My rock

Author: Lorenzo Ferrero

Publisher: N.A


Category: Music

Page: 14

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My Rock


Author: Pat Simmons

Publisher: Generations Quest Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 316

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Three sisters living in three different cities (Baltimore, St. Louis, and Nashville) make a pact to share responsibilities for their aging relative after authorities find Aunt Tweet across state lines. Her destination had been a neighborhood grocery store. The siblings soon learn the definition of caregiver includes a cup full of patience, a slight sense of humor, and when to cry out for help. Women juggle between career and family all the time, but Tabitha Knicely (St. Louis) is struggling to find a balance. Romance is the last thing she’s trying to add to her list. The Aunt Tweet she knew all her life is not the same one who is residing in her home when she accepts the role as a caregiver for six months. Overwhelmed can’t begin to describe her emotions. Marcus Whittington is an opinionated, successful business owner, but he has a soft side when it comes to the elderly. They remind him of good memories of his grandparents. When Aunt Tweet is the mystery woman who stakes out his porch, he becomes concerned that she is not being taken care of properly. He sheds his misconceptions about what Tabitha isn’t doing right when he discovers that every caregiver needs a caregiver. Marcus knows in order to win Tabitha’s heart; he has to charm Aunt Tweet’s too.

Upon My Rock

Author: Ursula Duhe

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1604772441

Category: Religion

Page: 148

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Duhe describes how to tap into a spirit of power, love, and mental strength in order to fulfill one's divine purpose. (Practical Life)

My Rock Garden

Author: Reginald Farrer

Publisher: Applewood Books

ISBN: 1429014067

Category: Gardening

Page: 368

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Reginald Farrer's 1908 work provides insight into the work and pleasures of rock gardening through an examination of his own experiences.

My Rock; My Refuge

A Year of Daily Devotions in the Psalms (US title: The Songs of Jesus)

Author: Timothy Keller

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1473614244

Category: Religion

Page: 384

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New York pastor Timothy Keller is known for his ability to connect a deep understanding of the Bible with contemporary thought and the practical issues we all face in our lives. My Rock; My Refuge - his first devotional, consisting of all new material - offers inspiration for every day of the year, based on the book of Psalms. Here Keller helps readers apply the principles he laid out in his book Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God. He walks them verse by verse through the entire Psalter, the one biblical book designed to teach us how to pray, how to spiritually handle every possible life situation, and how to actually know God. This title is published in the US as The Songs of Jesus.

My Rock Seraphim

Author: David Catchpole

Publisher: PublishAmerica

ISBN: 146267917X

Category: Fiction

Page: 162

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The Angels surround and protect David Crocker in his mission to prepare the world for Christ=s return! In the continuing saga, David Crocker learns of his new powers as he makes his way into the world of business so he can save our country from the ravages it perpetuates on itself! If David succeeds in his endeavor, the United States will become the beacon of hope for all again! If he fails, the Spirit of the Anti-Christ will continue to gain power and destroy the peoples last vestige of freedom.

My Husband, My Rock

Author: Gina Gallianno

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1453531564

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: N.A

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A true life story of a woman that finally meets with her demons and deals with depression head on... A love story between her and her husband and how he saves her from depression. And the trials and tribulations that lead to her depression. Please seek the help before it's to late. DEPRESSION is not a sign of weakness it is a sign that you have been trying to be strong for too long. 1 in 3 of us will suffer at some point in our lives. (No one can understand unless they've been there). Take charge of your depression, one step at a time. "Quote taken from the internet" "And again I write this story because if I can help just one person come out and tell what's going on with them or even put a stop to a similar situation, then I have done what I set out to do.

What I Did on My Rock N' Roll Vacation

Author: Michael Yahn

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595208800

Category: Fiction

Page: 172

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What I Did On My Rock n' Roll Vacation is the story of friendship, life and good old fashioned rock n' roll. It is a true-to-life fictional tale of a group of friends that put a band together, even though none of them have any musical talent what-so-ever. After being signed by a local producer as a national media experiment, to see if they could brainwash a nation into liking the worst band on the planet, they tour the country and grow up in the process. It is a wild and scary roller coaster ride through the world of music, life and living your dreams at all costs. The book features a foreword by music legend Ronnie Hawkins, and original quotes from some of Canada's most prominent musicians, written only for this novel, such as Brad Roberts (Crash Test Dummies), Safwan Javed (Wide Mouth Mason), Brian Vollmer (Helix), Joey Keithley (DOA), Tim White (Headstones) and Dave Bidini (Rheostatics).

The Story of My Rock Garden

Author: Reginald Malby

Publisher: Applewood Books

ISBN: 1429012935

Category: Gardening

Page: 168

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""In his 1919 work, Reginald Malby provides instruction on the creation of a rock garden using alpine plants, citing his own experiences as an example.""

