The ABA Spanish Legal Phrasebook

Author: Samantha Snow Ward,Corinne Cooper

Publisher: American Bar Association

ISBN: 9781604429770

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 100

View: 9526

This pocket-sized guide identifies common American legal phrases and concepts and provides accurate Spanish translations. The book is divided into sections based on substantive areas of law including criminal law, family law, labor and employment law, personal injury and medical malpractice, immigration, bankruptcy, and business law. In addition, a handy pronunciation guide makes communication a breeze.

Maccarthy on Cross-examination

Author: Terence MacCarthy

Publisher: American Bar Association

ISBN: 9781590318867

Category: Law

Page: 221

View: 6964

Learn how to look good on cross, even when the witness is not cooperating. Learn how to manage and effectively minimize the witness's involvement, without appearing controlling, extracting, and insulting. Filled with illustrative cross examinations from actual cases, this book is your key to employing these proven techniques in your own practice. Using the three themes that run through out the book--looking good, telling a story, and using short statements--you can take control of your cross examinations and achieve the results you desire.

Legal Forms for Everyone

Leases, Home Sales, Avoiding Probate, Living Wills, Trusts, Divorce, Copyrights, and Much More

Author: Carl Battle

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 1621535711

Category: Law

Page: 280

View: 6234

Legal Forms for Everyone is the ultimate self-help legal guide that will save hours of research time and money in legal fees. Written by an experienced attorney, this book is complete with the most commonly needed, ready-to-use legal forms and precise instructions and checklists on how to use them, as well as advice about when you should hire an attorney. In addition, all the forms are online on a supplemental website to aid in customizing for individual needs. Readers will find forms and advice for a variety of legal situations, including preparing a will, avoiding probate, buying and selling real estate, handling divorce or separation, getting a new name, copyrights and trademarks, bankruptcy, and so much more. However, due to the ever-evolving legal system and the development of new technologies, Carl Battle has added to this new edition such changes as: How to protect against credit fraud, identity theft, and internet fraud How to navigate new electronic filing systems for copyrights, trademarks, and patents Updated information in filing fees, exemptions, and forms for filing for bankruptcy The latest information on filing for patents Legal Forms for Everyone is a comprehensive tool for getting in and out of legal situations without having to pay for that costly attorney.

The Curmudgeon's Guide to Practicing Law

Author: Mark Herrmann

Publisher: American Bar Association

ISBN: 9781590316764

Category: Law

Page: 135

View: 5205

A collection of essays on how to survive and thrive in a law firm, written for recent law school graduates, discusses the basics of law firm etiquette and the essentials of law practice, from conducting research and dressing for success to working with clients and staff and building a practice. Original.

Practice Under Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code

Author: Stephen L. Sepinuck

Publisher: American Bar Association

ISBN: 9781604420241

Category: Law

Page: 704

View: 3215

Practice Under Article 9 of the UCC is a comprehensive guide for lawyers facilitating secured transactions. It includes: articles that in simple, clear language describe and summarize all of revised Article 9; more than a dozen charts that provide vital guidance to practitioners on such things as how to obtain and maintain perfection Article 9's confusing anti-assignment rules, foreign filing systems, federal statutory liens; the full text and commentary of revised Articles 1 and 9, including the most recent technical amendments; the PEB Commentaries that remain relevant to the interpretation of Article 9; a selected bibliography of useful articles on Article 9 and secured transactions practice.

The Indian Child Welfare Act Handbook

A Legal Guide to the Custody and Adoption of Native American Children

Author: Billy Joe Jones,Mark Tilden,Kelly Gaines-Stoner

Publisher: American Bar Association

ISBN: 9781590318584

Category: Law

Page: 353

View: 9228

Previous edition, 1st, published in 1995.

Breaking Out of Beginner's Spanish

Author: Joseph J. Keenan

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 0292761953

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 235

View: 5968

Many language books are boring—this one is not. Written by a native English speaker who learned Spanish the hard way—by trying to talk to Spanish-speaking people—it offers English speakers who have a basic knowledge of Spanish hundreds of tips for using the language more fluently and colloquially, with fewer obvious "gringo" errors. Writing with humor, common sense, and a minimum of jargon, Joseph J. Keenan covers everything from pronunciation, verb usage, and common grammatical mistakes to the subtleties of addressing other people, "trickster" words that look alike in both languages, inadvertent obscenities, and intentional swearing. He guides readers through the set phrases and idiomatic expressions that pepper the native speaker's conversation and provides a valuable introduction to the most widely used Spanish slang. With this book, both students in school and adult learners who never want to see another classroom can rapidly improve their speaking ability. Breaking Out of Beginner's Spanish will be an essential aid in passing the supreme language test—communicating fluently with native speakers.

