Isak Dinesen

The Life of a Storyteller

Author: Judith Thurman

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9780312135256

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 512

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Winner of the National Book Award A brilliant literary portrait, Isak Dinesen remains the only comprehensive biography of one of the greatest storytellers of our time. Her magnificent memoir, Out of Africa, established Isak Dinesen as a major twentieth-century author, who was twice nominated for the Nobel Prize. With exceptional grace, Judith Thurman's classic work explores Dinesen's life. Until the appearance of this book, the life and art of Isak Dinesen have been--as Dinesen herself wrote of two lovers in a tale-- "a pair of locked caskets, each containing the key to the other." Judith Thurman has provided the master key to them both.

Isak Dinesen and the Engendering of Narrative

Author: Susan Hardy Aiken

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226011127

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 323

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Although Isak Dinesen has been widely acclaimed as a popular writer, her work has received little sustained critical attention. In this revisionist study, Susan Hardy Aiken takes up the complex relations of gender, sexuality, and representation in Dinesen's narratives. Drawing on feminist, psychoanalytic, and post-structuralist theories, Aiken shows how the form and meaning of Dinesen's texts are affected by her doubled situations as a Dane who wrote in English, a European who lived for many years in Africa, and a woman who wrote under a male pseudonym within a male-centered literary tradition. In a series of readings that range across Dinesen's career, Aiken demonstrates that Dinesen persistently asserted the inseparability of gender and the engendering of narrative. She argues that Dinesen's texts anticipate in remarkable ways some of the most radical insights of contemporary literary theories, particularly those of French feminist criticism. Aiken also offers a major rereading of Out of Africa that both addresses its distinctiveness as a colonialist text and places it within Dinesen's larger oeuvre. In Aiken's account, Dinesen's work emerges as a compelling inquiry into sexual difference and the ways it informs culture, subjectivity, and the language that is their medium. This important book will at last give Isak Dinesen's work the prominence it deserves in literary studies.

An Introduction to Danish Culture

Author: Norman Berdichevsky

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 078648652X

Category: History

Page: 239

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Denmark, the southernmost Nordic nation, remains little-known to many citizens of the world. Too often conflated with its Scandinavian neighbors to the north, it is a land of generally flat terrain, with an inviting temperate climate. The land of the Danes has much to offer visitors, and this guide to Danish society, culture, and history offers an inside look, with details on Denmark’s substantial contributions to science, engineering, exploration, seafaring, literature, philosophy, music, architecture, and many other fields. Brief portraits depict such Danes as “Clown Prince” Victor Borge, Hans Christian Andersen, Kierkegaard, and Out of Africa author Karen Blixen. Throughout, there is a focus upon Denmark’s human rights record, democratic institutions, and humanistic traditions. By examining Danish culture, this work fosters a greater understanding of Denmark, its people, and their way of life.

Historicizing Colonial Nostalgia

European Women's Narratives of Algeria and Kenya 1900-Present

Author: Patricia M. E. Lorcin

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 1137013036

Category: History

Page: 330

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This illuminating study of European women's narratives in colonial Algeria and Kenya argues that nostalgia was not a post-colonial phenomenon but was embedded in the colonial period. Patricia M. E. Lorcin explores the distinction between imperial nostalgia, associated with the loss of power that results from the loss of empire, and colonial nostalgia, associated with loss of socio-cultural standing—in other words, loss of a certain way of life. This distinction helps to make women's discursive role an important factor in the creation of colonial nostalgia, due to their significant contribution to the establishment of a European colonial environment.

Light Shining in a Dark Place

Discovering Theology through Film

Author: Jeff Sellars

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 163087583X

Category: Religion

Page: 252

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In Light Shining in a Dark Place, Jeff Sellars has drawn together more than a dozen scholars around the theme of discovering theology through the moving medium of film. The varied contributors in this collection explore, through their particular lenses, how theological ideas might be seen in and considered through one of the most popular of modern art forms. From subjects of sin, grace, and forgiveness to violence, science fiction/fantasy, and zombies, Light Shining in a Dark Place assists the theologically interested film viewer in tracing the light that might be found in the filmic arts back to the source of all lights. Contributors include: Bruce L. Edwards, J. Sage Elwell, Michael Leary, Peter Malone, Kevin C. Neece, Simon Oliver, Kim Paffenroth, J. Ryan Parker, Travis Prinzi, Megan J. Robinson, Scott Shiffer, James H. Thrall, and Alissa Wilkinson

