A Student's Survival Guide

Author: Jenny Olive

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780521573061

Category: Science

Page: 564

View: 8816

This friendly and gentle self-help workbook covers mathematics essential for first-year undergraduate scientists and engineers. Mathematics underlies all science and engineering degrees. If your mathematics is not strong, you may have a problem. This book is the solution. Jenny Olive uses her wide experience of teaching and helping students to give you a clear and confident understanding of the core mathematics you need to start a science and engineering degree. Each topic is introduced very gently, starting with simple examples that really bring out the basics, then moving on to more challenging problems. The author takes time to give tricks of the trade and shortcuts, but is also careful to show you common errors and how to anticipate and avoid them. There are over 800 questions for you to do with full and detailed solutions given so that if you get stuck you can work through and see exactly where you have gone wrong. Topics covered include trigonometry and hyperbolic functions, sequences and series (with detailed help on binomial series), differentiation and integration, and complex numbers. This book is a fun and easy way to brush up your maths - either before you start on your university or college course, or while you are getting to grips with it. It's never too late!

Understanding Maths

Basic Mathematics Explained

Author: Graham Lawler

Publisher: Studymates Limited

ISBN: 9781842850237

Category: Mathematics

Page: 192

View: 4474

"Are you struggling with numbers? Do you find it difficult to understand what children and younger people are doing? Do you find it hard to cope with fractions, percentages, averages, decimals, angles, area, volume, or other number and data related work? Then this is definitely the book for you. Written by an experienced and sympathetic maths teacher, it will help you master all these important skills, and in easy steps, everything you need for successful number and data handling. Contents include: Area and volume, Numbers and place value, Data handling, Dealing with fractions, Probabilities and chance, Calculating with percentages, Estimating and checking, Working with decimals, Using a calculator, Angles, Websites for maths students."

Math survival guide

tips and tricks for science students

Author: Jeffrey R. Appling,Jeffrey Robert Appling,Jean C. Richardson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc


Category: Mathematics

Page: 188

View: 4268

This book is specifically designed as a study guide and resource for science students confronted with mathematics that they need extra help on. This math skills review and practice guide is written in a clear, accessible manner to bring readers up to speed quickly on basic math principles. Offering the right amount of depth on the right selection of topics, the book provides quick, clear, and accessible guidance on basic algebraic methods, right when students need it most. In addition to a full range of mathematics topics, Math Survival Guide includes special chapters focused on helping students improve their problem solving and study skills.

A Mathematician's Survival Guide

Graduate School and Early Career Development

Author: Steven George Krantz

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.

ISBN: 082183455X

Category: Mathematics

Page: 222

View: 1704

When you are a young mathematician, graduate school marks the first step toward a career in mathematics. During this period, you will make important decisions which will affect the rest of your career. Here now is a detailed guide to help you navigate graduate school and the years that follow. In his inimitable and forthright style, Steven Krantz addresses the major issues of graduate school, including choosing a program, passing the qualifying exams, finding an advisor, writing a thesis, and getting your first job. As with his earlier guide, How to Teach Mathematics, he avoids generalities, giving clear advice on how to handle real situations. The book also contains a description of the basic elements of a mathematical education, as well as a glossary and appendices on the structure of a typical department and university and the standard academic ranks. Steven G. Krantz is an accomplished mathematician and an award-winning author. He has published 130 research articles and 45 books. He has worked in many different types of mathematics departments, supervised both masters and doctoral students, and is currently the Chair of the Mathematics Department at Washington University in St. Louis.

Math Teacher's Survival Guide: Practical Strategies, Management Techniques, and Reproducibles for New and Experienced Teachers, Grades 5-12

Author: Judith A. Muschla,Gary Robert Muschla,Erin Muschla

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470574997

Category: Education

Page: 368

View: 6094

Classroom-tested strategies to help new and experienced math teachers thrive Math teachers must not only instruct their students in basic mathematical skills and concepts, they must also prepare them for standardized tests, provide instruction in the use of technology, and teach problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. At the same time, they must also manage their other responsibilities – taking attendance, planning, grading, record-keeping, disciplining, and communicating with parents and administrators. This book provides efficient and practical information on the management skills necessary to succeed in this most challenging profession. Offers realistic suggestions and strategies for planning and delivering effective math instruction Helps math teachers achieve excellence and continue to be enthusiastic and successful in their teaching careers Includes reproducible forms to help math teachers stay on top of everything they need to do The Math Teacher's Survival Guide contains a wealth of useful tools and strategies that can help any math teacher succeed in the classroom.

