Oracle 11G: SQL

Author: Joan Casteel

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1439041288

Category: Computers

Page: 640

View: 2610

ORACLE 11G: SQL is an introduction to the fundamental SQL language used in all relational databases today. This textbook is not simply a study guide; it is written for those who have just a basic knowledge of databases and can be used in a course on this latest implementation of SQL from Oracle. Learning these concepts and techniques prepares students for the first exam in both the Oracle Database Administrator and Oracle Developer Certification Exam paths and offers a solid understanding of using Oracle 11g SQL effectively. The first part of ORACLE 11G: SQL focuses on creating database objects, including tables, constraints, indexes, sequences, synonyms, and users, and manipulating data. The second part explores data query techniques, such as row filtering, joins, single-row functions, aggregate functions, subqueries, and views. Several advanced query topics, such as ROLLUP, CUBE, and TOP-N analysis, are also introduced. To help students bridge these SQL topics to further studies, appendixes introduce SQL tuning, compare Oracle’s SQL syntax with other databases (MS SQL Server and MySQL), and explain how to embed SQL in applications (ASP.NET). An overview of the two Oracle connection interface tools, SQL Developer and SQL Plus, is also provided. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Oracle Database 12c SQL

Author: Jason Price

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0071799362

Category: Computers

Page: 688

View: 3970

Write Powerful SQL Statements and PL/SQL Programs Learn how to access Oracle databases through SQL statements and construct PL/SQL programs. Oracle Database 12c SQL offers complete coverage of the latest database features and techniques. Find out how to write SQL statements to retrieve and modify database information, use SQL*Plus and SQL Developer, work with database objects, write PL/SQL programs, use performance optimization techniques, incorporate XML, and more. This Oracle Press guide contains everything you need to know to master SQL. Use SQL statements to access an Oracle database Work with SQL*Plus and SQL Developer Write PL/SQL programs Create tables, sequences, indexes, views, and triggers Design advanced queries containing complex calculations Create database objects to handle abstract data Use date, time stamp, and time interval data types Establish user roles and privileges Handle multimedia files using large objects Tune SQL statements to make them execute faster Generate, process, and store XML data Master the very latest Oracle Database 12c features Code examples in the book are available for download.

Oracle 11g New Features

Get Started Fast with Oracle 11g Enhancements

Author: Brian Carr,John Garmany,Lutz Hartmann

Publisher: Rampant TechPress

ISBN: 0979795109

Category: Computers

Page: 467

View: 3603

A guide to the new features of Oracle Database 11g covers such topics as architectural changes, database administration upgrades, security enhancements, and programming innovations.

OCA Oracle Database 11g SQL Fundamentals I Exam Guide

Exam 1Z0-051

Author: John Watson,Roopesh Ramklass

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 007164380X

Category: Computers

Page: 581

View: 8103

A Fully Integrated Study System for OCA Exam 1Z0-051 Prepare for the Oracle Certified Associate Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I exam with help from this exclusive Oracle Press guide. In each chapter, you'll find challenging exercises, practice questions, a two-minute drill, and a chapter summary to highlight what you've learned. This authoritative guide will help you pass the test and serve as your essential on-the-job reference. Get complete coverage of all OCA objectives for exam 1Z0-051, including: SQL SELECT statements Restricting and sorting data Single-row functions Conversion functions and conditional expressions Group functions Displaying data from multiple tables Subqueries Set operators DML and DDL statements Schema objects On the CD-ROM: One full practice exam that simulates the actual OCA exam Detailed answers and explanations Score report performance assessment tool Complete electronic book Bonus exam available free with online registration

Oca Oracle Database 11g Database Administration I

A Real-World Certification Guide

Author: Steve Ries

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1849687315

Category: Computers

Page: 582

View: 3998

Developed as a practical book, "Oracle Database 11g Administration I Certification Guide" will show you all you need to know to effectively excel at being an Oracle DBA, for both examinations and the real world. This book is for anyone who needs the essential skills to become an Oracle DBA, pass the Oracle Database Administration I exam, and use those skills in the real world to manage secure, high performance, and highly available Oracle databases.

Oracle 11g: PL/SQL Programming

Author: Joan Casteel

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1285531574

Category: Computers

Page: 528

View: 6226

Learn how to most effectively use PL/SQL programming language with one of the most popular and widely-used software programs in large companies today -- Oracle11g. ORACLE 11G: PL/SQL PROGRAMMING & ORACLE CD, 2E uses Oracle 11g to provide an overview of the PL/SQL programming language from a developer's perspective. The author begins with a step-by-step expanded introduction to fundamental PL/SQL concepts before progressing to the writing and testing of PL/SQL code. This edition also covers more advanced topics, such as Dynamic SQL and code tuning, as well as developments in bulk processing, compound triggers, PL/SQL compiler features and hiding source code. Updates reflect the latest Oracle 11g release with the most recent figures and examples using the user-friendly SQL Developer tool. A wealth of real-world examples, a straightforward presentation, and accompanying Oracle CD make this book is an invaluable resource in preparing for the new Oracle Certification exam or mastering the PL/SQL programming language with Oracle. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Oracle 11G

SQL (Book Only)

Author: Joan Casteel

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781305268029

Category: Computers

Page: 608

View: 3244

ORACLE 11G: SQL is not simply a study guide; it is written for individuals who have just a basic knowledge of databases and can be utilized in a course on this latest implementation of SQL from Oracle.

