Pocket Emergency Medicine

Author: Richard D. Zane,Joshua M. Kosowsky,Pooja Agrawal,Christopher H. LeMaster,Kalpana Narayan,Heather R. Studley

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 1451165994

Category: Medical

Page: 288

View: 2355

Pocket Emergency Medicine contains the essential information that residents and medical students in the emergency department need to have at their fingertips. Major sections cover symptoms and diseases of each organ system as well as infectious diseases, environmental exposures, hematology and oncology, pediatric emergencies, the psychiatric patient, toxicology, airway management, and trauma. Information is presented in concise, rapid-access format, with easy-to-scan bulleted lists and tables. Chapters follow a standard structure—differential diagnosis, history, classic findings, critical studies, ED interventions, pearls, and references. The six-ring binder can accommodate the student's or resident's own notes. New topics covered in this edition include bioterrorism, distraction injuries, and indications for bedside emergency ultrasound. A special considerations section has been added to each chapter. Other new features include an acronym table, an introductory differential diagnosis table boxed for quick access, and an updated appendix with ACLS/PALS protocols, ICU medications, antibiotics, and formulas.

Pocket Emergency Medicine

Author: Azita G. Hamedani

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 9780781743518

Category: Medical

Page: 326

View: 5739

This handy pocket-sized looseleaf reference contains the essential information that residents and medical students in the emergency department need to have at their fingertips. The first section covers 57 chief complaints in alphabetical order; other sections cover trauma, pediatric emergencies, environmental exposures, and airway management. Information is presented in concise, rapid-access format, with easy-to-scan bulleted lists and tables. Chapters follow a standard structure--history, classic findings, critical studies, ED interventions, pearls, and references. The six-ring binder can accommodate the student's or resident's own notes. Pocket Emergency Medicine is also available electronically for handheld computers. See PDA listing for details.

Pocket Emergency Medicine

Author: Richard Zane,Joshua M. Kosowsky

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781496372819


Page: N.A

View: 8668

Pocket Emergency Medicine, Fourth Edition, provides accurate, actionable, and easily accessible information for clinicians on the front lines of emergency care. Designed to be used at the bedside, it's an outstanding go-to source for the essential information you need to care for patients in life-threatening situations. This volume in the popular Pocket Notebook series provides a concise and focused review of the entire field of emergency medicine -- from history and physical exam to differential diagnosis testing to therapeutics to disposition - all in one easy-to-navigate looseleaf notebook. Features: Mirrors the thought process of emergency medicine clinicians in day-to-day practice. Fully updated throughout. Bulleted lists, tables, diagrams, and algorithms make essential facts easy to find and retain Covers all major organ systems, plus emergencies related to the environment, pediatrics, the psychiatric patient, toxicology, airway management, trauma, and more. Contains useful quick-reference appendices on abbreviations, PALS, ICU medications, equations, and more. Written by emergency medicine residents from the University of Colorado and Harvard University, and edited by senior faculty. -

Pocket Emergency Medicine

A Quick Medical Reference Guide for Use on the Ward

Author: Gareth Rhys Chapman

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1405193573

Category: Medical

Page: 32

View: 909

Pocket Emergency Medicine presents the essential and commonly encountered medical emergencies in a concise manner, providing only the information required immediately and with no superfluous content. This quick-reference guide zeroes in on the most common clinical emergencies - the breathless patient, hypotension/falling blood pressure, disordered consciousness, metabolic emergencies, poisoning, low urine output, acute chest pain, the acute abdomen, the agitated patient, and advanced life support - to supply critical information when it is most needed. Including tabbed subsections for easy navigation of the key presentations, with emergency drug doses, relevant scoring systems (e.g. Wells score), ALS algorithms, and helpful graphs and tables, Pocket Emergency Medicine is the perfect aid for the on-call medical student and junior doctor.

Hoffnung, die wirkt

wie sich Menschen angesichts schwerer Krankheit behaupten

Author: Jerome E. Groopman

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783442217182


Page: 285

View: 5463


Tarascon Adult Emergency Pocketbook

Author: Steven G. Rothrock

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 9780763765880

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 224

View: 4208

This concise, organized pocket guide is packed with essential lists, figures, & tables to provide instant reminders of hard-to-remember, yet vitally important, clinical information! This meticulously referenced and convenient pocket guide includes sections on advanced cardiac care, burn care, emergency drug infusions, immunizations & exposures, obstetrics & gynecology, rapid-sequence intubation, toxicology, and much more!

