Talking Heads - Fear Of Music

Ein Album anstelle meines Kopfes

Author: Jonathan Lethem

Publisher: Tropen

ISBN: 3608107193

Category: Music

Page: 160

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Für Jonathan Lethem ist Fear of Music (das dritte Album der Talking Heads und das erste, das von Brian Eno produziert wurde) ein Meisterwerk – ausgefallen, paranoid, funky, süchtigmachend, rhythmisch, eingängig, schauderhaft und spaßig. Wie ein Besessener analysiert er die Songs, den Gitarrensound, den Rhythmus, die Texte, die äußere Aufmachung, die Ursprünge der Band aus Downtown New York und ihr musikalisches Erbe. Dabei bezieht er sich auf Theorien, Erzählliteratur und Erinnerungen und platziert das Album neben Größen wie Fritz Lang, Edgar Allan Poe, Patti Smith und David Foster Wallace. Er entführt uns in das New York der 1970er Jahre – und immer mit dem Blick darauf, wie sich unser Sinn für Kunst verändert. »Talking Heads – Fear of Music« ist das virtuose Stück eines Schriftstellers, der uns eine seiner größten Leidenschaften nahebringt.

Talking Heads

Language, Metalanguage, and the Semiotics of Subjectivity

Author: Benjamin Lee

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822382466

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 387

View: 1940

In Talking Heads, Benjamin Lee situates himself at the convergence of multiple disciplines: philosophy, linguistics, anthropology, and literary theory. He offers a nuanced exploration of the central questions shared by these disciplines during the modern era—questions regarding the relations between language, subjectivity, community, and the external world. Scholars in each discipline approach these questions from significantly different angles; in seeking to identify and define the intersection of these angles, Lee argues for the development of a new sense of subjectivity, a construct that has repercussions of immense importance beyond the humanities and into the area of politics. Talking Heads synthesizes the views and works of a breathtaking range of the most influential modern theorists of the humanities and social sciences, including Austin, Searle, Derrida, Jakobson, Bakhtin, Wittgenstein, Peirce, Frege, Kripke, Donnellan, Putnam, Saussure, and Whorf. After illuminating these many strands of thought, Lee moves beyond disciplinary biases and re-embeds within the context of the public sphere the questions of subjectivity and language raised by these theorists. In his examination of how subjectivity relates not just to grammatical patterns but also to the specific social institutions in which these patterns develop and are sustained, Lee discusses such topics as the concept of public opinion and the emergence of Western nation-states.

The Talking Heads experiment

Origins of words and meanings

Author: Luc Steels

Publisher: Language Science Press

ISBN: 3944675428

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 375

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The Talking Heads Experiment, conducted in the years 1999-2001, was the first large-scale experiment in which open populations of situated embodied agents created for the first time ever a new shared vocabulary by playing language games about real world scenes in front of them. The agents could teleport to different physical sites in the world through the Internet. Sites, in Antwerp, Brussels, Paris, Tokyo, London, Cambridge and several other locations were linked into the network. Humans could interact with the robotic agents either on site or remotely through the Internet and thus influence the evolving ontologies and languages of the artificial agents. The present book describes in detail the motivation, the cognitive mechanisms used by the agents, the various installations of the Talking Heads, the experimental results that were obtained, and the interaction with humans. It also provides a perspective on what happened in the field after these initial groundbreaking experiments. The book is invaluable reading for anyone interested in the history of agent-based models of language evolution and the future of Artificial Intelligence.

Talking Heads

The Neuroscience of Language

Author: Gianfranco Denes

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 1136475834

Category: Psychology

Page: 264

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The origin, development, and nature of language has been the focus of theoretical debate among philosophers for many centuries. Following the pioneering clinical observations 150 years ago of loss of language following a cerebral lesion, language started to be considered a biological system, that could be investigated scientifically. As a consequence, an increasing number of scientists began to search for its anatomical and functional basis and its links with other such cognitive systems. The relatively recent introduction of neuroimaging tools, such as PET and fMRI, has brought rapid and groundbreaking developments to the field of Neurolinguistics. In this book, Denes harnesses these advances to adopt a biolinguistic approach to the study of a subject that increasingly sees the collaboration of linguists, experimental psychologists, neuroscientists and clinicians. Talking Heads reviews the latest research to provide a concise analysis of the multifaceted aspects of language which focuses both on theoretical aspects and physical implementation. Following an up-to-date description of acquired language disorders, and their contribution to the design of a functional architecture of language, the book illustrates the neurological process involved in the production and comprehension of spoken and written language, as well as investigating the neurological and functional systems responsible for sign language production and first and second language acquisition. With a glossary of the anatomical and linguistic terms, this book provides an invaluable resource to undergraduate and graduate students of psychology, psycholinguistics and linguistics.

