Tales from the Wild Blue Yonder * Living Dangerously*

Author: John Q. Olson

Publisher: Dust Devil Press

ISBN: 0982070306

Category: Fiction

Page: 244

View: 9666

Welcome to the adventures and misadventures from a quarter century of hang gliding and travel. Huck yourself off cliffs, soar into the Wild Blue, and land where no human has landed before, all from the comfort and safety of your easy chair. Visit exotic lands and foreign skies, experience the thrill of foot-launched human flight and never even risk your neck. Come along with a wild cast of characters, who fly like their lives depend upon it. Realize mankind's most ancient dream, FLY WITH THE BIRDS!

Sunset Tales from the New Iraq

Author: Al Kentawy

Publisher: Akom Publishing House

ISBN: 0979913438

Category: History

Page: 431

View: 7952

Four people brought together by destiny and changed forever by Iraq recount their war experiences.

Roars from the Back of the Bus

Rugby Tales of Life with the Lions

Author: Stewart McKinney

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1780571488

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 224

View: 8817

Roars from the Back of the Bus is an absorbing, amusing and at times moving collection of tales that give a rare insight into the camaraderie that exists between players at the top of their game, showing that relationships forged through experiences on a Lions tour last a lifetime. From the first Tour in 1888, it showcases characters with immense personality who fought together in wars or on rugby pitches in foreign lands, and who shared a bond developed through touring as representatives of the home nations. Despite the changes to the game after the advent of professionalism, the experiences of Jamie Heaslip, Brian O’Driscoll and Joe Worsley are still similar in some ways to those of earlier intrepid tourists like Blair Mayne, Lewis Jones, Sir Carl Aarvold or David Rollo. Containing defining memories and private insights from across the tours and the decades, Roars from the Back of the Bus shows that the Lions ethos remains strong at the heart of every team.

A Reader's Book of Days: True Tales from the Lives and Works of Writers for Every Day of the Year

Author: Tom Nissley

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 0393241491

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 416

View: 891

A witty and addictively readable day-by-day literary companion. At once a love letter to literature and a charming guide to the books most worth reading, A Reader's Book of Days features bite-size accounts of events in the lives of great authors for every day of the year. Here is Marcel Proust starting In Search of Lost Time and Virginia Woolf scribbling in the margin of her own writing, "Is it nonsense, or is it brilliance?" Fictional events that take place within beloved books are also included: the birth of Harry Potter’s enemy Draco Malfoy, the blood-soaked prom in Stephen King’s Carrie. A Reader's Book of Days is filled with memorable and surprising tales from the lives and works of Martin Amis, Jane Austen, James Baldwin, Roberto Bolano, the Brontë sisters, Junot Díaz, Philip K. Dick, Charles Dickens, Joan Didion, F. Scott Fitzgerald, John Keats, Hilary Mantel, Haruki Murakami, Flannery O’Connor, Orhan Pamuk, George Plimpton, Marilynne Robinson, W. G. Sebald, Dr. Seuss, Zadie Smith, Susan Sontag, Hunter S. Thompson, Leo Tolstoy, David Foster Wallace, and many more. The book also notes the days on which famous authors were born and died; it includes lists of recommended reading for every month of the year as well as snippets from book reviews as they appeared across literary history; and throughout there are wry illustrations by acclaimed artist Joanna Neborsky. Brimming with nearly 2,000 stories, A Reader's Book of Days will have readers of every stripe reaching for their favorite books and discovering new ones.

On the Night Bus

Author: Nick Turpin

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781910566169


Page: 104

View: 4443

Painterly portraits of commuters on buses shot through steamed windows during the winter months. "

Tombstone Tales

Stories from the Town Too Tough to Die... and Beyond

Author: Gary Ledoux

Publisher: Goose Flats Graphics


Category: Tombstone (Ariz.)

Page: 324

View: 9340


Tales from the Jayhawks Hardwood

A Collection of the Greatest Kansas Basketball Stories Ever Told

Author: Mark Stallard,Bud Stallworth

Publisher: Sports Publishing LLC

ISBN: 1582618909

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 180

View: 1999

One of the most storied and radition-rich basketball programs in America, the Kansas Jayhawks have produced many basketball legends--coaches and players alike. From their humble beginnings of playing in the basement of Snow Hall to the raucous atmosphere of Allen Fieldhouse, the Jayhawks have been a national powerhouse on the hardwood almost from the start. Kansas has been home to many great coaches, from the "Father of Basketball Coaching" Forrest C. "Phog" Allen, who successfully motivated his players with unorthodox methods, to current coach Bill Self, who took over for Roy Williams and will undoubtedly make his mark in Lawrence. Die-hard fans have cheered some of the game's greatest players through the decades--Wilt Chamberlain, Jo Jo White, Clyde Lovelette, and Danny Manning--and are anxious to see what becomes of recent stars like Drew Gooden and Wayne Simien. Tales from the Jayhawks Hardwood, Second Edition is an updated and revised collection of first-hand memories from the players and coaches who made history at the University of Kansas. Re-live those famous games, crowning moments, rivalries, bloopers and more.

