Life on the Outside

The Tamil Diaspora and Long-distance Nationalism

Author: Øivind Fuglerud

Publisher: Pluto Press (UK)

ISBN: 9780745314389

Category: Political Science

Page: 203

View: 3911

'The Fuglerud study is a prototype for any anthropologist or political scientist working on a politicised-radicalised Diaspora.' Ethnic Conflict Research Digest'This book about a recent immigrant group (Sri Lankan Tamils) in a European liberal democracy (Norway) is paradigmatic for how the anthropology of a displaced population ought to be done anywhere in the western world. ... Based on extensive field research in Norway and brief but insightful research in Sri Lanka, Life on the Outside is an elegant and effective blend of theory and ethnography. One of the very best in refugee studies to date.' E. Valentine Daniel, Columbia UniversityThis study of the Tamil diaspora is one of the first full ethnographic studies of a post-colonial migrant community, and a major contribution to the study of migration, globalisation, identity politics and 'long distance' nationalism from an anthropological perspective.Fuglerud's study traces the history of Tamil migration, from the arrival of the economic migrants of the 1960s to the 'asylum seekers' of the mid 1980s onwards. He draws unnerving parallels between the status of the Tamil community in Sri Lanka, as a beleaguered and persecuted minority waging a war of liberation, and as a displaced, marginalised and excluded refugee community.Fuglerud argues that, in the process of displacement, particular aspects of Tamil culture - marriage, dowry, chastity and ritual - acquire a heightened significance. He examines the contradictions and inconsistencies which characterise the Tamil refugee communities, and the success of revolutionary Tamil nationalism in exile, highlighting the transnational nature of identity politics.

Ethnicity and Nationalism

Anthropological Perspectives

Author: Thomas Hylland Eriksen

Publisher: Pluto Press

ISBN: 9780745318875

Category: Social Science

Page: 199

View: 1982

New expanded edition of a classic anthropology title that examines ethnicity as a dynamic and shifting aspect of social relations.

Anthropology, Development and the Post-Modern Challenge

Author: Katy Gardner,David Lewis

Publisher: Pluto Press

ISBN: 9780745307473

Category: Social Science

Page: 192

View: 7918

Through detailed case studies and the issues raised by them, Gardner and Lewis outline key social issues and problems of development, and conclude that anthropological perspectives can contribute positively to development policy and practice.

A Handbook of Economic Anthropology, Second Edition

Author: James G. Carrier

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1849809291

Category: Social Science

Page: 662

View: 5656

Acclaim for the first edition: 'The volume is a remarkable contribution to economic anthropology and will no doubt be a fundamental tool for students, scholars, and experts in the sub-discipline.' – Mao Mollona, Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 'This excellent overview would serve as an excellent text for advanced undergraduate and graduate-level classroom use. . . Because of the clarity, conciseness, and accessibility of the writing, the chapters in this volume likely will be often cited and recommended to those who want the alternative and frequently culturally comparative perspective on economic topics that anthropology provides. Highly recommended. All academic levels/libraries.' – K.F. Rambo, Choice The first edition of this unique Handbook was praised for its substantial and invaluable summary discussions of work by anthropologists on economic processes and issues, on the relationship between economic and non-economic areas of life and on the conceptual orientations that are important among economic anthropologists. This thoroughly revised edition brings those discussions up to date, and includes an important new section exploring ways that leading anthropologists have approached the current economic crisis. Its scope and accessibility make it useful both to those who are interested in a particular topic and to those who want to see the breadth and fruitfulness of an anthropological study of economy. This comprehensive Handbook will strongly appeal to undergraduate and post-graduate students in anthropology, economists interested in social and cultural dimensions of economic life, and alternative approaches to economic life, political economists, political scientists and historians.

The War of Dreams

Studies in Ethno Fiction

Author: Marc Auge

Publisher: Pluto Press

ISBN: 9780745313849

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 144

View: 1218

Continues Augé's critical exploration of contemporary modernity with an examination of the role of dreams, myth and fiction in the age of satellite TV and the Internet.

Orange Parades

The Politics of Ritual, Tradition and Control

Author: Dominic Bryan

Publisher: Pluto Press

ISBN: 9780745314136

Category: History

Page: 212

View: 1434

Shows how transnational corporations use lobby groups to shape EU policy. New updated edition

The Encyclopedia of the Sri Lankan Diaspora

Author: Peter Reeves

Publisher: Editions Didier Millet

ISBN: 9814260835

Category: History

Page: 200

View: 619

Well over a million people of Sri Lankan origin live outside South Asia. The Encyclopedia of the Sri Lanka Diaspora is the first comprehensive study of the lives, culture, beliefs and attitudes of immigrants and refugees from this island. The volume is a joint publication between the Institute of South Asian Studies, NUS, and Editions Didier Millet. It focuses on the relationship between culture and economy in the Sri Lanka diaspora in the context of globalisation, increased transnational culture flows and new communication technologies. In addition to the geographic mapping of the Sri Lanka diaspora in the various continents, thematic chapters include topics on “long distance nationalism”, citizenship, Sinhala, Tamil and Burgher disapora identities, religion and the spread of Buddhism, as well as the Sri Lankan cultural impact on other nations.

