Into Egypt Again with Ships

A Message to the Forgotten Israelites

Author: Elisha Israel

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub

ISBN: 9781440469398

Category: Religion

Page: 152

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INTO EGYPT AGAIN WITH SHIPS explains the spiritual implications regarding the more than 250 years of chattel slavery, 100 years of Jim Crow, semi-permanent underclass status, and loss of true identity that "African Americans" have suffered in the United States. This book also reveals the biblical solution that will lead to the complete liberation of a people. All those who have descended from slaves, and consider themselves to be "Negro", "Black", or "African American" should have the audacity to read this book.

The Black Holocaust For Beginners

Author: S.E. Anderson

Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser

ISBN: 1934389994

Category: Social Science

Page: 192

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Virtually anyone, anywhere knows that six million Jewish human beings were killed in the Jewish Holocaust. But how many African human beings were killed in the Black Holocaust – from the start of the European slave trade (c. 1500) to the Civil War (1865)? And how many were enslaved? The Black Holocaust, a travesty that killed millions of African human beings, is the most underreported major event in world history. A major economic event for Europe and Asia, a near fatal event for Africa, the seminal event in the history of every African American – if not every American! – and most of us cannot answer the simplest question about it. Here is a sample of what you will get from the painstakingly researched, painfully honest The Black Holocaust For Beginners: “The total number of slaves imported is not known. It is estimated that nearly 900,000 came to America in the 16th Century, 2.75 million in the 17th Century, 7 million in the 18th, and over 4 million in the 19th – perhaps 15 million in total. Probably every slave imported represented, on average, five corpses in Africa or on the high seas. The American slave trade, therefore, meant the elimination of at least 60 million Africans from their fatherland.” The Black Holocaust For Beginners – part indisputably documented chronicle, part passionately engaging narrative, puts the tragic event in plain sight where it belongs! The long overdue book answers all of your questions, sensitively and in great depth.

The Pagan Origins of Christian Holidays

Author: Elisha J. Israel

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781467948043

Category: Religion

Page: 98

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Have you ever wondered what a Christmas tree has to do with the birth of Christ, or, why children decorate eggs in commemoration of Christ's death? Well, the answer is a sobering one. Because of the compromise between pagans and the Catholic Church many Christian holidays are Christian in name only. In this book Elisha J. Israel traces the origins of this unholy compromise. Elisha J. Israel is the author of Into Egypt Again With Ships: A Message to the Forgotten Israelites (African Americans) and Killing Black Innocents: The Program to Control "African American" Reproduction (from Slavery's End to the Present-Day Self-Inflicted Genocide).

The Hidden Treasure That Lies In Plain Sight

The Truth About The So Called Negroes Of America and the 12 Tribes

Author: Jeremy Shorter

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1468574280

Category: Religion

Page: 108

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For more information about the Author visit: This best selling book takes a historic and analytical approach to the heritage of the so called Negros of America and the 12 tribes in the bible. The Hidden Treasure that Lies in Plain Sight is a bold and innovative addition to the world of literature, providing a fresh perspective on the identity of the Biblical Hebrew Israelites. The Hidden Treasure that Lies in Plain Sight features captivating content of a rich heritage that has been hidden from the masses. Best Selling Author Jeremy Shorter presents the unfolding of his self discovery journey which leads back to the Old Testament times.

