Political Liberalism

Author: John Rawls

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231527538

Category: Philosophy

Page: 576

View: 4355

This book continues and revises the ideas of justice as fairness that John Rawls presented in A Theory of Justice but changes its philosophical interpretation in a fundamental way. That previous work assumed what Rawls calls a "well-ordered society," one that is stable and relatively homogenous in its basic moral beliefs and in which there is broad agreement about what constitutes the good life. Yet in modern democratic society a plurality of incompatible and irreconcilable doctrines—religious, philosophical, and moral—coexist within the framework of democratic institutions. Recognizing this as a permanent condition of democracy, Rawls asks how a stable and just society of free and equal citizens can live in concord when divided by reasonable but incompatible doctrines? This edition includes the essay "The Idea of Public Reason Revisited," which outlines Rawls' plans to revise Political Liberalism, which were cut short by his death. "An extraordinary well-reasoned commentary on A Theory of Justice...a decisive turn towards political philosophy." —Times Literary Supplement

Ethik ohne Letztbegründung?

zu den nicht-fundamentalistischen Ansätzen von Alasdair MacIntyre und Jeffrey Stout

Author: Patrick Zoll

Publisher: Königshausen & Neumann

ISBN: 3826043537

Category: Ethics

Page: 134

View: 6026


Computing and Philosophy in Asia

Author: Soraj Hongladarom

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443807435

Category: Philosophy

Page: 295

View: 7527

This volume is a collection of selected papers presented at the Second Asia-Pacific Computing and Philsosophy Conference, which was held in Bangkok, Thailand in January 2005. The conference was organized by the Center for Ethics of Science and Technology, Chulalongkorn University on behalf of the International Association of Computing and Philosophy (www.ia-cap.org). Computing have had a long relationship with philosophy, starting from the problem of how symbols being manipulated in computing bear a relation to the outside world, to those of artificial intelligence, robotics, computer simulation, and so on. Moreover, as computer technologies have become thoroughly pervasive in today's environment, there are also issues concerning social and ethical impacts brought about by them. The papers in the volume represent a wide variety of concerns and various dimensions within which computing and philosophy are related. Furthermore, it also represents some of the first attempts to highlight cultural dimensions of computing and philosophy, which became prominent when the conference was held for the first time within the milieu of an Asian culture. (The First Asia-Pacific Computing and Philosophy was held in Canberra, Australia.) Hence, many of the papers in the volume address this added dimension. Apart form the usual problems of how computers and human lives are interconnected, the papers here also discuss how computers are related to human lives as lived in a specific culture. Thus the book breaks a new ground and should be of interest to a wide range of scholars and students who are interested, not only on computing and philosophy generally construed, but also on this exciting new dimension of how the cultures of Asia, the West, and others bear upon the traditional issues in computing and philosophy, and on how this dimension raises some new concerns and agenda. Among the topics discussed in this volume are: political online forums in Saudi Arabia, e-democracy and structural transformation of public sphere, the Buddhist informational person, a glance into the lives of computerized generation in Thailand, technology and journalism in the market, local approaches and global potential (?) of information ethics, computer-enhanced good life, computer teaching ethics, and many others.

Social Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics

Understanding the Contribution and Normative Ambivalence of Purpose-driven Venturing

Author: Anica Zeyen,Markus Beckmann

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351626523

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 254

View: 7592

Social entrepreneurs are change makers that aim to solve society’s unsolved problems. Not surprisingly, social entrepreneurship has thus created high expectations. To better understand the potential as well as the limitations of social entrepreneurship, however, a more nuanced approach is needed in two ways. First, social entrepreneurship is a multi-level phenomenon. It spans macro-level questions as well as meso-level questions and, finally, micro-level questions. If we really want to understand social entrepreneurship, we need to bring together all three levels of analysis and see how they are connected. Second, while social entrepreneurship can certainly produce socially desirable outcomes, we also need a critical perspective to capture potential undesirable effects that social entrepreneurship can cause, often unintendedly, in society, in markets, in organizations, and for individuals. To this end, an ethical perspective can help complement the positive analysis of social entrepreneurship with a discussion of the normative implications of its potential "dark side". Looking at social entrepreneurship from both a multi-level analysis and an ethical perspective, Social Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics takes the reader on a journey through the "bright side" as well as the potential "dark side" of social entrepreneurship for societies, organizations, and individuals. Highlighting both, this book not only seeks to provoke researchers and students to advance their understanding of social entrepreneurship. It also hopes to help practitioners to better realize the positive contributions of social entrepreneurship for society.

