Investigating Murder

Detective Work and the Police Response to Criminal Homicide

Author: Martin Innes

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199259427

Category: Social Science

Page: 318

View: 9303

'Investigating Murder' provides a unique insight into how police detectives investigate and solve murders. It covers the practices and processes involved in the investigation of serious violent crimes, as well as some of the problems that are often encountered in the conduct of this work.

Introduction to Criminal Justice

Author: Larry Siegel,Joseph Senna

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 0495095419

Category: Social Science

Page: 688

View: 9977

Want to get the most out of your introduction to criminal justice course and ace your exams? Let best-selling authors Larry J. Siegel and Joseph J. Senna show you the way in this Eleventh Edition of INTRODUCTION TO CRIMINAL JUSTICE. Siegel and Senna take you on an exciting behind-the-scenes look at the workings of the police, courts, and correctional systems. Helping you understand even the most complex concepts and topics, this Eleventh Edition includes plenty of learning tools to guide your study. With a new Careers in Criminal Justice feature in every chapter, interactive online tools, and many real-world criminal justice examples throughout, you will discover the rewards and challenges that criminal justice professionals experience daily. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Essentials of Criminal Justice

Author: Larry J. Siegel,John L. Worrall

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1337670820

Category: Education

Page: 448

View: 2887

ESSENTIALS OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE, 11th Edition, provides students with thorough, objective coverage of all the latest research in the field, cutting-edge topical and case discussions, and the richest examination of career options to be found in a criminal justice text -- all in fewer than 500 pages. The text is ideal for those who want the proven reliability of Siegel and Worrall's authorship in a shorter, paperback presentation. The authors make their impeccable scholarship accessible by using integrated learning objectives, visuals, and a unique theme designed to correct students’ misperceptions and biases. Students grapple with ethical concerns faced by agents of the criminal justice system in their professional lives, and are challenged to make informed decisions about what does and doesn't work in criminal justice. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Essentials of Criminal Justice

Author: Larry Siegel

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 0495553247

Category: Social Science

Page: 528

View: 7209

Master the ins and outs of the criminal justice system and succeed in your course with ESSENTIALS OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE, Sixth Edition! With its cutting-edge high-profile cases, detailed career information and resources, and current real-world examples, this text and its supporting resources will help you excel in this course and beyond. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Criminal Investigation

Author: Michael Palmiotto

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 9780761827481

Category: Law

Page: 348

View: 3751

Michael Palmiotto's Criminal Investigation is often described as one of the most realistic and accessible texts in the study of Criminal Justice. In this Third Edition which has been substantially updated from previous editions Palmiotto provides greater coverage of case screening, more sources of information, and in-depth analyses of special investigations. Designed for a one-semester or two-quarter course in criminal justice, police science, and police academy programs, this text will provide students studying criminal investigation an invaluable introduction to the field. Test bank and power point presentations are available upon course adoption.


Ein Jahr auf mörderischen Straßen

Author: David Simon

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783453676350


Page: 828

View: 2711


Constructing Victims' Rights

The Home Office, New Labour, and Victims

Author: Paul Elliott Rock

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand


Category: Social Science

Page: 583

View: 5943

Despite plentiful discussion at various times, the personal victim has traditionally been afforded almost no formal role in the criminal justice process. Victims' rights have always met with stout opposition from both judges and the Lord Chancellor, who have guarded defendants' rights; the maintenance of professionally-controlled and emotionally unencumbered trials; and the doctrine that crime is at heart an offence against society, State, or Sovereign. Constructing Victims' Rights provides a detailed account of how this opposition was overcome, and of the progressive redefinition of victims of crime, culminating in 2003 in proposals for awarding near-rights to victims of crime. Based upon extensive observation, primary papers, and interviews, Paul Rock examines changes in the forms of criminal justice policy-making within the New Labour Government, observing how they shaped political representations and activities centred on victims of crime. He reveals how the issues ofnew managerialism, restorative justice, human rights, race and racism (after the death of Stephen Lawrence), and the treatment of rape victims after the trial of Ralston Edwards came to form a critical mass that required ordering and reconstruction. Constructing Victims' Rights unpicks and explains the resultant battery of proposals and the deft policy manoeuvre contained in the Domestic Violence, Crime, and Victims Bill of 2003. This, the solution to a seemingly intractable problem, was awork of finesse, proposing on the one hand, the imposition of statutory duties on criminal justice agencies and the granting of access to an Ombudsman, and on the other, a National Victims' Advisory Panel that would afford victims a symbolic voice, and a symbolic champion: a Commissioner for Victims and Witnesses.

