Robot Evolution

The Development of Anthrobotics

Author: Mark E. Rosheim

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780471026228

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 423

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Lavishly Illustrated, Comprehensive, Detailed, and Reader–Friendly––This is the Ultimate Robot Book! From newly discovered designs of Leonardo da Vinci to the pioneering nineteenth–century work of Nikola Tesla, and on to burgeoning anthropomorphic robots, "anthrobots," that are dextrous, communicative, and autonomous, Robot Evolution covers the length and ever–widening breadth of this new robotics field. Acknowledged robotics expert Mark Rosheim offers at once a fascinating look at more than 2,000 years of robot history, as well as a technical guide to their development, design, and component parts. This book explores the evolution and increasing complexity of robot designs and points out the advantages and disadvantages of various design approaches for robot arms, hands, wrists, and legs. By analyzing the kinematics of robot components in comparison to human limbs, Robot Evolution also introduces a powerful new design tool to measure and evaluate past, present, and new designs. This book features: ∗ Robot survey from ancient Greece to the nineteenth century ∗ Analysis of modern robots from 1950 to the present ∗ Comparative anatomy of human and robot joints ∗ Chapter–by–chapter analysis of robot arms, wrists, hands, and legs ∗ Evolution of sensors and artificial intelligence ∗ Development of mechanical men from man–amplifiers to amazing anthropomorphic robots––anthrobots!

Hydraulically Actuated Hexapod Robots

Design, Implementation and Control

Author: Kenzo Nonami,Ranjit Kumar Barai,Addie Irawan,Mohd Razali Daud

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 443154349X

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 277

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Legged robots are a promising locomotion system, capable of performing tasks that conventional vehicles cannot. Even more exciting is the fact that this is a rapidly developing field of study for researchers from a variety of disciplines. However, only a few books have been published on the subject of multi-legged robots. The main objective of this book is to describe some of the major control issues concerning walking robots that the authors have faced over the past 10 years. A second objective is to focus especially on very large hydraulically driven hexapod robot locomotion weighing more than 2,000 kg, making this the first specialized book on this topic. The 10 chapters of the book touch on diverse relevant topics such as design aspects, implementation issues, modeling for control, navigation and control, force and impedance control-based walking, fully autonomous walking, walking and working tasks of hexapod robots, and the future of walking robots. The construction machines of the future will very likely resemble hydraulically driven hexapod robots like the ones described in this book – no longer science fiction but now a reality.

What Social Robots Can and Should Do

Proceedings of Robophilosophy 2016 / TRANSOR 2016

Author: J. Seibt,M. Nørskov,S. Schack Andersen

Publisher: IOS Press

ISBN: 161499708X

Category: Computers

Page: 424

View: 2997

Social robotics drives a technological revolution of possibly unprecedented disruptive potential, both at the socio-economic and the socio-cultural level. The rapid development of the robotics market calls for a concerted effort across a wide spectrum of academic disciplines to understand the transformative potential of human-robot interaction. This effort cannot succeed without the special expertise in the study of socio-cultural interactions, norms, and values that humanities research provides. This book contains the proceedings of the conference “What Social Robots Can and Should Do,” Robophilosophy 2016 / TRANSOR 2016, held in Aarhus, Denmark, in October 2016. The conference is the second event in the biennial Robophilosophy conference series, this time combined with an event of the Research Network for Transdisciplinary Studies in Social Robotics (TRANSOR). Featuring 13 plenaries and 74 session and workshop talks, the event turned out to be the world’s largest conference in Humanities research in and on social robotics. The book is divided into 3 sections: Part I and Part III contain the abstracts of plenary lectures and contributions to 6 workshops: Artificial Empathy; Co-Designing Children Robot Interaction; Human-Robot Joint Action; Phronesis for Machine Ethics?; Robots in the Wild; and Responsible Robotics. Part II contains short papers for presentations in 7 thematically organized sessions: methodological issues; ethical tasks and implications; emotions in human robot interactions; education, art and innovation; artificial meaning and rationality; social norms and robot sociality; and perceptions of social robots. The book will be of interest to researchers in philosophy, anthropology, sociology, psychology, linguistics, cognitive science, robotics, computer science, and art. Since all contributions are prepared for an interdisciplinary readership, they are highly accessible and will be of interest to policy makers and educators who wish to gauge the challenges and potentials of putting robots in society.

The Human Hand as an Inspiration for Robot Hand Development

Author: Ravi Balasubramanian,Veronica J. Santos

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319030175

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 572

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“The Human Hand as an Inspiration for Robot Hand Development” presents an edited collection of authoritative contributions in the area of robot hands. The results described in the volume are expected to lead to more robust, dependable, and inexpensive distributed systems such as those endowed with complex and advanced sensing, actuation, computation, and communication capabilities. The twenty-four chapters discuss the field of robotic grasping and manipulation viewed in light of the human hand’s capabilities and push the state-of-the-art in robot hand design and control. Topics discussed include human hand biomechanics, neural control, sensory feedback and perception, and robotic grasp and manipulation. This book will be useful for researchers from diverse areas such as robotics, biomechanics, neuroscience, and anthropologists.

