Textual Transformations in Children's Literature

Adaptations, Translations, Reconsiderations

Author: Benjamin Lefebvre

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0415509718

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 223

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This book offers new critical approaches for the study of adaptations, abridgments, translations, parodies, and mash-ups that occur internationally in contemporary children's culture. It follows recent shifts in adaptation studies that call for a move beyond fidelity criticism, a paradigm that measures the success of an adaptation by the level of fidelity to the "original" text, toward a methodology that considers the adaptation to be always already in conversation with the adapted text. This book visits children's literature and culture in order to consider the generic, pedagogical, and ideological underpinnings that drive both the process and the product. Focusing on novels as well as folktales, films, graphic novels, and anime, the authors consider the challenges inherent in transforming the work of authors such as William Shakespeare, Charles Perrault, L.M. Montgomery, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and A.A. Milne into new forms that are palatable for later audiences particularly when—for perceived ideological or political reasons—the textual transformation is not only unavoidable but entirely necessary. Contributors consider the challenges inherent in transforming stories and characters from one type of text to another, across genres, languages, and time, offering a range of new models that will inform future scholarship.

Children and Cultural Memory in Texts of Childhood

Author: Heather Snell,Lorna Hutchison

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134498632

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 236

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The essays in this collection address the relationship between children and cultural memory in texts both for and about young people. The collection overall is concerned with how cultural memory is shaped, contested, forgotten, recovered, and (re)circulated, sometimes in opposition to dominant national narratives, and often for the benefit of young readers who are assumed not to possess any prior cultural memory. From the innovative development of school libraries in the 1920s to the role of utopianism in fixing cultural memory for teen readers, it provides a critical look into children and ideologies of childhood as they are represented in a broad spectrum of texts, including film, poetry, literature, and architecture from Canada, the United States, Japan, Germany, Britain, India, and Spain. These cultural forms collaborate to shape ideas and values, in turn contributing to dominant discourses about national and global citizenship. The essays included in the collection imply that childhood is an oft-imagined idealist construction based in large part on participation, identity, and perception; childhood is invisible and tangible, exciting and intriguing, and at times elusive even as cultural and literary artifacts recreate it. Children and Cultural Memory in Texts of Childhood is a valuable resource for scholars of children’s literature and culture, readers interested in childhood and ideology, and those working in the fields of diaspora and postcolonial studies.

The Victorian Period in Twenty-First Century Children’s and Adolescent Literature and Culture

Author: Sara K. Day,Sonya Sawyer Fritz

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351376268

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 252

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Victorian literature for audiences of all ages provides a broad foundation upon which to explore complex and evolving ideas about young people. In turn, this collection argues, contemporary works for young people that draw on Victorian literature and culture ultimately reflect our own disruptions and upheavals, particularly as they relate to child and adolescent readers and our experiences of them. The essays therein suggest that we struggle now, as the Victorians did then, to assert a cohesive understanding of young readers, and that this lack of cohesion is a result of or a parallel to the disruptions taking place on a larger (even global) scale.

War-Torn Exchanges

The Lives and Letters of Nursing Sisters Laura Holland and Mildred Forbes

Author: Andrea McKenzie

Publisher: UBC Press

ISBN: 9780774832540

Category: History

Page: 268

View: 2739

Laura Holland and Mildred Forbes, an inseparable duo, set off from Montreal in June 1915 to serve as nursing sisters in the Great War. Over the next four years, the two cared for each other through sickness and health, air raids and bombings, unrelenting work, and adventurous leaves. This thoughtfully curated collection of their letters home paints a vivid account of nursing through the battles of Gallipoli, Passchendaele, and beyond. Mildred and Laura were remarkably forthright, revealing how they relied on friendship, humour, and professional ethics to carry on in the face of mismanagement, discrimination, deprivation, and trauma.



Author: Julie Anne Peters

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783423711791


Page: 333

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Text and translation

theory and methodology of translation

Author: Carmen Heine

Publisher: Gunter Narr Verlag

ISBN: 9783823361947

Category: Translating and interpreting

Page: 423

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Die Zufällige


Author: Ali Smith

Publisher: Luchterhand Literaturverlag

ISBN: 3641197163

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 7936

Eine englische Familie macht Ferien in einem Sommerhaus in Norfolk. Der Vater Michael, ein Literaturprofessor, trifft sich wie gewohnt mit Studentinnen. Die Mutter Eve, eine erfolgreiche Autorin, versucht, ihre Schreibblockade zu überwinden. Die Kinder Magnus und Astrid leben in ihrer eigenen abgeschotteten Welt. Bis plötzlich Amber auftaucht, eine geheimnisvolle, charismatische Fremde, und das Leben dieser ganz normalen neurotischen Familie gehörig durcheinanderbringt. Ausgezeichnet mit dem Whitbread Award für den besten Roman.

Ligas Welt

Author: Margo Lanagan

Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 3644535914

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 528

View: 781

Nach den erlittenen Grausamkeiten ihres Vaters und der jungen Männer aus der Stadt flüchtet sich Liga in eine Parallelwelt. Dort, in ihrem friedlichen Häuschen im Wald, zieht sie ihre beiden Töchter Branza und Urdda auf. Doch die Wirklichkeit kann nicht für immer verdrängt werden: Verzauberte Bären und ein gieriger Zwerg dringen in ihre Welt ein, und Urddas Neugierde zwingt Liga schließlich, in die Realität zurückzukehren. Doch können Liga und ihre Töchter in einer Welt bestehen, in der Schönes und Schreckliches nebeneinander existieren? Margo Lanagan stellt in ihrer tief berührenden Interpretation von «Schneeweißchen und Rosenrot» zeitlose Fragen über das Wesen des Menschen. Furchtlos erforscht sie das Böse und das Gute und lehrt uns, dass es unverzichtbar ist, mit beidem leben zu lernen. «Seit Jahren hat mich kein Buch so bewegt.» TOR.COM «Ein Meisterwerk.» LOCUS ONLINE «Niemand schreibt wie Margo Lanagan.» THE BOOKBAG

1001 Kinder- & Jugendbücher

lies uns, bevor Du erwachsen bist!

Author: Julia Eccleshare

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783283011192


Page: 960

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Vom Bilderbuch bis zum Jugendbuch: ein Wegweiser durch die Kinder- und Jugendliteratur aus aller Welt. Nach Altersgruppen geordnet und chronologisch nach Veröffentlichungsdatum, wird jedes Buch mit Informationen zu Inhalt und Bedeutung vorgestellt. Reich illustriert.