Linguistic Rivalries

Tamil Migrants and Anglo-Franco Conflicts

Author: Sonia N. Das

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0190461780

Category: Anthropological linguistics

Page: 296

View: 4113

Linguistic Rivalries weaves together anthropological accounts of diaspora, nation, and empire to explore and analyze the multi-faceted processes of globalization characterizing the migration and social integration experiences of Tamil-speaking immigrants and refugees from India and Sri Lanka to Montréal, Québec in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. In Montréal, a city with more trilingual speakers than in any other North American city, Tamil migrants draw on their multilingual repertoires to navigate longstanding linguistic rivalries between anglophone and francophone, and Indian and Sri Lankan nationalist leaders by arguing that Indians speak "Spoken Tamil" and Sri Lankans speak "Written Tamil" as their respective heritage languages. Drawing on ethnographic, archival, and linguistic methods to compare and contrast the communicative practices and language ideologies of Tamil heritage language learning in Hindu temples, Catholic churches, public schools, and community centers, this book demonstrates how processes of sociolinguistic differentiation are mediated by ethnonational, religious, class, racial, and caste hierarchies. Indian Tamils showcase their use of the "cosmopolitan" sounds and scripts of colloquial varieties of Tamil to enhance their geographic and social mobilities, whereas Sri Lankan Tamils, dispossessed of their homes by civil war, instead emphasize the "primordialist" sounds and scripts of a pure "literary" Tamil to rebuild their homeland and launch a "global" critique of racism and environmental destruction from the diaspora. This book uses the ethnographic and archival study of Tamil mobility and immobility to expose the mutual constitution of elite and non-elite global modernities, defined as language ideological projects in which migrants objectify dimensions of time and space through scalar metaphors.

Anthropology and the Will to Meaning

A Postcolonial Critique

Author: Vassos Argyrou

Publisher: Pluto Press

ISBN: 9780745318608

Category: Social Science

Page: 136

View: 5629

Anthropology, the study of societies and cultures different to our own, is based on the humanist assumption that difference does not mean otherness and inferiority. In this book, Vassos Argyrou puts forward a powerful critique of both modern and postmodern anthropology that reveals the self-centered logic of anthropological humanism, offering the controversial conclusion that the anthropological project is forever doomed to failure. At the heart of the book is the idea that anthropologists are driven to produce knowledge not by a desire for power, as it is often assumed, but a by desire for meaning. Interpretation of Other societies and cultures allows them to construct an image of a symbolically unified, ethically ordered and hence meaningful world. Vassos Argyrou shows this assumption to be untenable because differentiation and distinction are in the nature of human being. He further argues that, paradoxically, by trying to uphold Sameness, anthropologists reproduce, inadvertently but inevitably, its contrary.

Diaspora and Transnationalism

Concepts, Theories and Methods

Author: Rainer Bauböck,Thomas Faist

Publisher: Amsterdam University Press

ISBN: 9089642382

Category: Social Science

Page: 352

View: 2692

Diaspora & transnationalism are widely used concepts in academic & political discourses. Although originally referring to quite different phenomena, they increasingly overlap today. Such inflation of meanings goes hand in hand with a danger of essentialising collective identities. This book analyses this topic.

Youth And The State In Hungary

Capitalism, Communism and Class

Author: Laszlo Kurti

Publisher: Pluto Press

ISBN: 9780745317908

Category: History

Page: 320

View: 8055

Youth and the State in Hungary takes as its focus the nature of Hungary’s youth movements over the last seventy years. In a detailed ethnographic study, Laszlo Kurti examines the lives of youth workers in the Csepel district of Budapest in the context of the wider political and economic transformations witnessed during the twentieth century. Kurti follows State-Youth relations from the inter-war capitalism that made peasants into workers, through the post war state socialism – ‘Stalinism’ and after – to the reintroduction of capitalism in 1990. This substantial time frame allows an exploration of the transformations and dilemmas of youth, class, gender and ethnicity as they develop across time. In the course of this study two main themes emerge: the reproduction of class in youth culture across shifting socio-economic conditions; and the mobilisation of youth movements in resistance to the state. Youth and the State in Hungary challenges the orthodox equation of youth and resistance by arguing that youth mobilisation has, in fact, served the interests of the state. Nevertheless there remains a genuine space for resistance and contestation in the reproduction of youth culture.

