingly retrograde situation that prevails in the United States. The author dedicated this book to those facing a sentence of death. During the course of his work, the author traveled to numerous countries and met many condemned men and women. Publication of this important volume, which comes a few years after Hans Göran Franck's untimely passing, coincides with a major development to which he contributed, the adoption of Protocol No. 13 to the European Convention on Human Rights, which abolishes capital punishment in both wartime and peacetime. William A. Schabas a law professor who specializes in the subject of capital punishment, has ensured that the manuscript is up to date, and contributed the introductory chapter.

The Death Penalty as Cruel Treatment and Torture

Capital Punishment Challenged in the World's Courts

Author: N.A

Publisher: UPNE

ISBN: 9781555532680

Category: Law

Page: 288

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A study of recent landmark judicial decisions that have shifted the focus of the death penalty debate from the right-to-life issue to the human-rights issue prohibiting cruel treatment and torture.

The Civil War Soldier

A Historical Reader

Author: Larry M. Logue

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9780814798799

Category: History

Page: 515

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An anthology of twenty-seven selections combines nineteenth-century battlefield accounts of the Civil War with past and contemporary scholarship to offer a broad perspective on the soldiers' total experience.

Causing Death and Saving Lives

The Moral Problems of Abortion, Infanticide, Suicide, Euthanasia, Capital Punishment, War and Other Life-or-death Choices

Author: Jonathan Glover

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141949732

Category: Philosophy

Page: 336

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The moral problems of abortion, infanticide, suicide, euthanasia, capital punshiment, war and othe life-or-death choices.

Church Dogmatics Study Edition 11

The Doctrine of God II.2 § 34-35

Author: Karl Barth

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 0567105938

Category: Religion

Page: 331

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The most important theological work of the 20th century in a new edition - now available in individual volumes. >

Morning Dewdrops of the Mind

Teachings of a Contemporary Zen Master

Author: Shodo Harada Roshi,Shodo Harada

Publisher: Frog Books

ISBN: 9781883319106

Category: Religion

Page: 90

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In this concise collection of essays, Shodo Harada Roshi brings zen to life. Reflecting on current events and the state of society, he applies zen's direct and simple teachings to the benefit of the reader.

Last Words of the Executed

Author: Robert K. Elder

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226202690

Category: True Crime

Page: 264

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Some beg for forgiveness. Others claim innocence. At least three cheer for their favorite football teams. Death waits for us all, but only those sentenced to death know the day and the hour—and only they can be sure that their last words will be recorded for posterity. Last Words of the Executed presents an oral history of American capital punishment, as heard from the gallows, the chair, and the gurney. The product of seven years of extensive research by journalist Robert K. Elder, the book explores the cultural value of these final statements and asks what we can learn from them. We hear from both the famous—such as Nathan Hale, Joe Hill, Ted Bundy, and John Brown—and the forgotten, and their words give us unprecedented glimpses into their lives, their crimes, and the world they inhabited. Organized by era and method of execution, these final statements range from heartfelt to horrific. Some are calls for peace or cries against injustice; others are accepting, confessional, or consoling; still others are venomous, rage-fueled diatribes. Even the chills evoked by some of these last words are brought on in part by the shared humanity we can’t ignore, their reminder that we all come to the same end, regardless of how we arrive there. Last Words of the Executed is not a political book. Rather, Elder simply asks readers to listen closely to these voices that echo history. The result is a riveting, moving testament from the darkest corners of society.

A digest of the laws of South-Carolina

containing the public statute law of the state, down to the year 1822; a compendious system of the general principles and doctrines of the common law, the law of courts martial, and a great variety of forms: the whole being designed, chiefly, for the instruction and use of the private citizen and inferior magistrate

Author: Benjamin James,South Carolina

Publisher: N.A


Category: Law

Page: 710

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One Man's Battle Against the Death Penalty

Author: Robert Badinter

Publisher: UPNE

ISBN: 9781555536923

Category: History

Page: 214

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The English translation of a behind-the-scenes account of the abolition of the death penalty in France