Tales from the Briccs

Author: Maurice Kelly

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1456844792

Category: Fiction

Page: 206

View: 1084

Tales from the Briccs is a collection of short urban stories that gives one a raw and water resistant glimpse into real life scenarios that happen in ghettos all across America. Each story contains one of the perils that plague the lives of individuals living in the ghetto: money, sex, violence, gangs and prison; yet they all have positive messages that are written to entertain and enlighten a mature audience thats in search of truth through the art of fiction. Its thrilling, humorous, heart stopping and destined to make you think twice.

The Best Travel Writing 2010

True Stories from Around the World

Author: James O'Reilly,Larry Habegger,Sean O'Reilly

Publisher: Travelers' Tales

ISBN: 1932361898

Category: Travel

Page: 352

View: 8092

The Best Travel Writing 2010 is the seventh volume in the annual Travelers' Tales series launched in 2004 to celebrate the world's best travel writing — from Nobel Prize winners to emerging new writers. The points of view and perspectives are global, and themes encompass high adventure, spiritual growth, romance, hilarity and misadventure, service to humanity, and encounters with exotic cuisine. In The Best Travel Writing 2010 readers will explore the mysteries of superstition in Cameroon, discover the meaning of life with an Irish carpenter on a long flight, take adopted children to Korea on a Homeland Tour, delve deep into a sacred Japanese pilgrimage, travel solo in Panama's forbidding Darien jungle, comprehend the nuances of bargaining in Senegal...and much more.

Twenty Tales from the War Zone

The Best of John Simpson

Author: John Simpson

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 0330531174

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 124

View: 4874

Drawing on John Simpson's acclaimed volumes of autobiography and hitherto unpublished material, Twenty Tales from the War Zone brings together some of the highlights of his remarkable journalistic career. Whether dodging guerrillas at a cocaine market in Colombia, narrowly escaping a murderous Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan, interviewing a flatulent Colonel Gadaffi, crossing the border into Afghanistan dressed in a fetching bright blue burka or being kidnapped at gunpoint - or was it a finger in a pocket - in the backstreets of Belfast at the height of the troubles, Simpson paints a vivid picture of what being a journalist on the front line is all about, from low comedy to high drama. It's a rollercoaster ride that is sure to thrill anyone who dares to join it.

Home on the Strange

More Tales from My Albu-Quirky Journals

Author: Debora L. Carr

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 1608444589

Category: Humor

Page: 116

View: 1450

In this sequel to "you Don't Need a Passport to Move to New Mexico" the ride continues s you further explore the wild, wacky west that is New Mexico. "Home on the Strange" introduces you to some of the odd sights, both natural and man-made that are part of The Land of Enchantment's bizarre landscape. Ecclectic yard decor, other worldly visitors, awesome natural wonders and kooky roadside curiosities combine to make New Mexico seem like a whole different world! Meet "Sunny" the dinosaur. The 4:10 Roadrunner and find out why the state's motto is "It Grows as it Goes." Are there really aliens in New Mexico? You Betcha! All this and much more ca be found in the pages of "home on the Strange"!. Debora Carr was born and raised in the central New Jersey area, graduating from Rutgers University with a BA in Art Education in 1980 and became a successful professional graphic artist and packaging designer. She chose to accompany her parents when they decided to relocate to and retire in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2003, where she continued her chosen profession of graphic artist, working as a one-person art department for a small print shop. She continued to keep in touch with friends and family members 'back east' by means of periodic humorous newsletters which she called her 'Albu-Quirky Journals' in which she detailed her perspective on life in New Mexico. She later collected some of these reports and rewrote them in a tongue-in-cheek essay form, emulating the short stories written by two of her favorite authors, James Thurber and Mark Twain and published them in her first book, "You Don't Need a Passport to Move to New Mexico." "Home on the Strange" is the sequel, continuing to relate more humorous observations regarding life in the weird Wild West of New Mexico. Debora still revels in collecting stories and photos of all things weird, odd and unusual and is delighted to find that her new home state of New Mexico is overflowing with them. With any luck, it will continue to provide fodder for more entries into her "Albu-Quirky Journals for years to come.

