Modern Newspaper Practice

A Primer on the Press

Author: F. W. Hodgson

Publisher: N.A


Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 225

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An introduction to all aspects of newspaper journalism and the journalist's world. The book examines in detail not only day-to-day practice but also the role of the editor and the reading public, and the running and printing of newspapers. Close attention in this new edition is paid to the effect of technological advance on news gathering, news and feature writing, page planning and design and the production, advertising and commercial side of newspapers. This book is widely used on journalism and media-related courses, including degrees and those run by newspaper companies and the NCTJ, and the many training schemes abroad that look at British practice. A comprehensive introduction to all aspects of newspaper journalism Examines day-to-day practice

Key Concepts in Journalism Studies

Author: Bob Franklin

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 0761944818

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 362

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The SAGE Key Concepts series provide students with accessible and authoritative knowledge of the essential topics in a variety of disciplines. Cross-referenced throughout, the format encourages critical evaluation through understanding. Written by experienced and respected academics, the books are indispensable study aids and guides to comprehension. Key Concepts in Journalism offers a systematic and accessible introduction to the terms, processes, and effects of journalism;a combination of practical considerations with theoretical issues; and further reading suggestions. The authors bring an enormous range of experience in newspaper and broadcast journalism, at national and regional level, as well as their teaching expertise. This book will be essential reading for students in journalism, and an invaluable reference tool for their professional careers.

Die Ordnung des Standard und die Differenzierung der Diskurse

Akten des 41. Linguistischen Kolloquiums in Mannheim 2006

Author: Beate Henn-Memmesheimer,Joachim Franz

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 9783631599174

Category: Discourse analysis

Page: 945

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Dieser Band versammelt 80 Beitrage, entstanden aus Vortragen beim 41. Linguistischen Kolloquium, das im September 2006 an der Universitat Mannheim stattfand. Das Thema -Die Ordnung des Standard und die Differenzierung der Diskurse- spannt sich auf zwischen zwei komplementaren Erfahrungen: Zum einen werden in verschiedensten Handlungsfeldern Standardisierung und Normierung gefordert. Standards ermoglichen Identifikationen und werden auch von Personen anerkannt, die sie nicht genau kennen. Fur viele Sprachen bedeutet dies, dass sie mit ihrer standardisierten und kodifizierten Version identifiziert werden. Zum anderen entwickeln sich in modernen Gesellschaften unablassig Ausdifferenzierungen, die durch sprachliche Differenzen subtil markiert oder uberhaupt erst hergestellt werden. Sprecher setzen Zeichen, um Differenzen und Ahnlichkeiten zwischen Personen, Medien, Handlungssituationen und Sprachkulturen zu demonstrieren. Neuartige Sprech- und Schreibweisen erhalten ihre Funktionen und Bedeutungen in erster Linie aus dem Kontrast zu den standardisierten Sprachformen und des Weiteren aus ihren je eigenen Gebrauchsgeschichten. Die daraus resultierenden Entwicklungen belegen die Beitrage dieses Bandes in eindrucksvoll vielfaltigen linguistischen Perspektiven."

Print Journalism

A Critical Introduction

Author: Richard Keeble

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134243499

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 368

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Print Journalism provides an up-to-date overview of the skills needed to work within the newspaper and magazine industries. This critical approach to newspaper and magazine practice highlights historical, theoretical, ethical and political debates and includes tips on the everyday skills of newspaper and magazine journalists, as well as tips for online writing and production. Crucial skills highlighted include: sourcing the news interviewing sub editing feature writing and editing reviewing designing pages pitching features In addition separate chapters focus on ethics, reporting courts, covering politics and copyright whilst others look at the history of newspapers and magazines, the structure of the UK print industry (including its financial organization) and the development of journalism education in the UK, helping to place the coverage of skills within a broader, critical context. All contributors are experienced practicing journalists as well as journalism educators from a broad range of UK universities.

How U.S. Correspondents Discover, Uncover, and Cover China

China-watching Transformed

Author: Jingdong Liang

Publisher: Edwin Mellen Pr


Category: History

Page: 245

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This is the first systematic study of the work of U. S. foreign correspondents in China, focusing on how they understand and communicate the culture and politics of China to Americans. It examines how they gather news, interpret events, cope with Chinese government regulations and present a picture of China on a continuous basis.