Gerechte Freiheit

Ein moralischer Kompass für eine komplexe Welt

Author: Philip Pettit

Publisher: Suhrkamp Verlag

ISBN: 3518740989

Category: Philosophy

Page: 350

View: 7020

Was heißt Freiheit heute – jenseits einer auf persönliche Interessendurchsetzung zielenden neoliberalen Marktfreiheit? Können wir noch ein Freiheitsverständnis entwickeln, das uns moralische Orientierung in einer immer komplexer werdenden Welt bietet? Philip Pettit, einer der meistdiskutierten Philosophen der Gegenwart, entwickelt in seinem mitreißenden Buch einen Freiheitsbegriff, der die Idee eines nichtbeherrschten Lebens in sein Zentrum stellt. Freiheit heißt ihm zufolge: sein eigener Herr sein, allen auf Augenhöhe begegnen können und den Einfluss anderer Menschen nicht fürchten müssen. Das hat weitreichende soziale, ökonomische und politische Konsequenzen. Ein unverzichtbarer Kompass für die Navigation im 21. Jahrhundert.

Reading Political Philosophy

Machiavelli to Mill

Author: Derek Matravers,Jonathan Pike,Nigel Warburton

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134692374

Category: Philosophy

Page: 432

View: 6124

This clear and thorough introduction provides students with the skills necessary to understand the main thinkers, texts and arguments of political philosophy and thought. Each chapter comprises a brief overview of a major political thinker, followed by an introduction to one or more of their most influential works and an introduction to key secondary readings. Key features include: * exercises * reading notes * guides for further reading The book introduces and assesses: Machiavelli's Prince; Hobbes' Leviathan; Locke's Second Treatise on Government; Rousseau's Social Contract; Marx and Engels' German Ideology (Part 1); Mill's On Liberty and The Subjection of Women. Reading Political Philosophy requires no previous knowledge of philosophy or politics and is ideal for newcomers to political philosophy and political thought.

Das Recht der Völker

Enthält: "Nochmals: Die Idee der öffentlichen Vernunft"

Author: John Rawls

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110898535

Category: Philosophy

Page: 294

View: 8756

Welche Bedingungen lassen Völker gerecht und friedlich zusammenleben? Unter welchen Umständen sind Kriege gerechtfertigt? Welche Leitlinien müssen gegeben sein für Organisationen, die eine gerechte Gesellschaft von Völkern mit gleichen Rechten herzustellen vermögen? In acht Grundsätzen für eine gerechte internationale Ordnung entwickelt der amerikanische Philosoph John Rawls einen hypothetischen "Vertrag der Gesellschaft der Völker". Das jüngste Buch von John Rawls ist nach A Theory of Justice 1971, dt. 1975) und Political Liberalism (1993, dt. 1998) ein weiteres wichtiges Werk des bedeutenden amerikanischen Philosophen. Die Originalausgabe (The Law of Peoples, 1999) hat zu heftigen Kontroversen geführt.

Classics of Philosophy

Author: Louis P. Pojman

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: Philosophy

Page: 1261

View: 5703

Classics of Philosophy is the most comprehensive anthology of writings in western philosophy in print. Spanning 2,500 years of thought, it is ideal for introduction to philosophy and history of philosophy courses. Over seventy-five works by forty-two philosophers as well as fragments from the Pre-Socratics are included, offering students and general readers alike an extensive and economical collection of the major works of the western tradition. This anthology contains the most important writings from Thales to Rawls; twenty-four of these are complete works, including such classics as Plato's Republic, Descartes' Meditations on First Philosophy, Leibniz's The Monadology, Hume's An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, Kant's Foundationfor the Metaphysic of Morals, Mill's Utilitarianism, Russell's The Problems of Philosophy, Sartre's Existentialism and Humanism, and Rawls's "Justice as Fairness," while the others are judiciously abridged so that little of value to the student is lost. The book provides a broad view of the most significant stages of growth in western philosophy, including its birth with the Pre-Socratics as well as its contemporary developments. A lucid introduction, including a brief biographical sketch, accompanies each of the featured philosophers. Classics of Philosophy is available in this single-volume edition and in two split volumes. Volume I: Ancient and Medieval covers philosophers from the Pre-Socratics to William of Ockham; and Volume II: Modern and Contemporary begins with Descartes and ends with Rawls.

