Gagana S_moa

A Samoan Language Coursebook

Author: Galumalemana Afeleti L. Hunkin

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 0824831314

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 179

View: 8219

Gagana Sāmoa is a modern Sāmoan language resource. Designed for both classroom and personal use, it features: a methodical approach suitable for all ages; an emphasis on patterns of speech and communication through practice and examples; 10 practical dialogues covering everyday social situations; an introduction to the wider culture of fa'asamoa through photographs; more than 950 exercises to reinforce comprehension; a glossary of all Sāmoan words used in the coursebook; and information on dowloadable oral skills information is listed.

Gagana Samoa

A Samoan Language Coursebook

Author: Galumalemana Afeleti L. Hunkin

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 9780908597048

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 143

View: 8202


Sāmoan Word Book

Author: Aumua Mataitusi Simanu,Luafata Simanu-Klutz

Publisher: Bess Press

ISBN: 9781573061988

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 112

View: 1375

Features beautifully illustrated vocabulary words, a pronunciation guide, and a glossary. Word categories include family, home school, the body, opposites, numbers, nature, and time. Illustrations by Regina Meredith Malala bring terms to life.

My First Samoan 200 Picture Word Book

Author: Gerard Aflague

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781542547444


Page: 56

View: 9173

This is a 50+ colorful, vivid, cultural picture book that highlights 200 images described in Samoan and English. It's a wonderful picture book that shares and educates the culture of Samoa through language.

Performance Analysis

An Introductory Coursebook

Author: Colin Counsell,Laurie Wolf

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134592663

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 264

View: 1019

This revolutionary introductory performance studies coursebook brings together classic texts in critical theory and shows how these texts can be used in the analysis of performance. The editors put their texts to work in examining such key topics as: * decoding the sign * the politics of performance * the politics of gender and sexual identity * performing ethnicity * the performing body * the space of performance * audience and spectatorship * the borders of performance. Each reading is clearly introduced, making often complex critical texts accessible at an introductory level and immediately applicavble to the field of performance. The ideas explored within these readings are further clarified through innovative, carefully tested exercises and activities.

Samoa History, Culture and Tourism

People of Samoa, Life and Custom, Language, Discovering Samoa and Settlement, American Samoa and Culture

Author: Leo Abbott

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781533693457


Page: 160

View: 2663

History of Samoa, Settlement of Samoans, Culture and tradition, Introduction to the history of Samoa: The following discussion focuses on Samoa since European contact. For additional treatment in a regional context, see Pacific Islands, history of. Early period Polynesians traveling in outrigger canoes arrived in the Samoan archipelago about 1000 bc, as indicated by Lapita pottery shards found in Mulifanua Lagoon on Upolu. Characteristics of the Samoan language indicate that the settlers probably came from Tonga. Local pottery manufacturing ceased by about ad 200, by which time Samoa had become central too much of the settlement of eastern Polynesia. Find out more in the book "Samos History, Culture and Tourism"

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes in Samoan with English Translations

Author: Gerard Aflague

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781976295867


Page: 50

View: 5524

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes in Samoan is a cute book that engages children to learn a language in a fun and colorful way. Let Peau and Vasa take you on an adventure through the picturesque backdrop of the tropics. From the warm, blue ocean waters to the lush greenery, children are sure to love learning the parts of their body in Samoan. Each page is vividly designed in a variety of island scenes with adorable characters, Peau and Vasa, enjoying a typical day in the tropics. They move from setting to setting to give children an experience they will not forget. See them play in the white sand, climb up coconut trees, and even ride a water buffalo. This book makes an ideal gift for children as they learn their body parts, explore a language and visit the colorful tropics.

Let's Learn Maori

Author: Bruce Biggs

Publisher: Auckland University Press

ISBN: 1775581101

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 206

View: 8302

Revised edition of the best-selling, self-help tutor in the Maori language presented in a new, easy-to-use format.