Race, nature and culture

an anthropological perspective

Author: Peter Wade

Publisher: Pluto Pr


Category: Social Science

Page: 150

View: 1598

Taking the study of race beyond Western notions of the individual, Wade argues for an anthropological understanding of the connections between race, sex and gender.

Class, Nation and Identity

The Anthropology of Political Movements

Author: Jeff Pratt

Publisher: Pluto Press

ISBN: 9780745316727

Category: Social Science

Page: 222

View: 7770

Political movements across the world have such diverse characteristics and aims that it is difficult to examine them as a collective group. Movements that are class-based are usually portrayed as formed by economic categories of people driven by material interests. By contrast the study of ethnic or nationalist movements has concentrated on the complexities of identity formation within culturally defined groups driven by strong passions. In this unusual book, Jeff Pratt argues for the need to set up a new analytical framework that extends the study of identity formation, and the ethnographic analysis of economic and social processes, to all political movements. Setting up a new analytical framework, he argues that political processes involve two linked components: a 'discourse' (an identity narrative which positions us within social history) and a 'movement' (the process of organization whereby local social divisions are transformed by their incorporation into a wider movement). He illustrates his arguments with a vivid mix of case studies from across the last century including Basque nationalism, Andalusian anarchism, Italian communism, the break-up of Yugoslavia, to the 'newer' political movements in Europe, in French Occitania and the Italian Lega Nord.

Power, community and the state

the political anthropology of organisation in Mexico

Author: Monique Nuijten

Publisher: Pluto Pr


Category: Political Science

Page: 227

View: 4642

An important contribution to debates on theorising state power. The author's fieldwork in Mexico is used to examine the tensions between local community and state.

Landscape, Memory And History

Anthropological Perspectives

Author: Pamela J. Stewart,Andrew Strathern

Publisher: Pluto Press

ISBN: 9780745319667

Category: Social Science

Page: 256

View: 8854

How do people perceive the land around them, and how is that perception changed by history? The contributors explore this question from an anthropological angle, assessing the connections between place, space, identity, nationalism, history and memory in a variety of different settings around the world. Taking historical change and memory as key themes, they offer a broad study that will appeal to a readership across the social sciences. Contributors from North America, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, and Europe explore a wide variety of case studies that includes seascapes in Jamaica; the Solomon Islands; the forests of Madagascar; Aboriginal and European notions of landscape in Australia; place and identity in 19th century maps and the bogs of Ireland; contemporary concerns over changing landscapes in Papua New Guinea; and representations of landscape and history in the poetry of the Scottish Borders.

Witchcraft, Power and Politics

Exploring the Occult in the South African Lowveld

Author: Isak Niehaus,Eliazaar Mohlala,Kally Shokaneo

Publisher: Pluto Press

ISBN: 9780745315584

Category: History

Page: 272

View: 2435

This is an extraordinary contemporary account of witchcraft and witch-hunting in the modern world. A powerful ethnographic study of witch-hunting in 1980s South Africa – a period of rapid social change – this book demonstrates the extent to which witchcraft must be seen, not as a residue of ‘traditional’ culture but as part of a complex social drama which is deeply embedded in contemporary political and economic processes. Isak Niehaus provides the context for this fascinating study of witchcraft practices. He shows how witchcraft was politicised against the backdrop of the apartheid state, the liberation struggle and the establishment of the first post-apartheid regime, which all affected conceptions of witchcraft. Niehaus demonstrates how the ANC and other political groups used witchcraft beliefs to further their own agenda. He explores the increasingly conservative role of the chiefs and the Christian church. In the process, he reveals the fraught nature of intergenerational and gender relations. The result is a truly insightful and theoretically engaged account of a much-studied but frequently misunderstood practice.

Land, law and environment

mythical land, legal boundaries

Author: Allen Abramson,Dimitrios Theodossopoulos

Publisher: Pluto Pr


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

View: 7674

Emphasises the importance of land as a resource, rather than a cultural construct, exploring the ways property, land and identity are linked.

Identity and affect

experinces of identity in a globalising world

Author: John R. Campbell,Alan Rew

Publisher: Pluto Pr

ISBN: 9780745314280

Category: Social Science

Page: 306

View: 805

Analyses the distinctive social habitats that arise from the interpretation of globalisation, and the relationship between identity, culture and political economy.

The trouble with community

anthropological reflections on movement, identity and collectivity

Author: Vered Amit,Nigel Rapport

Publisher: Pluto Press


Category: Social Science

Page: 185

View: 7811

The authors reappraise the concept and the reality of 'community', in the light of globalization, religious fundamentalism, identity politics, and renascent localisms.