Extraordinary Sketchbooks

Author: Jane Stobart

Publisher: Herbert Press

ISBN: 9781912217847

Category: Art

Page: 144

View: 4761

Sketchbooks are an essential part of the creative process for artists of all disciplines, ranging from textiles and jewellery to interior design, printmaking and ceramics. The sketchbook is a complete record of the creative process which, it can even be argued, is more important that the finished object at the end of this process. This book is a vital resource for artists of all levels including students, makers and collectors, as it not only gives practical advice about building your own sketchbooks but also provides examples of different artists' working methods. Extraordinary Sketchbooks takes the reader through different themes and functions for sketchbooks, including drawing to collect visual research, course work, developing concepts and suggestions for making simple and quick visuals into exciting images. An inspiring gallery of examples from a range of artists including recent graduates, practising artists and lecturers and working professionals form a variety of art and design industries. A fantastic resource for artists everywhere.

An Illustrated Life

Drawing Inspiration From The Private Sketchbooks Of Artists, Illustrators And Designers

Author: Danny Gregory

Publisher: HOW Books

ISBN: 9781600610868

Category: Design

Page: 272

View: 3776

Find Insight and Inspiration for Your Creative Life An artist's journal is packed with sketches and captions; some rough, some polished. The margins sometimes spill over with hurriedly scrawled shopping lists and phone numbers. The cover may be travel-worn and the pages warped from watercolors. Open the book, and raw creativity seeps from each color and line. The intimacy and freedom on its pages are almost like being inside the artist's mind: You get a direct window into risks, lessons, mistakes, and dreams. The private worlds of these visual journals are exactly what you'll find inside An Illustrated Life. This book offers a sneak peak into the wildly creative imaginations of 50 top illustrators, designers and artists. Included are sketchbook pages from R. Crumb, Chris Ware, James Jean, James Kochalka, and many others. In addition, author Danny Gregory has interviewed each artist and shares their thoughts on living the artistic life through journaling. Watch artists—through words and images—record the world they see and craft the world as they want it to be. The pages of An Illustrated Life are sometimes startling, sometimes endearing, but always inspiring. Whether you're an illustrator, designer, or simply someone searching for inspiration, these pages will open a whole new world to you.

Basics Textile Design 01: Sourcing Ideas

Researching Colour, Surface, Structure, Texture and Pattern

Author: Josephine Steed,Frances Stevenson

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 2940411638

Category: Design

Page: 184

View: 8664

Ideas sourcing is the foundation from which all textile design begins, and this book provides readers with a thorough understanding of observation and analysis techniques.

An Illustrated Journey

Inspiration From the Private Art Journals of Traveling Artists, Illustrators and Designers

Author: Danny Gregory

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 144032025X

Category: Art

Page: 272

View: 1914

Features selections from the sketchbooks of forty artists, illustrators, and designers that capture their travels around the world in drawings and paintings.

Show and Tell

Exploring the Fine Art of Children's Book Illustration

Author: Dilys Evans

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 9780811849715

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 143

View: 4515

A fascinating exploration of children's book illustration focuses on the work of twelve contemporary illustrators, including David Wiesner, Lane Smith, David Shannon, and Betsy Lewin, to teach readers about the perfect marriage of art and text.

Architects' Sketchbooks

Author: Will Jones

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781935202462

Category: Architecture

Page: 351

View: 5104

Collects pages from the private sketchbooks of architects and studios from around the world, and includes comments from the artists as well as details on how they use sketching to evolve inspirations and concepts into more developed ideas.

Drawing for Product Designers

Author: Kevin Henry

Publisher: Laurence King Publishing

ISBN: 9781856697439

Category: Art

Page: 208

View: 5914

This is both a practical and theoretical guide to the visualization techniques used by contemporary product designers, including freehand sketching, digital rendering, information graphics, and presentation skills. Hundreds of hand-drawn sketches and computer models have been specially created to demonstrate critical geometry and show how to develop sketches into finished illustrations. Practical tutorials give guidance in creating simple and complex forms, as well as rendering and providing context using scenarios and storyboards. Insightful case studies of leading designers illustrate the full range of different visualization options available.

