Flag on the Mountain

A Political Anthropology of War in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1990-1995

Author: Ivo Žanić

Publisher: Saqi Books


Category: History

Page: 566

View: 3656

Essential reading for anyone interested in the Balkan wars.

Ratko Mladić

tragic hero

Author: Milo Yelesiyevich

Publisher: Unwritten History Inc.


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 728

View: 9342


The Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s

Author: Catherine Baker

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 113739899X

Category: History

Page: 192

View: 609

Catherine Baker offers an up-to-date, balanced and concise introductory account of the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s and their aftermath. The volume incorporates the latest research, showing how the state of the field has evolved and guides students through the existing literature, topics and debates.

Electrified Voices

Medial, Socio-Historical and Cultural Aspects of Voice Transfer

Author: Dmitri Zakharine,Nils Meise

Publisher: V&R unipress GmbH

ISBN: 3847100246

Category: Social Science

Page: 416

View: 7500

The aim of this book is to explore the phenomenon of the electrified voice through interdisciplinary approaches such as media and technology studies, social history, and comparative cultural studies. The book focuses on three problem clusters: reflections on the societal level about the task of electronic voice transmission; the mediation of gender- and occupation-specific vocal stereotypes in audio and audio-visual formats; and the genesis of such vocal stereotypes in national radio and film cultures. Such a historicizing approach to societal experience in the field of voice mediation, including the use and interpretation of voice media, is today of great relevance in light of the collective learning processes currently triggered by rapid advances in technology.

Contesting Europe's Eastern Rim

Cultural Identities in Public Discourse

Author: Dr. Ljiljana Saric,Dr. Andreas Musolff,Dr. Stefan Manz,Prof. Ingrid Hudabiunigg

Publisher: Multilingual Matters

ISBN: 9781847694867

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 264

View: 9608

Since 1989, Europe’s eastern rim has been in constant flux. This collection focuses on how political and economic transformations have triggered redefinitions of cultural identity. Using discursive modes of identity construction (deconstruction, reconstruction, reformulation, and invention) the book focuses on the creation of opposition to old and new 'outsiders' and 'insiders' in Europe. The linguistic study of discourse elements in connection with an exploration of the significance of metaphors in anchoring individual and collective identity is innovative and allows for a unique analysis of public discourse in Europe.

Music, Politics, and Violence

Author: Susan Fast,Kip Pegley

Publisher: Wesleyan University Press

ISBN: 0819573396

Category: Music

Page: 320

View: 8746

Music and violence have been linked since antiquity in ritual, myth, and art. Considered together they raise fundamental questions about creativity, discourse, and music’s role in society. The essays in this collection investigate a wealth of issues surrounding music and violence—issues that cross political boundaries, time periods, and media—and provide cross-cultural case studies of musical practices ranging from large-scale events to regionally specific histories. Following the editors’ substantive introduction, which lays the groundwork for conceptualizing new ways of thinking about music as it relates to violence, three broad themes are followed: the first set of essays examines how music participates in both overt and covert forms of violence; the second section explores violence and reconciliation; and the third addresses healing, post-memorials, and memory. Music, Politics, and Violence affords space to look at music as an active agent rather than as a passive art, and to explore how music and violence are closely—and often uncomfortably—entwined. CONTRIBUTORS include Nicholas Attfield, Catherine Baker, Christina Baade, J. Martin Daughtry, James Deaville, David A. McDonald, Kevin C. Miller, Jonathan Ritter, Victor A. Vicente, and Amy Lynn Wlodarski.

Balkan Memories

Media Constructions of National and Transnational History

Author: Tanja Zimmermann

Publisher: transcript Verlag

ISBN: 3839417120

Category: Philosophy

Page: 270

View: 602

This book gives an insight into the media constructions of historical remembrance reflecting transnational, national or nationalistic forms of politics. Authors from post-Yugoslavia and neighbouring countries focus on the diverse transnational (such as Austro-Hungarian, Yugoslav etc.) and national (such as Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian etc.) memory cultures in South-Eastern Europe, their interference and rivalry. They examine constructions of memory in different media from the 19th century to recent wars. These include longue durée images, breaks and gaps, selection and suppression, traumatic events and the loss of memory, nostalgia, false memory, reactivation, rituals and traces of memory.

