Living in Style Country

Author: teNeues,Jean Nayar

Publisher: Te Neues Publishing Company

ISBN: 9783832732219

Category: Architecture

Page: 208

View: 5507

Especially busy urbanites are plagued by an insatiable desire to escape the city to the countryside--to breathe in fresh air, yearning silence and comfort. The interiors of the homes presented in Living in Style Country are influenced by their pristine surroundings of untouched nature, majestic mountains, and crystalline lakes. These escapes are nothing less than spectacular, appointed with natural building materials to maintain an atmosphere ranging from vintage to cutting-edge modern. From a traditional English manor and cozy Provencal or Tuscan cottages, to opulent summer residences on the American coastline, this lavish book provides ample inspiration for your own home.

Country Style and Design

Author: Justin Bishop

Publisher: Images Publishing

ISBN: 1864704489

Category: Architecture

Page: 222

View: 5179

Country Style and Design beautifully showcases Justin Bishop's intricate knowledge of country style and design. Blending traditional country style with modern influences, this book is a collection of beautiful images, practical tips, useful styling notes

Living in style

a guide to historic decoration and ornament

Author: Oliver Garnett

Publisher: Natl Trust


Category: Architecture

Page: 192

View: 2665

What is the difference between the 'Gothic' and 'Gothic Revival' styles? How can you tell an lonic column from a Doric column! To understand the many ways in which the British have decorated and furnished their homes, you must learn the language, which can be baffling to the lay person. Oliver Garnett guides the reader through the complex world of historical styles and ornament, drawing on examples from the unrivalled group of houses now in the care of the National Trust. First, he examines some of the broader stylistic issues: what do we mean by style? How is it created, disseminated, exploited, revived and reinterpreted? He then looks at some of the key 'building blocks' of style-the types of ornament that you will encounter most frequently in a historic building. Finally, he provides thumbnail sketches of the stylistic labels that have traditionally been applied to British interiors, from "Tudor" to "Modern Movement." Many of these labels conceal as much as they reveal, but the way that they have been creatively misunderstood by later designers is all part of the story of style.

Shades of Country

Designing a Life of Comfort

Author: Chippy Irvine

Publisher: Taunton Press

ISBN: 1561588164

Category: Architecture

Page: 234

View: 5231

Capturing the timeless quality and adaptability of country style design, a lavishly illustrated resource examines in detail six different styles of country design--clean and simple, rustic, farmhouse, grand country, cottage, and urban arcadia--covering such areas as color choice, furnishings, window and wall treatments, floors, and accessories.

Living in Style New York

Author: Vanessa Weiner Von Bismarck,Jean Nayar

Publisher: Te Neues Publishing Company

ISBN: 9783832798048

Category: Architecture

Page: 220

View: 7668

New Yorkers are known the world over for their love of sophisticated style. This accessible volume profiles the choicest living spaces in and around this ultimate urban playground.

The Way We Live in the Country

Author: Stafford Cliff

Publisher: Rizzoli International Publications

ISBN: 9780789329295

Category: Architecture

Page: 256

View: 4825

A lavishly illustrated sourcebook of decorating ideas for stylish urban living explains how to develop a sophisticated, creative design for city living through the use of colors, materials, and textures, offering a series of inspirational ideas that encompass every style of urban residential architecture, from West Coast beach houses, to Manhattan penthouses, to international trends.

12 Rules For Life

Ordnung und Struktur in einer chaotischen Welt - Dieses Buch verändert Ihr Leben!

Author: Jordan B. Peterson

Publisher: Goldmann Verlag

ISBN: 3641239842

Category: Social Science

Page: 576

View: 3594

Der Nr.1-Bestseller aus den USA: Wie man in einer von Chaos und Irrsinn regierten Welt bei Verstand bleibt! Wie können wir in der modernen Welt überleben? Jordan B. Peterson beantwortet diese Frage humorvoll, überraschend und informativ. Er erklärt, warum wir Kinder beim Skateboarden alleine lassen sollten, welches grausame Schicksal diejenigen ereilt, die alles allzu schnell kritisieren und warum wir Katzen, die wir auf der Straße antreffen, immer streicheln sollten. Doch was bitte erklärt uns das Nervensystem eines Hummers über unsere Erfolgschancen im Leben? Und warum beteten die alten Ägypter die Fähigkeit zu genauer Beobachtung als höchste Gottheit an? Dr. Peterson diskutiert Begriffe wie Disziplin, Freiheit, Abenteuer und Verantwortung und kondensiert Wahrheit und Weisheit der Welt in 12 praktischen Lebensregeln. »12 Rules For Life« erschüttert die Grundannahmen von moderner Wissenschaft, Glauben und menschlicher Natur. Dieses Buch verändert Ihr Leben garantiert!