A Survival Guide for New Special Educators

Author: Bonnie S. Billingsley,Mary T. Brownell,Maya Israel,Margaret L. Kamman

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118095685

Category: Education

Page: 432

View: 2859

What every special education teacher needs to know to survive and thrive A Survival Guide for New Special Educators provides relevant, practical information for new special education teachers across a broad range of topic areas. Drawing on the latest research on special educator effectiveness and retention, this comprehensive, go-to resource addresses the most pressing needs of novice instructors, resource teachers, and inclusion specialists. Offers research-based, classroom-tested strategies for working with a variety of special needs students Covers everything from preparing for the new school year to behavior management, customizing curriculum, creating effective IEPs, and more Billingsley and Brownell are noted experts in special educator training and support This highly practical book is filled with checklists, forms, and tools that special educators can use every day to help ensure that all special needs students get the rich, rewarding education they deserve.

Math survival guide

tips for science students

Author: Jeffrey Robert Appling

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc

ISBN: 9780471031031

Category: Mathematics

Page: 127

View: 4282

Algebra-based mathematics workbook designed to put science readers of all ages at ease with the math needed to understand science. Whether they need ample help or just a fast refresher, this approachable resource will help readers master the basics quickly and easily. In addition to a full range of mathematics topics, Math Survival Guide includes a chapter of invaluable study tips. Plus, the author gives advice on buying a computer and helps readers focus on the advantages and uses for a computer.

Survival Guide for General Chemistry with Math Review

Author: Charles H. Atwood

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 0495387517

Category: Science

Page: 216

View: 2877

Available for packaging with any CENGAGE textbook or available separately for a minimal cost at, this survival guide focuses on helping you practice for exams by showing you how to solve difficult problems by dissecting them into manageable chunks. The guide includes three levels of proficiency questions - A, B, and minimal - to quickly build your confidence as you master the knowledge needed to succeed in the course. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Algebra Survival Guide

A Conversational Guide for the Thoroughly Befuddled

Author: Josh Rappaport

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780984638192

Category: Education

Page: 352

View: 671

Expanded and revised, the Second Edition of the Algebra Survival Guide unleashes its power for a new generation of students. Now that Âthe Common Core StandardsÂhave changed how math is taught, thisÂ2ndÂedition aligns its content to these broad new guidelines. TheÂnewÂEdition also adds advanced content. In its XTREMEÂALGEBRAÂsection, the new edition tackles the topics of Functions, Inequalities and the Advanced Coordinate Plane,Âand it teaches storyÂproblems in all threeÂareas. These additions update the book for today's elementary and secondaryÂstudents; they also provide additional supportÂfor adults taking algebra in their return to college. Plus, with its newly expandedÂindex and glossary,ÂtheÂ2ndÂEdition makes all of its content easy to find.ÂTheÂbook retains the cartoons, analogies and conversational format that brought out praise from all corners and garnered the book both a Parents Choice Commendation and a Golden Porch Award forÂpedagogical excellence.

Actuaries' Survival Guide

How to Succeed in One of the Most Desirable Professions

Author: Fred Szabo

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780080524245

Category: Mathematics

Page: 268

View: 9472

This unique book is a guide for students and graduates of mathematics, statistics, economics, finance, and other number-based disciplines contemplating a career in actuarial science. Given the comprehensive range of the cases that are analyzed in the book, the Actuaries' Survival Guide can serve as a companion to existing study material for all courses designed to prepare students for actuarial examinations. * Based on the curricula and examinations of the Society of Actuaries (SOA) and the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) * Presents an overview of career options and details on employment in different industries * Provides a link between theory and practice; helps readers gain the qualitative and quantitative skills and knowledge required to succeed in actuarial exams * Includes insights from over 50 actuaries and actuarial students * Written by Fred Szabo, who has directed the actuarial co-op program at Concordia University for over ten years

The Ultimate Math Survival Guide Part 2

Part of the Mastering Essential Math Skills Series

Author: Richard W. Fisher

Publisher: Math Essentials

ISBN: 9780984362967

Category: Mathematics

Page: N.A

View: 8126

Geometry Problem Solving Pre-Algebra These three essentials areas of math skills are absolutely necessary for success in school, college, a career, and in everyday life. INCLUDED WITH THE BOOK IS FREE ACCESS TO ALL OF MATH ESSENTIALS VIDEOS FROM math SELECT FROM HUNDREDS OF LESSONS! PASSWORDS COME INCLUDED WITH THE BOOK. Award-winning teacher and author Richard W. Fisher shares his proven system of teaching that motivates students to learn and produces dramatic results. Using Mr. Fisher's method, students rapidly gain confidence and excitement that quickly lead to success. *Presented in a simple format that everyone can easily understand. *Each lesson flows smoothly and logically to the next. *Each lesson is short, concise, and straight to the point. *Each new topic is clearly explained. *Lots of examples with step-by-step solutions. *Each lesson includes valuable helpful hints. Review is built into each lesson. Students will retain what they have learned. *Each lesson includes Problem Solving. This ensures that students will learn to apply their knowledge to real-life situations. *Final tests to measure progress. *Includes solutions for each lesson and a Math Resource Center.