Tusi 'Upu Samoa Volume 1

Samoan to English

Author: Papaāliʻi Semisi Maʻiaʻi

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781877484193

Category: English language

Page: 468

View: 7406

Dr Ma'ia'i grew up with The Rev. George Pratt's A Grammar and Dictionary of the Samoan Language, with English and Samoan Vocabulary, published 1862. Pratt's aim was to provide English translations of everyday Samoan words of the time - so that business could be done and bibles translated. Dr Ma'ia'i's aim is not to challenge Pratt but rather to correct this over simplification of an oral language where real meaning comes from context. Pratt - a missionary for the London Missionary Society - lacked the necessary oral and historical knowledge to translate the use and context of words. Dr Ma'ia'i also acknowledges the legacy of G.B Milner's 1966 Samoan Dictionary. Milner's was a more academic approach concerned primarily with spelling and translation. Along with a word list he provided some examples of usage. Dr Ma'ia'i is Tusi'upu Samoa provides more cultural and historical context. Volume One contains the Samoan to English text.

Let's Learn the Samoan Alphabet

Author: Gerard Aflague

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781542549813


Page: 40

View: 4615

The Samoan Alphabet book is a fun soft-cover title that educates young minds to learn the full Samoan alphabet - from the natives of the Samoan people in Polynesia. Over 40 pages of fun and learning, while an array of beautiful and vivid images are used to narrate the pages. Each letter includes interactive discussions to further entertain young children.

Migrating Genders

Westernisation, Migration, and Samoan Fa'afafine

Author: Johanna Schmidt

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317096525

Category: Social Science

Page: 240

View: 3783

Migrating Genders presents a sustained description of male-to-female transgendered identities, explaining how the fa'afafine fit within the wider gender system of Samoa, and examining both the impact of Westernization on fa'afafine identities and lives, and the experiences of fa'afafine who have migrated to New Zealand. Informed by theories of sex, gender and embodiment, this book explores the manner in which the expression and understanding of non-normative gendered identities in Samoa problematizes dominant western understandings of the relationship between sex and gender. Drawing on rich empirical material, this book tells of both the diversity and the uniqueness of fa'afafine identities, aspects which fa'afafine have maintained in the face of Westernization, migration, and cultural marginalization in both Samoa and New Zealand. As such, in addition to anthropologists, it will be of interest to geographers, sociologists, and other readers with interests in gender and sexuality.

Anoafale O Le Gagana Ma Le Aganuu

Author: Pemerika L. Tauiliili

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1449035116

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 68

View: 6288

This book "Anoafale" describes the inter relation ship of the language and culture within the "matai" or the chiefly system of the Samoan people. The language serves as an instrument that peforms various aspects of the culture within the matai system. The Samoan people are culturally oriented and to live and understand the system one must understand the langugae and its culture. The matai system is based on small family units and the matai is the chief of that family unit. Several family units make up a village which is ruled by a village council. The council makes the rules and regulations that govern the village as a whole, and each family matai is represented there. The purpose of this book is to remind the younger generation of the importance of their heritage which has been passed down through many generations.

1001+ Basic Phrases English - Samoan

Author: Gilad Soffer

Publisher: Soffer Publishing



Page: N.A

View: 4246

"1001+ Basic Phrases English - Samoan" is a list of more than 1000 basic phrases translated from English to Samoan. Phrases divided into sections such as numbers, colors, time, days, body, greeting, weather, shopping, health, emergency, restaurant and more.


A Short History of Western Samoa

Author: Penelope Schoeffel Meleisea

Publisher: [email protected]

ISBN: 9789820200296

Category: Samoa

Page: 225

View: 8299

A history from writers from Western Samoa, examining thematically the influences of European settlers, the churches, German and NZ colonialism and the background to Western Samoa's independence. This short history is written for the general reader and for senior high school and university students seeking an overview of Samoan history. First published in 1987 and last reprinted in 2003. This is a reissue of the 2003 edition for 2018.

Samoan reference grammar

Author: Ulrike Mosel,Even Hovdhaugen,Instituttet for sammenlignende kulturforskning

Publisher: A Scandinavian University Press Publication


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 819

View: 5036

Samoan Reference Grammar is the first extensive grammar of Samoan, by number of speakers the largest Polynesian language. The grammar is divided into eighteen chapters which cover phonetics, phonology, and orthography, word classification and morphology, the syntax of various types of phrases, simple clause structure, nominalization, dependent clauses, coordination, and finally, case marking and grammatical relations. The descriptive framework is not tied to a particular linguistic theory, but is based on the empirical findings of linguistic typology during the last two decades. The grammar is descriptive in the sense that it takes the Samoan ways of expression as the starting point of analysis and describes the meanings which are encoded by the various types of construction.