Las Vegas: Then and Now(r)

Author: Su Kim Chung

Publisher: Pavilion

ISBN: 9781910904114

Category: Architecture

Page: 144

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Las Vegas: Then and Now captures the city's evolution from a desert railroad outpost into the gambling and entertainment capital of the world. Pairing historical photographs of the town with specially commissioned views of the same scene today, this book provides the reader with an intriguing look into the history of a city that has become a cultural icon for all that is best and worst in American society. Sites include Fremont Street, Railroad Depot, Union Pacific Station, Arizona Club, Golden Nugget, El Portal Theatre, Nevada Hotel, Sal Sagev Hotel, El Cortez, Vegas Vic, The Mint Hotel, Las Vegas Post Office/Mob Museum, El Rancho Vegas, Last Frontier, New Frontier, Little Church of the West, Flamingo, Thunderbird Hotel, Desert Inn, Sahara Hotel, Sands Hotel, Stardust, Riviera, La Concha Motel, Dunes Hotel, Caesars Palace, Hacienda, Tropicana, Castaways, MGM Grand, Aladdin, Boardwalk, International, Landmark Hotel, Las Vegas Convention Center, Moulin Rouge, Showboat, and much more.

Las Vegas Then and Now People and Places

Author: Karl Mondon

Publisher: Pavilion

ISBN: 9781911595144

Category: Travel

Page: 400

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Las Vegas Then and Now is a pictorial nostalgia-fest for those who remember the city as it was 40, 30 or even 20 years ago. There has been constant change in Vegas ever since the wartime expansion of local industry led to a boom in visitors to what had previously been an out-of-the-way railroad halt. Fortunes have been won and lost in the gambling capital of America, not just in the one-armed bandits or on the roulette wheels, but in the development of brand new casinos where the stakes are billions. Using archive photos and vintage color postcards, and photographing the same site today, Las Vegas Then and Now People and Places charts the rise and demise of the classic casinos on the strip; El Rancho Vegas, the Desert Inn, the Stardust, New Frontier, the Sands, Showboat and the Dunes. It looks at the gambling halls enclosed on Fremont Street, the flying-saucer-shaped Convention Center, the famous failures such as the Moulin Rouge and Howard Hughes’ futuristic Landmark Hotel together with the enduring successes such as the El Cortez and the Little Chapel of the West. Also includes: The Riviera, Caesar’s Palace, Tropicana, Circus Circus, The Mint, Flamingo, Aladdin, Imperial City, Sahara, Hacienda, Westward Ho! Castaways, Lady Luck, Boardwalk, Elvis-a-rama and the Star Trek Museum.

Angst und Schrecken in Las Vegas

Eine wilde Reise in das Herz des Amerikanischen Traumes

Author: Hunter S. Thompson

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 3641102510

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

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Ein journalistischer Auftrag, bei dem Raoul Duke von seinem Anwalt Dr. Gonzo begleitet wird, führt zu einem unglaublichen Trip, der eine ganze Generation geprägt hat. Mit Johnny Depp und Benicio Del Toro von Terry Gilliam kongenial verfilmt, bleibt Hunter S. Thompsons schonungslose Beschreibung des Drogenkonsums und der radikalen Freiheitssuche der 60er bis heute unerreicht.

Lernen von Las Vegas

zur Ikonographie und Architektursymbolik der Geschäftsstadt

Author: Robert Venturi,Denise Scott Brown,Steven Izenour

Publisher: Birkhauser

ISBN: 9783764363628


Page: 216

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Ausgangspunkt fur diese Veroffentlichung, die sich schon lange zu einem Klassiker der Architekturtheorie entwickelt hat, war ein Seminar mit dem Titel -Learning from Las Vegas, or Form Analysis as Design Research- an der Fakultat fur Kunst und Architektur der Yale University 1968."

Time Out Las Vegas

Author: Editors of Time Out

Publisher: Time Out Guides

ISBN: 1846703530

Category: Travel

Page: 336

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Time Out Las Vegas is the only crib sheet travelers need to the world's most outlandish city. Whether going for a short or extended visit, this guide is an invaluable companion through the neon maze that awaits in Las Vegas. With the lowdown on all the hotels and casinos, money-saving tips, extensive restaurant reviews, hints on the hottest nightlife, and a full guide to gambling, it leaves nothing to chance. This seventh edition proves that there is more to Sin City than just sequins and slots — the dramatic expansion in hotel accommodations, fine dining, and shopping is attracting tourists from every economic strata, not just those with gambling as their sole agenda. The guide contains a detailed explanation of what games are available in the casinos, as well as tips on how to play them. There is also a chapter on suggested side trips to Hoover Dam, as well as other sights in Nevada and Arizona.

