Understanding Global Sexualities

New Frontiers

Author: Peter Aggleton,Paul Boyce,Henrietta L Moore,Richard Parker

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136278125

Category: Social Science

Page: 280

View: 7069

Over the course of the past thirty years, there has been an explosion of work on sexuality, both conceptually and methodologically. From a relatively limited, specialist field, the study of sexuality has expanded across a wide range of social sciences. Yet as the field has grown, it has become apparent that a number of leading edge critical issues remain. This theory-building book explores some of the areas in which there is major and continuing debate, for example, about the relationship between sexuality and gender; about the nature and status of heterosexuality; about hetero- and homo-normativity; about the influence and intersection of class, race, age and other factors in sexual trajectories, identities and lifestyles; and about how best to understand the new forms of sexuality that are emerging in both rich world and developing world contexts. With contributions from leading and new scholars and activists from across the globe, this book highlights tensions or ‘flash-points’ in contemporary debate, and offers some innovative ways forward in terms of thinking about sexuality – both theoretically and with respect to policy and programme development. An extended essay by Henrietta Moore introduces the volume, and an afterword by Jeffrey Weeks offers pointers for the future. The contributors bring together a range of experiences and a variety of disciplinary perspectives in engaging with three key themes of sexual subjectivity and global transformations, sexualities in practice, and advancing new thinking on sexuality in policy and programmatic contexts. It is of interest to students, researchers and activists in sexuality, sexual health and gender studies, especially those working from public health, sociological and anthropological perspectives.

Conversations with Jacqueline Rose

Author: Supriya Chaudhuri,Rosemary Bechler,Aveek Sen,Henrietta Moore,Stephen Frosh,Anthony Lerman,Jacqueline Rose

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780857425928

Category: Political Science

Page: 160

View: 4418

In this collection of conversations that were conducted in Calcutta, at the London School of Economics, through Jewish Book Week, and on the radical website openDemocracy, internationally renowned Jewish scholar Jacqueline Rose explores the debates that have fueled her writing and thinking over three decades. Drawn out by her interlocutors, Rose discusses the difference between political and sexual identity and inquires whether psychoanalysis can be considered a radical form of thought that can be used fruitfully in dialogue about political struggle. Most significantly--since each of these conversations were sparked by her recent and controversial writing on Zionism, Israel, and Palestine--Rose reflects on the role of Jewish dissent in our time. In these conversations, Rose appears courageous, passionate, ethical, and never afraid to engage politically on issues that are of human concern in the ongoing Middle and Near East crisis.

The Social Life of Achievement

Author: Nicholas J. Long,Henrietta L. Moore

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 1782382216

Category: Social Science

Page: 248

View: 2699

What happens when people "achieve"? Why do reactions to "achievement" vary so profoundly? And how might an anthropological study of achievement and its consequences allow us to develop a more nuanced model of the motivated agency that operates in the social world? These questions lie at the heart of this volume. Drawing on research from Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States, and Latin America, this collection develops an innovative framework for explaining achievement's multiple effects-one which brings together cutting-edge theoretical insights into politics, psychology, ethics, materiality, aurality, embodiment, affect and narrative. In doing so, the volume advances a new agenda for the study of achievement within anthropology, emphasizing the significance of achievement as a moment of cultural invention, and the complexity of "the achiever" as a subject position.


New Directions

Author: Nicholas J. Long

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 0857457896

Category: Social Science

Page: 217

View: 3342

The notion of 'sociality' is now widely used within the social sciences and humanities. However, what is meant by the term varies radically, and the contributors here, through compelling and wide ranging essays, identify the strengths and weaknesses of current definitions and their deployment in the social sciences. By developing their own rigorous and innovative theory of human sociality, they re-set the framework of the debate and open up new possibilities for conceptualizing other forms of sociality, such as that of animals or materials. Cases from Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe explore the new directions of human sociality, illuminating how and why it is transformed when human beings engage with such major issues as economic downturn, climate change, new regimes of occupational and psychological therapy, technological innovations in robotics and the creation of new online, 'virtual' environments. This book is an invaluable resource, not only for research and teaching, but for anyone interested in the question of what makes us social.

The State We're In

Reflecting on Democracy's Troubles

Author: Joanna Cook,Nicholas J. Long,Henrietta L. Moore

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 1785332252

Category: Social Science

Page: 228

View: 6574

What makes people lose faith in democratic statecraft? The question seems an urgent one. In the first decades of the twenty-first century, citizens across the world have grown increasingly disillusioned with what was once a cherished ideal. Setting out an original theoretical model that explores the relations between democracy, subjectivity and sociality, and exploring its relevance to countries ranging from Kenya to Peru, The State We're In is a must-read for all political theorists, scholars of democracy, and readers concerned for the future of the democratic ideal.

