Gods and Men in Egypt

3000 BCE to 395 CE

Author: Françoise Dunand,Christiane Zivie-Coche

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9780801488535

Category: History

Page: 378

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In their wide-ranging interpretation of the religion of ancient Egypt, Françoise Dunand and Christiane Zivie-Coche explore how, over a period of roughly 3500 years, the Egyptians conceptualized their relations with the gods. Drawing on the insights of anthropology, the authors discuss such topics as the identities, images, and functions of the gods; rituals and liturgies; personal forms of piety expressing humanity's need to establish a direct relation with the divine; and the afterlife, a central feature of Egyptian religion. That religion, the authors assert, was characterized by the remarkable continuity of its ritual practices and the ideas of which they were an expression.Throughout, Dunand and Zivie-Coche take advantage of the most recent archaeological discoveries and scholarship. Gods and Men in Egypt is unique in its coverage of Egyptian religious expression in the Ptolemaic and Roman periods. Written with nonspecialist readers in mind, it is largely concerned with the continuation of Egypt's traditional religion in these periods, but it also includes fascinating accounts of Judaism in Egypt and the appearance and spread of Christianity there.

The Gods of Egypt

Author: Claude Traunecker

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9780801438349

Category: Religion

Page: 134

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The Gods of Egypt, first published in France in 1992 and now in its third French edition, is a short, elegant, and highly accessible survey of ancient Egyptian religion. The clarity and brevity of Claude Traunecker's book make it especially valuable to readers seeking an authoritative introduction to this complex topic. The Cornell edition, the first English translation, is enhanced by 23 illustrations. Traunecker begins with an overview of the source materials and a discussion of the historiography of Egyptian religion, a subject relatively neglected by scholars. He then describes the actual and metaphysical worlds inhabited by the Egyptian deities and the role that humans played in the Egyptian universe. Focusing especially on the diversity and number of approaches used by Egyptians to explain their world, The Gods of Egypt offers a succinct and highly readable presentation of recent interpretations of Egyptian religion.

The Routledge Dictionary of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

Author: George Hart

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134284233

Category: Religion

Page: 192

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The Routledge Dictionary of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses contains one of the most comprehensive listings and descriptions of Egyptian deities. Now in its second edition, it provides: a new introduction updated entries and four new entries on deities names of the deities as Hieroglyphs a survey of gods and goddesses as they appear in classical literature an expanded chronology and updated bibliography, together with a list of relevant websites drawings of the gods and emblems of each district a map of ancient Egypt and a time chart Presenting a vivid picture of the complexity and richness of imagery in Egyptian mythology, students studying Ancient Egypt, travelers, visitors to museums and all those interested in mythology will find this an invaluable resource.

Geschichte der Welt Die Welt vor 600

Frühe Zivilisationen

Author: Akira Iriye,Jürgen Osterhammel,Hans-Joachim Gehrke

Publisher: C.H.Beck

ISBN: 3406641113

Category: History

Page: 1082

View: 917

Von der Altsteinzeit bis zur Spätantike reicht das große Panorama, das im ersten Band der Geschichte der Welt entworfen wird – eine grandiose Darstellung von mehr als 2,7 Millionen Jahren Kultur- und Ereignisgeschichte der Menschheit. Sie reicht von den Anfängen der Menschwerdung über den Beginn des Ackerbaus, das Aufblühen der frühen Hochkulturen bis zur Epoche der griechisch-römischen Welt und dem Ende der Gupta-Zeit in Indien, dem Niedergang der Sui-Dynastie in China und dem Aufkommen des Islam. Dieser Band über ferne Zeiten und alte Kulturen der Menschheit liefert den Schlüssel zum Verständnis auch jüngerer Epochen, wurden sie doch nachhaltig von Kulturen geprägt, die bereits untergegangen waren, lange bevor die Schrift erfunden wurde. Die meisterhafte Beschreibung der frühen Zivilisationen erhellt gleichermaßen das schriftlose Dunkel der Frühgeschichte wie den kulturellen Reichtum des Alten Orients, Ägyptens und der Klassischen Antike, aber auch der indischen und ostasiatischen Staatenwelt. Alle Beiträge sind großzügig mit Karten, Plänen, Abbildungen und Zeittafeln ausgestattet. Mit Beiträgen von Hans-Joachim Gehrke, Mark Edward Lewis (übersetzt von Andreas Wirthensohn), Axel Michaels, Hermann Parzinger und Karen Radner