Emergency Medicine Sonography

Pocket Guide to Sonographic Anatomy and Pathology

Author: Dunstan Abraham,Cynthia Silkowski,Charles S. Odwin

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

ISBN: 1449618367

Category: Medical

Page: 308

View: 7242

Emergency Medicine Sonography: Pocket Guide to Sonographic Anatomy and Pathology is a quick reference guide that fits in the palm of your hand and is perfect for the clinical emergency setting. This portable resource provides the pertinent information on performing sonographic procedures and interpreting sonographic images. Filled with high quality sonographic images and written in a clear concise style, this is an essential resource for physicians, physician assistants, nurse practioners, and other health professionals.

Pocket Guide to the American Board of Emergency Medicine In-Training Exam

Author: Bob Cambridge

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107696267

Category: Medical

Page: 254

View: 7155

"Emergency medicine is a broad discipline. There are many books covering all topics, providing on-line assistance and reference; there are preparatory books for the boards, both written and oral. There are even a few books intended as study tools for theinservice exam. However, almost exclusively, all these books are large and cumbersome. Emergency medicine doctors generally don't utilize big offices, and are often on the move. Unless something can be stuffed into a pocket, it gets tossed into a pile and forgotten. The goal of this book is to provide a concise study guide focused on the inservice exam, and which is small enough to be carried in a pocket"--Provided by publisher.

Pocket Companion to Accompany Emergency Medicine

Author: John M. Howell,B. Tilman Jolly

Publisher: W B Saunders Company

ISBN: 9780721658230

Category: Medical

Page: 782

View: 2604

This handy pocket sized guide makes distilling information from EMERGENCY MEDICINE quick and easy. Provides detailed coverage of resuscitation; procedures such as airway management, joint aspiration, and lumbar puncture; medical disorders and more!

Pocket Prescriber Emergency Medicine

Author: Anthony FT Brown,Timothy Nicholson,Donald RJ Singer

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1138001104

Category: Medical

Page: 352

View: 6373

Drug prescribing errors are a common cause of hospital admission, and adverse reactions can have devastating effects, some even fatal. Pocket Prescriber Emergency Medicine is a concise, up-to-date prescribing guide containing all the "must have" information on a vast range of drugs that staff from junior doctors to emergency nurses, nurse prescribers, paramedics and other pre-hospital providers may encounter in the emergency setting. Key features: • A–Z list of over 500 of the most commonly prescribed drugs with each entry containing the key prescribing information • Safety issues, warnings, drug errors and adverse effects • Practical guidance on drug selection, plus protocols and resuscitation guidelines • Advice and reference information for complicated prescriptions • Concise management summaries for common medical and surgical emergencies • Essential advice for pain relief—from acute pain management to procedural sedation • Clinically useful reminders of key facts from basic pharmacology to acute poisoning syndromes Pocket Prescriber Emergency Medicine supplies all your information needs concerning commonly prescribed drugs at a glance, enabling on-the-spot decision-making to provide the highest standard of care whilst mitigating prescribing errors.

