Pruning, Training and Shaping Trees the Japanese Way

Author: Jake Hobson

Publisher: Timber Press (OR)

ISBN: 0881928356

Category: Gardening

Page: 144

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Over the years, Japanese gardeners have fine-tuned a distinctive set of pruning techniques that coax out the essential characters of their garden trees, or niwaki. In this highly practical book, Western gardeners are encouraged to draw upon the techniques and sculpt their own garden trees to unique effect. After first discussing the principles that underpin the techniques, the author offers in-depth guidelines for shaping pines, azaleas, conifers, broadleaved evergreens, bamboos and deciduous trees. Throughout the text, step-by-step illustrations accompany the instructions, while abundant photographs and anecdotes bring the ideas surrounding niwaki vividly to life.


Japanische Gartenbäume schneiden und formen

Author: Jake Hobson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783800133864


Page: 144

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True You

Letting Go of Your False Self to Uncover the Person God Created

Author: Michelle DeRusha

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 1493416286

Category: Religion

Page: 240

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Many of us are bent on producing and achieving, striving and hustling for our self-worth. Beneath this relentless drive churns a deep yearning to uncover our true selves and our purpose in this world. Gardeners familiar with the technique called "pruning open" know that the secret to healthy plants and trees lies in subtracting rather than adding. Similarly, we begin to flourish as we let go of our false selves and allow God to prune us open. With powerful stories and revealing research, Michelle DeRusha helps readers: - learn how to declutter their hearts, minds, and souls through the practice of directed rest - let go of busyness, striving, and false identities to embrace their truest selves as beloved children of God - grow in their relationships, vocations, communities, and intimacy with God True You offers those exhausted by the pervasive do-more, be-more messages of our society a path toward rest, renewal, and, ultimately, wholeness in Christ.

At West Dean

The Creation of an Exemplary Garden

Author: Jim Buckland,Sarah Wain

Publisher: White Lion Publishing

ISBN: 0711240302

Category: Gardening

Page: 288

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'I am in awe of what Sarah Wain & Jim Buckland have achieved at West Dean and this superb book is a testament to inspired, uncompromising horticulture at its very best.’ Monty Don At West Dean is the story of how Sarah Wain and Jim Buckland brought back to life a neglected garden in Sussex and is a celebration of the gardening excellence they have established there. Super-tidy sheds, meticulously cared for glasshouses, a biomass boiler and steaming compost heaps are the engine that drive the garden forward but these would be nothing without the artistic vision and thoughtful philosophy that Sarah Wain and Jim Buckland bring to this exemplary garden, which attracts thousands of visitors each year. While West Dean’s expansive site is the starting point, At West Dean highlights the unique combination of persistence, skill and artistry that make for a successful garden in any set of circumstances. Richly illustrated with specially commissioned photographs by award-winning garden photographer Andrea Jones. The glories of the garden through the seasons are shown to their full extent, alongside shots of gardeners at work – pruning and tying in climbers, mowing, raking, labelling, washing pots, stacking canes. The results of their labours enhance the book – carefully pruned trees, exquisite lawns, wildflower meadows, renovated flintwork, beautiful vegetables and freshly topiarized shrubs. The gardens at West Dean are defined by horticultural rigour and contemporary efficiencies set against a Victorian backdrop. They are also part of the Edward James Foundation along with West Dean College, which is widely respected for its Arts and Crafts education (Edward James was a passionate early supporter of surrealism and was the original recipient of Salvador Dali’s famous lobster telephone). At West Dean sets a sublime standard to aspire to and is a joyful reminder of the infinite rewards to be gained from a hard day’s work in the garden. Praise for West Dean: 'One of Britain's most exemplary centres of practical horticulture.' Robin Lane-Fox, Financial Times 'The kitchen garden has to be one of the most perfect examples of its kind.' Noel Kingsbury, The Telegraph 'Jim and Sarah have given much of their lives to the gardens at West Dean. Over the many years that I have visited the garden I am always amazed at the high level of horticulture that is displayed in the grounds, and under glass. Over 25 years this incredible pair have gardened to a level that is admirable, and inspirational.' Christine Walkden, horticulturist, broadcaster and writer.

