Senses and Citizenships

Embodying Political Life

Author: Susanna Trnka,Christine Dureau,Julie Park

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 113669059X

Category: Social Science

Page: 304

View: 3020

What does disgust have to do with citizenship? How might pain and pleasure, movement, taste, sound and smell be configured as aspects of national belonging? Senses and Citizenships: Embodying Political Life examines the intersections between sensory phenomena and national and supra-national forms of belonging, introducing the new concept of sensory citizenship. Expanding upon contemporary understandings of the rights and duties of citizens, the volume presents anthropological investigations of the sensory aspects of participation in collectivities such as face-to-face communities, ethnic groups, nations and transnational entities. Rethinking relationships between ideology, aesthetics, affect and bodily experience, the authors reveal the multiple political effects of the senses. The book demonstrates how various elements of political life, including some of the most fundamental aspects of citizenship, rest not only upon our senses, but on their perceived naturalization. Vivid ethnographic examples of sensory citizenship in Europe, the United States, the Pacific, Asia and the Middle East explore themes such as sight in political constructions; smell and ethnic conflict; pain in the constitution of communities; national soundscapes; taste in national identities; movement, memory and emplacement.

Kulinarische Ethnologie

Beiträge zur Wissenschaft von eigenen, fremden und globalisierten Ernährungskulturen

Author: Daniel Kofahl,Sebastian Schellhaas

Publisher: transcript Verlag

ISBN: 3839435390

Category: Social Science

Page: 320

View: 4710

Traditionen und Wandel, Küchenpraxis und Theorie - dieser Band bietet Einblicke in das facettenreiche Feld der Wissenschaft vom kulinarisch Fremden und der Vielfalt globalisierter Ernährungskulturen. Die versammelten klassisch-ethnografischen bis kulturtheoretischen Beiträge erlauben einen wissenschaftlich fundierten und doch gut bekömmlichen Blick auf fremde Küchen wie auch auf die eigene Ernährungskultur. Die Zusammenstellung empirischer Fallbeispiele und innovativer Theoriekonzeptionen markiert dabei nicht nur den Status quo deutschsprachiger kulinarischer Ethnologie. Sie macht vor allem Appetit auf mehr.

Competing Responsibilities

The Ethics and Politics of Contemporary Life

Author: Susanna Trnka,Catherine Trundle

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 082237305X

Category: Social Science

Page: 280

View: 9355

Noting the pervasiveness of the adoption of "responsibility" as a core ideal of neoliberal governance, the contributors to Competing Responsibilities challenge contemporary understandings and critiques of that concept in political, social, and ethical life. They reveal that neoliberalism's reification of the responsible subject masks the myriad forms of individual and collective responsibility that people engage with in their everyday lives, from accountability, self-sufficiency, and prudence to care, obligation, and culpability. The essays—which combine social theory with ethnographic research from Europe, North America, Africa, and New Zealand—address a wide range of topics, including critiques of corporate social responsibility practices; the relationships between public and private responsibilities in the context of state violence; the tension between calls on individuals and imperatives to groups to prevent the transmission of HIV; audit culture; and how health is cast as a citizenship issue. Competing Responsibilities allows for the examination of modes of responsibility that extend, challenge, or coexist with the neoliberal focus on the individual cultivation of the self. Contributors Barry D. Adam, Elizabeth Anne Davis, Filippa Lentzos, Jessica Robbins-Ruszkowski, Nikolas Rose, Rosalind Shaw, Cris Shore, Jessica M. Smith, Susanna Trnka, Catherine Trundle, Jarrett Zigon

Ethnographies in Pan Pacific Research

Tensions and Positionings

Author: Robert E. Rinehart,elke emerald,Rangi Matamua

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317514440

Category: Social Science

Page: 296

View: 9779

The book is about exciting ethnographic happenings in the vibrant and growing global interface which includes Australia, New Zealand, and some of the Asian geographical regions, as well as - more broadly - the global South. It explores ethnographic writing as culture(s) (re)produced, positionalities of authors, tensions between authors and others, multi-faceted groups, and as co-productions of these works. The contributors describe and discuss a variety of topical areas of interest, from Facebook to memory work, from children's sexuality to urban racism, from meanings of Indigenous knowledge to how communities can come together to retain what is valuable to themselves. The authors also manage to locate themselves and others (positionings) in the research hierarchies (tensions). This is a valuable guide to the effects of 21st-century ethnography on the qualitative research project.