The Career Guide Book for Engineers

Author: John A. Hoschette

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470530162

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 636

View: 4712

The Engineer's Career Guide John A. Hoschette The complete, one-stop career resource guide for engineers, engineering managers, and human resources personnel Every engineer needs strong career-planning strategies in order to survive and get ahead in corporate America. Whether you are a recent graduate, mid-career, or looking ahead to retirement, The Engineer's Career Guide offers proven, commonsense advice for navigating all stages of your engineering career. Packed with real-world tips supported by actual work experiences and examples, this book gives you step-by-step guidance in handling a multitude of career issues. The author draws upon more than three decades of experience to cover every aspect of an engineer's career, helping you build the skills you need to: Develop a career plan that leads to success Successfully transition from university to industry ahead of your peers Improve your job performance and stand out from your peers Deal with difficult people at work, from supervisors to coworkers Negotiate a raise or promotion Recover from a career setback or job loss Get on the fast track for advancement Manage your finances throughout your career Plan for your retirement Learn how corporate America operates and promotes engineers The Engineer's Career Guide is an excellent resource for any practicing engineer or engineering student who is interested in getting ahead in corporate America.

Financial Accounting, Reporting, and Analysis

Author: Jennifer Maynard

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0198745311


Page: 936

View: 4515

Are you looking for an engaging, decision-focussed approach to financial reporting that encourages students to develop their interpretative skills? Building on the success of the first edition, this textbook takes a 'how, why, what' approach to financial accounting, interwoven in each chapter. From chapter one, students understand how financial information is prepared and presented, why it is prepared and presented in this way, and what the resulting financial information means for users. Designed for students taking a step beyond their introductory financial accounting training, the textbook equips them with all the key tools they will require when they enter professional practice. Reflective of the latest International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Accounting Standards (IAS), this textbook delivers concise, clear explanations of all the key issues in accounting standards that students need to know. Content maps to professional accounting body syllabi, making this the perfect choice for accounting courses which offer exemptions. Chapters are rich with 3 types of examples to enhance understanding: - Illustrative examples of real-world situations; - Worked examples demonstrating the calculation of figures required for financial statements; - Extracts from company annual reports demonstrate how the theory relates to financial reporting in practice. More engaging, more balanced, and more applied than other offerings, this is exactly the textbook your financial reporting students need! An extensive Online Resource Centre accompanies the textbook and includes: For students: DT Solutions to all the end-of-chapter questions in the book including walkthroughs of solutions to key questions; DT Additional graded questions including professional body questions; DT Additional interpretative case studies based on real-life companies; DT A guided tour through a company report DT Specific study skills tips for accounting students For lecturers: DT Customisable PowerPoint slides DT Solutions to all the additional online questions DT Outline solutions to the interpretative case studies DT Group discussion questions

Cultural Politics in a Global Age

Uncertainty, Solidarity, and Innovation

Author: David Held,Henrietta L. Moore

Publisher: Oneworld Publications

ISBN: 9781851685509

Category: Social Science

Page: 448

View: 4534

With contributions from Homi Bhabha, Kwame Anthony Appiah, Will Hutton, Jürgen Habermas and Amartya Sen, among others, this dazzling compendium of some of the world’s most prominent and diverse thinkers examines the question, ‘What is the future of culture in the age of globalization?’ These essays represent a major theoretical and methodological challenge to the social sciences, and question the nature of globalization and the culture of change.

Those Who Play With Fire

Gender, Fertility and Transformation in East and Southern Africa

Author: Henrietta Moore,Todd Sanders,Bwire Kaare

Publisher: Berg Publishers

ISBN: 9780826463678

Category: History

Page: 310

View: 8925

Explores the ways in which gender categories permeate African systems of thought and ritual practices.

