JQuery UI in Action

Author: T. J. VanToll

Publisher: Manning Publications

ISBN: 9781617291937

Category: Computers

Page: 361

View: 3463

Summary jQuery UI in Action is a practical guide to using and customizing jQuery UI library components to build rich, user-friendly web applications. By working through numerous engaging examples, you'll move quickly from placing a datepicker on the page to building a complete user interface that includes features like a contact form and shopping cart. You'll master jQuery UI's five main interactions—draggable, droppable, resizable, selectable, and sortable—and learn UI techniques that work across all devices. Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications. About the Book You're only one tag away from richer user interfaces — ‹script src="jquery-ui.js"›. The jQuery UI library simplifies web UI development by providing robust widgets, interactions, and effects you can use immediately. It includes datepickers, autocompletes, tooltips, and a whole lot more. And, jQuery UI's powerful widget factory makes it a snap to customize existing components to meet your needs. jQuery UI in Action is a practical guide to using and customizing jQuery UI library components. By working through numerous examples, you'll quickly master jQuery UI's twelve widgets and five interactions—draggable, droppable, resizable, selectable, and sortable. The engaging examples illustrate techniques that work across all devices. You'll use the widget factory to create reusable plugins and discover jQuery UI's CSS theming system that allows you to create a custom, cohesive look for your sites and your applications. Written for front-end developers and web designers with a basic understanding of jQuery. What's Inside Create interactions that work on any device Customizable widgets for web and mobile apps Written by a member of the core jQuery UI team Covers jQuery UI 1.11 About the Author A professional web developer, TJ VanToll is a member of the jQuery UI core team. Table of Contents PART 1 MEET JQUERY UI Introducing jQuery UI Enhancing UIs with widgetsPART 2 JQUERY UI CORE Building complex web forms with jQuery UI Enhancing interfaces with layout and utility widgets Adding interaction to your interfaces Creating rich animations with effects Theming and styling applications with jQuery UI PART 3 CUSTOMIZATION AND ADVANCED USAGE Using the widget factory to build stateful plugins Extending widgets with the widget factory Preparing your application for production Building a flight-search application Under the hood of jQuery UI

jQuery für Dummies

Author: Lynn Beighley

Publisher: VCH

ISBN: 9783527708635


Page: 351

View: 3182

Sie möchten Ihre Webseiten mit schicken Menüs, Animationen, Bildergalerien oder schlicht: mit allen Schikanen ausstatten? Dann sind Sie hier genau richtig! Lynn Beighley zeigt Ihnen Schritt für Schritt, wie Sie das beliebte JavaScript-Framework jQuery für Ihre Zwecke einsetzen. Durch die vielen anschaulichen Beispiele werden Sie sich schnell zurechtfinden, auch wenn Sie vorher noch nie programmiert haben. Grundlegende Kenntnisse in HTML und CSS sind von Vorteil.

Jquery in Action

Author: Bear Bibeault,Yehuda Katz

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781548955557


Page: 164

View: 4353

jQuery was written to express, in short-order, the concepts essential to intermediate and advanced jQuery development. Its purpose is to instill in you, the reader, practices that jQuery developers take as common knowledge. Each chapter contains concepts essential to becoming a seasoned jQuery developer.This book is intended for two types of readers. The first is someone who has read introductory material on jQuery and is looking for the next logical step. The second type of reader is a JavaScript developer, already versed in another library, now trying to quickly learn jQuery. I crafted this book to be used as my own personal reference point for jQuery concepts. This is exactly the type of book I wish every JavaScript library had available. This updated and expanded second edition of Book provides a user-friendly introduction to the subject, Taking a clear structural framework, it guides the reader through the subject's core elements. A flowing writing style combines with the use of illustrations and diagrams throughout the text to ensure the reader understands even the most complex of concepts. This succinct and enlightening overview is a required reading for all those interested in the subject . We hope you find this book useful in shaping your future career & Business.