Environmental Anthropology

Future Directions

Author: Helen Kopnina,Eleanor Shoreman-Ouimet

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135044120

Category: Social Science

Page: 328

View: 9334

This volume presents new theoretical approaches, methodologies, subject pools, and topics in the field of environmental anthropology. Environmental anthropologists are increasingly focusing on self-reflection - not just on themselves and their impacts on environmental research, but also on the reflexive qualities of their subjects, and the extent to which these individuals are questioning their own environmental behavior. Here, contributors confront the very notion of "natural resources" in granting non-human species their subjectivity and arguing for deeper understanding of "nature," and "wilderness" beyond the label of "ecosystem services." By engaging in interdisciplinary efforts, these anthropologists present new ways for their colleagues, subjects, peers and communities to understand the causes of, and alternatives to environmental destruction. This book demonstrates that environmental anthropology has moved beyond the construction of rural, small group theory, entering into a mode of solution-based methodologies and interdisciplinary theories for understanding human-environmental interactions. It is focused on post-rural existence, health and environmental risk assessment, on the realm of alternative actions, and emphasizes the necessary steps towards preventing environmental crisis.

War and the Body

Militarisation, Practice and Experience

Author: Kevin McSorley

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136173544

Category: Political Science

Page: 264

View: 8934

This edited volume places the body at the centre of critical thinking about war and its consequences. War is fundamentally embodied. The reality of war is not just politics by any other means but politics incarnate, politics written on and experienced through the thinking, feeling bodies of men and women. From steeled combatants to abject victims, war occupies innumerable bodies in a multitude of ways, profoundly shaping lives and ways of being human. Giving the body an analytic recognition that it warrants and has often been denied in conventional war studies, this book brings together new interdisciplinary scholarship that explores the numerous affective, sensory and embodied practices through which war lives and breeds. It focuses on how war is prepared, enacted and reproduced through embodied action, suffering and memory. As such, the book promotes new directions in theorising war and transformations in warfare, via an explicit focus on the body. This book will be of much interest to students and scholars of war studies, security studies, sociology, anthropology, military studies, politics and IR in general.


Author: Edward W. Said

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783100710086

Category: Europa - Orientbild - Kultur - Geschichte 1800-2000

Page: 459

View: 3158


Embodying Identities

Culture, Differences and Social Theory

Author: Victor J. Seidler

Publisher: Policy Press

ISBN: 1847423817

Category: Social Science

Page: 228

View: 9659

"This exciting, accessible and wide-ranging text offers new perspectives on how we think about ourselves. Essential reading for all those interested in identities, it provides a unique introduction to social theory." Professor Mary Maynard, head of Department of Social Policy and Social Work, University of York In the 170s and 1980s, identities seemed to be `fixed' or `socially constructed' sexualities and religion. These days we have begun to recognise the diversity, fragmentation and fluidity of identities, but how do we create and shape our own? Embodying identities shapes a new language of social theory that allows people to embody their differences with a sense of dignifty and self-worth. The book draws on diverse traditions from Marx, Weber and Durkheim, as self-worth. The book draws on diverse traditions from Marx, Weber and Durkheim, as well as more recent traditions of critical theory and poststructuralism, to illuminate transitions from the modern to the postmodern. Using contemporary examples, Embodying identities will be of interest to students of sociology, politics, social work, philosophy and cultural studies. It we form and live our complex and embodied identities.