The Complete Talking Heads

Author: Alan Bennett

Publisher: Picador

ISBN: 9781429901048

Category: Fiction

Page: 208

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Alan Bennett's award-winning series of solo pieces is a classic of contemporary drama, universally hailed for its combination of razor-sharp wit and deeply felt humanity. In Bed Among the Lentils, a vicar's wife discovers a semblance of happiness with an Indian shop owner. In A Chip in the Sugar, a man's life begins to unravel when he discovers his aging mother has rekindled an old flame. In A Lady of Letters, a busybody pays a price for interfering in her neighbor's life. First produced for BBC television in 1988 to great critical acclaim, the Talking Heads monologues also appeared on the West End Stage in London in 1992 and 1998. In 2002, seven of the pieces were performed at the Tiffany Theater in Los Angeles for a highly praised brief engagement, and in 2003 a selection of the monologues premiered in New York at the Minetta Lane Theatre. These extraordinary portraits of ordinary people confirm Alan Bennett's place as one of the most gifted, versatile, and important writers in the English Language.

The Name of this Play is Talking Heads

Author: Marc Spitz

Publisher: Digitature

ISBN: 0615629326

Category: Authors

Page: 54

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It was supposed to be a routine promotional appearance: an aspiring writer appears on a cable news or entertainment network to film a talking heads expert spot in order to promote one of his recently published articles. When face to face with the routine manipulations and blunt agendas that elicit the soundbytes we routinely see as part of our daily info-tainment, he is horrified and decides to rebel, only to realize that he is essentially violating the order of the entertainment universe and there are rewards for playing the game and deadly consequences for resisting. You will never watch an I Love the 90s episode again without wondering what's going on behind the scenes. "Mr. Spitz has written racy, insidery plays about junkies, pimps and rock stars. They were sloppy, but it didn't matter. Who wants a well made play about pornography or Joy Division's Ian Curtis anyway?" -Jason Zimonan, The New York Times

Song and Circumstance

The Work of David Byrne from Talking Heads to the Present

Author: Sytze Steenstra

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 0826441688

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 301

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This is the first book to offer a full account of Byrne's sprawling artistic portfolio.

Talking Heads

Once in a Lifetime : the Stories Behind Every Song

Author: Ian Gittins

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

ISBN: 9780634080333

Category: Music

Page: 144

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(Book). A superbly illustrated, in-depth examination of the stories, events, places, and characters that inspired the songs of the Talking Heads, arguably the most significant band to emerge from the late-'70s New York punk scene based around CBGB's club. Led by guitarist-vocalist David Byrne, the band enjoyed major chart success on both sides of the Atlantic with infectious, incendiary singles like "Road to Nowhere," "Psycho Killer," and "Once in a Lifetime." During their influential seventeen-year career, Talking Heads assembled a body of raw yet intellectual rock music second to none. Then in 2002, having vowed to never work together again, the four original Heads reconvened and played live when they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Ian Gittins has written about music and popular culture for fifteen years for such varied publications as Melody Maker , Q , The Guardian , Daily Telegraph , Time Out , MTV , and the New York Times . He lives in London, England.

Talking Heads : 77

A Novel

Author: John Domini

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781888996463

Category: Fiction

Page: 244

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Author has brilliantly turned one of literary fiction's neatest tricks: he has vividly and accurately evoked a past time and milieu - the alternative cultural scene of the mid-70s - and in the process he has illuminated our own times with dazzling clarity. Also manages to be both cutting-edge innovative and splendidly readable.