My Rock Pool

Author: Anne Giulieri

Publisher: Capstone Classroom

ISBN: 1429690135

Category: Handicraft

Page: 32

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Let's make a rock pool. You can make your sea animals go up and down.

This Is My Rock

Author: N.A

Publisher: Nobrow Press

ISBN: 9781909263505

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

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A stubborn goat has found his rock, and he doesn't want to share! But who will he play with?

God is my rock

a study of translation technique and theological exegesis in the Septuagint

Author: Staffan Olofsson

Publisher: Coronet Books Inc

ISBN: 9789122013945

Category: Religion

Page: 208

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My Rock Archangel

Author: David A. Catchpole

Publisher: PublishAmerica

ISBN: 1462697437

Category: Fiction

Page: 128

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Saving money for the American taxpayers can be a tricky proposition, especially if you're competing with a corrupt covert government entity that will push past the limits of the laws in order to have you financially destroyed or jailed! In the continuing My Rock series, David and Ed Crocker engage the cronies of the Triumph Coalition who will do whatever it takes to establish their version of financial control of the world. If David and Ed succeed in their endeavor, they'll strike a major blow and slow the efforts in the development of government coercion and control of the American people.

My Rock

Author: David Catchpole

Publisher: America Star Books

ISBN: 9781462658435

Category: Fiction

Page: 138

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Is it a dream or is it reality? This question has brought David Crocker to the edge. If it's a dream, then how did he get this power? If its reality then what did he do to deserve this power? My Rock is an exciting tale of a person who is going to learn that gaining wealth isn't always looked upon as a good thing; that people always question one's success and can and will do anything in their power to control it or stop it. The NJ Racing Commission feels that he cheated in some way. The FBI is confused about him. The CIA wants him dead, but why? David has to quickly figure out his power or those he is most close to may die. My Rock is a compelling story of good versus evil, but who is good and who is evil? We have to learn the truth!

Awake, My Heart

Daily Devotional Studies for the Year

Author: J. Sidlow Baxter

Publisher: Kregel Publications

ISBN: 9780825493690

Category: Religion

Page: 384

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With more than one million copies in print, this devotional continues to encourage readers. "This is a rich mine of information and inspiration." --Moody Magazine"

The Godhead

New Scriptural Insights on the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost

Author: Duane S. Crowther

Publisher: Cedar Fort

ISBN: 0882908286

Category: Religion

Page: 408

View: 7774

Carefully crafted, precisely written, and fully documented, this doctrinal resource assembles an abundance of meaningful new scriptural patterns. Have any questions about the nature of the Godhead? Look no further! the Godhead: New Scriptural Insights on the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost will not only answer your questions, but it will also intrigue you with insights you may not have pondered before: Christian beliefs about God; attributes and physical natures of Godhead members; individual insights on God the Son, God the Holy Ghost, and God the Father; and the ultimate objectives of divinity. New doctrines? No - they've been in the scriptures for centuries. But profound new insights? By the hundreds! the Godhead shows, historically and scripturally, how allegorical-interpretation methodologies of trinity advocates altered the major doctrines of Christianity, causing them to discount the many literal biblical statements concerning the nature of God. Other major contributions of the Godhead include its numerous insights on premortal events, its compilation of hundreds of scriptures showing the physical nature of God, and its in-depth scriptural demonstration that Jesus is Jehovah. More key insights treat the essential attributes of Godhead members, their spirit nature, their threeness and oneness relationships, the varied fatherhood roles of Jesus Christ, the nature of glory, Christ's roles among the Gods, and how mankind can attain Godhood. Author Duane S. Crowther is widely known for his indepth doctrinal studies on many topics, including his books Prophecy - Key to the Future, Life Everlasting, and Prophets and Prophecies of the Old Testament.

The Majesty of an Eagle

Your Attitude Determines the Altitude of Your Flight

Author: Dr M A Monareng

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1479721158

Category: Self-Help

Page: 63

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Dr Monareng holds the eagle in high regard. Integrity and positive attitude are the values required to overcome the storms of life as eagles do. With his great attitude, the eagle adapts to change, is patient and is able to focus to his prey due to his determination and sense of purpose. Like eagles, man can leave his comfort zone, work hard and finish what he started. Moral degeneration has stolen mans glory. He must respect his family and die being in the hands of God as do eagles which die facing the sun with their talons on the rock which symbolises Christ.

My Rocks

Author: Margie Burton, Cathy French, Tammy Jones

Publisher: Benchmark Education Company

ISBN: 9781583442111

Category: Rocks

Page: 16

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