Oracle 11g

Das umfassende Handbuch

Author: Lutz Fröhlich

Publisher: MITP-Verlags GmbH & Co. KG

ISBN: 9783826659133


Page: 784

View: 4755

Keine Angaben

Oracle Database 11g : Hands-On Sql & Pl/sql

Author: Satish Asnani

Publisher: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN: 8120340205


Page: N.A

View: 1213

The book teaches the basics of the Oracle database from a beginner s perspective to the advanced concepts using a hands-on approach. Each and every concept has been elaborated with suitable practical examples along with code for clear and precise understanding of the topic. Using a practical approach, the book explains how to retrieve, add, update and delete data in the Oracle database using SQL, SQL*PLUS and PL/SQL. In the process, it discusses the various data types and built-in functions of Oracle, as well as the sorting of records and the table operations. The text also includes coverage of advanced queries using special operators, Oracle security, indexing, and stored functions and procedures. The book is suitable for undergraduate engineering students of Computer Science and Information Technology, B.Sc. (Computer Science/IT), M.Sc. (Computer Science/IT) and students of Computer Applications (BCA, MCA, PGDCA, and DCA). Besides, the book can be used as a reference by professionals pursuing short-term courses on Oracle Database and students of Oracle Certified Courses.

Oracle 11g


Author: Jérôme Gabillaud

Publisher: Editions ENI

ISBN: 9782746047655


Page: 489

View: 1723

Oracle 11g - SQL, PUSQL, SQL*Plus. Ce livre sur Oracle s'adresse à tout informaticien désireux de maîtriser la gestion d'une base de données Oracle. L'auteur reprend les concepts, définitions et règles du modèle relationnel et détaille son utilisation dans le cadre des outils proposés en standard avec Oracle Database 11g, c'est-à-dire SQL, SQL*PLUS, PL/SQL et Java. Les techniques de programmation en PL/SQL sont étudiées afin de pouvoir utiliser toute la puissance du serveur de bases de données Oracle 11g ainsi que les nouveautés apportées par cette version : colonne virtuelle, table en lecture seule, pivot, trigger composé, cache de résultat pour les fonctions, etc. Par ailleurs, cet ouvrage présente l'outil SQL Developer et l'environnement de développement d'application Web Oracle Application Express (APEX). Des exemples nombreux et précis aident le lecteur à maîtriser ces langages de référence dans le monde des bases de données relationnelles. Ces exemples sont en téléchargement sur

Oracle SQL by Example

Author: Alice Rischert

Publisher: Pearson Education

ISBN: 0137046944

Category: Computers

Page: 960

View: 5755

The World’s #1 Hands-On Oracle SQL Workbook–Fully Updated for Oracle 11g Crafted for hands-on learning and tested in classrooms worldwide, this book illuminates in-depth every Oracle SQL technique you’ll need. From the simplest query fundamentals to regular expressions and with newly added coverage of Oracle’s powerful new SQL Developer tool, you will focus on the tasks that matter most. Hundreds of step-by-step, guided lab exercises will systematically strengthen your expertise in writing effective, high-performance SQL. Along the way, you’ll acquire a powerful arsenal of useful skills–and an extraordinary library of solutions for your real-world challenges with Oracle SQL. Coverage includes 100% focused on Oracle SQL for Oracle 11g, today’s #1 database platform–not “generic” SQL! Master all core SQL techniques including every type of join such as equijoins, self joins, and outer joins Understand Oracle functions in depth, especially character, number, date, timestamp, interval, conversion, aggregate, regular expressions, analytical, and more Practice all types of subqueries, such as correlated and scalar subqueries, and learn about set operators and hierarchical queries Build effective queries and learn fundamental Oracle SQL Developer and SQL*Plus skills Make the most of the Data Dictionary and create tables, views, indexes, and sequences Secure databases using Oracle privileges, roles, and synonyms Explore Oracle 11g’s advanced data warehousing features Learn many practical tips about performance optimization, security, and architectural solutions Avoid common pitfalls and understand and solve common mistakes For every database developer, administrator, designer, or architect, regardless of experience!