Talking Heads

Author: Alan Bennett

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 184607259X

Category: Monologues

Page: 266

View: 6763

The complete collection of monologues from the master of observation. Alan Bennett sealed his reputation as the master of observation with this series of twelve groundbreaking monologues, originally filmed for BBC Television. At once darkly comic, tragically poignant and wonderfully uplifting, Talking Heads is widely regarded as a modern classic. This new edition, which contains the complete collection of Talking Heads, as well as his earlier monologue, A Woman of No Importance, is a celebration of Alan Bennett’s finest work.

This Must Be the Place

The Adventures of Talking Heads in the Twentieth Century

Author: David Bowman

Publisher: It Books

ISBN: 9780060507312

Category: Music

Page: 416

View: 9296

A fascinating glimpse behind the big suits and deadpan looks to the heart and soul of a band that made it big by playing it cool With their minimalist beats, sophisticated lyrics, and stoic mien, the Talking Heads were indisputably one of the most influential and intriguing bands of their time. Rising from the ashes of punk and the smoldering embers of the disco inferno, they effectively straddled the boundaries between critical and commercial success as few other groups did, with music you could deconstruct and dance to at the same time. Culture critic David Bowman tells the fascinating story of how this brain trust of talented musicians turned pop music on its head. From the band’s inception at the Rhode Island School of Design to their first big gig opening for the Ramones at CBGB, from their prominence in the worlds of art and fashion to the clash of egos and ideals that left them angry, jealous, and ready to call it quits, Bowman closely chronicles the rise and fall of a stunningly original and gloriously dysfunctional rock 'n' roll band that stayed together longer than anyone thought possible, and left a legacy that influences artists to this day.

Talking Heads

Author: Ian Gurvitz

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781539098201


Page: 62

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52 unique color, and black and white drawings. This is not art in the sense that these drawings are the result of a unique creative vision. They are accidental flights of fantasy - spontaneous, right brain meanderings with a mind of their own. I started drawing in TV writers' rooms. During rewrites I would doodle on my script pages, either to keep my mind alive or to keep my head from exploding. Anyone who's been in a room at midnight, staring at a sea of blank faces all searching for the same insight, knows this experience. Most of the drawings were tossed out at the end of the night, along with stacks of cold pizza but, occasionally, one would take on a distinct character, or style, or evoke a mood or emotion. Those were interesting enough to keep, and eventually enough of an incentive to buy sketch pads and pens, and pursue it outside of work. I'm not an artist. Having read Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, and taken some art classes, I knew the trick was to draw without trying to draw -- to let go of any desire for a specific result and just let it happen. The "not-do- ing" of it became an interesting exercise. If I let go, it occasionally went somewhere interesting. If I got too deliberate, the results were forced. Sometimes, when I felt stuck in a familiar pattern, I'd try to break out of my head by taking a different color pen, and attacking the page randomly. Once in a while, I got in the zone. Though, as with all attempts at mindlessness, once you become aware of it, it's gone. Of all the drawings I've done to date, these faces seemed to express a unique attitude or emotion. I then added captions in an attempt to capture or enhance the mood. Whether there's anything Freudian going on in the darker images, I have no idea.

Soldiering on

A Monologue from Talking Heads

Author: Alan Bennett

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780573133114

Category: English drama

Page: 13

View: 7507

Muriel's husband Ralph has just died, leaving her rather well off - until, that is, her son Giles gets his hands on the money and Muriel comes out the loser. Eventually, neglected by Giles and no longer needed by her disturbed daughter Margaret- whose state may well have been caused by Ralph himself - Muriel ends the play alone and poor.

Talking Heads

The Vent Haven Portraits

Author: Matthew Rolston

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781938461002

Category: Photography

Page: 151

View: 2285

Photographer Matthew Rolston captures the inherent humanity found in a rarely-seen collection of ventriloquist dummies from the intimate and obscure Vent Haven Museum.

Disembodied Heads in Medieval and Early Modern Culture

Author: Catrien Santing,Barbara Baert,Anita Traninger

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004253556

Category: History

Page: 332

View: 659

Discussing medieval and early modern 'disembodied heads' this collection questions the why and how of the primacy of the head in the bodily hierarchy during the premodern period. On the basis of beliefs, mythologies and traditions concerning the head, they come to an ‘cultural anatomy’ of the head.