Life of an Anarchist

The Alexander Berkman Reader

Author: Alexander Berkman

Publisher: Seven Stories Press

ISBN: 1609800060

Category: Political Science

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Alexander Berkman was a twentieth-century American revolutionary. Like the abolitionist John Brown before him, Berkman was hugely idealistic, ready to go to the furthest extreme of self-sacrifice and violence on behalf of justice and civil rights. He decided to assassinate industrialist Henry Clay Frick after reading in the newspaper that Pinkertons hired by Frick had opened fire on the Homestead strikers, killing men, women, and children. Berkman’s bungled attempt cost him fifteen years in a federal penitentiary. Upon his release, he became an effective agitator against conscription and was again imprisoned and eventually deported to Russia, where he saw at first hand the early days of Bolshevism. Berkman’s writings remain a lasting and impassioned record of intense political transformation. Featuring a new introduction by Howard Zinn, Life of an Anarchist contains Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist, Berkman’s account of his years in prison; The Bolshevik Myth, his eyewitness account of the early days of the Russian Revolution; and The ABC of Anarchism, the classic text on the nature of anarchism in the twentieth century. Also included are a selection of letters between Berkman and his lifelong companion Emma Goldman, and a generous sampling from Berkman’s other publications.

Nestor Makhno

the life of an anarchist

Author: Victor Peters

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To the Barricades

The Anarchist Life of Emma Goldman

Author: Alix Kates Shulman

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1453238352

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 260

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The story of Emma Goldman, written by a leader of America’s second wave of feminism Writer, anarchist, revolutionary, feminist—Emma Goldman was all these things and more. She was a fiery advocate, taking bold stands on a wide range of issues including women’s rights, homosexuality, capitalism, and the military draft. Her tumultuous childhood in Tsarist Russia fostered her rebelliousness and emboldened her opposition to violent authority. Upon arriving in New York in 1885, Goldman found a home in the anarchist movement in the United States. She traveled the country to deliver lectures on anarchism, and was jailed for urging unemployed workers to demand the food they needed. Goldman also aggressively supported Margaret Sanger’s effort to educate women about birth control. Goldman was deported to Russia as fears of an anarchist revolution in the US grew. But back in her homeland, she didn’t find the socialist paradise of worker equality and empowerment she had hoped would take root after the Bolshevik Revolution. Disillusioned, she left the Soviet Union and traveled the world to write and agitate on behalf of her causes. Goldman’s radical legacy endures, revived during the Women’s Liberation Movement of the 1970s. Her story provides inspiration for any woman who ever wanted to make a difference in the world.

Die Tat

Gefängniserinnerungen eines Anarchisten

Author: Alexander Berkman

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783897719040


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An Anarchist Rabbi

The Life and Teachings of Rudolf Rocker

Author: Mina Graur,Paul Avrich Collection (Library of Congress)

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9780312172732

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

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The story of Rudolf Rocker is the combined tale of a life and a social movement - a life that reflects with amazing accuracy the development of the anarchist movement and its various nuances. Rocker witnessed anarchism at its height, but he also saw its decline, and ultimate disintegration. During his long years of activity within the ranks of the anarchist movement, Rocker took part in the major stages of its history, from the birth of anarchism in post-Bismarck Germany, through the notorious phase of "Propaganda by Deed" in France and the London battles against the sweating system, until "the last cause" - the Spanish Civil War. A gentile who taught himself Yiddish and Jewish culture, Rocker was for half-a-century the soul of the Jewish anarchist movement, a spiritual teacher, a philosopher, and a preacher. He was the anarchist "rabbi," a man who not only talks but also acts on his beliefs. Rocker was the father of the anarcho-syndicalist trend, and his major philosophical contribution, Nationalism and Culture, constitutes to this day one of the most serious attempts to analyze critically the emergence of nationalism, and its relationship to the political state and western civilization.

An Anarchist's Story

The Life of Ethel MacDonald

Author: Chris Dolan

Publisher: Birlinn Publishers

ISBN: 9781841586854

Category: Anarchists

Page: 246

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"During 1936 and 1937 Ethel Macdonald, a working-class girl from Motherwell, became one of the world's most famous voices. Reporting from Spain on the civil war that was tearing the country apart, she made no pretence of impartiality: as a lifelong anarchist, she was utterly committed to the Spanish anarchist camp." "Using contemporary accounts as well as her own words and those of her close associates, Chris Dolan unravels the story of 'the Scots Scarlet Pimpernel', exploring the beliefs that inspired her to play her part in one of the twentieth century's most significant political struggles. It is a story not only of extraordinary personal bravery and sacrifice, but also of unwavering conviction to the cause, which she maintained even when it meant betrayal by those she fought beside." --Book Jacket.

Frei Von Herrschaft

Fragmente Einer Anarchistischen Anthropologie

Author: David Graeber

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783779502081

Category: Anarchie

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Life and Ideas

The Anarchist Writings of Errico Malatesta

Author: Errico Malatesta

Publisher: PM Press

ISBN: 1629630322

Category: Political Science

Page: 320

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Life and Ideas gathers excerpts from Malatesta’s writings over a lifetime of revolutionary activity. The editor, Vernon Richards, has translated hundreds of articles by Malatesta, taken from the journals Malatesta either edited himself or contributed to, from the earliest, L’En Dehors of 1892, through to Pensiero e Volontà, which was forced to close by Mussolini’s fascists in 1926, and the bilingual Il Risveglio/Le Réveil, which published most of his writings after that date. These articles have been pruned down to their essentials and collected under subheadings ranging from “Ends and Means” to “Anarchist Propaganda.” Through the selections Malatesta’s classical anarchism emerges: a revolutionary, nonpacifist, nonreformist vision informed by decades of engagement in struggle and study. In addition there is a short biographical piece and an essay by the editor.