JQuery UI Themes

Beginner's Guide

Author: Adam Boduch

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781849510455

Category: Computers

Page: 348

View: 8102

Create new themes for your JQuery site with this step-by-step guide.

jQuery von Kopf bis Fuß

Author: Ryan Benedetti,Ronan Cranley

Publisher: O'Reilly Verlag

ISBN: 9783868991895


Page: 536

View: 9390

Mit "jQuery von Kopf bis Fu" lernt der Leser im bewahrten Von-Kopf-Fu-Stil, wie man innerhalb kurzester Zeit komplexe HTML-Formulare implementiert und mithilfe der JavaScript-Bibliothek mit wenigen Code-Zeilen Webseiten interaktiv gestaltet. Nach der Lekture des Buches ist der Leser in der Lage, die JavaScript-Bibliothey jQuery nahtlos mit HTML und CSS zu kombinieren und Daten mit PHP, MySQL und JSON zu verarbeiten.

jQuery and jQuery UI

Visual QuickStart Guide

Author: Jay Blanchard

Publisher: Pearson Education

ISBN: 0133136183

Category: Computers

Page: 224

View: 6728

jQuery is a popular JavaScript library that simplifies event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. Even casual web designers, who create web pages for fun, want to add the latest cool effects to their sites, and jQuery--the fast, flexible JavaScript library--is a tool of choice. From visual effects, special controls, and Ajax made easy, the jQuery Visual QuickStart Guide will teach readers how to make the most of jQuery using the task-based, step-by-step, visual format they love. It's crammed with examples and there's a special section on widgets. Includes eBook and Video Access In addition to concise, step-by-step explanations of core tools and tasks, with plenty of helpful screen shots to keep you on track as you work, jQuery: Visual QuickStart Guide includes an hour-long HD video and eBook. In addition to reading about how to use the tool, you can watch it in action. You can also download digital versions of this book to load on the mobile device of your choice so that you can continue learning whenever and wherever you are. We provide you with ePub, PDF, and Mobi eBook formats to ensure that you get the experience that best suits your viewing needs.


vom Novizen zum Ninja ; [Profi-Wissen für alle jQuery-User]

Author: Earle Castledine,Craig Sharkie

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783645601733


Page: 351

View: 3536


jQuery 2 Recipes

A Problem-Solution Approach

Author: Arun K. Pande

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 9781430264330

Category: Computers

Page: 636

View: 6000

jQuery is often referred to as the 'write less, do more' JavaScript library. It allows a few clear lines of elegant, well-tested, code to replace many pages of complex hand-coded script, speeding development times and providing substantial cost savings. You will find jQuery 2 Recipes' problem-solution approach to be an excellent value and a feature-packed resource as you begin to include jQuery in your own projects. This book is bursting with fully-worked example recipes showing the core jQuery frameworks (jQuery, jQuery Mobile, jQuery UI) in action. Starting with fundamental principals and progressing to more advanced topics you'll be shown how to make the very best use of jQuery every step of the way. Early on, you'll learn to work confidently with dynamic data and to handle the jQuery events that form the foundation of your application. We'll then build on this foundation to demonstrate how fully working user-interface animations and AJAX data-validation can be constructed within jQuery. We'll show how add-on libraries like jQwidgets can be deployed to create professional quality apps for both the desktop and web with minimal coding. Finally, a full set of debugging and error-handling recipes is included to help you track down bugs and ensure your code is as robust as it can be. What you’ll learn This book contains a comprehensive collection of recipes that will help you solve a wide range of jQuery 2.0 problems. Follow working examples of the main features of all three core jQuery frameworks (jQuery, jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile) in action. See how to integrate jqWidgets into your application effectively. Learn the techniques to create and implement custom animations and effects using jQuery methods. Follow tried-and-tested debugging recipes to streamline your applications. Who this book is for This book is written for developers with a basic working knowledge of jQuery, HTML and CSS, who want to broaden their learning. You should be comfortable creating basic programs and understand the role that jQuery plays within an application before you begin reading. Table of Contents Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 jQuery Fundamentals Chapter 3 jQuery Selectors Chapter 4 jQuery Selectors Filtering and Expansion Chapter 5 DOM Traversing Chapter 6 DOM Manipulation Chapter 7 Event Handling Chapter 8 jQuery Effects and Animation Chapter 9 jQuery AJAX Chapter 10 jQuery UI Chapter 11 jQuery Mobile Chapter 12 jqWidgets Framework Appendix A Basic HTML5 and CSS3 Appendix B Web Console Appendix C Deploy Web Application Appendix D Logging, Error Handling, and Debugging

