The Police Driver's Handbook

Author: Philip Coyne,Police Foundation,Penny Mares

Publisher: Stationery Office/Tso

ISBN: 9780117081871

Category: Education

Page: 294

View: 6462

Roadcraft is the official Police Driver's Handbook, approved by the Association of Chief Police Officers, and is used by the police service to train police drivers, but it is useful for any driver wishing to improve their skills and safety to a more advanced level. Roadcraft aims to help people become better drivers by increasing awareness of all factors that affect driving, such as the capability of the driver, characteristics of the vehicle, and road and traffic conditions. This new edition has been prepared in close consultation with a working group of senior police driving instructors and other police and civilian advance driver training experts. It has been updated to reflect recent changes in the legislative framework surrounding driving and emergency response driving and new methodologies in teaching safe driving. It now also incorporates information on automotive engineering advances such as ABS and SatNav devices and their effect on driving. A new chapter has been added to teach drivers the physical and psychological aspects of driving and how to develop mental skills to become a better driver.

Motorcycle Roadcraft: The Police Rider's Handbook

Author: Penny Mares,Phillip Coyne,Police Foundation

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780117081888

Category: Motorcycling

Page: 304

View: 4066

Supersedes previous edition (1996, 18th impression 2011, ISBN 9780113411436). PDF will also available (ISBN 9780117082199)

Pass Your Advanced Driving Test

Author: Mark Hughes

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781870979641

Category: Automobile driver's tests

Page: 80

View: 9885

This is a new, colour version of the Institute of Motorists's driving manual, aimed at anyone wanting to improve their driving techniques or take the Advanced Driving Test.

Advanced and Performance Driving

Author: Reg Local

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781508535409


Page: 382

View: 2278

Reg Local is an ex-police driving instructor. With a number of years operational experience as a traffic officer and several years teaching police drivers at standard and advanced level, including pursuit tactics and VIP protection driving, he has a wealth of experience to share with the reader. In this book, Reg explores not only the practical skills required by a good driver, but also the mental aspects of driving in a wide range of scenarios. As well as exploring overtaking, cornering, acceleration and braking sense, Reg has included chapters on emergency response driving, motorway driving, dealing with the mistakes of others and how to check your own abilities in a realistic way. The book is useful for drivers at any stage in their driving career, from the newly qualified driver to the experienced emergency services driver and everyone in between. The book can be read on its own, or as part of a course of advanced instruction. It complements other driving manuals, especially the police driving manual - Roadcraft.


The Essential Occupational Driver's Handbook

Author: Jonathan Halliday,Philip Coyne

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780115522918

Category: Automobile driver education

Page: 186

View: 3708

Fleetcraft is a driver training manual aimed at the occupational driver. Health and safety legislation now requires employers to address the risks associated with work-related vehicle usage, and driver training is one solution being adopted. Much of the material is derived from Roadcraft, the manual used for advanced police driver training. This handbook covers many aspects of driving, including attitude and behaviour, both of which are seen as essential for road safety and an effective driver development programme.

The Advanced Driver's Handbook

Author: Margaret Stacey

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780749415013

Category: Automobile driving

Page: 149

View: 4913

Fully revised, this edition combines established advanced driving skills with defensive techniques. It explains how to use high performance handling techniques to improve car control, and how to make the best use of defensive driving methods to avoid road accidents. This volume also gives advice on preparing for (and passing) the various IAM and RoSPA tests for advanced drivers.

The Driving Instructor's Handbook

Author: John Miller

Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers

ISBN: 0749483946

Category: Transportation

Page: 384

View: 8979

Now in its 21st edition, The Driving Instructor's Handbook is widely recognized in the driver training industry as the authoritative reference guide for both trainee and qualified instructors and is listed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) as recommended reading for the Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) exams. This best-selling text covers every aspect of the profession, from the role itself, to the characteristics needed to do the job effectively through the preparation for the three ADI exams (theory and hazard perception, driving ability and instructional ability). The Driving Instructor's Handbook also includes detailed guidance on issues such as licences, training, teaching and coaching skills and road traffic law and covers all 2016/17 changes to the ADI examinations and standards checks, including the most recent essential updates from late 2017. This handbook is essential reading for anyone involved in the training of drivers and instructors at all levels and will ensure that new drivers are better able to cope with the increasing demands made on them.

The Complete Book of Classic Volkswagens

Beetles, Microbuses, Things, Karmann Ghias, and More

Author: John Gunnell

Publisher: Motorbooks International

ISBN: 0760349878

Category: Transportation

Page: 272

View: 8887

Volkswagen Beetles and their variants are some of the most iconic and easily recognizable cars on the road! The classic air-cooled Volkswagen Beetle, officially the Volkswagen Type 1, is regarded as one of the most important and well-engineered vehicles of the twentieth century. It was the most popular imported car in America in the 1960s, and before that it enjoyed a humble beginning as "the people's car" in its native Germany. The Complete Book of Classic Volkswagens encompasses the evolution of the popular Beetle as well as other variations of Volkswagen's air-cooled cars, vans, and trucks. Thoroughly illustrated, this is an invaluable reference to Volkswagen's collectible and iconic cars. The history of VW automobiles is just as colorful as the hues they were manufactured in, and this book illustrates the full story. German automakers originally sought to supply their countrymen with an automobile that was easy to mass produce. By 1938, they finalized the design for the VW "Bug"--the first rear-engined, rear-wheel-drive configured car. In its heyday, the little rounded Beetle was produced at a rate of more than one million per year. Today, with more than 23 million cars built, the Beetle holds the record as the most-produced passenger car of all time. But the Beetle is only one part of the air-cooled Volkswagen story. The rest--from Type 2 vans, pick-ups, and campers to the Type 113 "Super Beetle"--is included here. If you're the owner of a Volkswagen or if you just love their iconic look and you're interested in their evolution, this book deserves a place on your bookshelf.