Henrik, Hairdryers and the Hand of God: Extraordinary Tales From the Press Box

Author: Various

Publisher: BackPage Press

ISBN: 0956497144

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 288

View: 1281

Ever wondered what is it like to be on the receiving end of a Sir Alex Ferguson hairdryer? Or how Jean Marc Bosman reacted the exact moment he discovered he d won his famous court case? Henrik, Hairdryers and the Hand of God lifts the lid on British sports journalism. Leading sports writers such as Patrick Barclay, Graham Hunter, Tom English, Graham Spiers, Hugh Keevins, Gerry McNee, Davie Provan, Pat Nevin and dozens of others powerfully relate the real stories behind the headlines, laying bare the world of sportswriting and broadcasting in all its fascinating glory and infamy. All proceeds from this book will go to SANDS, the charity which supports bereaved parents of stillbirth and infant death.

The Best Travel Writing 2008

True Stories from Around the World

Author: James O'Reilly,Larry Habegger,Sean O'Reilly

Publisher: Travelers' Tales

ISBN: 1932361693

Category: Travel

Page: 328

View: 6974

Since 1993, readers have looked to Travelers' Tales for award-winning stories about the world, adventure, spirituality, and the transformative experiences that accompany life on the road. The Best Travel Writing 2008 is the fifth volume in the series launched in 2004 to celebrate the world's best travel writing — much of it never before published — from Nobel Prize winners to up-and-coming new writers. The stories provide a perspective and depth of understanding that can only come from people who have actually been there, and encompass everything from high adventure to misadventure, spiritual growth to romance, service to humanity to encounters with exotic cuisines. Reading the book is like sitting in a café filled with fellow travelers, swapping tales about destinations near and far — readers emerge changed, eager for more, and ready to plan their next trips.

The California Tales

A Novel

Author: Mathew Kinsella

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469101114

Category: Poetry

Page: 499

View: 6740

Exhibit-A To dream the im-poss-ible dream to fight the un-beat-able foe to run where the brave (or wise) dare not go -From the Broadway production of The Man of La Mancha, music by Darien and Leigh, 1965 Gracing the awesome coastline of California like a set of stained glass and adobe rosary beads, the 18th-century chain of twenty-one old Spanish missions offer the modern tourist a window into the history of the golden state at once colorful, quaint, often romanticized and just possibly not as benign as the tourist literature would lead us to believe. Investigating just that possibility, three amateur researchers have uncovered an historic mission artifact that, proven authentic, could shaken the golden state to its foundations. Nor would the repercussions end there, cautioned research director Brother Kolbe. Not by a long shot. At the state capitol in Sacramento, the governors Mission Affairs Department, and entrenched bereaucrazy representing the vested interest of the church, civic groups, university and private concerns, is naturally interested in the discovery. With real estate totaling in the multi-billion dollar range, including treasure troves of priceless relics and artwork, the Mission Affairs Department is somewhat hesitant at relinquishing control of their flock of iconic golden geese. Exposing the scandalous mission hullabaloo to the light of day may very well, researcher Samara Del Rio smiled with a perfectly beatific malfeasance, induce a state of anarchy. This my quest, to follow that star no matter how hopeless, no matter how far Along with Sam, ostensibly the team sociologist; Franciscan Brother and linguist Kolbe McCeanna and computer technician Felicia Bonaventura have tracked the legendary article to the derelict ruins of a minor auxiliary mission, Mision Estancia San Micmac, abandoned deep in the cathedral redwoods of Californias rugged pacific coast foothills. Exhibit-A.: as Sacramento knows, the notorious artifact is a legendary mission document lost since the colonial era, and thought to be a Spanish translation of aboriginal petroglyphs, entitled Las Cuentitas Primaveritas de Isla Califia. Past as prologue, a highly divisive work of folkloric Outside Art, colonial-era historians date the slim manuscript to the year 1561. Spakespearean scholars, however, citing key internal references to The Bards colonial-era play The Tempest, insist that the text is no older that the year 1611. Anti-Stratfordians, of course, call the Spakespearean theory leaky as an unstaunched wench. Adding to the debate, pre-Columbian archivists at Villa Poggio Gherado in Canterbury, England claim tevidence supporting a composition date of 1348. Equally divided, modern pundits dismiss Las Cuentitas as nothing more than psychosocial gibberish and third-rate poetic doggerel anyway, or else venerate the document as instrumental to a radical psychosocial transformation. Either way, if birds of a feather flock together than the infamous manuscript resembles a traditional book to the extent a penguin resembles an ostrich. [Embedded in translation throughout the plot of The California Tales], Las Cuentitas represents an extraordinary multimedia-literary genre suppressed censored and banned since the 1960s as irredeemably subversive to the status quo. During its brief hayday in the sun, the tempestuous genre was known as Prosperos Salient Heliotropic Articulation Grids: pSHAGs. And, particularly threatening to the dominate paradigm, pSHAG poetry, (or poemetry), was known, rather tongue-in-cheek, as Teleothanantological Neuropeptidal Algorithms: T.N.A.s. Moreover, reputedly encrypted within a Prospero SHAG TNA are the sole surviving fragments of the theoretical Archetypical Tale: the mother of all manuscripts, the lore at the core. Archetypical Tale theorists insist that this so-called consummate communiqu is simultaneously primordial and pansophic, pro