The Chronicle of a People's War: The Military and Strategic History of the Cambodian Civil War, 1979–1991

Author: Boraden Nhem

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 135180765X

Category: History

Page: 238

View: 5699

The Chronicle of a People's War: The Military and Strategic History of the Cambodian Civil War, 1979–1991 narrates the military and strategic history of the Cambodian Civil War, especially the People’s Republic of Kampuchea (PRK), from when it deposed the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime in 1979 until the political settlement in 1991. The PRK survived in the face of a fierce insurgency due to three factors: an appealing and reasonably well-implemented political program, extensive political indoctrination, and the use of a hybrid army. In this hybrid organization, the PRK relied on both its professional, conventional army, and the militia-like, "territorial army." This latter type was lightly equipped and most soldiers were not professional. Yet the militia made up for these weaknesses with its intimate knowledge of the local terrain and its political affinity with the local people. These two advantages are keys to victory in the context of counterinsurgency warfare. The narrative and critical analysis is driven by extensive interviews and primary source archives that have never been accessed before by any scholar, including interviews with former veterans (battalion commanders, brigade commanders, division commanders, commanders of provincial military commands, commanders of military regions, and deputy chiefs of staff), articles in the People’s Army from 1979 to 1991, battlefield footage, battlefield video reports, newsreel, propaganda video, and official publications of the Cambodian Institute of Military History.

Philosophy and Politics at the Precipice

Time and Tyranny in the Works of Alexandre Kojève

Author: Gary M. Kelly

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351599011

Category: Philosophy

Page: 218

View: 7020

Philosophy and Politics at the Precipice maintains that political philosopher Alexandre Kojève (1901–68) has been both famously misunderstood and famous for being misunderstood. Kojève was famously understood by interpreters for seeing an "end of history" (an end that would display universal free democracies and even freer markets) as critical to his thought. He became famously misunderstood when interpreters, at the end of the twentieth century, placed such an end at the center of his thought. This book reads Kojève again – as a thinker of time, not its end. It presents Kojève as a philosopher and precisely as a time phenomenologist, rather than as a New Age guru. The book shows how Kojève’s time is inherently political, and indeed tyrannical, for being about his understanding of human relation. However, Kojève’s views on time and tyranny prove his undoing for making rule impossible because of what the book terms the "time-tyrant problem." Kojève’s entire political corpus is best understood as an attempt to rectify this problem. So understood, Philosophy and Politics at the Precipice provides fresh perspective on the true nature of Kojèvian irony, Kojève’s aims in the Strauss–Kojève exchange, and how Kojève at his best captures a philosophical, phenomenological time, one that marks some of the most dynamic and unique events of the twentieth century. Headlines have largely erased the notion that history has ended. Philosophy and Politics at the Precipice, on the other hand, provides the philosophical justification for arguing that the end of the last millennium was not an end and that, for his view of time, Kojève remains a thinker for the times ahead.??

The French National Front

The Extremist Challenge To Democracy

Author: Harvey G Simmons

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0429976178

Category: Political Science

Page: 302

View: 6511

Over the past few decades, extreme-right political parties have won increasing support throughout Europe. The largest and most sophisticated of these is the French National Front. Led by the charismatic Jean-Marie Le Pen, the Front is now the third most important political force in France after the mainstream right and the socialists.This clear and comprehensive book explores the antecedents for the meteoric rise of the National Front. Beginning with a political history of the extreme right from 1945 to 1995, Harvey Simmons traces links between Le Pen and French neo-fascist and extreme-right organizations of the 1950s and 1960s, and concludes with analyses of the Front's antisemitism, racism, organization, ideology, language, electorate, and views on women. Simmons argues that the Front is not a party like any other, but a major threat to French democracy.