The Art of Creative Pruning

Inventive Ideas for Training and Shaping Trees and Shrubs

Author: Jake Hobson

Publisher: Timber Press

ISBN: 1604693568

Category: Gardening

Page: 200

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Nothing brings a touch of artistry to the garden like ornamental pruning, and a series of deliberate cuts can create landscapes and evoke faraway places. All that's needed to recreate the effect in the garden are a sharp pair of pruners, some imagination, and the instruction found in The Art of Creative Pruning. Drawing on both eastern and western styles, author Jake Hobson moves beyond the traditional lollipops and animals and teaches a wholly new approach to ornamental pruning that appeals to modern sensibilities. Picture boxwoods trimmed into whimsical Russian nesting dolls, hedges inscribed with words, and a tree snipped to resemble the toppling tiers of a wedding cake. These are just a few of the unusual ideas featured in the beautifully photographed pages. All the practical considerations are here as well, including pruning to improve a view, remedial pruning to fix problems, and pruning fruit trees to increase yield.


Author: Andrew Juniper

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

ISBN: 9780804834827

Category: Architecture

Page: 165

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Wabi sabi, the quintessential Japanese design aesthetic, is quickly gaining popularity around the world, as evidenced by recent articles in Time, The Chicago Tribune and Kyoto Journal. Taken from the Japanese words wabi, which translates to less is more, and sabi, which means attentive melancholy, wabi sabi refers to an awareness of the transient nature of earthly things and a corresponding pleasure in the things that bear the mark of this impermanence. As a design style, wabi sabi helps us to appreciate the simple beauty in imperfection--of a chipped vase or a rainy day, for example.

Syntax der Landschaft

Die Landschaftsarchitektur von Peter Latz und Partner

Author: Udo Weilacher

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3764383267

Category: Architecture

Page: 192

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Der Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord, das Plateau de Kirchberg in Luxemburg, der Parco Dora in Turin und zahlreiche andere Realisierungen von Peter Latz und Partner stehen für einen zeitgemäßen, intelligenten Umgang mit alternativen Umwelttechnologien und dem regenerativen Umbau ganzer Industrielandschaften. In den landschaftsarchitektonischen Entwürfen von Peter Latz werden ökologisch-soziale Ansprüche in eine eigenständige ästhetische Sprache übersetzt, die zeitlosen Ansprüchen genügen soll. Die verschiedenen Schichten und Bedeutungen der historisch aufgeladenen Orte werden offengelegt und zu einem Netzwerk von räumlichen und zeitlichen Bezügen verknüpft, das eigenen Regeln folgt – die Syntax der Landschaft. Prozesshaftigkeit und lebendige Dynamik in tragfähigen Freiraumstrukturen bestimmen die Arbeiten, die sich auch Veränderungen öffnen: Sie sind in Entwicklung begriffene Räume, keine ein für allemal fertigen Parks.


Author: Chris Rowthorn

Publisher: Lonely Planet

ISBN: 9781740599245

Category: Travel

Page: 812

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Complemented by easy-to use, reliable maps, helpful recommendations, authoritative background information, and up-to-date coverage of things to see and do, these popular travel guides cover in detail countries, regions, and cities around the world for travelers of every budget, along with extensive itineraries, maps with cross-referencing to the text, "Top 10" and "Top 5" lists, and other practical features.

De god van het lopen

de monnik, de sporter en de weg naar verlichting

Author: Ineke Albers

Publisher: Atlas Contact

ISBN: 904502375X

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: N.A

View: 617

In een boeddhistisch klooster in de buurt van Kyoto wonen monniken die 100 nachten achtereen, een 35 kilometer lange voettocht over een berg maken om tot een staat van Verlichting te komen. Lopen, hetzij wandelen, hetzij rennen, als religieuze of geestverruimende ervaring is ook in de westerse wereld een bekend verschijnsel. Denk bijvoorbeeld aan hardlopers die hun dagelijkse loopritueel niet kunnen missen. Waar raken lopen en religie elkaar? En is de Verlichting van het lopen zichtbaar in de hersenen? Ineke Albers reisde naar Japan en zocht in de Japanse cultuur, in het boeddhisme en in de neurowetenschap naar antwoorden op deze vragen. Ze zag de monniken tijdens hun slopende pelgrimages en liep onverhoeds de gesloten wereld van het oude Japan binnen.