The Genius and the Goddess

Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe

Author: Jeffrey Meyers

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 0252078543

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 345

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The 1956 wedding of Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller surprised the world. The Genius and the Goddess presents an intimate portrait of the prelude to and ultimate tragedy of their short marriage. Distinguished biographer Jeffrey Meyers skillfully explores why they married, what sustained them for five years, and what ultimately destroyed their marriage and her life. The greatest American playwright of the twentieth century and the most popular American actress both complemented and wounded one another. Marilyn craved attention and success but became dependent on drugs, alcohol, and sexual adventures. Miller experienced creative agony with her. Their marriage coincided with the creative peak of her career, yet private and public conflict caused both of them great anguish. Meyers has crafted a richly nuanced dual biography based on his quarter-century friendship with Miller, interviews with major players of stage and screen during the postwar Hollywood era, and extensive archival research. He describes their secret courtship. He also reveals new information about the effect of the HUAC anti-Communist witch-hunts on Miller and his friendship with Elia Kazan. The fascinating cast of characters includes Marilyn's co-stars Sir Laurence Olivier, Yves Montand, Montgomery Clift, and Clark Gable; her leading directors John Huston, Billy Wilder, and George Cukor; and her literary friends Dame Edith Sitwell, Isak Dinesen, Saul Bellow, and Vladimir Nabokov. Meyers offers the most in-depth account of the making and meaning of The Misfits. Written by Miller for Monroe, this now-classic film was a personal disaster. But Marilyn remained Miller's tragic muse and her character, exalted and tormented, lived on for the next forty years in his work.

Encyclopedia of the World Novel

Author: Michael David Sollars,Arbolina Llamas Jennings

Publisher: Infobase Learning

ISBN: 1438140738


Page: N.A

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Provides a comprehensive A to Z reference with more than 600 entries providing facts about modern novelists and their works.

Secrets of the Flesh

A Life of Colette

Author: Judith Thurman

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 9780307789815

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 640

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A scandalously talented stage performer, a practiced seductress of both men and women, and the flamboyant author of some of the greatest works of twentieth-century literature, Colette was our first true superstar. Now, in Judith Thurman's Secrets of the Flesh, Colette at last has a biography worthy of her dazzling reputation. Having spent her childhood in the shadow of an overpowering mother, Colette escaped at age twenty into a turbulent marriage with the sexy, unscrupulous Willy--a literary charlatan who took credit for her bestselling Claudine novels. Weary of Willy's sexual domination, Colette pursued an extremely public lesbian love affair with a niece of Napoleon's. At forty, she gave birth to a daughter who bored her, at forty-seven she seduced her teenage stepson, and in her seventies she flirted with the Nazi occupiers of Paris, even though her beloved third husband, a Jew, had been arrested by the Gestapo. And all the while, this incomparable woman poured forth a torrent of masterpieces, including Gigi, Sido, Cheri, and Break of Day. Judith Thurman, author of the National Book Award-winning biography of Isak Dinesen, portrays Colette as a thoroughly modern woman: frank in her desires, fierce in her passions, forever reinventing herself. Rich with delicious gossip and intimate revelations, shimmering with grace and intelligence, Secrets of the Flesh is one of the great biographies of our time. NOTE: This edition does not include a photo insert.