Living My Life

Author: Emma Goldman

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486157946

Category: Social Science

Page: 528

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Volume 2 of the candid, no-holds-barred account by foremost American anarchist Goldman continues with the fascinating story of her life, the anarchist movement, her famous contemporaries, and their influential ideas.

An American Anarchist

The Life of Voltairine de Cleyre

Author: Paul Avrich

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781849352680


Page: 292

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The legendary biography of America's fiery feminist iconoclast. In paperback for the first time.

The anarchist-geographer

an introduction to the life of Peter Kropotkin

Author: Brian Morris

Publisher: Genge Press

ISBN: 9780954904333

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 119

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Epitaph For A Desert Anarchist

The Life And Legacy Of Edward Abbey

Author: James Bishop

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781439143643

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

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Through Abbey's own writings and personal papers, as well as interviews with friends and acquaintances, Bishop gives us a penetrating, compelling, no-holds-barred view of tile life and accomplishments of this controversial figure.

Exquisite Rebel

The Essays of Voltairine de Cleyre -- Anarchist, Feminist, Genius

Author: Voltairine de Cleyre,Sharon Presley,Crispin Sartwell

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791460931

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 331

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Brings the writings of de Cleyre out of undeserved obscurity.

Feminist Interpretations of Emma Goldman

Author: Penny A. Weiss,Loretta Kensinger

Publisher: Penn State Press

ISBN: 0271029765

Category: Social Science

Page: 343

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Within the popular consciousness, Emma Goldman has become something of an icon, a symbol for rebellion and women&’s rights. But there has been surprisingly little substantive analysis of her influence on social, political, and feminist theory. In Feminist Interpretations of Emma Goldman, Weiss and Kensinger present essays that resist a simplistic understanding of Goldman and instead attempt to examine her thinking in its proper social, historical, and philosophical context. Only by considering the sources, influences, and specific significance of Goldman&’s ideas can her proper place in feminist theory be truly understood. In addition to the editors, the contributors are Martha A. Ackelsberg, Kathryn Pyne Addelson, Lynne M. Adrian, Berenice A. Carroll, Voltairine de Cleyre, Janet E. Day, Candace Falk, Kathy E. Ferguson, Marsha Aileen Hewitt, Lori Jo Marso, Jonathan McKenzie, Alix Kates Shulman, Craig Stalbaum, Jason Wehling, and Alice Wexler.

My Parakeet Was an Anarchist and Other Short Stories

Author: Dominic Macchiaroli

Publisher: Pneuma Springs Publishing

ISBN: 1905809786

Category: Fiction

Page: 85

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Unexersized Cats Our cat has to be picked up in stages. He is enlarged in his fatness. His girth spreads over time zones and dimensions. Quantum physics can't describe his bulk. My wife suggests a gentle diet, so, ‘He doesn’t explode’. I suggest having his hair shaved and stomach stapled with industrial strength steel grommets. The Annoying Habit of Henry VIII King Henry was a fearless jouster. In competitions, people rooting for him got to sit in gilded bleachers and were plied with free alcohol and cooked game served by fair maids. The opposition sat in fetid mud, drank warm slime out of broken casks and ate gruel…. Henry always had time for jousting, even when he was otherwise busy ordering beheadings, abbey thrashings, and the odd invasion of Normandy. How Lunch Ruined Western Civilization My wife produced homemade mayonnaise for a party we had which contained 231,875 % fat, the caloric equivalent of 32x347 to the 10th power, and instantly rotted the wallpaper and countertops. Four people exploded after eating it, three of them theoretical dieticians. And many other stories……. Venture into a world of fractured history and observational nonsense. These stories will captivate and annoy you like none you’ve never not read before. Book reviews online: PublishedBestsellers website.

Mein Katalonien

Bericht über den Spanischen Bürgerkrieg

Author: George Orwell

Publisher: Diogenes Verlag AG

ISBN: 3257602480

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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Ende 1936 kam Orwell als Zeitungsreporter nach Barcelona, um über den Bürgerkrieg zu berichten. Er schloß sich der Miliz P.O.U.M. an, der Arbeiterpartei der marxistischen Einigung, und kämpfte den Winter über an der Front in Aragonien. Als er wenig später mit ansehen mußte, wie die Kommunisten bei der Ausschaltung der ihnen nicht genehmen Truppen Methoden der faschistischen Geheimpolizei anwandten, wurde er zu einem der erbittertsten Feinde des sowjetischen Totalitarismus.

Anarchism and Syndicalism in the Colonial and Postcolonial World, 1870-1940

The Praxis of National Liberation, Internationalism, and Social Revolution

Author: Steven Hirsch,Lucien van der Walt

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004188495

Category: History

Page: 431

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Before communism, anarchism and syndicalism were central to labour and the Left in the colonial and postcolonial world.Using studies from Africa,Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America, this groundbreaking volume examines the revolutionary libertarian Left's class politics and anti-colonialism in the first globalization and imperialism(1870/1930).

Queering Anarchism

Addressing and Undressing Power and Desire

Author: C. B. Daring,J. Rogue,Deric Shannon,Abbey Volcano

Publisher: AK Press

ISBN: 184935121X

Category: Political Science

Page: 255

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A wrench in the gears of sexual politics--twenty authors challenege the social constructs of identity, ideology, and beyond.