Learning with Online and Mobile Technologies

A Student Survival Guide

Author: Janet MacDonald,Linda Creanor

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351922483

Category: Education

Page: 142

View: 3480

Technology has become a necessary and everyday part of studying. This book starts with effective practice in learning, and shows how technology can support that good practice. The authors show you the many ways in which online and mobile technologies can be used for study and give you guidance on how best to use them for learning in higher education, whether that is at college or university, or within your workplace. This wide-ranging survival guide combines advice on effective learning, with practical tips on using technology successfully to give you a smart approach to accessing, recording, sharing and revising information and knowledge. An efficient learning strategy with technologies will help you develop independence and self direction, so that when faced with a bewildering choice of web-based resources you are confident about how much to read, and when to stop. The approaches, skills and techniques discussed in this book will be of value to you not only in your formal course of study, but also in any other learning you might wish to undertake in future. In an increasingly competitive job market this will also be attractive to prospective employers.

Way to an "A"

Student Survival Guide

Author: Salmin Jadavji

Publisher: Success Tools

ISBN: 0969747101

Category: Education

Page: 112

View: 2853

Way to An 'A' will help students of any age to get 'A's in school and life. A study guide that teaches you the tools of succeess. Learn how to write exams, take notes, manage your time, how to stay motivated and how to overcome failure.

The Medical Student's Survival Guide: Going clinical

Author: Elizabeth Cottrell

Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing

ISBN: 1846192137

Category: Medical

Page: 154

View: 1032

To the unsuspecting, wearing a stethoscope could not be more easy. You pick it up, place it around your neck and.hey presto. you look like you know what you are doing and people think you are a doctor. This is the no-nonsense guide to the reality of medical student life. Everything you need to know is here. What are my chances of delivering a baby? How many questions should I ask? How do I insert a nasogastric tube without the patient knowing it's my first time? Where will I live when I'm on clinical rounds? Why can't I wear trainers? Will patients like me? What is a patient's pack year' history? How do I break bad news? How can I get more sleep? and much, much more.

Student Survival Guide

What to expect and how to handle it - insider advice on university life

Author: Jenny Hawkins,Lucy Clarke

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1848037767

Category: Education

Page: 160

View: 6810

Lucy Clarke and Jenny Hawkins, both current students at Cardiff University, have written this guide to university life encompassing study, the social scene, accommodation and making the best of university. They cover issues from the chaos of Fresher's week and difficult landlords, to sex and social life, the stress of finals and beyond. Recipes and a university dictionary are also included.

The International Student's Survival Guide

How to Get the Most from Studying at a UK University

Author: Gareth Davey

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1849203512

Category: Education

Page: 200

View: 1455

The International Student's Survival Guide is a comprehensive and easy-to-use guide to studying and living in the UK. It will be invaluable in preparing international students for the inevitable differences in culture, customs, and academic life, and helps to ensure they get the most out of their time at University. Gareth Davey provides students with all the information needed to make the right choice about where to study and provides valuable advice on how to settle into your new surroundings, including guidance on: Choosing and applying for a course Leaving home and arriving in the UK Managing finances and living costs Academic culture Teaching and assessment methods Health and welfare Life after graduation Throughout the guide there are checklists and self-evaluation forms to help the reader chart their progress. A glossary is included to aid understanding of the topics covered, and directories of additional sources of information make it easy to find out more where necessary. This guide will be a useful resource for students coming to the UK to embark on either undergraduate or graduate study in any subject.

The Medical Student's Survival Guide

Author: Elizabeth Cottrell,David Mitchell

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1315346982

Category: Medical

Page: 168

View: 8094

To the unsuspecting, wearing a stethoscope could not be more easy. You pick it up, place it around your neck and...hey presto...you look like you know what you are doing and people think you are a doctor...This is the no-nonsense guide to the reality of medical student life. Everything you need to know is here. What are my chances of delivering a baby? How many questions should I ask? How do I insert a nasogastric tube without the patient knowing it's my first time? Where will I live when I'm on clinical rounds? Why can't I wear trainers? Will patients like me? What is a patient's 'pack year' history? How do I break bad news? How can I get more sleep? And much, much more.

Basic Concepts in Pharmacology

A Student's Survival Guide

Author: Janet L. Stringer

Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Appleton & Lange

ISBN: 9780071356992

Category: Medical

Page: 285

View: 9946

This title explains the fundamental principles behind the use and mechanism of action of drugs and focuses on those topics that students have identified as being most difficult to grasp. Part I discusses general principles (such as pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism), and parts II to VI presents various classes of drugs (such as autonomics, drugs that affect cardiovascular system, and chemotherapeutic agents).