For A Sign And A Wonder

Handy Scriptural References To Aid The Newly Awakened Israelite

Author: Leah Yehudah

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780692905609

Category: History

Page: 452

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For A Sign And A Wonder is a handy reference and witnessing tool for the newly awakened Israelite. This topical compilation of scriptures includes canonical (The Bible) and non-canonical sources like the Apocrypha, and the Pseudepigrapha as well as relevant historical and contemporary citations. Though many books in the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha have been dismissed by "mainstream Christianity," a number of them exist as canon in the Ethiopian, Coptic, Syriac, and Armenian bibles. Explore the many clues that point to the identity of Jacob's true bloodline. Sift through the myriad of prophecies referencing the great diaspora where The Most High scattered His people (who remain in captivity) across the four corners of the world. Discover the glorious revelation of the "hidden ones," who were once thought to have disappeared forever. Pore over The Most High's many prophecies and promises to restore, regather, glorify, and exalt His chosen ones before the entire world! Understand the enduring Israelite condition, and what we must do to "reverse the curse." Prophecy is unfolding before our eyes. Generations have longed to witness what we're seeing now. If there's a friend, acquaintance, loved one, or even a stranger you want to reach, this arsenal of relevant scriptures will help you take that first step. Remember The Most High's promise: "I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you..." Here's the CONDENSED TABLE OF CONTENTS: Foreword By Judah Chokmah Preface: The Awakening of Leah Yehudah Referenced Texts Introduction Chapter 1: What Color Were The People Of The Bible? Chapter 2: Choosing The Seed: Abraham, Isaac & Jacob Chapter 3: Israel's Purpose Chapter 4: Blessings of The Most High To Israel Chapter 5: Why The Most High Cursed Israel Chapter 6: Covenant Curses Chapter 7: The Gospel Of The Kingdom Chapter 8: A Parable For The Awakening Chapter 9: The Curse Reversed: The Regathering Chapter 10: The Curse Lifted: Israel Redeemed Chapter 11: Israel's Enemies & Oppressors Chapter 12: Esau Have I Hated Chapter 13: Mystery Babylon The Great Chapter 14: The Fate Of Gentile Nations Chapter 15: Sharing The Truth APPENDIX 1: The Curses In Action APPENDIX 2: The Curious Case Of Ham APPENDIX 3: Them Which Say They Are Jews BIBLIOGRAPHY For A Sign And A Wonder also has an Expanded Table Of Contents which features a more detailed topical subheading's list of scripture citations. Book Excerpt: FOREWORD When my wife Leah and I first began to consider the "why" of the minority experience and more specifically, the "black" experience in this country, answers were hard to come by, and understanding even more so. We found ourselves both confused and challenged to make sense of a history, and perhaps even a future, of perpetual disenfranchisement. Many times during our journey, James 1:5 came to mind: "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him." We asked and God answered. Perhaps you've heard it said that truth is self-evident; that it requires no explanation because of its obviousness. Yet, despite our capacity to recognize truth, our ability to accept it is constantly under attack. Our view of truth is shaped by our willingness to believe. Evidence forces us to question what we think we know and compels us to examine who we are, what we do, and why we do it. For my wife and I, this book is a legacy for us, our children, and our children's children. It's also an outreach to those like us who recognize truth and strive to accept it. --Judah Chokmah

Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America!

Author: Ronald Dalton Jr

Publisher: G Publishing

ISBN: 9780986237959

Category: Religion

Page: 712

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The book "Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America" touches on subjects too controversial for most authors to reveal to the people. This book will expose the truths that have been hidden by the powers that be in America. Since the European and Arab slave traders stepped foot into Africa, blacks have been told lies about their heritage. This was all by Satan's design for he is the father of lies. There is an old stereotypical expression that says "If you want to hide something from a Black person, put it in a book." Well, this is THE BOOK that ALL Black people must read! Since biblical times, there has been a satanic agenda to destroy God's Chosen People. This agenda still exists today and is carried on by man in many forms. Satan knows who God's Chosen People are, but for centuries we have been blind to this knowledge even though it's been right in front of our face. After many years of research, the time has finally come for ALL Black people to know the truth. Inside Hebrews To Negroes you will find the answers to all the burning questions you have wanted ask your parents, teachers and pastors for years. It has been said that the mind has a strong drive to correct itself over a period of time if it can touch some substantial ORIGINAL historical base about itself. This time period is ending and the truth is being exposed! Is this signs of the End Times? The bible says in the last days that knowledge will increase. It also says "In the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: " Knowledge is the TRUTH and Satan's time is running out. Don't be left behind. Find out what's really going on behind the scenes as it relates to BLACK AMERICA then and now. Afterwards you be the judge as to who God's Chosen People really are and who Satan's army is really after. AT THE END OF READING THIS BOOK, I GUARANTEE YOU WON'T REGRET IT.

The Israelites

Author: Time-Life Books

Publisher: N.A


Category: Bible

Page: 159

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Traces the ancient history of the Jews from the time of Abraham to their defeat by the Babylonians in the first quarter of the sixth century, B.C.

The Rescue of Jerusalem

The Alliance Between Hebrews and Africans in 701 BC

Author: Henry Aubin

Publisher: Anchor Canada

ISBN: 0385672276

Category: History

Page: 448

View: 2415

In 701 BC, the powerful Assyrian army laid siege to Jerusalem, threatening the Hebrew kingdom with destruction. What saved the City of David? The Bible credits divine intervention. Modern scholars have long speculated that a plague spread through the ranks of the Assyrian soldiers, forcing them to withdraw. Now, in this ground-breaking account, award-winning author Henry Aubin argues that it was the Kushites, the black Africans who formed Egypt’s 25th dynasty, who saved Jerusalem, the birthplace of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In his powerful, wide-ranging analysis, Aubin shows how Western scholarship turned its back on the theory of black African involvement. The account of the long-forgotten African and Hebrew alliance that rescued Jerusalem will change the face of Jewish and African history and contribute to a fresh understanding of our world today. From the Hardcover edition.