Modernize Your Resume

Get Noticed Get Hired

Author: Wendy Enelow,Louise Kursmark

Publisher: Emerald Career Publishing

ISBN: 9780996680301

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

View: 3498

Based on todays real-world job search trends, Modernize Your Resume shows you how to craft a winning resume to meet the complexities of todays highly competitive and technologically driven employment market. The entire job search process is evolving at a remarkably rapid pace, and your resume is at the foundation of it all. In this book, youll learn to: * Write tight, lean, clean, and laser-focused content to keep your reader engaged. Focus on information that is relevant and integrate keywords that are vital to being found online. * Create a distinctive design to make your resume stand out and capture attention. Getting noticed is step #1, so make that happen and youre on your way. * Understand how to use todays modern resume for both person-to-person job search as well as electronic, digital, and mobile search technologies. * The 80+ resume samples demonstrate these strategies in action for real-life job seekers whove excelled in their search campaigns. The samples showcase the resume writing work of Enelow, Kursmark, and many of their colleagues who are also well respected for their expertise in resume strategy, writing, format, and design. Clear guidelines and easy-to-follow examples give you practical know-how for building your own powerful resume that will serve all of your job search needs. Youll learn what works, why it works, and how you can make it work for you. The resume book weve all been waiting for from resume industry leaders Wendy Enelow and Louise Kursmark. Rich Feller, Past President, National Career Development Association

The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Perfect Resume

Author: Susan Ireland

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780028644400

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 342

View: 4780

Includes tips on writing an effective resume, creating an accurate yet impressive job statement, networking, using software programs and other resume technologies, and making the most of your experience.

Sexual Assaults of Male Military Personnel

Author: Henrietta Moore

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781634835640

Category: Male rape victims

Page: N.A

View: 6229

Females have long been viewed as the primary victims of sexual assault but, based on survey data, RAND estimated that in 2014, about 9,000 to about 13,000 male service-members were sexually assaulted. This book addresses the extent to which DOD has taken actions to prevent and respond to sexual assaults of male service-members; DODs sexual assault prevention and response program is meeting the medical and mental health-care needs of male service-members; and the culture of the U.S. military poses distinct challenges for preventing and responding to sexual assaults of male service-members.

Tune Up Your Resume

Author: Marshall Brown,Alan De Back

Publisher: Amer Society for Training &

ISBN: 9781562865931

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 16

View: 3698

A resume's primary objective is to present you in a targeted and concise manner. With the rise of electronic resume submission, organizations are inundated with resumes. This title helps you assess your skills, identify your selling point, choose the type of resume suited for your situation, and create a resume that projects a professional image.

Gallery of Best Resumes

A Collection of Quality Resumes by Professional Resume Writers

Author: David F. Noble

Publisher: Jist Works

ISBN: 9781593578589

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 428

View: 4371

A showcase collection of more than 150 outstanding sample resumes and 30 cover letters representing the very best creations of professional resume writers. These one-of-a-kind, eye catching resumes cover jobs from all occupational groups and at all levels. Using the samples and Dr. Noble's writing tips, readers can create their own interview-landing resumes and cover letters. All resume samples are updated and revised, with more coverage of electronic resumes.

The Resume Handbook

How to Write Outstanding Resumes & Cover Letters for Every Situation

Author: Arthur D. Rosenberg

Publisher: Adams Media Corporation

ISBN: 9781558509337

Category: Applications for positions

Page: 153

View: 6921

Complete revision of the popular book that, in the first edition, went through six printings in three years. This reasonably-priced, standard-sized volume truly sets the standard for its class.

Social Structure, Value Orientations and Party Choice in Western Europe

Author: Oddbjørn Knutsen

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319521233

Category: Political Science

Page: 303

View: 5830

This book analyses the impact of socio-structural variables, such as social class, religion, urban/rural residence, age and gender, on influencing an individual’s voting preferences. There have been major changes in recent decades both to social structure and how social structure determines people’s voting behaviour. There has also been a shift in value orientations, for example from religious to secular values and from more authoritarian to libertarian values. The author addresses the questions: How do social structure and value orientations influence party choice in advanced industrial democracies?; To what extent is the impact of social structure on party choice transmitted via value orientations?; To what extent is the impact of value orientations on party choice causal effects when controlled for the prior structural variables? The book will be of use to advanced students and scholars in the fields of comparative politics, electoral politics and political sociology.

Data Interpretation for Medical Students

Author: Paul K. Hamilton,Paul Hamilton,Ian C. Bickle

Publisher: PasTest Ltd

ISBN: 190563577X

Category: Clinical indications

Page: 608

View: 3878

This new edition continues to instruct the medical student on all the modalities of investigation available to practising clinicians. It includes details of how to interpret each investigation, followed by a wide range of examples highlighting common patterns that should be recognised with a variety of scenarios to test understanding.

Transport Processes in Nature PB with CD-ROM

Propagation of Ecological Influences Through Environmental Space

Author: William A. Reiners,Kenneth L. Driese

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521804844

Category: Nature

Page: 302

View: 1320

A conceptual framework for the study and understanding of the propagation of ecological influences in nature.



Author: iMinds

Publisher: iMinds Pty Ltd

ISBN: 1921798602

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 2

View: 2820

Learn about arbitrage.