Piero Della Francesca

Artist and Man

Author: James R. Banker

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199609314

Category: Art

Page: 276

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The fifteenth century Italian artist Piero della Francesca is now seen to embody the fullest expression of the Renaissance perspective painter. Yet until now we have known very little about Piero the man, and his biography has remained something of an enigma. This book puts that situation right, bringing together the story of Piero's artistic and mathematical achievements with the story of his life for the first time. Fortified by the discovery of over one hundredpreviously unknown documents, most unearthed by the author himself, James R. Banker at last brings this fascinating Renaissance enigma to life.

The Realism of Piero della Francesca

Author: Joost Keizer

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317018249

Category: Art

Page: 154

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The fifteenth-century Italian artist Piero della Francesca painted a familiar world. Roads wind through hilly landscapes, run past farms, sheds, barns, and villages. This is the world in which Piero lived. At the same time, Piero’s paintings depict a world that is distant. The subjects of his pictures are often Christian and that means that their setting is the Holy Land, a place Piero had never visited. The Realism of Piero della Francesca studies this paradoxical aspect of Piero’s art. It tells the story of an artist who could think of the local churches, palaces, and landscapes in and around his hometown of Sansepolcro as miraculously built replicas of the monuments of Jerusalem. Piero’s application of perspective, to which he devoted a long treatise, was meant to convince his contemporaries that his paintings report on things that Piero actually observed. Piero’s methodical way of painting seems to have offered no room for his own fantasy. His art looks deliberately styleless. This book uncovers a world in which painting needed to validate itself by cultivating the illusion that it reported on things observed instead of things imagined by the artist. Piero’s painting claimed truth in a world of increasing uncertainties.

Piero's Light

In Search of Piero della Francesca: A Renaissance Painter and the Revolution in Art, Science and Religion

Author: Larry Witham

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1480447668

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 400

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An innovative painter in the early generation of Renaissance artists, Piero dell Francesca was also an expert on religious topics and a mathematician who wanted to use perspective and geometry to make painting a “true science.” Although only sixteen of Piero’s works survive, few art historians doubt his importance in the Renaissance. A 1992 conference of international experts meeting at the National Gallery of Art deemed Piero “one of the most highly regarded painters of the early Renaissance, and one of the most respected artists of all time.” In recent years, the quest for Piero has continued among intrepid scholars, and Piero’s Light uncovers the life of this remarkable artistic revolutionary and enduring legacy of the Italian Renaissance.

Soll und Haben

Die doppelte Buchführung und die Entstehung des modernen Kapitalismus

Author: Jane Gleeson-White

Publisher: Klett-Cotta

ISBN: 3608107800

Category: Political Science

Page: 380

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Unsere Welt wird beherrscht von Zahlen, erzeugt in den Buchführungskonten von Nationen und Konzernen. Diese Zahlen bestimmen das Handeln unserer Regierungen und Volkswirtschaften. Aber wo kommen sie her – und wie konnten sie so mächtig werden? Erst die doppelte Buchführung ermöglichte die wirtschaftlich-kulturelle Blüte der Renaissance, und begründete zugleich eine neue wissenschaftliche Weltsicht und schließlich den Kapitalismus unserer Tage. Erst aus ihr entwickelte sich die Möglichkeit, ganze Staaten zu bewerten. Gleeson- White zeigt, wie sehr die doppelte Buchführung seit 500 Jahren unser Denken weit über ökonomisches Handeln hinaus prägt. Diese Entwicklung ist fatal, weil wir die wahren Gesamtkosten – inklusive Zerstörung unserer Umwelt und soziale Kosten – nicht in unser Handeln mit einbeziehen. Ein Plädoyer für ein neues Denken.

From Filippo Lippi to Piero Della Francesca

Fra Carnevale and the Making of a Renaissance Master

Author: Keith Christiansen

Publisher: Metropolitan Museum of Art

ISBN: 1588391434

Category: Art

Page: 384

View: 1307

In doing so, it examines the art of Florence in the 1440s and the work of, among others, Fra Filippo Lippi, Domenico Veneziano, Luca della Robbia, and Michelozzo."--BOOK JACKET.