Chosen People

The Rise of American Black Israelite Religions

Author: Jacob S. Dorman

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0190490098


Page: 322

View: 524

Named Outstanding Academic Title by CHOICE Winnter of the Wesley-Logan Prize of the American Historical Association Winner of the Byron Caldwell Smith Book Prize Winner of the 2014 Albert J. Raboteau Book Prize for the Best Book in Africana Religions Jacob S. Dorman offers new insights into the rise of Black Israelite religions in America, faiths ranging from Judaism to Islam to Rastafarianism all of which believe that the ancient Hebrew Israelites were Black and that contemporary African Americans are their descendants. Dorman traces the influence of Israelite practices and philosophies in the Holiness Christianity movement of the 1890s and the emergence of the Pentecostal movement in 1906. An examination of Black interactions with white Jews under slavery shows that the original impetus for Christian Israelite movements was not a desire to practice Judaism but rather a studied attempt to recreate the early Christian church, following the strictures of the Hebrew Scriptures. A second wave of Black Israelite synagogues arose during the Great Migration of African Americans and West Indians to cities in the North. One of the most fascinating of the Black Israelite pioneers was Arnold Josiah Ford, a Barbadian musician who moved to Harlem, joined Marcus Garvey's Black Nationalist movement, started his own synagogue, and led African Americans to resettle in Ethiopia in 1930. The effort failed, but the Black Israelite theology had captured the imagination of settlers who returned to Jamaica and transmitted it to Leonard Howell, one of the founders of Rastafarianism and himself a member of Harlem's religious subculture. After Ford's resettlement effort, the Black Israelite movement was carried forward in the U.S. by several Harlem rabbis, including Wentworth Arthur Matthew, another West Indian, who creatively combined elements of Judaism, Pentecostalism, Freemasonry, the British Anglo-Israelite movement, Afro-Caribbean faiths, and occult kabbalah. Drawing on interviews, newspapers, and a wealth of hitherto untapped archival sources, Dorman provides a vivid portrait of Black Israelites, showing them to be a transnational movement that fought racism and its erasure of people of color from European-derived religions. Chosen People argues for a new way of understanding cultural formation, not in terms of genealogical metaphors of "survivals," or syncretism, but rather as a "polycultural" cutting and pasting from a transnational array of ideas, books, rituals, and social networks.

Wake Up to Your True Identity

Revealing the Biblical Nationality of the So-Called African Americans

Author: Maurice Lindsay

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780692540022


Page: N.A

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Rewritten from the ground up, the second part of the book series, Wake Up To Your True Identity, is a collection of life-changing proverbs and commentaries, written specifically for black people around the world who were born outside of Africa. Unlike the first book, which taught us about our history and heritage; this book teaches us how to develop our character and spirit.Ever since being dispersed from Africa, we've been indoctrinated by the racist philosophies of our oppressors and have been living by these lies for centuries. As a result of this mis-education, our personal and spiritual growth has been horribly stunted, causing us to be stagnant in almost every arena of our lives. Thus, explaining the continuous state of depression that "black people" seem to have globally.Contrary to popular belief, a lack of money is NOT the cause of our unhappiness, being mis-educated is. Knowledge is power, and since we have been wrongly taught; we don't have any power. So this book exists for one reason and for one reason only - to empower my people of the African Diaspora with the knowledge, wisdom and understanding you need to live a peaceful, productive, and purpose-driven life.

The Negro Question Part 2 the Slave Ships That Came from Judah

Author: Lee Cummings

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub

ISBN: 9781492719120

Category: History

Page: 166

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This book is the rewriting of history based on the artifacts that have been dug up by archaeologists. You will be amazed at the black images of the Israelites of the bible, black Kings, black Popes of Avignon, black knights, black Ghengis Khan and much much more.

Who Are the Original Hebrews?

Author: Bishop Davis

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595403557

Category: Religion

Page: 68

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This book will explain who the original Hebrews are according to the Bible. The intent of this book is to make some corrections for people that have read the Bible over the centuries and have been misguided concerning the original Hebrews.