Die Entschlüsselung des Himmels

Der erste Computer - ein 2000 Jahre altes Rätsel wird gelöst

Author: Jo Marchant

Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 3644010110

Category: History

Page: 304

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Im Jahr 1900 entdeckten Schwammtaucher im Mittelmeer ein antikes Schiffswrack aus der Zeit um 70 v. Chr. und bargen vom Meeresgrund unter anderem einen Klumpen korrodierter Bronze. Er erwies sich als eines der erstaunlichsten Artefakte, die die Naturwissenschaft kennt: heute weltbekannt als der Kalendercomputer von Antikythera. Dieses feinmechanische Wunderwerk ist Produkt eines technischen, astronomischen und mathematisch-physikalischen Wissens, das in den Jahrhunderten danach großteils wieder verlorenging. Eine analoge Rechenmaschine mit rund 30 Zahnrädern und epizyklischen Getriebezügen, die den elliptischen Verlauf der Planeten nachbildeten, und einem Differenzialgetriebe, das einen Sonnen- und einen Mondkalender synchronisierte – eine Getriebeart, wie sie in Westeuropa erst im 14. Jahrhundert neu erfunden wurde. Die Beschriftungen der Zahnräder deuten auf einen Ursprung in Syrakus, dorthin, wo nicht lange zuvor der große Archimedes gelebt hatte. Seit über hundert Jahren wird der Mechanismus von Forschern mit Hingabe untersucht und nachgebaut, einige von ihnen ruinierten sich gesundheitlich, sozial und finanziell – der Apparat übte einen unheimlichen Zauber aus auf alle, die sich damit beschäftigten. Doch Stück für Stück entschlüsselten sie ein 2000 Jahre altes Rätsel; dieses Buch erzählt ihre faszinierende Geschichte.

Recent Advances in Mechatronics

Author: Okyay Kaynak,Marcelo Ang,Sabri Tosunoglu

Publisher: Springer Verlag

ISBN: 9789814021340

Category: Science

Page: 589

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Mechatronics, as a truly interdisciplinary and integrated approach to engineering, is becoming an increasingly important philosophy. Rapid advances are being made in all of its components. Most notably, there is an increase in the use of computational intelligence in mechatronic products and processes, leading to increased Machine Intelligence Quotient (MIQ). This book contains selected papers presented at the International Conference, ICRAM'99, organized under the sponsorship of many international institutions. The distinguished contributors consider the most recent advances made in the field of mechatronics, especially in the areas of mechatronic design, control, sensor technology, robots and mobile machines, intelligent manufacturing systems and micro-mechanics, with emphasis on synergistic integration. Future research directions and trends are also considered. The contents of the book is unique and meets the needs of practising engineers, researchers in industry and academia, and graduate students.

Der Mensch

ein "animal rationale"? : Vernunft, Kognition, Intelligenz

Author: Heinrich M. Schmidinger,Clemens Sedmak

Publisher: N.A


Category: Cognition

Page: 320

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Proceedings of the ANS Seventh Topical Meeting on Robotics and Remote Systems, April 27 to May 1, 1997, Radisson Riverfront Hotel and Conference Center, Augusta, Georgia

Author: American Nuclear Society,American Nuclear Society. Savannah River Section,American Nuclear Society. Robotics and Remote Systems Division,Association for Robotics in Hazardous Environments

Publisher: N.A


Category: Remote handling (Radioactive substances)

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IROS '99

Author: N.A

Publisher: IEEE Standards Office

ISBN: 9780780351844

Category: Computers

Page: 1925

View: 2437

A collection of papers from the IEEE/RSI International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, 1999. It includes coverage of: robot vision; fuzzy control; underwater robotics; balance control; neural control; assembly; position estimation; soft computing; and more.


Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Artificial intelligence

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Robot Builder's Sourcebook

Over 2,500 Sources for Robot Parts

Author: Gordon McComb

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 9780071406857

Category: Computers

Page: 711

View: 8967

* A much-needed clearinghouse for information on amateur and educational robotics, containing over 2,500 listings of robot suppliers, including mail order and local area businesses * Contains resources for both common and hard-to-find parts and supplies * Features dozens of "sidebars" to clarify essential robotics technologies * Provides original articles on various robot-building topics

Public Library Core Collection

A Selection Guide to Reference Books and Adult Nonfiction. Nonfiction

Author: John Greenfieldt,Patrice Bartell

Publisher: Hw Wilson Co

ISBN: 9780824210946

Category: Public libraries

Page: 1856

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Expert systems

the technology of knowledge management and decision making for the 21st century

Author: Cornelius T. Leondes

Publisher: N.A


Category: Expert systems (Computer science)

Page: 1947

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