A Childhood Memory by Piero Della Francesca

Author: Hubert Damisch

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 9780804734424

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 113

View: 458

Piero della Francesca's Madonna del Parto, a celebrated fifteenth-century Tuscan fresco in which the Virgin gestures to her partially open dress and her pregnant womb, is highly unusual in its iconography. Hubert Damisch undertakes an anthropological and historical analysis of an artwork he constructs as a childhood dream of one of humanity's oldest preoccupations, the mysteries of our origins, of our conception and birth. At once parodying and paying homage to Freud's seminal essay on Leonardo da Vinci, Damisch uses Piero's enigmatic painting to narrate our archaic memories. He shows that we must return to Freud because work in psychoanalysis and art has not solved the problem of what is being analyzed: in the triangle of author, work, and audience, where is the psychoanalytic component located?

Piero Della Francesca

Author: Naomi Haskell

Publisher: Crescent Moon Pub

ISBN: 9781861711618

Category: Art

Page: 136

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PIERO DELLA FRANCESCA One of the major artists of the Quattrocento, Piero della Francesca, who died in 1492, turned mathematics and perspective into a mysticism of space and light. Piero's graceful planar geometry was a precursor of Cubism and 20th century abstraction. Naomi Haskell concentrates on Piero's series of monumental Madonnas, the magnificent Madonna della Misericordia and the mysterious pregnant Goddess, the Madonna del Parto, also his Arezzo fresco cycle, the Resurrection, and the enigmatic Flagellation. Piero della Francesca has one of the most special and distinctive forms of space in painting. The bright, timeless spaces of Piero della Francesca are instantly recognizable, and critics sometimes evoke Greek sculpture in connection with Piero s paintings. One might also see in his hermetic, ritualized and timeless paintings the art of Chinese landscape painting, with its evocations of emptiness, which hints at the radical void of Eastern mysticism (in Zen Buddhism and Taoism). Piero s hypnotic art coolly melds science with art, space with spirit, the personal with the cosmic, and history, myth and religion with time. Like the art of ancient Greece, Piero s paintings rejoice in eternal brilliance, an architectonic precision, a Classical feeling for proportion and harmony. In Piero della Francesca s epoch, perspective, proportion and geometry attained a fetishistic quality. Seeing was theory-laden as Michael Baxandall put it. Piero s sense of mathematics and perspective took in commercial arithemetic on the one hand, and the transcendent purity of the Pythagorean solids on the other. For Piero dela Francesca, geometry, proportion, perspective and mathematics had a magical quality. His art exalts, on one level, a jouissance of mathematics and measurement, in which the science of Renaissance perspective is joyously explored. Piero seemed to learn towards the cool, impersonal, impassive scientific inquiry of Aristotlean philosophy, rather than the more sensuous, more obviously mystical aspects of Platonic philosophy. Bibliography, notes, illustrations.

Art and Culture of the Renaissance World

Author: Rupert Matthews,Lauren Murphy

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN: 143583593X

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 40

View: 4843

Introduces the Renaissance, focusing on how society, religion, and advances in technology affected art and architecture in Europe during this time period.

The Culture of San Sepolcro During the Youth of Piero Della Francesca

Author: James R. Banker

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

ISBN: 9780472113019

Category: Art

Page: 277

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The life and influence of Piero della Francesca form the focus of this book, rather than his artworks. James Banker recreates life in the small Tuscan town of San Sepolcro, Piero's birthplace, in the early 15th century arguing that it was the culture, religion and socio-political environment of this town that had the most profound effect on the artist and his work. Banker searches unpublished archival material, notarial contracts and a number of other social and legal exchanges, to explore the realms of education, authority, political change, artisans and patrons in San Sepolcro as well as examining the influence of Piero's family on their famous and talented son.