The Online Student's Survival Guide

Author: Nick Pelino

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1412049350

Category: Education

Page: 152

View: 4193

The Online Student's Survival Guide outlines the considerations that an adult learner must consider when returning to school using the growing trend of online distance learning. This book offers personal insights and experiences as seen through the eyes of an online graduate student who returned to school after a twenty year absence from the world of academia - and a battle with brain cancer just prior to making the commitment to attain an advanced degree through an online university. This book offers helpful advice for those seeking to begin this academic journey as well as hints and tips to make the process easier to handle and negotiate as the student moves through a program in distance education. It addresses common misconceptions about online learning, offers insights as to what a student can expect to encounter and methods that will aid in not only succeeding as an online student - but to exceed as an adult learner. If you have ever thought of looking into an online learning program, or have the desire to attain a degree, but do not think it is possible because of your busy or hectic professional and personal life, this book will help you examine everything that there is to consider while preparing you to become a strong, dynamic online student. Written in a straight-forward manner, this first-hand account of one student's online educational journey has been created by a student for students. It honestly offers all of the pitfalls and successes experienced as well as observed by the author. With literally hundreds of thousands of students enrolling in this new, dynamic and exciting learning opportunity every year - this is the book to read as you make your decision and proceed with making your academic dreams a reality!

Mathematical Models in Cell Biology and Cancer Chemotherapy

Author: M. Eisen

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 364293126X

Category: Mathematics

Page: 431

View: 9331

The purpose of this book is to show how mathematics can be applied to improve cancer chemotherapy. Unfortunately, most drugs used in treating cancer kill both normal and abnormal cells. However, more cancer cells than normal cells can be destroyed by the drug because tumor cells usually exhibit different growth kinetics than normal cells. To capitalize on this last fact, cell kinetics must be studied by formulating mathematical models of normal and abnormal cell growth. These models allow the therapeutic and harmful effects of cancer drugs to be simulated quantitatively. The combined cell and drug models can be used to study the effects of different methods of administering drugs. The least harmful method of drug administration, according to a given criterion, can be found by applying optimal control theory. The prerequisites for reading this book are an elementary knowledge of ordinary differential equations, probability, statistics, and linear algebra. In order to make this book self-contained, a chapter on cell biology and a chapter on control theory have been included. Those readers who have had some exposure to biology may prefer to omit Chapter I (Cell Biology) and only use it as a reference when required. However, few biologists have been exposed to control theory. Chapter 7 provides a short, coherent and comprehensible presentation of this subject. The concepts of control theory are necessary for a full understanding of Chapters 8 and 9.

Basic Concepts in Cell Biology and Histology

A Student's Survival Guide

Author: James C. McKenzie

Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Appleton & Lange

ISBN: 9780070369306

Category: Medical

Page: 427

View: 2536

Giving students a needed ally in learning the difficult concepts in cell biology and histology is the single goal of this concise text. In typical "Basic Concepts" fashion, the subject is treated with maximum emphasis on demystifying basic science topics using analogy, charts and algorithms, clinical examples, mnemonics and other proven teaching methods. Organized from simple to more complicated concepts, students will enjoy the uniquely lucid review of cell biology including cell membranes, intracellular trafficking, signal conduction, mitosis and meiosis, cell motility, and more. Histology is also reviews, starting with epithelium and junctional complexes, connective tissue, muscle, and a system-by-system review of cell structure.

Basic Concepts In Neuroscience: A Student's Survival Guide

Author: Malcolm Slaughter

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0071630503

Category: Medical

Page: 312

View: 1447

*A new book in the Basic Concepts series *Explains the fundamental principles of neuroscience and helps students organize and condense the material they need to study *Level of the material progressively builds from simple to complex, enabling mastery of concepts *Content is presented in simple, jargon-free language *Critical need-to-know information is highlights in boxes *Numerous tables and charts help compare and contrast key information

The International Students' Survival Guide to Law School in the United States

Everything You Need to Succeed

Author: Rachel Gader-Shafran

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595278361

Category: Education

Page: 117

View: 3974

"The Survival Guide" is designed to provide practical and comprehensible information to International Students coming to US law schools. Do you know the answers to these questions? Do you know what to do before you come to law school? Do you know what to do when you get to law school? D you know how to organize for classes? Do you know you how to participate in class discussions? Do you know how to brief a case? Do you know how to outline and study for exams? Do you know how to attack writing papers? Do you know how to prepare for oral arguments? If the answer is "NO" then you need "The Survival Guide". "Rachel Gader-Shafran has written an indispensable guide for law graduates of international universities. She writes with clarity and the authority that comes from having graduated from a leading US law school and teaching International students for many years. I would advise international law graduates interested in studying in US law schools to read this book. Your investment in it will be repaid many times." -Thomas O. Sargentich, Professor of Law Director, LLM Program on Law and Government American University, Washington College of Law