Der fünfte Hammer

Pythagoras und die Disharmonie der Welt

Author: Daniel Heller-Roazen

Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag

ISBN: 3104020655

Category: Philosophy

Page: 256

View: 8256

Was sich der Harmonie der Welt nicht fügen mag Es heißt, dass Pythagoras die Harmonielehre erfand, als er bei einem Schmied den Klang von fünf Hämmern hörte. Vier Hammerschläge konnte er in ein wohlgeordnetes Verhältnis setzen. Der fünfte Hammer jedoch klang dissonant. Pythagoras musste ihn aus seiner Theorie ausschließen. In seiner Studie untersucht der bekannte Philosoph Daniel Heller-Roazen das Konzept der Harmonie in einem weiten Sinn: Seit der Antike dient es als Paradigma für das wissenschaftliche Verstehen der wahrnehmbaren Welt. Doch immer wieder gibt es etwas Dissonantes, das sich gegen die Harmonie wehrt. Von der Musik über Metaphysik, Ästhetik und Astronomie, von Platon bis Kant untersucht ›Der fünfte Hammer‹, wie die wissenschaftliche Ordnung der Welt eine Realität suggeriert, die jedoch weder in Noten noch Buchstaben völlig erfasst werden kann. Ein fünfter Hammer klingt hartnäckig durch.

Kultur des Diagramms

Author: John Bender,Michael Marrinan

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 3110380293

Category: Art

Page: 299

View: 6416

wort und Bild fügen die Autoren in einer neuen Sicht zu einem instruktiven Diagrammkonzept zusammen. Diagramme sind Amalgame des Erkennens, aber auch, um als Erkenntnismittel verständlich zu werden, innerweltlich vorfindbare Gegenstände, mit denen kognitiv gearbeitet wird. Diagrammatisches Denken eröffnet Querverweise und ermöglicht so eine relationale, vom Erkennenden aktiv betriebene Urteilsbildung.


Die Lebenswissenschaften und die Bewirtschaftung der Körper

Author: Susanne Lettow

Publisher: transcript Verlag

ISBN: 383941640X

Category: Political Science

Page: 186

View: 6277

Während lange Zeit Fragen zu Ethik, Recht und Politik im Zentrum der Debatten um Biotechnologien standen, rücken nun auch ökonomische Dimensionen immer stärker in den Blick. Dieser Band macht die Leser_innen nicht nur mit der international geführten Diskussion vertraut - die Beiträge fragen zudem aus unterschiedlichen Perspektiven, welche Formen das Verhältnis von Ökonomie, Biowissenschaften und Technologien in der Gegenwart annimmt, welche neuen Objekte, Praxen und Strukturen in der Bioökonomie entstehen und wie diese sozialen Phänomene zu begreifen sind. Mit Beiträgen von Kathrin Braun, Melinda Cooper, Oliver Decker, Lars Thorup Larsen, Petra Schaper-Rinkel, Sigrid Schmitz, Susanne Schultz und Charis Thompson.

Die Gabe

Form und Funktion des Austauschs in archaischen Gesellschaften

Author: Marcel Mauss

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783518283431

Category: Segmentierte Gesellschaft - Geschenk

Page: 208

View: 1109

Afrika/Europa - Siedlung - Handel/Verkehr - Wirtschaftsgeschichte.


Die heimliche Aneignung als Ursprungserzählung in Literatur, Philosophie und Mythos

Author: Andreas Gehrlach

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783770560004


Page: 432

View: 6599


DJ Culture

Diskjockeys und Popkultur

Author: Ulf Poschardt

Publisher: Tropen

ISBN: 3608108149

Category: Music

Page: 559

View: 6243

»DJ Culture« erzählt die Geschichte der Popkultur als Geschichte der Diskjockeys – von den ersten Radio-DJs der 30er Jahre bis heute. DJs sind die Helden und geheimen Vorbilder unserer Kultur. Aus Altem schaffen sie Neues: unpathetisch, cool, revolutionär. Im Juli 1877 brüllte Thomas Edison sein erstes »Hallo« in ein Telefonmundstück und ließ den Lärm von einem Phonographen aufzeichnen. So begann die Geschichte des Plattenspielers, den der DJ zu einer Revolution in der Popmusik nutzen sollte, bis hin zum Spätkapitalisten-Phänomen des Hyper-DJs. Neil Tennant von den Pet Shop Boys ist sich ganz sicher: »Auf Dauer sind zwei Plattenspieler und ein Mischpult aufregender als fünf Gitarrensaiten.« Diese aktualisierte Ausgabe zum 20. Jahrestag der Erstveröffentlichung wurde um ein Nachwort des wichtigsten DJs unserer Zeit, DJ Westbam, ergänzt.