The Creative Dialectic in Karen Blixen's Essays

On Gender, Nazi Germany, and Colonial Desire

Author: Marianne T. Stecher

Publisher: Museum Tusculanum Press

ISBN: 8763540614

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 276

View: 6931

This new study addresses the provocative essays of Karen Blixen (Isak Dinesen), an iconic figure in Scandinavia and the Anglo-American world. Celebrated for her literary tales, Karen Blixen’s essays offer sagacious reflections on three significant challenges of the twentieth century: feminism, Nazism, and colonialism. Karen Blixen (1885–1962) contributed to topical debates in Denmark, particularly during the 1950s when her distinct voice on Danish radio became familiar to a nation of listeners. Some of her lectures, radio addresses, and newspaper chronicles were later published as essays and now constitute a distinct genre within her work. In this study, Blixen’s most important essays are critically examined for the first time. The book demonstrates that a "creative dialectic" informs these essays, an interplay of complementary opposites that Blixen sees as fundamental to human life and artistic creativity. Whether exploring questions of gender and the status of the feminist movement, or the reign of National Socialism in Hitler’s Germany, or colonial race relations under British rule in East Africa, Blixen’s observations are insightful, witty, and surprisingly progressive for an author notable for aristocratic sensibilities. Blixen’s essays are also framed by a "dialectic method," which develops an idea by drawing on opposing viewpoints in order to arrive at an original vantage point. The Creative Dialectic of Karen Blixen's Essays builds on archival research, historical study, literary criticism and theory, as well as bilingual readings of Blixen’s renowned literary work. For the first time in an English translation, Karen Blixen’s essay “Blacks and Whites in Africa” (1938), by award-winning translator Tiina Nunnally, appears in this publication.

Countess Daisy

Author: Arne Handberg Jakobsen


ISBN: 1312428473

Category: History

Page: 188

View: 8445

A historical novel about the young Danish Countess dramatic life, which brought her to St. John West Indies to grow coffee like her cousin Karen Blixen did in Kenya.

Reference Guide to World Literature: Authors

Author: Sara Pendergast,Tom Pendergast

Publisher: Detroit : St. James Press

ISBN: 9781558624917

Category: Literature

Page: 1730

View: 2949

Online version of the 2-vol. work issued by St. James Press, 2003, in series St. James reference guides.

To Soar With Eagles

The European Travels - Remembrances of Isak Dinesen

Author: Eugene Haynes,Isak Dinesen

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9780738848655

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 222

View: 4007

To Soar with Eagles is a collection of letters, anecdotes and conversations spanning the ten-year period of a unique relationship between the world famous Danish author Isak Dinesen (Baroness Karen Blixen) and the young African American musician Eugene Haynes. Dinesen, once considered for the Nobel Prize, is best known for her books Out of Africa, Seven Gothic Tales, Winter’s Tales and Angelic Avengers. The friendship between Isak Dinesen and Eugene Haynes has been written about in several of her biographies: Judith Thurman’s Isak Dinesen-The Life of a Storyteller; Olga Pelensky’s Isak Dinesen-The Life and Imagination of a Seducer; and most extensively in Parmenia Migel’s Titania-The Biography of Isak Dinesen. After reading To Soar With Eagles, William Maxwell, noted author and former literary editor for the New Yorker called it “ a constant pleasure and a real treat.”

Cleopatra's Nose

39 Varieties of Desire

Author: Judith Thurman

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 9781429923002

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 448

View: 7868

Cleopatra's Nose is an exuberant gathering of essays and profiles representing twenty years of Judith Thurman's celebrated writing, particularly her fascination with human vanity, femininity, and "women's work"—from haute couture to literature to commanding empires. The subjects are iconic (Jackie, the Brontës, Toni Morrison, Anne Frank) and multifarious (tofu and performance art, pornography and platform shoes, kimonos and bulimia); all inspire dazzling displays of craft, wit, penetration, and intelligence. Here we find explorations of voracity: hunger for sex, food, experience, and transcendence; see how writers from Flaubert to Nadine Gordimer have engaged with history; meet eminent Victorians and the greats of fashion. Whether reporting on hairstyles, strolling the halls of power, or deftly unpacking novels and their writers, Thurman never fails to provoke, inspire, captivate, and enlighten. Cleopatra's Nose is an embarrassment of riches from one of our great literary journalists.

Understanding Isak Dinesen

Author: Susan Brantly

Publisher: Univ of South Carolina Press

ISBN: 9781570034282

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 235

View: 6426

Shadows on the Grass, Winter's Tales, Last Tales, Anecdotes of Destiny, and Ehrengard, Brantly explores the clues, details, and subplots in texts that critics often describe as puzzles and labyrinths. Brantly reveals the thought and care that Dinesen devoted to the construction of her stories, her expansive knowledge of world literature, and the great pleasure awaiting readers as they unravel the mysteries embedded in her texts."--BOOK JACKET.