Optical Imaging in Projection Microlithography

Author: Alfred Kwok-Kit Wong

Publisher: SPIE Press

ISBN: 9780819458292

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 254

View: 8984

Here for the first time is an integrated mathematical view of the physics and numerical modeling of optical projection lithography that efficiently covers the full spectrum of the important concepts. Alfred Wong offers rigorous underpinning, clarity in systematic formulation, physical insight into emerging ideas, as well as a system level view of the parameter tolerances required in manufacturing. Readers with a good working knowledge of calculus can follow the step-by-step development, and technologists can gather general concepts and the key equations that result. Even the casual reader will gain a perspective on the key concepts, which will likely help facilitate dialog among technologists.

Introduction to Image Stabilization

Author: Scott W. Teare,Sergio R. Restaino

Publisher: SPIE Press

ISBN: 9780819464347

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 98

View: 2519

The use of image stabilization has grown to the point that it is now a common component of modern optical systems for imaging, communications, and remote-sensing applications. The benefits of image stabilization to astronomical research alone are so rich that it is common for astronomical telescopes, built over the last century, to be retrofitted with fast steering mirrors and tip-tilt sensors to extend their useful lifetimes. This text provides the basics of image stabilization starting with a consideration of the cause of image blurring and an introduction to the components commonly used in constructing a stabilized imaging system. With this foundation, an example image stabilized system is described and used to introduce some of the important parameters in evaluating the performance of image stabilization systems. As image stabilization systems are key components of adaptive optics systems, the more sophisticated sensing and correction devices used in this area are briefly addressed. Rather than being a mathematical, rigorous treatment of image stabilization, it provides the basic ideas in an easy-to-read format.

Design and Process Integration for Microelectronic Manufacturing

Author: Alfred Kwok-Kit Wong,Vivek K. Singh

Publisher: Society of Photo Optical

ISBN: 9780819461995

Category: Integrated circuits

Page: 480

View: 4919

Proceedings of SPIE present the original research papers presented at SPIE conferences and other high-quality conferences in the broad-ranging fields of optics and photonics. These books provide prompt access to the latest innovations in research and technology in their respective fields. Proceedings of SPIE are among the most cited references in patent literature.

Infrared Optics and Zoom Lenses

Author: Allen Mann

Publisher: SPIE Press

ISBN: 0819476676

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 164

View: 4868

Ten years after the publication of Infrared Optics and Zoom Lenses, this text is still the only current publication devoted exclusively to infrared zoom lenses. This updated second edition includes 18 new refractive and reflective infrared zoom systems, bringing the total number of infrared zoom optical systems to 41 systems. Other additions include a section on focal plane arrays and a new closing chapter specifically devoted to applications of infrared zoom lenses. Coverage of wavelength region has been expanded to include the near infrared. Additional topics include an examination of the importance of principal planes, methods for athermalization by means of computer glass substitution, and global optimization techniques for zoom lens design.

Logic-based Nonlinear Image Processing

Author: Stephen Marshall

Publisher: SPIE Press

ISBN: 9780819463432

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 147

View: 3840

This text provides insight into the design of optimal image processing operators for implementation directly into digital hardware. Starting with simple restoration examples and using the minimum of statistics, the book provides a design strategy for a wide range of image processing applications. The text is aimed principally at electronics engineers and computer scientists, but will also be of interest to anyone working with digital images.

The Physics and Engineering of Solid State Lasers

Author: Yehoshua Y. Kalisky

Publisher: SPIE Press

ISBN: 9780819460943

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 203

View: 507

This text explains the mutual influences between the physical and dynamic processes in solids and their lasing properties. It provides insight into the physics and engineering of solid state lasers by integrating information from several disciplines, including solid state physics, materials science, photophysics, and dynamic processes in solids. The text discusses approaches to developing new laser materials and includes data tables of basic parameters that can be applied to laser design. Novel materials and techniques used in recent developments are also covered. One reviewer said, This is excellent. [Chapter 6] on photophysics is outstanding! Very well written and excellent equation derivation.

Optische Grundlagen für Infrarotsysteme

Author: Max J. Riedl

Publisher: SPIE Press

ISBN: 9780819444998

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 208

View: 6384

This edition is a German translation by Riedl of his Tutorial Text, Vol. TT48, entitled 'Optical Design Fundamentals for Infrared Systems (Second Edition)', published by SPIE PRESS 2001.

Produktionsfaktor Mathematik

Author: Martin Grötschel,Klaus Lucas,Volker Mehrmann

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3540894357

Category: Mathematics

Page: 480

View: 746

Mathematik trägt immer stärker zur Produktentwicklung und Produktionssicherheit, zur Wertschöpfung und Ressourcenschonung bei. Das Buch erörtert in verschiedenen ingenieurwissenschaftlichen Themenfeldern das Verhältnis von Mathematik und Technikwissenschaften, den Beitrag der Mathematik zur industriellen Wertschöpfung und die Schlüsselrolle der Mathematik bei der Beherrschung komplexer Systeme. Gleichzeitig schlagen die Autoren Maßnahmen zur Verbesserung der Interaktion zwischen Mathematik und Technikwissenschaften, Forschung und Industrie vor.


Hinweise und Hilfen

Author: Karl König

Publisher: Ruprecht Gmbh & Company

ISBN: 9783525457795

Category: History

Page: 117

View: 4266


Theoretische Physik 1

Theoretische Mechanik

Author: Reiner M. Dreizler,Cora S. Lüdde

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3540705589

Category: Science

Page: 382

View: 5340

Der Grundkurs „Theoretische Physik" in vier in sich geschlossenen Bänden basiert auf langjährig, in der Praxis erprobten Vorlesungen. Die Aufbereitung der theoretisch-physikalischen Grundlagen ist hier aufs engste mit dem entsprechenden Stoff aus der Mathematik verknüpft. Der erste Band erarbeitet schrittweise die Grundlagen der Physik anhand der klassischen Mechanik. Die CD-ROM enthält einen auf die Bedürfnisse von Physik-Studierenden zugeschnittenen Mathematik-Teil sowie eine interaktive Aufgabensammlung mit ‚Experimentiermöglichkeiten’.

Analysis 1

Author: V. A. Zorich

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3540332782

Category: Mathematics

Page: 598

View: 5367

Ausführlicher Einblick in die Anfänge der Analysis: von der Einführung der reellen Zahlen bis hin zu fortgeschrittenen Themen wie Differentialformen auf Mannigfaltigkeiten, asymptotische Betrachtungen, Fourier-, Laplace- und Legendre-Transformationen, elliptische Funktionen und Distributionen. Ausgerichtet auf naturwissenschaftliche Fragestellungen und in detaillierter Herangehensweise an die Integral- und Differentialrechnung. Mit einer Fülle hilfreicher Beispiele, Aufgaben und Anwendungen. In Band 1: vollständige Übersicht zur Integral- und Differentialrechnung einer Variablen, erweitert um die Differentialrechnung mehrerer Variablen.