Living in Style

Without Losing Your Mind

Author: Marco Pasanella

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780684850474

Category: House & Home

Page: 199

View: 4776

Citing the inability of most people to live lifestyles touted in magazines, a guide to transforming living spaces based on realistic budgets offers artistic advice while arguing that an open mind and individual passion is all that is needed to design a distinctive interior..

Sterblich sein

Was am Ende wirklich zählt. Über Würde, Autonomie und eine angemessene medizinische Versorgung

Author: Atul Gawande

Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag

ISBN: 3104035849

Category: Self-Help

Page: 336

View: 7692

Ein Buch über das Sterben, das das Leben lehrt Die Medizin scheint über Krankheit und Tod zu triumphieren, doch sterben wir so trostlos wie nie zuvor. Der Bestsellerautor und renommierte Arzt Atul Gawande schreibt in seinem beeindruckenden Buch über das, was am Ende unseres Lebens wirklich zählt. Ungewöhnlich offen spricht er darüber, was es bedeutet, alt zu werden, wie man mit Gebrechen und Krankheiten umgehen kann und was wir an unserem System ändern müssen, um unser Leben würdevoll zu Ende zu bringen. Ein mutiges und weises Buch eines großartigen Autors, voller Geschichten und eigener Erfahrungen, das uns hilft, die Geschichte unseres Lebens gut zu Ende zu erzählen. »Dieses Buch ist nicht nur weise und sehr bewegend, sondern gerade in unserer Zeit unbedingt notwendig und sehr aufschlussreich.« Oliver Sacks »Die medizinische Betreuung ist mehr auf Heilung ausgelegt als auf das Sterben. Dies ist Atuls Gawandes stärkstes und bewegendstes Buch.« Malcolm Gladwell

Country Chic

Country Style for Modern Living

Author: Liz Bauwens,Alexandra Campbell

Publisher: Hearst Communications

ISBN: 9781588160164

Category: Architecture

Page: 160

View: 7449

This decorating guidebook shows readers how to work with light, space, color, and pattern in all types of houses and apartments to create a modern country style, such as Shaker and New England. 230 color photos.

David McCullough Library E-book Box Set

1776, Brave Companions, The Great Bridge, John Adams, The Johnstown Flood, Mornings on Horseback, Path Between the Seas, Truman, The Course of Human Events

Author: David McCullough

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451658257

Category: History

Page: 4656

View: 4902

Perfect for David McCullough fans and history lovers alike, this eBook boxed set features all of his bestselling titles, from 1776 to Mornings on Horseback. This e-book box set includes all of David McCullough’s bestselling backlist titles: · 1776: The riveting story of George Washington, the men who marched with him, and their British foes in the momentous year of American independence. · Brave Companions: Profiles of exceptional men and women who shaped history, among them Alexander von Humboldt, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Charles and Anne Lindbergh. · The Great Bridge: The remarkable, enthralling story of the planning and construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, which linked two great cities and epitomized American optimism, skill, and determination. · John Adams: The magisterial, Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of the independent, irascible Yankee patriot, one of our nation’s founders and most important figures, who became our second president. · The Johnstown Flood: The classic history of an American tragedy that became a scandal in the age of the Robber Barons, the preventable flood that destroyed a town and killed 2,000 people. · Mornings on Horseback: The brilliant National Book Award-winning biography of young Theodore Roosevelt’s metamorphosis from sickly child to a vigorous, intense man poised to become a national hero and then president. · Path Between the Seas: The epic National Book Award-winning history of the heroic successes, tragic failures, and astonishing engineering and medical feats that made the Panama Canal possible. · Truman: The Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of Harry Truman, the complex and courageous man who rose from modest origins to make momentous decisions as president, from dropping the atomic bomb to going to war in Korea. · Special Bonus: The Course of Human Events: In this Jefferson Lecture in the Humanities, David McCullough draws on his personal experience as a historian to acknowledge the crucial importance of writing in history’s enduring impact and influence, and he affirms the significance of history in teaching us about human nature through the ages.

William Yeoward at Home

Author: William Yeoward

Publisher: Cico Books

ISBN: 9781782492375

Category: House & Home

Page: 176

View: 4177

In his third book, William Yeoward shows you the interiors most personal to him--his country home and city apartment. Both are decorated in his unique style, mixing furniture, soft furnishings, and collectibles from both his own ranges and those he admires. William Yeoward at Home isn't just a glimpse into William's surroundings--it also contains a wealth of inspiration and advice for elegant living in town and country, with simply stunning photography throughout.