Understanding social control

deviance, crime and social order

Author: Martin Innes

Publisher: Open Univ Pr


Category: Social Science

Page: 176

View: 8278

*Provides a clear, yet panoramic analysis of how the concept of social control has been used by different theoretical traditions in the social sciences. *Connects contemporary changes in areas such as policing, penal systems and surveillance, with wider and deeper changes in the constitution of society. *Employs empirical examples to illustrate key conceptual points. *Develops an innovative argument about the nature and scope of social control in late-modern societies. Understanding Social Control investigates how the concept of social control has been used to capture the ways in which individuals, communities and societies respond to a variety of forms of deviant behaviour. In so doing, the book demonstrates how an appreciation of the meanings of the concept of social control is vital to understanding the dynamics and trajectories of social order in contemporary late-modern societies. Through an analysis of a range of different modes of social control including: policing, imprisonment, surveillance, risk management, audit and architecture, this book explores how and why the mechanisms and processes of social control are changing. The book will be of interest to those studying courses in criminology and the social sciences, researchers with interests in the sociology of deviance and social control, and readers who want to understand the social forces that are shaping the world they live in.

Relating Rape and Murder

Narratives of Sex, Death and Gender

Author: Jane Monckton-Smith

Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan


Category: Political Science

Page: 190

View: 3015

This book is about relating the concepts of rape and murder in both senses of the term; that is the way rape and murder are linked and related and also how stories of rape and murder are related or told.

Policing the peace in Northern Ireland

politics, crime and security after the Belfast Agreement

Author: Jon Moran

Publisher: Manchester Univ Pr


Category: Political Science

Page: 233

View: 2219

This timely and controversial book shows how crime, and the response of the authorities to it, became central to the peace process in Northern Ireland. The book covers the fast-moving and controversial aspects of paramilitary crime, police reform and the supposed demobilization of paramilitaries in Northern Ireland. It examines the loyalist paramilitary feuds of the early 1990s, involving Johnny Adair, the Northern Bank robbery, the Provisional IRA ending its "war" and moving to control crime, the republicans agreeing to support policing and the restoration of a devolved parliament in 2007. The book incorporates the first-hand research of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI).

Understanding Domestic Homicide

Author: Neil Websdale

Publisher: UPNE

ISBN: 9781555533939

Category: Social Science

Page: 289

View: 6414

Case histories of some 300 homicides involving family members, framed within their interpersonal, familial, cultural, and situational contexts.

Soziologische Aufklärung 4

Beiträge zur funktionalen Differenzierung der Gesellschaft

Author: Niklas Luhmann

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3663013413

Category: Social Science

Page: 276

View: 1569

Dieser Band setzt eine Reihe fort, die im Interesse an "soziologischer Aufklärung" gesellschaftstheoretische Grundlagen mit Analysen sehr verschiedenartiger Probleme der modernen Gesellschaft zu vermitteln sucht. Er enthält Aufsätze und Vorträge des Verfassers aus den Jahren 1981 - 1986 mit der Absicht, schwer zugängliche Publikationen sowie unpublizierte Arbeiten im Zusammenhang sichtbar zu machen. Die Auswahl konzentriert sich auf Arbeiten zu den Funktionssystemen für Politik, Erziehung und Religion. Ihre Themen reichen von soziologischen Analysen des Staatsbegriffs und Problemen der rechtsstaatlichen Demokratie über Fragen der Ausdifferenzierung eines besonderen Systems für Erziehung in Schulen und Universitäten bis hin zu Problemen, die die Kontinuierung der Gottesvorstellung in der modernen Gesellschaft betreffen.