The Portable UCC

Author: Corinne Cooper

Publisher: Amer Bar Assn

ISBN: 9781616329990

Category: Law

Page: 396

View: 9934

"Includes the most recent changes to Articles 2, 2A, 4A, and 9--Cover."

Checklist for Family Survivors

A Guide to Practical and Legal Matters when Someone You Love Dies

Author: Sally Balch Hurme

Publisher: Amer Bar Assn

ISBN: 9781627222822

Category: Law

Page: 240

View: 7643

A personal workbook that walks both individuals and their families through the process of dealing with matters after death, like applying for survivors' benefits, paying outstanding bills, arranging the funeral, and dealing with the grieving process.

A History of Psychology

A Global Perspective

Author: Eric Shiraev

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 1483323951

Category: Psychology

Page: 520

View: 7283

Offering a fresh, accessible, and global approach to the history of psychology, the fully revised Second Edition of Eric B. Shiraev’s A History of Psychology: A Global Perspective, provides a thorough view of psychology’s progressive and evolving role in society and how its interaction with culture has developed throughout history, from ancient times through the Middle Ages and the modern period to the current millennium. Taking an inclusive approach, the book addresses contemporary and classic themes and theories with discussion of psychology's applications and its development in many cultures and countries. High-interest topics, including the validity of psychological knowledge and volunteerism, offer readers the opportunity to apply the history of psychology to their own lives.

Oran's Dictionary of the Law

Author: Daniel Oran,Mark Tosti

Publisher: Oran's Dictionary of the Law

ISBN: 9781418080914

Category: Law

Page: 627

View: 6654

Oran's Dictionary of the Law, Fourth Edition, is the easiest to use introduction to legal terminology and concepts on the market. It contains clear definitions of the words that most paralegals, paralegal students, and persons in related fields need to know. The book gives the reader the core of each legal idea and helps them understand the American legal system as well as how to approach research tasks. The book precisely explains contracts, laws, court decisions, and lawyers. This new fourth edition includes a CD-ROM that contains all terms and definitions in the book and over a thousand new and revised definitions. It also includes an updated section on computerized legal research and overhauled sections on bankruptcy, intellectual property, litigation support, national security and other rapidly changing subject areas. Oran's Dictionary of the Law will leave the reader equipped with a precise, technical, legal vocabulary.

The Introverted Lawyer

A Seven Step Journey Toward Empowered Advocacy

Author: Heidi K. Brown

Publisher: Ankerwycke

ISBN: 9781634257725

Category: Law

Page: 304

View: 8206

A stereotype bias exists in law school and legal practice favoring the garrulous extrovert. While loquacious law students, professors, lawyers, and judges thrive in a world dominated by the Socratic Method and rapid-fire oral discourse, quiet thinkers and writers can become sidelined. Introverted, shy, or socially anxious law students and lawyers often question their place in the legal arena, though research reveals they offer much-needed gifts to the profession, including active listening, empathy, contemplative analysis, and impactful writing. As legal education and law practice adjust to economic shifts and changing client mindsets, this is a prime opportunity for the legal community to make room for subtler voices. The Introverted Lawyer invites that dialogue into the legal profession. This book explains the differences among introversion, shyness, and social anxiety and how each manifests in the legal context; describes how the extrovert bias in law school and practice detrimentally can impact quiet individuals, fueling enhanced anxiety in a vocation already fraught with mental health issues; explores how quiet law students and lawyers offer greatly needed proficiencies to the legal profession; and finally, presents a seven-step process to help introverted, shy, and socially anxious individuals amplify their authentic lawyer voices, capitalize on their natural strengths, and diminish unwarranted stress. The Introverted Lawyer provides practical, tangible steps for individual growth, as well as a sound platform to enable caring professors, law office mentors, and bar association representatives to educate themselves, their students, and developing lawyers about this important and often overlooked issue.