Very Advanced Driving

Author: A. Tom Topper

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780716021278

Category: Transportation

Page: 189

View: 5805

Cars do skid; tyres do burst; drivers do make errors. When such shocks strike directly or close in front, is your reaction safe, fast instinctive? To tighten up your emergency skills, Tom Topper urges you to become a Very Advanced Thinker.

Roadcraft Online


Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780117083639


Page: N.A

View: 8422

Online access ONLY - Single user licence price �25.00 (inc.VAT). Multi-user licences available

Safety Theory and Control Technology of High-Speed Train Operation

Author: Junfeng Wang

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 0128133058

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 398

View: 4595

Safety Theory and Technology of High-Speed Train Operation puts forward solutions for train dispatching and signal control. Frequent railway incidents have threatened the safety of rail transport. In 2013, more than 12 trains collided. In the same year, a Spanish train derailed due to speed, and two of China’s high-speed trains collided. In 2016, Germany and Italy both experienced serious train collisions. Global railway security is essential. Many accidents are caused by train dispatching errors and signal system failure. Chinese high-speed railway has developed very quickly and at a very large scale. However, many issues reagrding safety has not been addressed. This book considers the issue from the perspective of a system. A train operation control system structure is put forward in order to ensure safety. Five key technologies (namely system-level fail-safe, parallel monitoring, completeness of train control data, data sharing and fusion and prevention of common errors in monitoring), are proposed. In order to prevent collision, over-speed, derailment, and rear-end collision accidents, the concept and corresponding parallel monitoring technology of five core control items (train route, speed, tracking interval, temporary speed limit, train running state) is proposed. Puts forward solutions for train dispatching and signal control Views high-speed train safety and technology from a systems-theory perspective Describes five key technologies to ensure safety Proposes five parallel monitoring technologies to prevent collision, over-speed, derailment and rear-end collision incidents Considers the very quick and large-scale development of Chinese high-speed rail

Mind Driving

New Skills for Staying Alive on the Road

Author: Stephen Haley

Publisher: Safety House Limited

ISBN: 9781873371169

Category: Education

Page: 201

View: 4314

Driving is the most dangerous thing that most people do. This book explains how drivers can dramatically reduce the risk. Expert drivers use a lot more than conventional driving skills. The key is not just in what they do but, crucially, how they think. This has always been the most vital part of safe driving, but no one has found a way to explain the mental processes involved. Until now, that is. Mind Driving explains how expert drivers think. Revealed for the first time: What really causes danger on the road; How to control the danger; How to make life-saving decisions; How to enjoy driving and do it safely at the same time Every driver should read this book. No one involved in driver training or road safety can afford to be without it. True driving ability is still the most neglected element in the effort to reduce road casualties. It is essential that this is changed. This book will do that. Mind Driving is approved and recommended by the Driving Instructors Association and the DIAmond Advanced driving test organisation.

Crossing the Line

Losing Your Mind as an Undercover Cop

Author: Christian Plowman

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1780577443

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 240

View: 6912

As he rose through the ranks of various departments of the Metropolitan Police, Christian Plowman dreamt of being an undercover cop. When he finally achieved his ambition, becoming one an elite group of officers, the reality of covert work turned his life into a nightmare. To catch criminals, Christian bought and sold drugs with taxpayers’ money, been beaten up, arrested at gunpoint and barricaded in a pub by a gang of marauding gypsies – all in a day’s work. At one stage, he was running almost a dozen mobile phones to keep track of his different identities and had so many aliases that he nearly forgot who he was. He put his life on the line for the job but was to find that being the ‘best of the best’ wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. The pressure became so intense that he even contemplated suicide. Crossing the Line is a visceral, gripping account of what it really takes to be an undercover cop. It exposes how the Met conducts its business behind the scenes and reveals the harsh realities of modern covert police work.


the complete guide to safe and enjoyable cycling for adults and children

Author: John Franklin

Publisher: The Stationery Office

ISBN: 9780117037403

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 260

View: 4981

Cyclecraft provides a guide to safe cycling both for adults and children. It contains practical advice on how to ride a bike confidently and safely in modern traffic conditions; The following areas are covered, including: how to get started; choosing a bike; basic skills; sharing the road with other traffic; advanced techniques for cycling safety on busier roads and faster traffic; advice on carrying children and goods and riding with others.


The Adventure Never Stops

Author: Juergen Zoellter,Adam Baumgärtner,Markus Bolsinger

Publisher: Klasing & Company

ISBN: 9783768833073

Category: Transportation

Page: 144

View: 4620

The 70th birthday of the Jeep brand is a testament of great tradition and expertise in sustained success. Fascinating photographs from the family album tell the stirring history of Jeep. It takes a look into the future and shows what Jeep customers can e

How to Be A Better Driver

Author: John Sootheran,Institute of Advanced Motorists

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780760333143

Category: Automobile driving

Page: 118

View: 3087

As road traffic increases, and accident rates climb, the need for this book is ever greater. The definitive guide to becoming a better driver it is a comprehensive guide to road safety for the experienced and beginner alike, written by the Institute for Advanced Motorists, and delivers all the information needed to become an Advanced driver, in a clear and accessible manner. The advantages are many: save money on insurance, improve your attitude behind the wheel, developed mechanical sympathy, cut vehicle running costs, and of course avoid accidents! Whether you are a new driver or have many years on the road, you will find value in this book, which will take your driving to a new level be it speed management, road cornering, hazard perception, parking, observational and anticipation...No driver wishing to improve their skills can ignore this book.