Anesthesia Student Survival Guide

A Case-Based Approach

Author: Jesse M. Ehrenfeld,Richard D. Urman,Scott Segal

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319110837

Category: Medical

Page: 580

View: 3182

Edited and written by leading educators, this popular book for the anesthesiology rotation has been thoroughly updated and retains its distinctive case-based approach. The Second Edition features a thorough revision of the discussion of ventilator management, improved coverage of extubation criteria, and the latest guidelines and algorithms for preoperative assessment. Considerations for quality improvement and patient safety have been expanded throughout the book. Anesthesia Student Survival Guide provides a complete introduction to the specialty and is aimed at medical and nursing students as well as practitioners in critical care who seek a succinct overview of anesthesiology. From reviews of the First Edition: “...an excellent resource for the student wanting a deeper understanding of what is essentially a post-graduate subject, for example, an elective student.” --British Journal of Anaesthesia “This is an excellent introduction to the specialty for third-year medical students, covering a broad range of material at a sufficient depth to be useful, and providing a good structure for a comprehensive course of self-directed study.” --Doody’s Review Service “The writing style is uniformly strong, which makes the book easy to read....[It] serves not only as an excellent resource for students and other learners seeking an introduction to anesthesia but also as a platform for teaching the basics. It will be a welcome addition to the libraries of teaching departments.” --Canadian Journal of Anesthesia

Basic Concepts in Immunology: A Student's Survival Guide

Author: John Clancy

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 9780070113718

Category: Medical

Page: 223

View: 8863

This student friendly guide takes a unique approach to understanding the fundamental concepts of immunology. Direct and concise text and illustrations emphasize the learning framework so that information can be assimilated and sorted easily. The book begins by defining general aspects of immune response and builds through increased levels of hypersensitivity to immunodeficiency. A glossary of common terms and information about standard essays are included.

Communication Sciences Student Survival Guide

Author: NSSLHA

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 143548102X

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 258

View: 7097

This book is a must-have resource for anyone considering or involved in a program of study in audiology, speech-language pathology, or speech-language-hearing sciences. Written by members of the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA) with contributions from a wide range of clinical and academic professionals, this guide is relevant and useful to students who are at any point along the path towards a career in communication sciences and disorders (CSD). This comprehensive guide includes advice for students from the time they are in high school until they graduate with their master's, doctorate, and/or post-doctorate. Providing background on the disciplines, practical advice, and helpful checklists for use during a program of study this resource also includes important information on professional specialty areas, settings, and career options. This survival guide will be an invaluable companion throughout a CSD academic career. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Basic Concepts in Physiology

A Student's Survival Guide

Author: Charles L. Seidel

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

ISBN: 9780071356565

Category: Science

Page: 234

View: 3688

A PROVEN METHOD FOR LEARNING THE MOST. DIFFICULT-TO-UNDERSTAND CONCEPTS IN PHYSIOLOGY. * Organizes and condenses the key topics in physiology. * Eliminates rote memorization of complicated facts. * Presents difficult concepts in understandable steps. * Reinforces key concepts and definitions. * Allows you to assess your individual competency level and study needs. * Expedites learning with summary boxes, flowcharts, and diagrams that speed review and highlight key points. . FINALLY! A STUDY SYSTEM THAT SETS PRIORITIES, MINIMIZES MEMORIZATION, AND REDUCES STRESS!. . If you like this study method, try these other titles in the McGraw-Hill BASIC CONCEPTS series.. . Brown: BASIC CONCEPTS IN PATHOLOGY0-07-008321-5. Clancy: BASIC CONCEPTS IN IMMUNOLOGY0-07-011371-8. Sweeney: BASIC CONCEPTS IN EMBRYOLOGY0-07-063308-8. McKenzie And Klein: BASIC CONCEPTS IN CELL BIOLOGY . AND HISTOLOGY0-07-036930-5. Gilbert: BASIC CONCEPTS IN BIOCHEMISTRY, . 2nd edition 0-07-1356576. Horwitz: BASIC CONCEPTS IN GENETICS0-07-134500-0. Stringer: BASIC CONCEPTS IN PHARMACOLOGY, . 2nd edition 0-07-135699-1. Slaughter: BASIC CONCEPTS IN NEUROSCIENCE0-07-136046-8

Everything You Need to Know Before College

A Student's Survival Guide

Author: Matthew Paul Turner

Publisher: Tyndale House

ISBN: 1617472336

Category: Religion

Page: 224

View: 9514

This survival guide to college explores topics like dating smart, finding friendships, adapting to different personalities, and making the most of your money.

Basic Concepts in Embryology: A Student's Survival Guide

Author: N.A

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 9780070633087

Category: Medical

Page: 443

View: 2359

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