Die Religionen des Alten Ägypten

Author: Françoise Dunand,Christiane Zivie-Coche

Publisher: Kohlhammer Verlag

ISBN: 3170237047

Category: Religion

Page: 768

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In dieser Darstellung wird die gesamte Geschichte Ägyptens in den Blick genommen: von ihren Anfängen bis zum Ende dieser Kultur, mit dem auch die Praxis der Religion der Pharaonen endete. Schon in frühen Zeiten hatte Ägypten Fremde und ihre Götter aufgenommen, vor allem Gottheiten syro-palästinischen Ursprungs. Neben den Griechen lebten seit mehreren Jahrhunderten auch Judäer im Land, schließlich kam das Christentum nach Ägypten. Wie haben die Menschen dieses plurikulturellen Alten Ägypten ihr Verhältnis zu den Göttern, die sie sich gegeben hatten, zu Lebzeiten und nach dem Tod gesehen? Wie haben sie die Beziehungen zwischen ihrer realen physischen Welt und der Welt des Unsichtbaren, die als ebenso real galt wie die sichtbare, gestaltet? Unter diesen Fragestellungen ergeben sich die Themen: die Beziehungen zwischen dem Politischen und dem Religiösen; der Begriff des Göttlichen; der Dienst für die Götter und die persönliche Frömmigkeit; die Welt der Toten und die Bestattungspraktiken.

Egypt and the Egyptians

Author: Douglas J. Brewer,Emily Teeter

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521851505

Category: History

Page: 255

View: 573

A comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to over three thousand years of ancient Egyptian civilization.

The Oxford Handbook of Ancient Greek Religion

Author: Esther Eidinow,Julia Kindt

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0199642036

Category: Greece

Page: 736

View: 8077

This handbook offers a comprehensive overview of scholarship in ancient Greek religion, from the Archaic to the Hellenistic periods. The handbook lays out the key dimensions of ancient Greek religion, approaches to evidence, and the representations of myths. The chapters reveal to readers the questions about, and the continuities and differences between, religious structures across time and place; including cultural interactions with Egypt, the Near East, theBlack Sea, and Bactria and India.


History of a Monument

Author: Christiane Zivie-Coche

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9780801489549

Category: Art

Page: 122

View: 1255

Christiane Zivie-Coche, a distinguished Egyptologist surveys the long history of the Great Sphinx and discusses its original appearance, its functions and religious significance, its relation to the many other Egyptian sphinxes, and the various discoveries connected with it.

Current Research in Egyptology

Author: Maria Cannata,Christina Adams

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781842172629

Category: History

Page: 176

View: 319

The Seventh annual Current Research in Egyptology Symposium (CRE 2006) was held on 6-8 April 2006, at the University of Oxford, and brought together graduate and postgraduate students of Egyptology from institutions world-wide. A total of 44 students presented their new and on-going research on a variety of topics including archaeology, art and architecture, history and society, literature and language, religion, museum studies, scientific analysis, history of Egyptology and 'egyptomania,' spanning the entire period of Egyptian history from Predynastic to Coptic times. The papers published here cover the same wide range of research areas and multi-disciplinary approaches.

Current Research in Egyptology 2006

Proceedings of the Seventh Annual Symposium which Took Place at the University of Oxford April 2006

Author: Maria Cannata

Publisher: Oxbow Books Limited


Category: History

Page: 176

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The Seventh annual Current Research in Egyptology Symposium (CRE 2006) was held on 6-8 April 2006, at the University of Oxford, and brought together graduate and postgraduate students of Egyptology from institutions world-wide. A total of 44 students presented their new and on-going research on a variety of topics including archaeology, art and architecture, history and society, literature and language, religion, museum studies, scientific analysis, history of Egyptology and 'egyptomania, ' spanning the entire period of Egyptian history from Predynastic to Coptic times. The papers published here cover the same wide range of research areas and multi-disciplinary approaches