Veronica Mars - Zwei Vermisste sind zwei zu viel

Author: Rob Thomas,Jennifer Graham

Publisher: script5

ISBN: 373200225X

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 336

View: 9963

Veronica Mars - bekannt aus Film und Fernsehen - ist zurück und ermittelt wieder! Für Fans und alle Thriller-Liebhaber! Nach ihrem Jura-Studium in New York ist Veronica Mars wieder zurück in ihrer Heimatstadt Neptune - dem Synonym für Sonne, Strand, Verbrechen und Korruption. Statt in schicken Büros reiche Klienten zu beraten, unterstützt sie ihren Vater, wie früher schon, bei seiner Arbeit als Privatdetektiv. Sie ist zurück im Spiel und bereit, sich erneut den dunklen Seiten der kalifornischen Kleinstadt zu widmen. Als eine junge Frau nach einer Spring-Break-Party als vermisst gemeldet wird, ist Veronica Mars gefragt. Doch bevor sie konkrete Hinweise finden kann, verschwindet ein weiteres Mädchen spurlos. Mit der für sie so typischen Unverfrorenheit und Cleverness nimmt sich Veronica Mars der Sache an, aber mit der Wendung, die die Ermittlungen schließlich nehmen, hat selbst sie nicht gerechnet. Die Veronica-Mars-Fernsehserie, produziert von Warner Bros Television und mit Kristen Bell in der Hauptrolle, begeisterte Zuschauer weltweit - nun ist die toughe Privatdetektivin endlich zurück! Und zwar in Form eines Kinofilms, der dank einer aufsehenerregenden Crowdfunding-Kampagne finanziert wurde. Als besonderes Geschenk an die Fans legt der Veronica-Mars-Schöpfer Rob Thomas außerdem einen Roman vor, der die Handlung des Kinofilms weiterspinnt. Er handelt von zwei verworrenen Entführungsfällen und richtet sich sowohl an die Fans der TV-Serie als auch an Thriller-Leser und Liebhaber starker, ungewöhnlicher weiblicher Protagonisten.

Books in Print

Author: R.R. Bowker Company

Publisher: N.A


Category: American literature

Page: N.A

View: 6371

Books in print is the major source of information on books currently published and in print in the United States. The database provides the record of forthcoming books, books in-print, and books out-of-print.

MI 5

Die wahre Geschichte des britischen Geheimdienstes

Author: Christopher M. Andrew

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783548610283


Page: 912

View: 7608


Gesetze der Gier

Author: Philip Kerr

Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 3644476314

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

View: 9818

Der Journalist Miljukin wurde in St. Petersburg ermordet. War der Mafiakritiker einer so heißen Sache auf der Spur, dass er sterben musste? Oberst Gruschko nimmt gegen den Willen seiner Vorgesetzten die Ermittlungen auf. Als er das dramatische Ausmaß des Falles erkennt, ist es schon zu spät.

Die Liebermann-Papiere


Author: Frank Tallis

Publisher: btb Verlag

ISBN: 3641163331

Category: Fiction

Page: 512

View: 1933

Mord, Dekadenz und Geisterbeschwörung: ein Krimi aus dem Wien der Jahrhundertwende. Wien, Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts: Der Tod des jungen Mediums Charlotte Löwenstein gibt Rätsel auf. Es gibt keine Spuren von Gewalt, ein Abschiedsbrief deutet auf Selbstmord hin. Der Polizist Reinhardt glaubt weder daran noch an übersinnliche Kräfte und bittet den jungen Arzt und Psychoanalytiker Max Liebermann um Hilfe. Der ist bekannt für seinen kühlen Verstand. Und für seine unkonventionellen Methoden ... Premiere eines ungewöhnlichen Detektivs: der Psychoanalytiker Max Liebermann auf der Suche nach dem Mörder.