Country Living

Cottage Style

Author: Marie Proeller Hueston

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781588168733

Category: Design

Page: 160

View: 3263

Provides cottage-style interior design ideas with full color photographs for living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

Kleines Land


Author: Gaël Faye

Publisher: Piper ebooks

ISBN: 3492977677

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 8843

"Bevor all das geschah, von dem ich hier erzählen werde, gab es nur das Glück, das nicht erklärt werden musste. Wenn man mich fragte, wie geht es dir, habe ich geantwortet: Gut." Damals traf sich Gabriel mit seinen Freunden auf der Straße, erlebte seine Kindheit wie in einem paradiesischen Kokon. Bis seine Familie zerbrach und fast zur selben Zeit sein kleines Land, Burundi, bei einem Militärputsch unvorstellbare Grausamkeiten erdulden musste. Bis seine Mutter den Verstand verlor. Zwanzig Jahre später erst, nach der Flucht mit seiner Schwester in ein fernes, fremdes Frankreich, kehrt Gabriel in eine Welt zurück, die er längst verschwunden glaubte. Doch er findet dort etwas wieder, das er für unwiederbringlich verloren hielt. - "Kleines Land" ist ein überwältigendes Buch, voller Schrecken und Glückseligkeit, Güte und ewiger Verlorenheit - ein Stück französischer Weltliteratur im allerbesten Sinne.

On Living in an Old Country

The National Past in Contemporary Britain

Author: Patrick Wright

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780191580093

Category: History

Page: 320

View: 5807

The hulk of Henry VIII's flagship is raised from the seabed in an operation that captures the mind of the nation. The leader of the Labour party wears an informal coat at the Cenotaph and provokes a national scandal. An elderly lady whose ancient house is scheduled for demolition dismantles it, piece by piece, and moves it across the country... On Living in an Old Country probes such apparently fleeting and disconnected events in order to reveal how history lives on, not just in the specialist knowledge of historians, archaeologists and curators, but as a tangible presence permeating everyday life and shaping our sense of identity. It investigates the rise of 'heritage' as expressed in literature, advertising, and political rhetoric as well as in popular television dramas, conservation campaigns, and urban development schemes. It explores the relations between the idea of an imperilled national identity and the transformation of British society introduced by Margaret Thatcher. This is the book that put 'heritage' on the map, opening one of the defining cultural and political debates of our time, and showing why conservation is a subject of such broad significance in contemporary Britain. This new edition includes an extensive new preface and interview material reflecting on the ongoing debate about the heritage industry which the book helped to kick-start.


Leben auf den Trümmern des Sozialismus

Author: Swetlana Alexijewitsch

Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG

ISBN: 3446244123

Category: History

Page: 592

View: 5712

Der Kalte Krieg ist seit über zwanzig Jahren vorbei, doch das postsowjetische Russland sucht noch immer nach einer neuen Identität. Während man im Westen nach wie vor von der Gorbatschow-Zeit schwärmt, will man sie in Russland am liebsten vergessen. Inzwischen gilt Stalin dort vielen, auch unter den Jüngeren, wieder als großer Staatsmann, wie überhaupt die sozialistische Vergangenheit immer öfter nostalgisch verklärt wird. Für Swetlana Alexijewitsch leben die Russen gleichsam in einer Zeit des "secondhand", der gebrauchten Ideen und Worte. Wie ein vielstimmiger Chor erzählen die Menschen in ihrem neuen Buch von der radikalen gesellschaftlichen Umwälzung in den zurückliegenden Jahren.

Contemporary Country

Author: Emily Chalmers,Ali Hanan,Debi Treloar

Publisher: N.A


Category: Architecture

Page: 143

View: 4365

Many of us hanker after the relaxing, easy simplicity of country life, yet we aren't sure how to adapt this look to suit a modern home. That's where "Contemporary Country" comes in. It's about rekindling our love of the rustic idyll, but giving it a new twist. It's about taking the essence of country style - a way of living that is gentle, natural and grounded - and giving it a contemporary makeover. You don't have to live in the country to appreciate the lifestyle - its colours, textures and details look just as at home in urban spaces. In "Contemporary Country", Emily Chalmers and Ali Hanan begin by looking at the elements that make up the style. They explore the use of natural materials and the way in which key structural features such as beams or staircases can be exposed so that living spaces flow naturally together. They look at furniture - painted or left with a natural finish - lighting, textiles, flooring and colour. The book then examines key areas of the home, from kitchens to sleeping spaces, and shows you how the look works with the help of over 200 inspiring photographs. It concludes with an indispensable suppliers' directory.*Traditional country style is given a contemporary makeover.*Vibrant photography by Debi Treloar