The Challenges of Democracy in the War on Terror

The Liberal State before the Advance of Terrorism

Author: Maximiliano E. Korstanje

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0429880863

Category: Science

Page: 150

View: 2826

This book unravels the role of democracy after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and reflects important debates surrounding the security of Muslim communities in the years to come. It looks at the problems of torture, violence and the legal resources available to contemporary democracies to confront terrorism. While terrorism is often regarded as one of the major threats to the West and the nation-state, this book explores the notion that a disciplined sense of terror is what keeps society working. The strengths and limitations of liberalism are examined, as well as the ethical dilemma of torture and human right violations in the struggle against terrorism. This book carefully dissects the origin of the nation-state and how it keeps society united. The author offers a creative and unique approach to democracy and worldwide terrorism, exploring the consequences for the nation-state. This book looks at the connections between terrorism, mobility, consumption, torture and fear. It will be of interest to researchers as well as postgraduate and postdoctoral students within the fields of Human Geography, Politics, Media and International Relations.

How Bosnia armed

Author: Marko Attila Hoare

Publisher: Saqi Books

ISBN: 9780863563676

Category: History

Page: 172

View: 3762

Within three and a half years of its inception, the Bosnian army succeeded in fighting the Serbian army to a standstill; Serbia was forced to recognise Bosnia's independence. Yet the victory was ambiguous, leaving two thirds of the country under the control of Serb and Croat extremists while the remainder became a predominantly Muslim Bosniak-inhabited area.

EU Foreign Policymaking and the Middle East Conflict

The Europeanization of national foreign policy

Author: Patrick Müller

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136597360

Category: Political Science

Page: 184

View: 5859

This book examines the interplay between the national and the European levels in EU foreign policymaking, focusing on the Middle East. European engagement in peacemaking in the Middle East dates back to foreign-policy cooperation in the early 1970s. Following the launch of the peace process in 1991, the EU and its Member States further stepped up their involvement in conflict resolution, focusing on one central area of EU engagement – the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This book covers the period from the beginning of the peace process in 1991 until 2008, and focuses on the actions of the big three Member States: Germany, France and the UK. Using the Europeanization concept as framework of analysis, the book examines the problematic dynamics between these Member States’ national foreign-policy models and the construction of a common European conflict-resolution policy. It also provides interesting new insights into the EU’s international role and potential, addressing the often neglected question of how Europeanization effects help to mitigate some of the classical limitations of European foreign policymaking. The book will be of great interest to students of EU policy, Middle Eastern Politics, peace and conflict resolution, security studies and IR.

Cultural Intimacy

Social Poetics and the Real Life of States, Societies, and Institutions

Author: Michael Herzfeld

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317297555

Category: Social Science

Page: 242

View: 4965

In the third edition of this important and influential book, Michael Herzfeld revisits the idea of ‘cultural intimacy’. The chapters examine a range of topics touching on the relationship between state and citizen, and the notion of ‘national character’. Herzfeld provides a developed theoretical framework and additional clarification of core concepts such as disemia, social poetics and structural nostalgia. The text has been fully updated in light of recent scholarship and events, including comment on Greece and the European Union. There is new material drawn from regions such as Thailand and China, and further consideration of religious intimacy and its impact on cities. The book improves our understanding of how states, societies and institutions function and illustrates the relevance of anthropology to contemporary issues such as globalization, censorship, ethnic conflict and nationalism.

Seasons in Hell

Understanding Bosnia's War

Author: Ed Vulliamy

Publisher: Simon & Schuster


Category: Social Science

Page: 370

View: 1012


Croatia through history

the making of a European state

Author: Branka Magaš

Publisher: Saqi Books


Category: History

Page: 743

View: 4160

This comprehensive volume recounts Croatia's development from the early Middle Ages to the present day.