The Art of Game Design

A Book of Lenses, Second Edition

Author: Jesse Schell

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1498759564

Category: Computers

Page: 600

View: 5689

Good game design happens when you view your game from as many perspectives as possible. Written by one of the world's top game designers, The Art of Game Design presents 100+ sets of questions, or different lenses, for viewing a game’s design, encompassing diverse fields such as psychology, architecture, music, visual design, film, software engineering, theme park design, mathematics, puzzle design, and anthropology. This Second Edition of a Game Developer Front Line Award winner: Describes the deepest and most fundamental principles of game design Demonstrates how tactics used in board, card, and athletic games also work in top-quality video games Contains valuable insight from Jesse Schell, the former chair of the International Game Developers Association and award-winning designer of Disney online games The Art of Game Design, Second Edition gives readers useful perspectives on how to make better game designs faster. It provides practical instruction on creating world-class games that will be played again and again.

Create Your Life Book

Mixed-Media Art Projects for Expanding Creativity and Encouraging Personal Growth

Author: Tamara Laporte

Publisher: Quarry Books

ISBN: 163159544X

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 144

View: 7305

Inspired by Tamara Laporte’s art classes, Create Your Life Book presents 18 step-by-step projects that help you explore and work through issues surrounding creative fulfillment. Based on much-loved mixed-media artist Tamara Laporte’s popular, multi-year series of online classes, Create Your Life Book offers mixed-media drawing and painting projects that can raise your awareness of and help you work through personal challenges and other obstacles to creating art and achieving self-fulfillment. Each themed chapter presents 4 to 5 two-part projects: First you will explore a common issue that hampers creativity and/or positive self-worth. The second portion is a step-by-step mixed-media art project specially designed to help you work through that issue. There are also project outlines which have been contributed by Tamara's guest teachers: Roxanne Coble, Andrea Gomoll, Alena Hennessy, Mystele Kirkeeng, Ivy Newport, and Effy Wild, each of whom are noted mixed-media artists in their own right. Tamara also shares inspirational photos and uplifting and encouraging affirmations. The final chapter presents a simple binding method for creating a keepsake book of your Life Book projects.

Good Old Drawing

G.O.D. : a Hundred Illustrators, Artists and Cartoonists who Believe in Drawing

Author: John Holder,Philip Hodgkinson

Publisher: Haus Pub

ISBN: 9781907822407

Category: Art

Page: 144

View: 8614

A celebration of drawing as an artistic form with contributions from one hundred renowned artists and illustrators.

Edith Head

The Fifty-Year Career of Hollywood's Greatest Costume Designer

Author: Jay Jorgensen

Publisher: Running Press Adult

ISBN: 0762438053

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 400

View: 5797

In a compendium of never-before-seen sketches, costume test shots, behind-the-scenes photos and ephemera, the author collects and comments on the work of one of Hollywood's most celebrated costume designers, who worked on 400 films--including Sabrina and Rear Window--and received 35 Oscar nominations.

How to Design Cars Like a Pro

Author: Tony Lewin,Ryan Borroff

Publisher: Motorbooks

ISBN: 1610609891

Category: Transportation

Page: 208

View: 3478

This comprehensive new edition of How to Design Cars Like a Pro provides an in-depth look at modern automotive design. Interviews with leading automobile designers from Ford, BMW, GM Jaguar, Nissan and others, analyses of past and present trends, studies of individual models and concepts, and much more combine to reveal the fascinating mix of art and science that goes into creating automobiles. This book is a must-have for professional designers, as well as for automotive enthusiasts.

The John Buscema Sketchbook

Author: J. David Spurlock,John Buscema

Publisher: Vanguard Productions (NJ)

ISBN: 9781887591171

Category: Art

Page: 112

View: 3751

The John Buscema Sketchbook spans the career of well-known Marvel Comics artist and art teacher, John Buscema. Hundreds of vintage, new and unpublished drawings are included. Also featured is an introduction by comic book creator, illustrator, filmmaker, and pop-culture historian Jim Steranko. The John Buscema Sketchbook is a valuable addition to the collection of comic book and Conan the Barbarian enthusiasts and is also of unique interest for aspiring artists. This deluxe, hardcover, limited edition of the John Buscema Sketchbook was hand-signed by the late Mr. Buscema and features a 14-page bonus portfolio, absent from other editions. Limited edition of 1000 copies.