Ancient non-Greek rhetorics

Author: Carol Lipson,Roberta A. Binkley

Publisher: Parlor Pr


Category: History

Page: 308

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ANCIENT NON-GREEK RHETORICS contributes to the recovery and understanding of ancient rhetorics in non-Western cultures and other cultures that developed independently of classical Greco-Roman models. Contributors analyze facets of the rhetorics as embedded within the particular cultures of ancient China, Egypt, Mesopotamia, the ancient Near East more generally, Israel, Japan, India, and ancient Ireland. The ten essays examine rhetorics as broadly construed, analyzing texts, addressing silence, as well as considering the placement and use of texts as part of multimedia cultural communication, involving ritual along with oral, visual, sensual, experiential, and architectural elements and performances. CAROL S. LIPSON is Professor of Writing and Rhetoric, and immediate past chair of the Writing Program at Syracuse University. She received her PhD in English at the University of California-Los Angeles, where she began the study of Egyptology. She has published on ancient Egyptian medical rhetoric, on the multimedia nature of ancient Egyptian public texts, and on the central Egyptian value of Maat in relation to the culture's rhetorical principles. With Roberta Binkley, she co-edited RHETORIC BEFORE AND BEYOND THE GREEKS (SUNY Press, 2004). ROBERTA BINKLEY received her PhD in rhetoric from the University of Arizona. Subsequently she has taught at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and at Arizona State University. Her research has focused on Near Eastern rhetoric in early Mesopotamia, with particular attention to the works of the priestess and poetess Enheduanna. With Carol S. Lipson, she co-edited RHETORIC BEFORE AND BEYOND THE GREEKS. CONTRIBUTORS include Roberta Binkley, Richard Johnson-Sheehan, Carol S. Lipson, Yichun Liu, Arabella Lyon, Steven B. Katz, Marie Lee Mifsud, Scott R. Stroud, James W. Watts, Xiaoye You, and Kathy Wolfe.

Bronze Priests of Ancient Egypt from the Middle Kingdom to the Graeco-Roman Period

Author: Barbara Mendoza

Publisher: British Archaeological Reports Limited


Category: Art

Page: 402

View: 8402

Ancient Egyptian bronze sculpture appears in many major European and North American museum collections, but its inadequate study makes the sculpture very difficult to analyze. The aim of the present study is to analyze and organize the corpus of priestly bronze statuary, a rather large subgroup of non-royal ancient Egyptian bronze statuary. To this end, the author utilizes several factors intrinsic to each three-dimensional figure: epigraphical, stylistical, contextual, and technical, to show the temporal development of the ancient Egyptian priest and priestly figure in bronze. With this study the author provides a foundation for further study in the area of non-royal bronze statuary in general and a clearer view of the artistic contribution of priestly bronze statuary in particular, as well as a better understanding of the role and development of priestly bronze statuary.

Egyptian Archaeology

Bulletin of the Egypt Exploration Society

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Excavations (Archaeology)

Page: N.A

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In Search of the Sorcerer's Apprentice

The Traditional Tales of Lucian's Lover of Lies

Author: Daniel Ogden

Publisher: Classical Pressof Wales


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 310

View: 3047

In Search of the Sorcerer's Apprentice is the first book in English to be devoted to Lucian's Philopseudes or Lover of Lies (ca. 170s AD). It comprises an extensive discussion, with full translation, on this engaging and satirical Greek text with its ten tales of magic and ghosts. One of these is the famous story of The Sorcerer's Apprentice , and this conveys the flavour of the rest. In other tales a plague of snakes is blasted with a miraculous scorching breath, a woman is drawn to her admirer by an animated cupid doll, and a haunted house is cleansed of its monstrous ghost. The Philopseudes stands at the intersection of three of the liveliest fields in the study of antiquity: magic, traditional narratives, and the Lucianic oeuvre itself. Ogden's cross-fertilising expertise in all three of these fields enables him to build sophisticated analyses for each of the tales and to place them sensitively in their historical, cultural and literary contexts. Among the themes of the work are Lucian's methods of adapting motifs from traditional narratives, and the text's overlooked Cynic voice.

Mythos Ägypten

die Geschichte einer Wiederentdeckung

Author: Joyce A. Tyldesley

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783150105986


Page: 312

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