The Cummings Attraction

Author: Ernie Cummings

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1456829513

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 106

View: 3979

How did his mischievous childhood foretell later events? How did the rebellious St. Louis teenager fare in the Navy during World War II? (He chose the Navy because they allegedly had clean sheets every night.) Stationed in the South Pacific, he was the youngest chief petty officer at 19 and written up in Navy annals. He drove fleet cars for a four-striper and ferried visiting entertainers to their performances on the island. Ernie describes exciting moments as a professional race car driver, winning many races driving open wheels, midgets, and stock cars in NASCAR’s predecessor races. In the 1960s, he booked big-name entertainers into St. Louis arenas and stadiums, eventually producing his own million-selling record. You’ll never guess what happened when he booked the Beatles into Busch Stadium. What did he think about his acting in films and television? And what will you find (literally) in the palms of his hands? Whether it’s racing cars, booking name entertainers, or charming his way through the Navy, Ernie’s unique perspective and vivid memories will lighten your day.

The Las Vegas Special

An Alexandra Merritt Thriller

Author: Donna Foley Mabry

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595486932

Category: Fiction

Page: 275

View: 8627

In this third Alexandra Merritt thriller, grandmother Earleen Jameson stops at nothing, even murder, to make sure her granddaughter, Special, gets the life she deserves.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream

Author: Hunter S. Thompson

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 030774406X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 224

View: 4997

This cult classic of gonzo journalism is the best chronicle of drug-soaked, addle-brained, rollicking good times ever committed to the printed page. It is also the tale of a long weekend road trip that has gone down in the annals of American pop culture as one of the strangest journeys ever undertaken. Now a major motion picture from Universal, directed by Terry Gilliam and starring Johnny Depp and Benicio del Toro.


Author: Dave Bern

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469114909

Category: Fiction

Page: 245

View: 3965

Ever wonder what you would do if you were struck down, knocked unconscious and when you awoke, discovered you had no recollection of your past life? Your name, family, occupation, as well as your entire past appear wiped out. Alone and befuddled you have no clues as to who you are and all you have in your pocket is a crumpled ten dollar bill. Eventually strangers come along and give you a ride. They take you into their world with their friends and then onto another state to a construction job site where they are scheduled to work. What about the family, friends, and job you left behind? Their lives are entangled with the police and their frustrations are immense. Your past family survives and through the years they start a new family. Delusionary is the story that will lead you into this maze through the years and unfold the journey both families undertake. This might happen to you

Librarians Then and Now

Author: Roben Alarcon

Publisher: Teacher Created Materials

ISBN: 9781433390371

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 2903

Librarians lend and take care of books. Many years ago, the job of a librarian was simpler because librarians only took care of a few books and libraries were small. Most libraries today contain many books, magazines, computers, and other media equipment. Librarians today help people find information and show them new ways to find it.

Las Vegas

A Pictorial Celebration

Author: Michael S. Green,Elan Penn

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

ISBN: 1402723857

Category: Travel

Page: 160

View: 6756

Fueled by the poker craze and hit TV shows, Las Vegas is hot, with more than 37 million visitors annually. But the city is more than just bright lights and blackjack, as Michael Green, professor and Editor-in-Chief of the Nevada Historical Society Quarterly proves. Follow the fascinating, sometimes scandalous stories behind the glittery façade with splendid images that capture both the man-made glitz and nature's splendor. Experience the old-from the Mojave Desert to the downtown Paiute colony-that offers a refreshing change of pace from the central action. Go into the neighborhoods where locals live their everyday lives. And, of course, walk down every inch of the famous Strip: hotels and casinos; fun sites such as the Elvis-O-Rama Museum; and arcades, malls, bars, and landmarks.

Young Las Vegas

1905-1931: Before the Future Found Us

Author: Joan Burkhart Whitely,A. D. Hopkins

Publisher: Stephens Press, LLC

ISBN: 1932173323

Category: History

Page: 236

View: 441

The Las Vegas we know was conceived - if anybody really conceived it - in 1931, when Nevada liberalized its divorce and gambling laws, which would ultimately transform the city into America's playground for grown-ups. It was also the year an unprecedented engineering project began, that would turn the Colorado River from a wild killer stream to a wild reservoir that waters not only California vegetables but also sprawling Las Vegas suburbs. From 1905 to 1931, Las Vegas was still a tiny oasis in a big, dangerous desert. Its isolated people made their own swamp coolers, their own entertainment and sometimes their own whiskey. The author, Joan Burkhardt Whitely, enlisted older Las Vegans to help capture the memories of a Mojave Mayberry where neighbors took care of each other, not merely because no one else would, but because it was their hometown, and they cared.

