Researches in social sciences

professor Amreshwar Avasthi felicitation volume

Author: Amreshwar Avasthi,Jai Prakash Mishra



Category: India

Page: 707

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The present volume is in honour of professor Amreshwar Avasthi an eminent social scientist and academician. It is a distinct pleasure and a proud privilege to record of my deep sense of gratitude to the contributors for their scholarly and learned papes on various aspects of social sciences. As far as possible the papers have arranged in proper sequence. The editiorinal note contains a few sidelines gleaned from each and every paper. The responsibility of references and views expressed rests entirely with the authors. However, I alone bear the responsibility for the shortcomings in the volume. The list of contributors have been given alphabetically.

Social Science and Social Concern

Felicitation Volume in Honour of Professor B.K. Roy Burman

Author: S. B. Chakrabarti

Publisher: Mittal Publications

ISBN: 9788170990628

Category: College teachers

Page: 590

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Contributed articles chiefly on India and north east India; includes articles on the life and works of B.K. Roy Burman.

Studies in Indian Archaeology

Professor H.D. Sankalia Felicitation Volume

Author: Hasmukhlal Dhirajlal Sankalia

Publisher: Popular Prakashan

ISBN: 9780861320882

Category: Excavations (Archaeology)

Page: 238

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Emerging Social Science Concerns

Festschrift in Honour of Professor Yogesh Atal

Author: Surendra K. Gupta

Publisher: Concept Publishing Company

ISBN: 9788180690983

Category: India

Page: 440

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With reference to India; on how social research depicted Social conditions.

Studies in history of the Deccan

medieval and modern : Professor A.R. Kulkarni felicitation volume

Author: Aniruddha Ray,Kuzhippalli Skaria Mathew

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9788173070754

Category: Deccan (India)

Page: 352

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This Book Is A Collection Of 28 Articles By Eminent Scholars From Various Parts Of The World Who Have Done Some Serious Work On The History Of The Deccan During The Medieval And Modern Periods. Professor A.R. Kulkarni, Towhom This Work Is Dedicated As A Felicitation Volume, Has Done Commendable Service To The World Of Scholars Interested In The Studyofmedieval And Modern Deccan. Various Aspects Of The History Of The Deccan Such As Society, Polity, Economy, Culture, Education, Art And Monetary System Are Discussed In This Work. This Volume Achieves Coherence Not Because It Outlines The Chauvinistic History Of A Region But Because It Lights Up An Area Ofindian History That Has So Far Not Received The Attention It Deserved. It Is A Tribute To, Professor A.R. Kulkarni Who, In His Long And Distinguished Career As Professor And Founder Head Of The Department Ofhistory, Poona University, Chairman, Indian Council Of Historical Research And Vice Chancellorof Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Has Illuminated Unexplored Parts Of This Geographical Segment And Helped Us To Understand Our Past. He Inspired A Number Of Scholars To Takeup The History Of This Region For Their Research And Teaching. Hence The Dedication Of The Volume To Him.

American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences 9:1

Author: Amriah Buang,Fazal R. Khan,Theodore P. Wright, Jr.,Iftikhar Malik,Mohamed H. El-Mawi and Sultan M. Al-Sultan

Publisher: International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT)



Page: 180

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The American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences (AJISS), established in 1984, is a quarterly, double blind peer-reviewed and interdisciplinary journal, published by the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), and distributed worldwide. The journal showcases a wide variety of scholarly research on all facets of Islam and the Muslim world including subjects such as anthropology, history, philosophy and metaphysics, politics, psychology, religious law, and traditional Islam.

Pāṇinian studies

Professor S.D. Joshi felicitation volume

Author: Madhav Deshpande,Saroja Bhate

Publisher: Centers for South Asian Studies, The Uni

ISBN: 9780891480648

Category: History

Page: 331

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Places in Motion

The Fluid Identities of Temples, Images, and Pilgrims

Author: Jacob N. Kinnard

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199359687

Category: Religion

Page: 320

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Jacob Kinnard offers an in-depth examination of the complex dynamics of religiously charged places. Focusing on several important shared and contested pilgrimage places-Ground Zero and Devils Tower in the United States, Ayodhya and Bodhgaya in India, Karbala in Iraq-he poses a number of crucial questions. What and who has made these sites important, and why? How are they shared, and how and why are they contested? What is at stake in their contestation? How are the particular identities of place and space established? How are individual and collective identity intertwined with space and place? Challenging long-accepted, clean divisions of the religious world, Kinnard explores specific instances of the vibrant messiness of religious practice, the multivocality of religious objects, the fluid and hybrid dynamics of religious places, and the shifting and tangled identities of religious actors. He contends that sacred space is a constructed idea: places are not sacred in and of themselves, but are sacred because we make them sacred. As such, they are in perpetual motion, transforming themselves from moment to moment and generation to generation. Places in Motion moves comfortably across and between a variety of historical and cultural settings as well as academic disciplines, providing a deft and sensitive approach to the topic of sacred places, with awareness of political, economic, and social realities as these exist in relation to questions of identity. It is a lively and much needed critical advance in analytical reflections on sacred space and pilgrimage.

Walking with the Unicorn: Social Organization and Material Culture in Ancient South Asia

Jonathan Mark Kenoyer Felicitation Volume

Author: Dennys Frenez,Gregg M. Jamison,Randall W. Law,Richard H. Meadow,Massimo Vidale

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781784919177

Category: History

Page: 680

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This volume, a compilation of original papers written to celebrate the outstanding contributions of Jonathan Mark Kenoyer to the archaeology of South Asia over the past forty years, highlights recent developments in the archaeological research of ancient South Asia, with specific reference to the Indus Civilization.

Three Mountains and Seven Rivers

Prof. Musashi Tachikawa's Felicitation Volume

Author: Shoun Hino

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publ.

ISBN: 9788120824683

Category: Buddhism

Page: 903

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Three mountains and the seven rivers is a collection of 56 essays to felicitate the sixtieth birthday of Doctor Musashi Techikawa, Professor at Aichi gakuin University in Nagoya. This volume consist of thirteen Sections; (1) Ancient Geography, (2) Buddhism, (3) Madhyamika, (4) Iconography, (5) Jainism, (6) Logic, (7) Poetics, (9) Social Practice, (10) Tibetan Themes, (11) Vedanta and Mimamsa, (12) Samkhya and Yoga and (13) Tantrism. these saetions throw new light on enduring themes in Indian studies as well as raises fresh issues.