Schnell-Interpretation des EKG

Ein programmierter Kurs

Author: Dale B. Dubin

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3662223937

Category: Medical

Page: 260

View: 7778

Es gibt verschiedene Wege, sich in die Elektrokardiographie einzuarbeiten. ln diesem Buch wird versucht, mit einfachsten Mitteln, die primitiver erscheinen als sie sind, die Grundlagen der EKG-Diagnostik darzustellen. Ohne spezielle cardiologische Vorkenntnisse ist es daher möglich, sich in das EKG einzulesen und im Verlaufe der Lektüre die wesentlichen diagnostischen Kriterien der Routineelektrokardiographie kennenzulernen. Der sparsame Text mit der Möglichkeit, die jeweiligen Kennt nisse durch Abdeckung der seitlich versetzten Antworten zu überprüfen, ist eine didaktisch einprägsame Ergänzung der Abbildungen. Der deutsche Leser sollte beachten, daß die EKG-Kurven, der üblichen amerikanischen Praxis entsprechend, mit Ein fachschreibern, nie mit Mehrfachschreibern dargestellt werden. Ferner erfolgt die Zeitmarkierung nicht mit der uns gewohnten 0,02/0,1-sec-Unterteilung, sondern mit der amerikanischen 0,04/0,2-sec-Unterteilung. Diese Tatsache muß insbesondere bei der Frequenzberechnung berücksich tigt werden. Dieses Orientierungsbuch will sicher kein Lehrbuch ersetzen, kann aber zur Einarbeitung dem Studenten und gegebenen falls dem auf der Intensivstation tätigen Pflegepersonal und zur Rekapitulation dem praktisch tätigen Arzt empfohlen werden.

Pocket Atlas of Emergency Ultrasound, Second Edition

Author: Robert F. Reardon,O. John Ma,Andrea Rowland-Fisher

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0071848991

Category: Medical

Page: 432

View: 326

The acclaimed quick-reference guide to performing and interpreting emergency ultrasound exams More than 400 ultrasound images! Spanning all body systems typically evaluated by ultrasound, this succinct, find-it-now pocket atlas allows you to instantly compare and contrast your real-time images with those appearing in the book. You will also find valuable how-to guidance on essentials such as probe placement, patient positioning, and proper settings – along with anatomical drawings that help you visualize affected organs. Featuring concise, bulleted text, and more than 400 ultrasound images and dozens of line drawings, Emergency Ultrasound, Second Edition is specifically designed to be used at the bedside in an emergency care setting. Coverage includes: • Clinical Considerations • Clinical Indications • Anatomic Considerations • Technique and Normal Findings • Tips to Improve Imaging Acquisition • Common and Emergency Abnormalities • Pitfalls

Sterblich sein

Was am Ende wirklich zählt. Über Würde, Autonomie und eine angemessene medizinische Versorgung

Author: Atul Gawande

Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag

ISBN: 3104035849

Category: Self-Help

Page: 336

View: 2113

Ein Buch über das Sterben, das das Leben lehrt Die Medizin scheint über Krankheit und Tod zu triumphieren, doch sterben wir so trostlos wie nie zuvor. Der Bestsellerautor und renommierte Arzt Atul Gawande schreibt in seinem beeindruckenden Buch über das, was am Ende unseres Lebens wirklich zählt. Ungewöhnlich offen spricht er darüber, was es bedeutet, alt zu werden, wie man mit Gebrechen und Krankheiten umgehen kann und was wir an unserem System ändern müssen, um unser Leben würdevoll zu Ende zu bringen. Ein mutiges und weises Buch eines großartigen Autors, voller Geschichten und eigener Erfahrungen, das uns hilft, die Geschichte unseres Lebens gut zu Ende zu erzählen. »Dieses Buch ist nicht nur weise und sehr bewegend, sondern gerade in unserer Zeit unbedingt notwendig und sehr aufschlussreich.« Oliver Sacks »Die medizinische Betreuung ist mehr auf Heilung ausgelegt als auf das Sterben. Dies ist Atuls Gawandes stärkstes und bewegendstes Buch.« Malcolm Gladwell