The Homegoing of Howard Lee Johnson

Tales from Dave's Bar

Author: Fred Roberts

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 147716295X

Category: Fiction

Page: 185

View: 3099

This is the story of a young black man, Howard Lee Johnson, who was born to unwed parents in Selma, Alabama during the turbulent racial upheaval of the mid-sixties. His father, a young civil rights worker sent to Alabama to instruct blacks in voter registration, impregnated Howard Lees teenage mother and vanished before he was born. His mother, aunt and grandmother raised him in a God-fearing manner with all the love they could muster, but it wasnt enough. He agonized over why his father abandoned him, and the older he got, the angrier he became. When his mother makes a deathbed revelation of his fathers identity and whereabouts, the twenty-year-old Howard Lee flees Selma, Alabama and journeys to Atlanta. He finds the now-defrocked pastor sitting in the Fulton County Jail. After a heart to heart talk, he forgives his father but doesnt want a relationship with him. With no other plans, Howard Lee decides to remain in the City Too Busy to Hate. He soon falls in love and marries a Christian girl named Charlotte. During the next ten years they have two wonderful kids, and he lives the life of Rileyuntil he begins an affair with Naomi, a bartender and former prostitute, and Charlotte kicks him out. For the first time in his life, Howard Lee must face his future, and himself, alone. The Homegoing of Howard Lee Johnson is the third book in the series, Tales From Daves Bar.

Pachamama Tales: Folklore from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay

Author: Paula Martin,Margaret Read MacDonald

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1610698533

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 242

View: 3629

A bilingual collection of enchanting folk tales from the peoples of Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay, and Paraguay, accompanied by historical and geographical background as well as color photographs. • Provides ready-to-tell stories from Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, and Uruguay that both entertain and promote multicultural awareness • An ideal resource for storytellers, folklorists, parents, librarians, Spanish instructors, and other educators who conduct storytime programs • Includes color inserts that help bring the rich folklore and culture of these South American nations to life • Stories are presented in both English and Spanish

Under the Table

Saucy Tales from Culinary School

Author: Katherine Darling

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1416565272

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 365

View: 2072

A Saveur magazine chef describes her haphazard experiences as a student at New York City's French Culinary Institute, a journey during which she and her classmates tackled a range of challenges from veal calves and fish heads to broken eggs and cutthroat teachers, in an account that is complemented by food lore and numerous recipes.

Tales of the Savoy

Stories from a Glasgow Cafe

Author: Joe Pieri

Publisher: Neil Wilson Publishing

ISBN: 1906000220

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 192

View: 8289

Joe Pieri used to be one of the Glasgow's best-known restaurateurs and ran the remarkable Savoy cafe. His cafe attracted the lowlife during the day but was cleared for theatre-goers in the early evening before returning to service prostitutes and villains late at night. Here, Joe witnessed all human life as it ebbed and flowed through the doors of the Savoy and it is largely from these experiences that he has compiled these tales written in the guise of 'Mario', the cafe owner.


Stories from Small Town Europe

Author: Gyrdir Eliasson,Frode Grytten,Micheal O Conghaile,Danielle Picard,Mehmet Zaman Saclioglu ,Ingo Schulze,Roman Simic,Jean Sprackland,Olga Tokarczuk,Mirja Unge

Publisher: Comma Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 128

View: 4455

What do we mean by small town? How has this innocuous term – one up from ‘village’, a couple down from ‘city’ – come to function as a pejorative? Pressed to describe what the phrase ‘small town’ conjures up, we’d be hard pushed to say anything positive: closed-minded; petty; provincial; parochial. On a broad European canvas, however, the rich traditions of short story writing challenge these preconceptions. The stories collected here are neither narrow-minded nor petty, nor do the minds of their protagonists contract to fit their environment. In Germany, a house-husband is slowly sent over the edge by his over-achieving neighbours. In the town of Odda in Norway, a middle-aged Morrissey fan has a matter of hours to find a girlfriend so his ailing mother can die in peace. It’s the small gestures – a white lie, the turning of a blind eye, a small kindness or a secret kept – that allow the characters of these communities to survive, to breathe easily within the seemingly tight strictures life there can impose. It’s how we do things round here...