A Parent's Survival Guide to Common Core Math

Grades K-5

Author: Christen Nine

Publisher: Math Stream

ISBN: 9780692674949


Page: 182

View: 2771

If knowledge truly is power, then this book is a must-read for parents who have felt concerned, confused, or threatened by the apparent invasion of the controversial Common Core State Standards into their child's math education. This book is written as a practical, survival guide for parents of elementary aged students. Read up on the standard overview for each elementary grade level; discover some of the truth behind the Common Core myths; study examples of key methods and models being incorporated into many Common Core guided classrooms; understand some of the research that has led to the "new" methods; and watch companion videos that help bring additional clarity to the material. Whether you have a fourth or fifth grade student who is struggling with fractions or a Kindergartner who is just entering the school system, this book is for you. Book Content Includes: -Understanding the Standards for Mathematical Practice -A Basic Outline of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics -Tools and Examples for teaching Number Understanding -Tools and Examples for teaching Place Value -Tools and Examples for teaching Addition and Subtraction -Tools and Examples for teaching Data Organization -Tools and Examples for teaching Multiplication and Division -Tools and Examplea for teaching Fractions -Tools and Examples for teaching Decimals All content is written with the typical parent in mind. No prior study of education is necessary, and videos are available for each math section to give a well rounded, clear explanation of each topic. Empower yourself to be a valuable part of your child's math education. This book comes with 25 HD companion videos available on http: //

Sat Prep Math Survival Guide

Author: Steve Warner

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1312407344

Category: Education

Page: N.A

View: 9924

SAT prep can be very easy or very difficult. It all depends on how you prepare. Many students make the mistake of spending countless hours preparing for the SAT with little to no results. This guide was written by Dr. Steve Warner, a math professor and test prep expert that has been giving SAT math prep advice for over 15 years. After reading this book you will learn - how to prepare for SAT math with only 10 to 20 minutes of daily studying, - the best way to take the test, - how to avoid careless errors, - and much more... Note that this SAT prep book is meant to teach effective, time-efficient preparation. This book does not contain SAT problem sets or practice tests. For SAT workbooks and lessons take a look at other books from Dr. Warner's "Get 800" collection such as the "28 SAT Math Lessons" series, or "320 SAT Math Problems."

How to Help Your Child Excel in Math

An A to Z Survival Guide

Author: Brita Immergut

Publisher: Delmar Pub

ISBN: 9781564145284

Category: Education

Page: 253

View: 3878

A handbook of mathematical laws provides definitions of mathematical terms, examples, and practice problems to help parents understand their children's math.

Homework Survival Guide Math

Author: Teri Crawford Jones

Publisher: Troll Communications Llc

ISBN: 9780816748150

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 64

View: 5736

These reference books offer students a user-friendly format.

Survival guide for college students with ADHD or LD

Author: Kathleen G. Nadeau

Publisher: Magination Pr

ISBN: 9781591473893

Category: Psychology

Page: 93

View: 8145

Offers tips and practical suggestions for high school or college students diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder or learning disabilities, including how to arrange for extended-time exams and select an appropriate major.

The Linear Algebra Survival Guide

Illustrated with Mathematica

Author: Fred Szabo

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 0124095313

Category: Mathematics

Page: 438

View: 8636

The Linear Algebra Survival Guide offers a concise introduction to the difficult core topics of linear algebra, guiding you through the powerful graphic displays and visualization of Mathematica that make the most abstract theories seem simple - allowing you to tackle realistic problems using simple mathematical manipulations. This resource is therefore a guide to learning the content of Mathematica in a practical way, enabling you to manipulate potential solutions/outcomes, and learn creatively. No starting knowledge of the Mathematica system is required to use the book. Desktop, laptop, web-based versions of Mathematica are available on all major platforms. Mathematica Online for tablet and smartphone systems are also under development and increases the reach of the guide as a general reference, teaching and learning tool. Includes computational oriented information that complements the essential topics in linear algebra. Presents core topics in a simple, straightforward way with examples for exploring computational illustrations, graphics, and displays using Mathematica. Provides numerous examples of short code in the text, which can be modified for use with exercises to develop graphics displays for teaching, learning, and demonstrations.