Legal Principles of Emerging Technologies

Author: Jeffrey A. Helewitz

Publisher: Prentice Hall


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 230

View: 1710

Presenting an emerging area of law, "Cyberlaw" explores the legal doctrines and principles that apply to the operation and development of computer technology and the Internet. It discusses the rapid legislative and judicial responses, demanded by the proliferation of the new technology, to resolve legal problems of the emerging technology, covering: Jurisdiction Constitutional issues E-business Property rights Cybercrime Each chapter includes: Chapter overview Review Key terms Relevant key cases "Cyberlaw" is an excellent supplement to Introductory Law, Legal Research, Constitutional Law, Intellectual Property, and Business Law courses.

Italian Made Simple

Revised and Updated

Author: Cristina Mazzoni

Publisher: Broadway Books

ISBN: 030743432X

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 336

View: 5552

Whether you are planning a romantic Italian getaway, packing a knapsack for your junior year abroad, or just want to engage your Italian business associate in everyday conversation, Italian Made Simple is the perfect book for any self-learner. Void of all the non-essentials and refreshingly easy to understand, Italian Made Simple includes: * basics of grammar * vocabulary building exercises * pronunciation aids * common expressions * word puzzles and language games * contemporary reading selections * Italian culture and history * economic information * Italian-English and English-Italian dictionaries Complete with drills, exercises, and answer keys for ample practice opportunities, Italian Made Simple will soon have you speaking Italian like a native. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Postal Service Guide To US Stamps, 36th Edition

Author: United States Postal Service

Publisher: Collins Reference

ISBN: 9780061851582

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 384

View: 496

Beginning with the first stamps released in 1847, The Postal Service Guide to U.S. Stamps covers over 4,000 stamps issued up to the present, and provides color illustrations of every stamp as well as detailed listings that include Scott catalog numbers, used and unused prices, dates of issues, and quantities issued when known. Every category of U.S. stamp is included—definitive, commemorative, airmail, duck stamps, stamped envelopes—all organized into easy-to-use, color-coded sections for quick access. Also featured in this philatelist's bible is a rundown of the current year's commemorative stamp program; advice on starting your own collection (from assessing the condition of your stamps to displaying your collection), and a complete resources section. This is the one book that no serious stamp collector should be without.


Author: Bethany-Kris

Publisher: Crimson Romance

ISBN: 9781440580642

Category: Fiction

Page: 346

View: 8959

Nothing will stop the Bratva mob boss from taking back what’s his, and once he has her, he’ll do anything to keep her... Viviana “Vine” Carducci’s and Anton Avdonin’s marriage was decided more than two decades ago. The deal between leading mafia families has more on the line than anyone knew, even if the Bratva and Cosa Nostra shouldn’t mix. When Vine’s family is murdered and she’s left with nothing more than her grief to survive the mob world alone, she believes the arrangement won’t see the light of day. Anton can’t allow the one woman he was supposed to love get away. At the possibility of her death, he steps in to save her with guns blazing, knowing exactly what it might cost him: everything. But it’s been nearly a decade since their last meeting, and he can’t help but wonder if the woman he took back is the same girl he fell for all those years before. Protected and loved, Vine is unable to forget their shared moments a lifetime ago, or the future she knows they’re owed. When an old flame of Anton’s shows up to rip the veil off the carefully constructed secrets he’d been hiding, she learns that nothing about her life is as it seems. But, that’s nothing compared to the bomb about to blow. Can Vine see beyond the pain and blood to take what she always wanted? And just how far will the mob prince go to keep her safe? In a world where violence, deceit, and greed reign, your life is not your own, and sometimes, love has to be arranged. Sensuality Level: Spicy

The Bilingual Reform

A Paradigm Shift in Foreign Language Teaching

Author: Wolfgang Butzkamm,John A. W. Caldwell

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783823364924

Category: Education, Bilingual

Page: 260

View: 7144


A Grammar Of Old Turkic

Author: Marcel Erdal

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004102949

Category: Social Science

Page: 575

View: 3447

For the first time, a linguistic description of Old Turkic (7th to 13th centuries) is presented, dealing with phonology, morphophonology and subphonemic phenomena as reflected in numerous scripts, derivational and inflectional morphology, syntax and coherence, the lexicon and stylistic, dialect and diachronic variation.