Oxford American Handbook of Emergency Medicine

Author: Jeremy Brown,J. P. Wyatt,R. N. Illingworth,M. J. Clancy,P. Munro

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199779482

Category: Medical

Page: 1200

View: 3833

Written by leading American practitioners, the Oxford American Handbooks of Medicine each offer a pocket-sized overview of an entire specialty, featuring instant access to guidance on the conditions that are most likely to be encountered. Precise and prescriptive, the handbooks offer up-to-date advice on examination, investigations, common procedures, and in-patient care. These books will be invaluable resources for residents and students, as well as a useful reference for practitioners. Part of the most popular medical handbook series in the world, the Oxford American Handbook of Emergency Medicine is a dependable manual geared for ultra-quick reference any time. It is comprehensive enough to serve as a mini-text, yet it is thin and light and uses concise, bulleted text, quick reference tabs, four-color presentation, and bookmark ribbons to help provide fast answers on the ward. Written by an acclaimed team of authors, this Handbook presents information in a succinct, comprehensive, and affordable volume in the proven format of the Oxford Handbook Series. Why choose the Oxford American Handbook of Emergency Medicine? The design.... The Handbook uses a unique flexicover design that's durable and practical. Compact, light, and fits in your pocket! Also has quick reference tabs, four-color presentation, and bookmark ribbons to help provide fast answers. The interior layout.... The Handbook is a quick reference in a small, innovative package. With one to two topics per page, it provides easy access and the emergency sections are in red to stand out. Icons throughout aid quick reference. The information.... The Handbook succinctly covers all the essential topics in a one or two-page spread format with colored headings that break up the text and provide a logical structure for readers of all levels. Common clinical questions are answered clearly and extensively. The history.... Oxford University Press is known around the world for excellence, tradition, and innovation. These handbooks are among the best selling in the world. The price.... You get an extremely useful tool at a great value!

Das ICU-Buch

Praktische Intensivmedizin

Author: Paul L. Marino,Götz Geldner,Tilmann Müller-Wolff

Publisher: "Elsevier,Urban&FischerVerlag"

ISBN: 3437170325

Category: Medical

Page: 912

View: 8960

Ob Weiterbildungsassistent auf der Intensivstation oder erfahrener Arzt: das ICU-Buch - Praktische Intensivmedizin macht es Ihnen leicht, die oft sehr komplexen Vorgänge bei z.T. multimorbiden Patienten zu verstehen, die richtigen Prioritäten zu setzen und begründete diagnostische und therapeutische Entscheidungen zu treffen. Das Buch spannt den Bogen von der Physiologie über gebräuchliche Arbeitstechniken bis hin zu konkreten und klinisch begründeten Behandlungskonzepten bei speziellen Erkrankungen. Detaillierte Diagnostik und differenzierte Therapie werden problemorientiert dargestellt Die Interdisziplinäre Herangehensweise wird den oft vielschichtigen Erkrankungen gerecht Neu in der 5. Auflage: Komplett überarbeitet und aktualisiert unter Betonung neu erschienener Übersichtsartikel und klinischer Leitlinien 5 zusätzliche Kapitel: Gefäßkatheter, Berufsbedingte Expositionen, Alternative Beatmungsverfahren, Pankreatitis und Leberinsuffizienz sowie Nichtmedikamentöse Toxidrome Komplett in Farbe - das macht das Buch maximal lesefreundlich „Resümee" für die Praxis am Kapitelende unterstützt Sie bei der Umsetzung im Klinikalltag 246 neue Abbildungen und 199 neue Tabellen visualisieren die Inhalte und zeigen Ihnen alles Wichtige auf einen Blick Inhalte adaptiert entsprechend deutscher und europäischer Leitlinien/Empfehlungen sowie gesetzlicher Vorgaben

Emergency Medicine Manual 6e for the PDA

Author: O. John Ma,David Cline,Judith Tintinalli,Gabor Kelen,J. Stapczynski

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional

ISBN: 9780071463355

Category: Medical

Page: N.A

View: 5579

The best-selling pocket reference in emergency medicine! Condenses the essential clinical content from the premier text Emergency Medicine: A Comprehensive Study Guide. Includes color photos of dermatologic and ophthalmic conditions, pharmacologic considerations throughout, and tables of critical differential diagnoses.

First Aid for the Wards

Author: Vikas Bhushan

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

ISBN: 9780071443357

Category: Medical

Page: 528

View: 8510

Priceless input from medical students who've succeeded at the wards This renowned review book for third year medical students taking required rotations on the wards delivers high-yield information for every clerkship: internal medicine, neurology, pediatrics, psychiatry, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, and emergency medicine.

Pocket Guide for Huszar's Basic Dysrhythmias and Acute Coronary Syndromes - E-Book

Interpretation and Management

Author: Keith Wesley

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323170234

Category: Medical

Page: 232

View: 6431

Updated to reflect the 2010 ECC guidelines, Pocket Guide for Huszar’s Basic Dysrhythmias and Acute Coronary Syndromes, 4th Edition includes ECG components followed by information on how to interpret ECGs to arrive at a diagnosis.