Oracle 11g Release 2 für den DBA

Produktive Umgebungen effizient konfigurieren, optimieren und verwalten

Author: Johannes Ahrends

Publisher: Pearson Deutschland GmbH

ISBN: 9783827326805

Category: Database management

Page: 996

View: 7084


Oracle 11g PL/SQL : curso práctico de formación

Author: Antolín Muñoz Chaparro

Publisher: RC Libros

ISBN: 8493945013

Category: Education

Page: 448

View: 7755

¿Desea formarse en el manejo del lenguaje PL/SQL de Oracle? Aquí tiene la solución. Este libro, escrito y desarrollado principalmente para aquellos que no pueden acudir de forma presencial a la distinta oferta formativa ofrecida para este lenguaje, presenta al lector un curso planificado, con un pautado ritmo de aprendizaje y un enfoque eminentemente práctico, que también le servirá como guía de referencia para posteriores consultas. Su contenido y enfoque basado en el autoaprendizaje refunde el material y la metodología utilizados por el autor durante años en la impartición de este mismo curso en academias y empresas privadas, en las que ha formado exitosamente a un gran número de alumnos, muchos de ellos actualmente trabajando en las diversas empresas del sector de las Tecnologías de la Información, aplicando los conocimientos adquiridos en el manejo de bases de datos de Oracle. Con la utilización de este libro conocerá los elementos que conforman este lenguaje: tipos de datos, estructuras de control, cursores, subprogramas, triggers, tratamiento de errores y objetos, y probar cada uno de los conceptos aprendidos con multitud de ejemplos. Además, podrá realizar una autoevaluación de lo estudiado en el curso a través de 15 supuestos prácticos resueltos basados en un mismo proyecto (una base de datos de un hospital), que aprenderá a crear desde su diseño. No pierda la oportunidad de aprender con este curso práctico de formación uno de los lenguajes más extendidos para el diseño de aplicaciones con bases de datos Oracle, la empresa con mayor expansión y ventas en este sector. Incluye: 15 supuestos prácticos totalmente resueltos además de multitud de ejemplos. 55 cuestiones resueltas para la preparación de los exámenes de certificación de Oracle en el lenguaje PL/SQL: 1Z0-144; 1Z0-146 y 1Z0-147.

Oracle PL/SQL - ebook

Author: Marco Skulschus,Marcus Wiederstein

Publisher: Comelio Medien

ISBN: 3939701467

Category: Computers

Page: 554

View: 9531

Die SQL-Erweiterung PL/SQL der Oracle 10g/11g-Datenbank bietet eine umfangreiche Syntax für die Entwicklung von programmier­baren DB-Objekten wie Prozeduren/Funktionen und Triggern. So kann man vollständige datenbanknahe Anwendungen direkt in der Datenbank entwickeln und ihre Module in anderen Anwendungen, die in Java, .NET oder auch PHP geschrieben sind, wieder integrieren. Dieses Buch bietet Einsteigern einen umfassenden Überblick über die PL/SQL-Syntax und ihre Fähigkeiten. Themen Syntax und Blockstruktur von PL/SQL Kontrollanweisungen Fehler- und Ausnahmebehandlung Variablen, Datensatztypen, Collections Funktionen, Prozeduren, Trigger und Pakete Dynamisches SQL Mengenbindung und -verarbeitung

Oracle PL/SQL Programming

Covers Versions Through Oracle Database 11g Release 2

Author: Steven Feuerstein,Bill Pribyl

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 1449379389

Category: Computers

Page: 1232

View: 8705

This book is the definitive reference on PL/SQL, considered throughout the database community to be the best Oracle programming book available. Like its predecessors, this fifth edition of Oracle PL/SQL Programming covers language fundamentals, advanced coding techniques, and best practices for using Oracle's powerful procedural language. Thoroughly updated for Oracle Database 11g Release 2, this edition reveals new PL/SQL features and provides extensive code samples, ranging from simple examples to complex and complete applications, in the book and on the companion website. This indispensable reference for both novices and experienced Oracle programmers will help you: Get PL/SQL programs up and running quickly, with clear instructions for executing, tracing, testing, debugging, and managing PL/SQL code Optimize PL/SQL performance with the aid of a brand-new chapter in the fifth edition Explore datatypes, conditional and sequential control statements, loops, exception handling, security features, globalization and localization issues, and the PL/SQL architecture Understand and use new Oracle Database 11g features, including the edition-based redefinition capability, the function result cache, the new CONTINUE statement, fine-grained dependency tracking, sequences in PL/SQL expressions, supertype invocation from subtypes, and enhancements to native compilation, triggers, and dynamic SQL Use new Oracle Database 11g tools and techniques such as PL/Scope, the PL/SQL hierarchical profiler, and the SecureFiles technology for large objects Build modular PL/SQL applications using procedures, functions, triggers, and packages

Das große Oracle Datenbank-Einsteigerbuch.

Author: Marek Adar

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 373579937X

Category: Computers

Page: 700

View: 5234

Dieses Werk ist eine Zusammenführung der vier Bücher „Ein strukturierter Einstieg in die SQL und PL/SQL Entwicklung“, „Ein strukturierter Einstieg in die Oracle-Datenbankadministration“, „Ein strukturierter Einstieg in den Recovery Manager“ und „Ein strukturierter Einstieg in den Real Application Cluster 11gR2“. Dieses Buch beinhaltet also das geballte Oracle-Einstiegswissen auf 700 Seiten, um dieses in einem Buch permanent zur Verfügung zu haben. Aufgrund der geballten Informationen wurde eine kleinere Schriftart verwendet, um alles unterzubringen zu können. Sollten Sie mit einer kleineren Schriftart Schwierigkeiten haben, weichen Sie bitte auf die einzelnen Bücher aus.