Spring im Einsatz

Author: Craig Walls

Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG

ISBN: 3446429468

Category: Computers

Page: 428

View: 8034

SPRING IM EINSATZ // - Spring 3.0 auf den Punkt gebracht: Die zentralen Konzepte anschaulich und unterhaltsam erklärt. - Praxis-Know-how für den Projekteinsatz: Lernen Sie Spring mit Hilfe der zahlreichen Codebeispiele aktiv kennen. - Im Internet: Der vollständige Quellcode für die Applikationen dieses Buches Das Spring-Framework gehört zum obligatorischen Grundwissen eines Java-Entwicklers. Spring 3 führt leistungsfähige neue Features wie die Spring Expression Language (SpEL), neue Annotationen für IoC-Container und den lang ersehnten Support für REST ein. Es gibt keinen besseren Weg, um sich Spring anzueignen, als dieses Buch - egal ob Sie Spring gerade erst entdecken oder sich mit den neuen 3.0-Features vertraut machen wollen. Craig Walls setzt in dieser gründlich überarbeiteten 2. Auflage den anschaulichen und praxisorientierten Stil der Vorauflage fort. Er bringt als Autor sein Geschick für treffende und unterhaltsame Beispiele ein, die das Augenmerk direkt auf die Features und Techniken richten, die Sie wirklich brauchen. Diese Auflage hebt die wichtigsten Aspekte von Spring 3.0 hervor: REST, Remote-Services, Messaging, Security, MVC, Web Flow und vieles mehr. Das finden Sie in diesem Buch: - Die Arbeit mit Annotationen, um die Konfiguration zu reduzieren - Die Arbeit mit REST-konformen Ressourcen - Spring Expression Language (SpEL) - Security, Web Flow usw. AUS DEM INHALT: Spring ins kalte Wasser, Verschalten von Beans, Die XML-Konfiguration in Spring minimalisieren, Aspektorientierung, Zugriff auf die Datenbank, Transaktionen verwalten, Webapplikationen mit Spring MVC erstellen, Die Arbeit mit Spring Web Flow, Spring absichern, Die Arbeit mit Remote-Diensten, Spring und REST, Messaging in Spring, Verwalten von Spring-Beans mit JMX

JQuery UI

Author: Eric Sarrion

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 1449316999


Page: 225

View: 1693

Explores how to use jQuery to enrich websites; improve HTML pages and interface design; and create interactive elements, widgets, and animation.

JavaScript kurz & gut

Author: David Flanagan

Publisher: O'Reilly Germany

ISBN: 3868993894

Category: Computers

Page: 288

View: 6802

JavaScript ist eine mächtige, objektorientierte Skriptsprache, deren Code in HTML-Seiten eingebettet und vom Browser interpretiert und ausgeführt wird. Richtig eingesetzt, eignet sie sich aber auch für die Programmierung komplexer Anwendungen und hat im Zusammenhang mit HTML5 noch einmal an Bedeutung gewonnen. Diese Kurzreferenz ist ein Auszug aus der überarbeiteten und ergänzten Neuauflage von JavaScript – Das umfassende Referenzwerk, 6. Auflage, der JavaScript-Bibel schlechthin. JavaScript kurz & gut befasst sich in den ersten neun Kapiteln mit der neuesten Version des Sprachkerns (ECMAScript 5) und behandelt die Syntax der Sprache, Typen, Werte, Variablen, Operatoren und Anweisungen sowie Objekte, Arrays, Funktionen und Klassen. All dies ist nicht nur für die Verwendung von JavaScript in Webbrowsern, sondern auch beim Einsatz von Node auf der Serverseite relevant. In den folgenden fünf Kapiteln geht es um die Host-Umgebung des Webbrowsers. Es wird erklärt, wie Sie clientseitiges JavaScript für die Erstellung dynamischer Webseiten und -applikationen verwenden und mit JavaScript auf die HTML5-APIs zugreifen. Diese Kapitel liefern Informationen zu den wichtigsten Elementen von clientseitigem JavaScript: Fenster, Dokumente, Elemente, Stile, Events, Netzwerke und Speicherung.

Mastering jQuery UI

Author: Vijay Joshi

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1783286660

Category: Computers

Page: 312

View: 4193

If you are a frontend developer with considerable knowledge of jQuery UI and want to take this expertise to the next level, then this book is for you.