This Was Not Our War

Bosnian Women Reclaiming the Peace

Author: Swanee Hunt

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9780822333555

Category: History

Page: 307

View: 8870

A collection of first-person accounts by twenty-six Bosnian women--representing a range of ethnic traditions and heritages--who are reconstructing their society following years of warfare offers a narrative framework designed to connect the women's stories to their experiences.

Mountain Movers

Mining, Sustainability and the Agents of Change

Author: Daniel M. Franks

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134656203

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 194

View: 4042

The products of mining are everywhere – if it wasn’t grown, it was mined or drilled. But the mining industry has a chequered past. Pollution, human rights abuses, and corruption have tarnished the reputation of the industry across the globe. Over a decade ago the major mining companies embraced the concept of sustainable and equitable development and embarked on an explicit process of reform – but has the industry actually changed? This book explores the dynamics of change-making for sustainable development in the resources sector, specifically the mining of mineral and energy resources. The author recounts the stories and insights of over forty change-makers both inside and outside the industry, from anti-mining activists to the professionals charged with the task of reform, introducing the people who are moving an industry that moves mountains. The book takes stock of what has worked and what has not, analyzing the relative influence and dynamics of the key corporate, civil society and government actors with a view to developing new approaches for improving environmental and social outcomes from mineral and energy development. Illustrated with case studies from Angola, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Guinea, Peru, The Philippines, Romania, Sierra Leone, South Africa, and The United States of America, and brimming with the backstories to the major sustainability initiatives, Mountain Movers reveals where progress has been made and where reform is still needed towards a more sustainable and equitable mining industry.

The Cellist of Sarajevo

Author: Steven Galloway

Publisher: Vintage Canada

ISBN: 0307371654

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

View: 6780

This brilliant novel with universal resonance tells the story of three people trying to survive in a city rife with the extreme fear of desperate times, and of the sorrowing cellist who plays undaunted in their midst. One day a shell lands in a bread line and kills twenty-two people as the cellist watches from a window in his flat. He vows to sit in the hollow where the mortar fell and play Albinoni’s Adagio once a day for each of the twenty-two victims. The Adagio had been re-created from a fragment after the only extant score was firebombed in the Dresden Music Library, but the fact that it had been rebuilt by a different composer into something new and worthwhile gives the cellist hope. Meanwhile, Kenan steels himself for his weekly walk through the dangerous streets to collect water for his family on the other side of town, and Dragan, a man Kenan doesn’t know, tries to make his way towards the source of the free meal he knows is waiting. Both men are almost paralyzed with fear, uncertain when the next shot will land on the bridges or streets they must cross, unwilling to talk to their old friends of what life was once like before divisions were unleashed on their city. Then there is “Arrow,” the pseudonymous name of a gifted female sniper, who is asked to protect the cellist from a hidden shooter who is out to kill him as he plays his memorial to the victims. In this beautiful and unforgettable novel, Steven Galloway has taken an extraordinary, imaginative leap to create a story that speaks powerfully to the dignity and generosity of the human spirit under extraordinary duress. From the Hardcover edition.

Culture, Conflict and the Military in Colonial South Asia

Author: Kaushik Roy,Gavin Rand

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1351584529

Category: History

Page: 288

View: 8451

This book offers diverse and original perspectives on South Asia’s imperial military history. Unlike prevailing studies, the chapters in the volume emphasize both the vital role of culture in framing imperial military practice and the multiple cultural effects of colonial military service and engagements. The volume spans from the early East India Company period through to the Second World War and India’s independence, exploring themes such as the military in the field and at leisure, as well as examining the effects of imperial deployments in South Asia and across the British Empire. Drawing extensively on new archival research, the book integrates previously disparate accounts of imperial military history and raises new questions about culture and operational practice in the colonial Indian Army. This work will be of interest to scholars and researchers of modern South Asian history, war and strategic studies, military history, the British Empire, as well as politics and international relations.