Las Vegas, the Untold Stories

...That Made Sin City the Entertainment Capital of the World

Author: John Romero

Publisher: Abbott Press

ISBN: 1458203859

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 246

View: 3801

Youre about to enter a city that has no equal. It was built by extraordinary people with imaginative minds. Did they drink? Not sure, but why else would they build it in a Nevada desert? Some say you can go anywhere in the world and discover that people not only know about Las Vegas--theyd give anything to get there. True. As soon as I graduated from college I took an all-night bus to reach a city Id heard of, but never seen. I stayed 30 years. Damn good years, too. And the mystique of the entertainers and the film stars and the elaborate restaurants and 24-hour-a-day casinos never wore off. I spent 20 of my years at the Sahara, on the Strip, got inside the gambling business in the 60s and loved it. Helped it, too, with my writing and my inventions. The Mob was still around in those days. They were the first venture capitalists and owned a piece of every casino in town. Did that stop anyone from having a good time? Of course not. Gradually the Mob faded away--which is what happens when an FBI office with 15 agents sets up shop in town. But the gaiety didnt stop for a second, even when corporations realized they were the big guys now. Our Sahara entertainment director stunned us in 1964 when he made a deal with The Beatles to play two shows. I met the boys after dark at a small Las Vegas airport, rode with them to the Sahara and helped get them to their suite before teen age girls tore their clothes off. So take a chance, have a seat and enjoy that drink in front of you. Its time to start the show. --John Romero

Lucky Now and Then

Author: Deborah Coonts

Publisher: Cool Gus Publishing

ISBN: 9781621251880

Category: Fiction

Page: 130

View: 6672

"As the daughter of one of the men responsible for shaping Vegas from its ignominious Mob beginnings to its full current glory, Lucky has witnessed the constant rebirth. So, when the time comes to implode her father's first hotel, The Lucky Aces, she feels the angst, but moves on. Until skeletal remains are found in the foundation and her father is implicated in a murder..."--P. [4] of cover.

London to Las Vegas Playing Roulette

Author: Mervyn Dare

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781456796969

Category: Travel

Page: 188

View: 2874

Welcome to the world of roulette, casinos, and Las Vegas. This world is great fun, great excitement, and of course sometimes you are going to get very lucky. The further that you venture into this Aladdin`s cave, the more that you have to be prepared to face reality and take the necessary steps to protect your cash resources. The unprepared are going to easily fall victim to it`s addictive charm. To survive in this environment is the very first priority, and then you can start looking in earnest for your magic system of play. This book will take you through the "ins" and "outs" of the game of roulette, particularly the "inside bets." (The numbers) Then to familiarize yourself with the problems that a large casino corporation will throw at you now and again. There follows a chapter on blackjack which is a fairly simple operation. Then a look at casinos on both sides of the Atlantic, and a working tour of Las Vegas. The author`s fortunes and experiences during ten action packed holidays to Vegas will be revealed to you, as will his quarter century of casino gambling. The final chapter will focus on acquiring the skills of a roulette "wannabe," and the author will demonstrate his contribution to roulette: the "Clock Face" system. The author gives you a gamblers insight into Las Vegas, and gives you his hard hitting view of it all. He drops you right into your seat at the roulette table - ready to face the croupier.

Xmas in Las Vegas

Author: Jack Richardson

Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc

ISBN: 9780822212829

Category: Drama

Page: 70

View: 6286

THE STORY: As the NY Herald-Tribune describes, All Americans have always been gamblers, sure that nerve and luck would see them through. Once upon a time Mr. Ewell may have been a good bit younger, with fresh decks of cards and he may be getting p

Las Vegas

The Fabulous First Century

Author: Thomas Ainlay,Judy Dixon Gabaldon

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9780738524160

Category: History

Page: 160

View: 9117

Whether known as "The Entertainment Capital of the World" or Sin City, Glitter Gulch or even "Lost Wages" Nevada, the dazzling city of Las Vegas has undergone incredible transformation-from ancient watering hole to Mormon fort, from whistle stop to mob-run profit center-to become the fastest-growing urban community in the nation. Home to nearly 1.5 million residents, a melting pot of races and cultures, this great metropolis boasts a thrilling history of vices and virtues but, above all, a steadfast and uncompromising spirit.