JQuery UI Cookbook

Author: Adam Boduch

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1782162194

Category: Computers

Page: 290

View: 2575

Filled with a practical collection of recipes, jQuery UI Cookbook is full of clear, step-by-step instructions that will help you harness the powerful UI framework in jQuery. Depending on your needs, you can dip in and out of the Cookbook and its recipes, or follow the book from start to finish.If you are a jQuery UI developer looking to improve your existing applications, extract ideas for your new application, or to better understand the overall widget architecture, then jQuery UI Cookbook is a must-have for you. The reader should at least have a rudimentary understanding of what jQuery UI is, and have written some code that uses jQuery UI.

Die Kunst der JavaScript-Programmierung

Eine moderne Einführung in die Sprache des Web

Author: Marijn Haverbeke

Publisher: dpunkt.verlag

ISBN: 3864911915

Category: Computers

Page: 240

View: 9579

Das Buch ist eine Einführung in JavaScript, die sich auf gute Programmiertechniken konzentriert. Der Autor lehrt den Leser, wie man die Eleganz und Präzision von JavaScript nutzt, um browserbasierte Anwendungen zu schreiben. Das Buch beginnt mit den Grundlagen der Programmierung - Variablen, Kontrollstrukturen, Funktionen und Datenstrukturen -, dann geht es auf komplexere Themen ein, wie die funktionale und objektorientierte Programmierung, reguläre Ausdrücke und Browser-Events. Unterstützt von verständlichen Beispielen wird der Leser rasch die Sprache des Web fließend 'sprechen' können.

HTML, CSS and JavaScript All in One, Sams Teach Yourself

Covering HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery

Author: Julie C. Meloni

Publisher: Sams Publishing

ISBN: 0133795187

Category: Computers

Page: 704

View: 7861

In just a short time, you can learn how to use HTML5, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3), and JavaScript together to design, create, and maintain world-class websites. Using a straightforward, step-by-step approach, each lesson in this book builds on the previous ones, enabling you to learn the essentials from the ground up. Clear instructions and practical, hands-on examples show you how to use HTML to create the framework of your website, design your site's layout and typography with CSS, and then add interactivity with JavaScript and jQuery. Step-by-step instructions carefully walk you through the most common web development tasks Practical, hands-on examples show you how to apply what you learn Quizzes and exercises help you test your knowledge and stretch your skills Learn how to... Build your own web page and get it online in an instant Format text for maximum clarity and readability Create links to other pages and to other sites Add graphics, color, and visual pizzazz to your web pages Work with transparent images and background graphics Design your site’s layout and typography using CSS Get user input with web-based forms Use JavaScript to build dynamic, interactive web pages Add AJAX effects to your web pages Leverage JavaScript libraries such as jQuery Make your site easy to maintain and update as it grows Contents at a Glance Part I Getting Started on the Web 1 Understanding How the Web Works 2 Structuring an HTML Document 3 Understanding Cascading Style Sheets 4 Understanding JavaScript 5 Validating and Debugging Your Code Part II Building Blocks of Practical Web Design 6 Working with Fonts, Text Blocks, Lists, and Tables 7 Using External and Internal Links 8 Working with Colors, Images, and Multimedia Part III Advanced Web Page Design with CSS 9 Working with Margins, Padding, Alignment, and Floating 10 Understanding the CSS Box Model and Positioning 11 Using CSS to Do More with Lists, Text, and Navigation 12 Creating Fixed or Liquid Layouts Part IV Getting Started with Dynamic Sites 13 Understanding Dynamic Websites and HTML5 Applications 14 Getting Started with JavaScript Programming 15 Working with the Document Object Model (DOM) 16 Using JavaScript Variables, Strings, and Arrays 17 Using JavaScript Functions and Objects 18 Controlling Flow with Conditions and Loops 19 Responding to Events 20 Using Windows Part V Advanced JavaScript Programming 21 JavaScript Best Practices 22 Using Third-Party JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks 23 A Closer Look at jQuery 24 First Steps Toward Creating Rich Interactions with jQuery UI 25 AJAX: Remote Scripting Part VI Advanced Website Functionality and Management 26 Working with Web-Based Forms 27 Organizing and Managing a Website

Das Beste an JavaScript

Author: Douglas Crockford,Peter Klicman

Publisher: O'Reilly Germany

ISBN: 3897218763

Category: JavaScript (Computer program language)

Page: 163

View: 8719


JavaScript and AJAX For Dummies

Author: Andy Harris

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470417994

Category: Computers

Page: 432

View: 9139

Provides information on creating interactive Web experiences and sites using JavaScript and Ajax.