Geschichte der Philosophie

Author: Johannes Hirschberger

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783898362399

Category: Philosophy

Page: 1346

View: 6061

Auch mehr als 25 Jahre nach ihrem ersten Erscheinen gilt Hirschbergers "Geschichte der Philosophie" als das unübertroffene Handbuch nicht nur für Studierende der Philosophie. Sie zeichnet sich durch wissenschaftliche Sorgfalt, eine übersichtliche Anordnung des Stoffes und Klarheit des Stils aus. Hirschberger hat Philosophiegeschichte als echtes Philosophieren begriffen. Die Geschichte des abendländischen Denkens ist wohl noch nie auf einem so überschaubaren Umfang so präzise aufbereitet worden.

Kant und die Philosophie in weltbürgerlicher Absicht

Akten des XI. Kant-Kongresses 2010

Author: Kant-Gesellschaft e.V.

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 311024649X

Category: Philosophy

Page: 4000

View: 7916

The five-volume set Kant and Philosophy in a Cosmopolitan Sense contains the proceedings of the Eleventh International Kant Congress, held in Pisa in 2010. The proceedings consist of 25 plenary talks as well as more than 300 invited papers comprising 14 sections. Various aspects of Kant’s philosophy are addressed, with special emphasis on his cosmopolitanism.

Scham, Schuld und Notwendigkeit

Eine Wiederbelebung antiker Begriffe der Moral

Author: Bernard Williams

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 3050077174

Category: Philosophy

Page: 232

View: 2115

Wie aktuell ist die Antike? Können wir Modernen von Homer etwas lernen und können wir mit Hilfe der antiken Tragödien einige tiefsitzende Mißverständnisse unserer Zeit von uns abschütteln? Auf diese Fragen antwortet Bernard Williams in einer faszinierenden Studie, die als sein Hauptwerk gilt, indem er insbesondere die antike Literatur von einseitigen modernen Deutungen befreit. Die Antike ist uns nicht nur viel näher als wir glauben, sie verfügt auch über Begriffe, die unser moralisches Selbstverständnis und die damit verbundenen unausweichlichen Konflikte besser beschreiben als unsere eigenen Begriffe.

Philosophy and democracy

the foundations in philosophy of democratic values : international congress, September 28-30, 1995, Vilnius Pedagogical University

Author: Lietuvos Filosofijos ir sociologijos institutas,Lithuanian Association of Teachers of Philosophy

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9789986721116

Category: Political Science

Page: 181

View: 3842


Umverteilung oder Anerkennung?

Eine politisch-philosophische Kontroverse

Author: Nancy Fraser,Axel Honneth

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783518290606

Category: Anerkennung - Verteilungsgerechtigkeit

Page: 305

View: 7834


No Logo!

Der Kampf der Global Players um Marktmacht - Ein Spiel mit vielen Verlierern und wenigen Gewinnern

Author: Naomi Klein

Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag

ISBN: 3104031533

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 528

View: 433

+++ Der Klassiker der Globalisierungskritik und Bestseller, jetzt im FISCHER Taschenbuch +++ Die führende Intellektuelle unserer Zeit und Bestsellerautorin Naomi Klein offenbart die Machenschaften multinationaler Konzerne hinter der Fassade bunter Logos. Der von ihr propagierte Ausweg aus dem Markendiktat ist eine Auflehnung gegen die Täuschung der Verbraucher, gegen menschenunwürdige Arbeitsbedingungen, Zerstörung der Natur und kulturellen Kahlschlag. Denn durch ihre Demystifizierung verlieren die großen, global agierenden Marken an Glanz und Macht – zum Wohle aller.