The Function of the Media in Community Policing

Author: Joanne Marie Ziembo-Vogl

Publisher: N.A


Category: Community policing

Page: 644

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While media were identified by Robert Trojanowicz as one of the "Big Six" necessary for successful implementation and maintenance of community policing initiatives, the exact function of the media in community policing been unexplored and untested. The purpose of this research was to examine the nature of media's function, per se, and to identify the news production processes and police-media relationships (micro and macro-levels) inherent in the media's involvement in community policing. Given the paucity of research related to the function of media in community policing, the interdisciplinary nature attached to examining law enforcement and media organizations, and the sociological underpinnings which surround such an inquiry, a case study approach was chosen to examine the research topic. The Lansing Police Department and the Lansing State Journal were chosen as research organizations. During the 1989 to 1993 time frame of this study, Lansing Police Department enjoyed a national reputation as a model community policing agency practicing the Trojanowicz Paradigm and the State Journal was the city's only daily paper. This case study was composed of several qualitative components: field observation at the Lansing State Journal, interviews of community police, public information, and other Lansing Police Department officers, interviews of Lansing State Journal police beat and other reporters, and a five-year, chronological content analysis of police-related newspaper articles. An interdisciplinary literature review -- including expressions of media's function as specified in government and community policing literature, the historical evolution of media function from a journalistic perspective, civic journalism, and a discussion of Ericson, Baranak, and Chan's paradigm research related to the police and news production -- provided a framework for this research. Several significant findings related to reporting, news production, and media function emerged from the data and portend interest for law enforcement. First, police-related reporting became significantly more positive after the implementation of community policing in Lansing. This finding remained significant in spite of an increased amount of violent crime reporting. Second, newspaper articles related to community policing were not written by police beat reporters. Community Policing coverage was realized via "feature" and "metro" reporters who developed stories about Lansing neighborhoods. Third, police in failed to educate the media about community policing which, in turn, hindered the media from educating the public. In terms of producing news, conflict between individual officers and reporters was superseded by the news production process. This conflict, which often hindered the gathering of information was circumvented by reporters who accessed alternative sources when police "gates" were closed. This fact is reflective of the media's main function in community policing -- providing news.

Journalism Quarterly

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Journalism

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Includes section "Book reviews" and other bibliographical material.

New Media Culture: Mediale Phänomene der Netzkultur

Author: Christian Stiegler,Patrick Breitenbach,Thomas Zorbach

Publisher: transcript Verlag

ISBN: 3839429072

Category: Social Science

Page: 302

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Das Netz ist eine Brutstätte für mediale Phänomene wie etwa digitale Realitäten, Avatars, Memes, Selfies, Transmedia Storytelling, Shitstorms, Gamification, Ultra Fandom, Big Data oder hybride Medienformen, die direkten Einfluss auf Gesellschaft, Kultur und Wirtschaft haben. Doch welche Auswirkungen hat die Netzkultur auf unsere tagtägliche Wahrnehmung von Kommunikation, Arbeitsbedingungen, sozialen Beziehungen, Konsumprodukten und ästhetischen Entwürfen? Dieser Band versammelt grundlegende Annäherungen an die medialen Ausformungen digitaler Kulturen und ermöglicht Studierenden und Lehrenden - aber auch Praktiker_innen - verschiedener Disziplinen, diese zu überdenken, weiterzuspinnen und zu hinterfragen. Mit Beiträgen u.a. von Henry Jenkins, Ramón Reichert, Judith Ackermann, Jan-Hinrik Schmidt, Stephan Sonnenburg und Roman Rackwitz.

Angst und Schrecken im Wahlkampf

Author: Hunter S. Thompson

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 3641172144

Category: Fiction

Page: 576

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Zwölf Monate aus dem Leben des legendären Gonzojournalisten 1972 hat Hunter S. Thompson die Tour des amerikanischen Präsidentschaftswahlkampfes begleitet und in diesem Buch schonungslos Bilanz gezogen. Er enthüllt die Intrigen hinter den Kulissen des Wahlkampfes und entlarvt dabei die Mechanismen des politischen Machtkampfes. Ein kritisches Statement, das noch immer Gültigkeit hat.

Die Vernetzung der Welt

Ein Blick in unsere Zukunft

Author: Eric Schmidt,Jared Cohen

Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 3644030618

Category: Political Science

Page: 448

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Welche Konsequenzen wird es haben, wenn in Zukunft die überwiegende Mehrheit der Weltbevölkerung online ist? Wenn Informationstechnologien so allgegenwärtig sind wie Elektrizität? Was bedeutet das für die Politik, die Wirtschaft – und für uns selbst? Diese Fragen beantwortet ein außergewöhnliches Autorenduo: Eric Schmidt, der Mann, der Google zu einem Weltunternehmen gemacht hat, und Jared Cohen, ehemaliger Berater von Hillary Clinton und Condoleezza Rice und jetzt Chef von Googles Denkfabrik. In diesem aufregenden Buch führen sie uns die Chancen und Gefahren jener eng vernetzten Welt vor Augen, die die meisten von uns noch erleben werden. Es ist die sehr konkrete Vision einer Zukunft, die bereits begonnen hat. Und ein engagiertes Plädoyer dafür, sie jetzt zu gestalten – weil Technologie der leitenden Hand des Menschen bedarf, um Positives zu bewirken.


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