Design the Life You Love

A Step-By-Step Guide to Building a Meaningful Future

Author: Ayse Birsel

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 1607748819

Category: Self-Help

Page: 256

View: 2872

"A joyful, inspirational guide to building the life you've always dreamed of, using the principles and creative process of an award-winning product designer. Life, just like a design problem, is full of constraints--time, money, age, location, and circumstances. You cannot have everything, and if you want more out of it, you have to be creative about how to make what you need and what you want co-exist. This requires design thinking. Design the Life You Love uses a simple but proven creative thinking and design process to give ordinary people new tools to think about life differently, and also includes fascinating examples from the world of art and design that relate to each step of the process, plus guided creative exercises. Turn constraints into opportunities with optimism and holistic thinking using four simple steps: taking the whole apart, forming a new point of view, putting it back together, and giving it form. The striking design and Ayse Birsel's hand-drawn art and type set off her brilliant, life-changing design process, empowering and inspiring readers to create a better life"--

Arctic Artist

The Journal and Paintings of George Back, Midshipman with Franklin, 1819-1822

Author: Sir George Back,Stuart Houston,I. S. MacLaren,Rupert's Land Record Society

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 9780773511811

Category: Art

Page: 403

View: 1103

Arctic Artist is the liveliest and most complete account of Sir John Franklin's tragic first expedition to the Arctic. George Back's prose captures the drama of the journey, while his superb watercolour sketches reveal the beauty and wonder of this northern land. Published for the first time, this is the complete text of Back's journal. Arctic Artist completes Stuart Houston's trilogy of the journals of Franklin's officers.

The Art of Urban Sketching

Drawing On Location Around The World

Author: Gabriel Campanario

Publisher: Quarry Books

ISBN: 1610581962

Category: Art

Page: 320

View: 1587

The Art of Urban Sketching is both a comprehensive guide and a showcase of location drawings by artists around the world who draw the cities where they live and travel. Authored by the founder of the nonprofit organization Urban Sketchers (www.urbansketchers.org), this beautiful, 320-page volume explains urban sketching within the context of a long historical tradition and how it is being practiced today. With profiles of leading practitioners and discussions of the benefits of working in this art form, this inspiring book shows how one can participate and experience this creative outlet through modern-day social networks and online activity. You'll find more than 600 beautiful, contemporary illustrations, as well as artists' profiles and extended captions where these urban sketchers share their stories, how they work, sketching tips, and the tools behind each drawing. With sketches and observations from more than 50 cities in more than 30 countries, The Art of Urban Sketching offers a visually arresting, storytelling take on urban life from different cultures and artistic styles, as well as insight into various drawing techniques and mediums.

Carlo Scarpa

Architecture and Design

Author: Guido Beltramini,Italo Zannier,Václav Šedý

Publisher: Rizzoli International Publications

ISBN: 9780847829118

Category: Architecture

Page: 318

View: 2087

"Carlo Scarpa was a virtuoso of light, a master of detail, and a connoisseur of materials. Today he is known as a master of twentieth-century architecture. To mark the centenary of Scarpa's birth, his complete oeuvre are presented here for the first time. The 250 illustrations cover all 58 of his built works, including the Castelvecchio Museum in Verona, the Olivetti showroom in Piazza San Marco in Venice, and the Brion Tomb in San Vito d'Altivole (Treviso). The book includes essays by leading architects and architectural critics, offering an extensive overview of Scarpa's life as well as interpretations of his architecture."--BOOK JACKET

Low-Tech Print

Contemporary Hand-Made Printing

Author: Caspar Williamson

Publisher: Laurence King Publishing

ISBN: 9781780672977

Category: Art

Page: 224

View: 9309

Featuring a global showcase of 100 of the craft's most exciting and influential practitioners, Low-Tech Print is an exploration of hand-made printmaking techniques and how they are used in contemporary design and illustration. It examines the huge recent resurgence in the popularity of printmaking, with chapters on screenprinting, letterpress, relief printing, and other printing methods. The book shows how practitioners develop a love affair with these hand-made techniques and use them to create beautiful contemporary designs, explaining the process behind each technique and its historical context. 'In focus' sections profile practitioners such as the 'Lambe Lambe' hand-made letterpress printers of São Paulo's Grafica Fidalga studio, and cult printing techniques such as Gocco (Japan) and Chicha (Peru). Offering a unique showcase of contemporary handmade printing, Low-Tech Print will be a must-have for all design, illustration, craft, and printmaking enthusiasts.

The Golden Secrets of Lettering

Author: Martina Flor

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780500241523

Category: Lettering

Page: 168

View: 7834

Through easy-to-understand instructions and guidelines, plenty of inspirational examples, and hundreds of sketches and illustrations, Martina Flor shows how to transform initial lettering concepts and sketches into a well-shaped, exquisite piece of digital lettering that can be published and sold. Learn how to train your typographic eye by studying lettering samples and the anatomy of letters; explore concepts of hierarchy, composition and flourishes; and discover the many different ways of creating letter shapes. In addition, Flor explains the process of creating a lettering project step by step - from start to finish, from analogue to digital - and gives valuable tips about how to make a career as a lettering artist.