Hebrews to Negroes 2: Volume 2 Wake Up Black America

Author: Ronald Dalton Jr

Publisher: G Publishing

ISBN: 9780997157918

Category: Religion

Page: 676

View: 9138

"From beyond the Rivers of Ethiopia My worshippers, My dispersed ones, Will bring My offerings." - Zephaniah 3:10 Modern Jewry has been looking for the "10 Lost Tribes of Israel" in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Arabia, and India but they never seem to look in Africa. The Ethiopian Jews and the Lemba Jews have been recognized by modern Jewry as having a connection to Ancient Israel but other African countries are often overlooked. Why is this? Jews today now boast to have "Israelite" heritage based on the "Cohen Model Haplogroup" genetic marker that they say links them to the High Priest Cohenite clan of Aaron, the brother of Moses. But what exactly is this "Cohen Model Haplogroup"? Who else in the world has it and is it really an "Israelite Genetic Marker" as they claim? In the Book, "Hebrews to Negroes 2: Volume 2, I dive in deep into the "world of genetics" to debunk the lies that has been spread about who we call "Jews" or the "Chosen People" today. Using Linguistics, Ancient written records from Arab historians, Craniometry, Tooth records, Ancient maps, Ancient archaeological relics, Ancient pictures, the Bible, Genetics and "Critical Thinking" one can find out the TRUTH about who the REAL ISRAELITES of the Bible are. It will tell us where we should be looking in regards to finding the "authentic" scattered "Children of Israel," not "outsiders" who have invaded Judea for the last 2,000 years and decided to convert to Judaism. In this Book many clues to our "many" questions about the Bible will be answered and explored. Such as: Who are the descendants of the Ancient Egyptians, Canaanites, Cushites and Phuttites today? Who are the "Original Arabs" and where are they at today? What is the connection between the Lemba Jews, African-Americans, Caribbean Blacks, Afro-Latinos and "Bantus" West/East Africans? Who are the indigenous Native Amerindians? Are they descendants of Ham, Shem or Japheth? Are the Native Amerindians Israelites? Do Latinos have any "Israelite" heritage? Where did the 10 Lost Tribes of Northern Israel (Samaria) go after they were exiled in 700 B.C. and is there any DNA proof of this? Who were the Jews that were exiled from Spain and Portugal in 1492 A.D.' Were they "Black Jews" or "White Jews"? Who are the Sephardic Jews and are they "imposters" as well? Who were the Moors? Were they mixed with "Israelite Blood"? Can we trace the migration pattern of the Edomites? If so, where are the Edomites today and what nations of people can we find the "bloodline" of Edom in? How do we know that the Ashkenazi Jew, the Sephardic Jew and the Mizrahi Jew today are "Gentiles" and not "Jews"? Are there any Israelites in Asia or the Middle East? A LIE CANNOT LIVE FOREVER! It is time for "Black America" and the World to know the Truth!"

Deuteronomy 28-15-68

The Condition of the Blacks; History Untold to the Masses

Author: Yeshiah Yisrael

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781539008798


Page: 268

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The book you are about to read is concerning the fact the Israelites were scattered throughout the world and later brought to the Western Hemisphere in part. The book speaks on condition of our people, why we fell as a people and what to do to get out of the bad situation we are in as a people.

Black Jews in Africa and the Americas

Author: Tudor Parfitt

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674071506

Category: Social Science

Page: 239

View: 4761

Tudor explains how many African peoples came to think of themselves as descendants of the ancient tribes of Israel. Pursuing medieval and modern race narratives over a millennium in which Jews were cast as black and black Africans were cast as Jews, he reveals a complex interaction between religious and racial labels and their political uses.

Nature Knows No Color-Line

Research into the Negro Ancestry in the White Race

Author: J. A. Rogers

Publisher: Wesleyan University Press

ISBN: 0819575518

Category: Social Science

Page: 248

View: 7712

In Nature Knows No Color-Line, originally published in 1952, historian Joel Augustus Rogers examines the origins of racial hierarchy and the color problem. Rogers was a humanist who believed that there were no scientifically evident racial divisions—all humans belong to one “race.” He believed that color prejudice generally evolved from issues of domination and power between two physiologically different groups. According to Rogers, color prejudice was then used a rationale for domination, subjugation and warfare. Societies developed myths and prejudices in order to pursue their own interests at the expense of other groups. This book argues that many instances of the contributions of black people had been left out of the history books, and gives many examples.

Go Tell the Mountain

Stories and Lyrics of Jeffrey Lee Pierce

Author: Jeffrey Lee Pierce

Publisher: 2 13 61

ISBN: 9781880985601

Category: Music

Page: 298

View: 4206

Writings from the lead singer of the band the Gun Club, including personal accounts, band history, short stories, and lyrics.

A Time of Terror

A Survivor's Story

Author: James Cameron

Publisher: Lifewrites Press

ISBN: 9780996576901

Category: African Americans

Page: 262

View: 3511

"I had done nothing really bad, but this was Marion, Indiana, where there was very little room for foolish black boys." Unique, uplifting memoir about surviving a lynching and coming of age during Jim Crow. Annotated, with fifty photos, a foreword, introduction, and afterword.