Piero della Francesca

Author: Marilyn Aronberg Lavin

Publisher: Phaidon Inc Ltd


Category: Art

Page: 351

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Presents a critical analysis of the works of the fifteenth-century Italian artist.

The Arts

Author: Hamilton Easter Field,Forbes Watson

Publisher: N.A


Category: Art

Page: N.A

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Art History

A Critical Introduction to Its Methods

Author: Michael Hatt,Charlotte Klonk

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 9780719069598

Category: Art

Page: 250

View: 7497

This book provides a lively and stimulating introduction to methodological debates within art history. Offering a lucid account of approaches from Hegel to post-colonialism, the book provides a sense of art history's own history as a discipline from its emergence in the late-eighteenth century to contemporary debates.

A World History of Art

Author: Hugh Honour,John Fleming

Publisher: Laurence King Publishing

ISBN: 9781856694513

Category: Art

Page: 936

View: 2628

Expanded to include the latest discoveries in prehistoric art as well as the most recent developments in non-Western and modern art, this is an up-to-date and wide ranging history of art.

Beides sein


Author: Ali Smith

Publisher: Luchterhand Literaturverlag

ISBN: 3641172411

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 1638

Ali Smith schreibt wie sonst keine. In ihrem preisgekrönten neuen Roman verbindet sie zwei Leben, die über fünfhundert Jahre auseinanderliegen: George, ein Mädchen von heute, das die Faszination der Beobachtung entdeckt, und den Werdegang eines Freskenkünstlers aus der italienischen Renaissance. Mit Witz, sprachlicher Brillanz und einer ansteckenden Freude am Spiel mit Formen, Zeiten, Wahrheiten und Fiktionen erzählt die britische Autorin vom Abenteuer der Kunst, vom Sehen und Gesehenwerden, vom Wunder, ein Mensch zu sein. »Beides sein« ist ein Roman über die Gegensätze von Mann und Frau, von Leben und Tod, von Vergangenheit und Gegenwart und über die Sehnsucht, diese Gegensätze zu vereinen, da sie erst vereint ein Ganzes bilden. »Beides sein«, das sind zwei Geschichten, die ein Ganzes bilden: Da ist die Geschichte von George, einem Mädchen von heute, das um seine ganz plötzlich verstorbene Mutter trauert. George hält ihre Erinnerungen fest, vor allem die Reise nach Italien, als sie mit ihrer Mutter und ihrem kleineren Bruder Henry den Palazzo Schifanoia in Ferrara besuchten, der mit Fresken ausgemalt ist. Der Künstler der schönsten Fresken in diesem »Palast gegen die Langeweile« aus dem 15. Jahrhundert war Francescho del Cossa. Diese Erinnerungen, die Entdeckung des Sehens und Beobachtens und eine Freundschaft bringen George langsam wieder ins Leben zurück. Und dann ist da das Leben von Francescho del Cossa, dem Renaissancekünstler, dessen Werdegang zum Hofmaler bei Borsa d’Este alles andere als einfach war und dessen ungewöhnliche Geschichte auf verblüffende, höchst vergnügliche Weise auf die des Mädchens George trifft ...

Injections in Aesthetic Medicine

Atlas of Full-face and Full-body Treatment

Author: Mario Goisis

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 8847053617

Category: Medical

Page: 297

View: 6519

The use of injectables, known as dermal fillers, is becoming ever more popular in aesthetic medicine. Full-face and full-body treatments using such fillers are increasingly substituting for various surgical techniques; not only do they provide immediate results at a lower cost, but they also avoid the use of general anesthesia and shorten the recovery period. In addition, dermal fillers can be successfully used for body remodeling, for example in patients with bow legs and those requiring breast remodeling.This book outlines the fundamental principles of the use of different fillers and injection techniques in the treatment of facial and body areas. An impressive collection of sequential color photographs illustrate the procedures step by step and demonstrate the results. The volume will be an invaluable tool for aesthetic doctors, practicing dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and all other physicians interested in the field of aesthetic medicine.​